Forever Changed

by ShadowedKnight68

Meeting The Queen

James drifted through a black green stared filled void, he discovered that he was his human self again, he looked around, he was aware that he went to sleep so maybe this is one of those lucid dreams? He tried to make a tiger with wings appear, he tried his hardest, but nothing happened at all.

"Hmm so...not a lucid dream.." He deduced as he continued to flout, he tried swimming but couldn't go the way he wanted "well this dream sucks..." He grumbled.

Suddenly he started hearing whispering voices, hundreds of them, they were getting louder every second, as they did hundreds of glowing green eyes appeared in front of him, they were getting closer and closer.

"S-stay back...I-I" James stuttered in fear while looking for a weapon,, he decided to pull off his only weapon, his shoe. "I have a shoe!" He yelled trying to sound threatening, but was absolutely terrified.

The voices were now at normal speaking volume and the eyes were inches from him, James thought he was going to die.

"Enough" A woman said in a reverberating voice much like James' voice. All the other voices stopped, suddenly green flames appeared in front of James.

The flames dissipated, a large bug horse was now standing in front of him smirking, she had green hair with wings, James recognized her as a certain pony he wished to never meet in real life. Chrysalis, queen of the changelings.

"Hmm... now this is an odd sight" She said looking at James while circling him. Somehow she was able to walk even without touching the ground, she had a smirk on her face as she examined him "I thought I was going to meet my little sister, but instead I run ape? Or" her eyes started flowing green as James felt a sharp pain in his head, her eyes then stopped glowing "a human? Oh such odd creatures, hmm I never expected this".

James rubbed his head, the pain subsided "d-did you go into my memories?" He asked looking terrified.

"Oh you catch on fast" She answered while walking closer to him.

"Stay back!" He demanded trying to sound threatening, but it didn't work as he only got a smirk from her.

"Hehe you really think you can scare me little human?" She fired a green beam from her horn that hit James in the chest, he screamed in pain as he held his chest in pain "you`re pathetic, I'm not sure how you got here but I'm going to tear your weak mind apart to find out, unfortunately doing so will most likely cause you to lose your mind, but I don't mind that a bit" she charged up her horn, her eyes started glowing as James felt the pain in his head again.

"Aghh!!!" He screamed in pain as he saw flashes of his memories, he knew she was seeing all his memories everything he's been through, everything he's thought of, he saw images of his family his friends and then Elizabeth, he saw all their dates, all the dinners they've been to, all the movies they watched together and all the times they've said they loved each other. He wasn't going to let her tear his mind apart, he still needed to get back to Elizabeth and his family.

"What?`re resisting? have more fight in you then I matter what, I'm still going to find out how you got here" She declared with a wicked smile as she put more strength in the spell.

"Ngh...hrr arghh!!" He yelled as he fought back, purple electricity pushed back against Chrysalis' magic "I'm not letting you take my memories!!!" He yelled, a large wave of magic flew back at at her.

"W-what?!" She was shocked as the blast flew at her and hit her, she screamed in pain and the world shattered, as James now woke up.

He jumped up panting and looking around frantically, seeing the "dream" was over "God...what was that even about?.." He groaned feeling exhausted, he saw the fire was out, a ray of sunshine hit his eyes.

He sat up and rubbed his head, he then heard the front door open and the sound of hooves clopping on the wood floor, his head slowly turned around fearing Chrysalis was here, but instead of seeing the bug queen, a mare and stallion were standing there looking shocked and scared at him.

"Um...hi?" He tried smiling friendly, but that made them scream and the stallion charged his horn "Oh god no, I don't want-" he was cut off by being hit by the magical blast, he slammed against the wall "ngh...ow" he whined and grabbed his box and ran to the window and jumped out it, he broke through the glass and then ran down the dirt path through the woods.

"Next time you won't be running freak!" He heard the stallion yell from the cabin.

A long while had passed of continuous running, he couldn't see the cabin in sight so he slowed his speed down to a walk. He looked down where he was shot by the magical blast and saw he was bleeding badly "ngh crap...I wasn't expecting a unicorn to attack me..." His eyes widened with realization that was a mare and a stallion, things clicked together now, he wasn't on earth anymore, he was in Equestria now.

His mind raced, Chrysalis said she was thinking she'd see her sister in that weird void, but from what James remembered from the show she didn't have a sister, but I guess in this universe she does, he would have to look out for her as well.

He went back to thinking about his situation, he's now in an alternate Equestria in the body of a changeling who's now being most likely hunted by Chrysalis and her sister. James needed to figure out how to get home some how and out of this body, he needed help though, he can barely use this body which is no good, he needs to get help and who better then the ponies known for helping, the Mane Six.

Judging by the look of the forest and those two ponies he saw, he's somewhere near a town, the only town he's seen in the show so far is Ponyville, so that's where he'd try and head to since this was a dirt path. Ponies must have walked along it, so there should be tracks leading to the town.

He looked at the path and saw faint tracks "haha yes" he said as he started to follow them.

~~~~~~~~~~<Changeling Hive>~~~~~~~~~~

Chrysalis jumped awake "...that damn ape...hrrr how could he have that magic?" She growled, when the memories she was able to gain rushed through her mind "..So that's how...hmm he'll be a lot more dangerous to deal with now, though it will take him quite some time to figure out the power he has, as well as how to control it" she chuckled hatching a plan.

"Oh yes James you keep wandering around enjoy these moments you have because I'm coming and I'm going to make you suffer" She laughed maniacally.


James eventually ventured out of the woods, after three hours of following the tracks on the path, his legs were sore and tired from all the walking. The box in his mouth was leaving a very bad taste.

He looked around to see if all his walking actually got him somewhere, there were some grassy hills, a little familiar looking cottage with a path that lead to the town, he's seen so much of in the show, the town called Ponyville, he smiled slightly as he walked towards the town.

As he got closer to the town his vision started to blur, he shook his head to try and clear it, but his legs started feeling really weak all of a sudden, he started stumbling as he walked.

He started feeling light headed , he remembered his open wound he got from the unicorn that attacked him, he looked down and saw a lot of blood gushing out, he stumbled forward "o-oh crap..." He mumbled, he looked at the town then tried running to it to get help but he stumbled forward more and fell to the ground, the box tumbled to the ground in front of him.

"H-help..." He barely yelled, he had no strength left to yell any louder, his mind was pretty clouded at the moment, but with the rest of his strength, he forced his head up and lifted his head up and yelled "help!..." After the word left his mouth his head fell to the ground.

He struggled to think, the only thoughts that were able to slip through the clouds were 'I feel so tired, I should sleep, I need rest, I'm going to die if I sleep' these raced through the mush that was his brain.

He tried reaching for the box but his leg felt so heavy, he was struggling to stay awake but was failing, his vision started darkening "n-no...I...still se...el...beth..." He mumbled as his vision went black and was swallowed by unconsciousness.

~~~~~~~~~~<Fluttershy's Cottage>~~~~~~~~~~

Fluttershy was feeding her animals, outside and in her house. She was smiling softly as she did so, she loved making her animals happy.

As she was finishing feeding them all, she heard a faint sound, she looked around for the source of it but couldn't see anything. She heard it again, but this time it was a bit louder, it sound like somepony was calling for help.

Fluttershy ran to the area where she heard the call for help,, she looked around looking for anypony and spotted a black figure laying on the ground, she ran towards them but skidded to stop when she was close enough to see who was laying on the ground.

The pony was actually a changeling, but not just any changeling it was a queen changeling, she almost looked like Chrysalis except she had a long magenta mane and tail, her horn looked different.

Fluttershy backed up slowly getting ready to run away but stopped when she noticed the small pool of green blood that was growing under the changeling, she hesitantly stepped closer and rolled the changeling over slightly to look for any wounds, she saw a large open wound with blood leaking out of it, she flinched back seeing it.

She looked around seeing if there was anypony else around or any changelings, she wasn't sure what to do, she couldn't leave her there to suffer and die, she walked over and pulled the changeling onto her back carefully, she then went to go back to her cottage but stopped seeing a small black box on the ground, she picked it up with her wing and made her way to her cottage.


James moaned while waking, he didn't really sleep, he kinda was in a black void, he couldn't really think in the void, he just sat there, it was really weird and uncomfortable.

Now that James thought about it he was actually laying on something very comfortable and soft, and he felt very warm. He shuffled around and felt a blanket on him 'Oh thank god it was a dream, I'm must have dreamt driving to Elizabeth's' he thought with a smile and opened his eyes, instead of his bedroom he saw what looked like a living room, he looked under the blanket at himself and saw the black shell that covered his body and grumbled "Still a changeling..." He grumbled, hearing a woman's voice come from him "and a girl...".

James huffed and tried to recall how he got here, he was walking he realized he was bleeding a lot and passed out. Thinking about the wound, he looked at his chest and found bandages wrapped around him where the wound was " someone patched me up...who would get that close to a changeling and help one?" He thought about it and came to a realization "I'm in Fluttershy's house".

Fluttershy is really the only pony that would help an injured changeling. James got off the couch and looked around, oddly there were no animals, or Fluttershy around, normally this place is full of animal. James walked around the room looking at everything closely, it was really weird, it was like a 3D version of the cartoon. It looked so real.

"Man this is weird...kinda cool...but mostly weird..." James said while rubbing his hoof on a table, he then looked around the room, now that he was in a house he really wanted to see what he looked like now, he'd only been able to guess his appearance through touch and imagination. James walked around looking for a mirror, he actually hadn't seen much of Fluttershy's house from inside in the show.

After walking around the first floor of the somewhat big house and not finding a mirror or something reflective, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up them "ok...stairs...simple enough just gotta go...yup...just go simple as that one leg at a time...alright..." He hadn't moved at all

"C'mon! Stop being scared and just go!" He yelled at himself and put his front left leg on the first step "ha see not that hard" he praised himself and put his other leg on the next step, he then moved the first leg to the third step and then his second to the fourth, at this moment he was stretched out on the stairs, his back legs still at the bottom of the stairs "oh two still need to move...ok" he put his first back leg on the first step then his second on the second step "haha alright doing good, how far form the top am I now?" He looked up to see there were a lot more steps ahead "...crap" he moaned.


James eventually got to the top of the steps "Oh thank god..." He collapsed to the floor from tiredness "stupid long legs...stupid stairs...stupid..stupid" he grumbled and stood back up, and huffed "Now that mirror" he walked around the second floor and found the bathroom "haha yes success!" He walked in and turned to the mirror and looked at himself "oh god...I look like that racist?" He thought about it for a moment "yeah I'm not gonna try and think about that to much" he mumbled before looking back at the mirror, he had long purple hair and purple eyes, his horn was very dangerous looking "Man, everyone's gonna run seeing me..." He mumbled.

James heard shuffling coming from another room and walked out of the bathroom "hello? Any-pony there?" He got no answer, and started looking for the source of the sound, he followed the sound all the way to a bedroom "um...hello?" He heard the shuffling, he looked at the bed 'didn't Fluttershy have that secret hiding spot under her bed for nightmare night?' He questioned himself and crouched down, he then lifted the blankets up and peeked under the bed.

James saw Fluttershy huddled under the bed surrounded by blankets and pillows, upon seeing James Fluttershy eeped and shuffled back further away "oh no no no I'm not gonna hurt you, I really could never do that honestly, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me I feel a lot better now hehe" James chuckled lightly.

"Oh um your welcome" Fluttershy said very very quietly with a small smile.

"Um...I'm just gonna...go back to the forest" he let the beds blanket fall down and started walking away.

"W-wait you can't go, your injuries aren't fully healed and you could get an infection, you'll have to stay if that's ok" she said crawling out from under the bed.

"Oh no no you've already done so much for me...I can take care of myself I'm sure" he said and smiled, he then thought about it, he knew little to nothing of medicine or Changeling biology " sure I won't be too much of a bother?".

"Oh no you won't be at all" she smiled.

"Well...if you say so" he replied, he really didn't feel good about this, he felt like he was taking advantage of her.

"You should probably lay down you don't want to open your stitches" she said with a smile.

"Oh yeah your right, don't need to have that thing open again" he chuckled, and walked back to the stairs with Fluttershy only to dread at what he saw, stairs going down "crap...walking up them was already hard enough..." He moaned and attempted to walk down the stairs, he ended up tumbling down the stairs "doh! Gah! Ow! Ngh! How long are these stairs" he said on each step he hit until hitting the bottom.

"Oh my are you alright?!" She ran to him instantly, she quickly started to check his whole bodyto make sure he was alright, he was besides some scrapes and bruises.

"Yeah...I think..." He groaned rubbing his head "I'm just not used to walking on all fours down stairs...".

"What do you mean?" She looked at him confused.

"Hm?...oh um well I wasn't like this originally, I was how do I explain this, I was something that stood on two legs and didn't have fur or a shell, in fact I looked nothing like a pony" he explained the best he can.

"Oh...maybe you hit your head to hard on the stairs" she said while putting her hoof on his head.

"No I'm serious I wasn't this two days ago, I don't even know how I became this, I just woke up like this" he said while standing back up.

"Um...ok..." She said obviously not believing him.

He sighed "whatever...I wanna see Twilight maybe she can help".

"How do you know about Twilight?" She questioned.

" watched you and your friends..." He said slowly but regretted it seeing Fluttershy back up slightly "No, no, not like that gah, I'm stupid, ok where I'm from...there was this box that allowed me to see stuff and I watched you and your friends solve nightmare moon, discord, yeah this isn't sounding less creepy" he groaned.

"So a magic box allows you to watch us?.." She asked.

"Yeah...can we just go see Twilight?..." He really, really wanted to get out of this situation.

"Well...I'm not sure that'd be a good idea, you would probably scare a lot of the other Ponies in town, no offense" she explained.

"Damn`re right...and no offense taken I'm not friendly looking" he sighed "Okay, anyway can we sneak to Twilights?".

"Um why don't you just disguise yourself?" She asked.

"I don't really know how I'm new to this whole body...but I could try" he focused on trying to change how he looked, purple flames engulfed his body "Oh dear god I'm on fire!!0!" He ran around screaming and rolling on the ground trying to put out the flames, he sat up and blew at his fire covered leg but stopped when he noticed it didn't hurt " doesn't burn".

Fluttershy ran over and dumped a bucket of water on him putting out the flames.

"...thanks Flutters" he stood back up and shook his head getting the water off "Okay, now let's try this again" he took a couple deep breaths and closed his eyes focusing, the flames washed over his body and he was now a green mare with a blue mane and tail.

"Wow..." Fluttershy said looking at the change.

" I'm not at all deformed...luckily" he was looking himself over, unfortunately he didn't have a cutie mark since he couldn't really make one "well...that may stick out...but it will have to do, ok I'm ready to go to Twilights".

"Um ok" Fluttershy said and walked to the door followed by James.

'Okay, now I just gotta focus on keeping this form and we should be good, won't be hard at all' James thought as he walked but he could have sworn he heard a deep chuckling from somewhere but put it off to be his imagination.

The universe chuckled darkly at the poor fool who decided to jinx himself.