Escape from the Moon

by Evilhumour

Chapter Four

Day Twenty

If my math is correct, in two days I will see the solar flares again and have some privacy to myself.

Doa eyed the computer and then the camera watching her. “You’re going to miss me do all kinds of stuff,” she snarked, shaking her backside at the cameras before shuffling on her back legs. I really wish that they would have at least given me a chair for this computer table.

I might do some more exercises today and keep myself in shape. Either that or do another walk outside.

Doa smirked to herself as she wrote that line; after that painful dream of her being cut in half and seeing how the doors opened up, she had dashed through all of them. She felt like a complete filly from doing so but she couldn’t help herself.

I am still having those nightmares. I am averaging ten per sleep cycle with no deviation in what I am dreaming about.

Perhaps expanding what I am seeing will influence my dreams.


With that said, Doa saved her journal entry and signed out of her account, eyes briefly glancing at the second account.

Shaking her head, she brought the pear she had been snacking on to her mouth and taking another bite of it before dropping it next to the other cores.

She had no way of dealing with her garbage and something told her if she broke her toilet by trying to flush things down it, they wouldn’t help her fix it and she didn’t want to deal with her only bathroom flooding.

Eyeing the sliding door with caution, she waited until it had opened up before dashing through it with a squeak in her voice. She then eyed the door at the end of the hallway before squaring her shoulders and dashing through that one too. Turning her head around, she saw that the door was still open for ten more seconds before starting to close slowly.

Blushing and feeling completely silly at her fears, she trotted over to where her spacesuit was waiting for her.

Doa was slowly getting used to wearing the thing but it still caused her goosebumps when it sealed itself over her body. Pulling the oxygen tank from its recharging port, she went to examine how much-

Come to me

She let out a yelp of surprise, fumbling with the tank and wincing as it bounced off the ground a couple of times before she managed to pick up the tank and place it on her back.

The voice she had been hearing off and on was back. She still hadn’t written anything about it or done anything to address it. Doa still could not tell if it was just in her head or it was actually something talking to her.

As she could hear it in her helmet when she was outside, she was leaning to the former. Shaking her head, she thought to herself, As there is no such thing as magic, I’m clearly going crazy.

Come to me Doa

Picking up the helmet with her hooves and sliding it in place, Doa walked over to the hatch and let herself into the airlock.

Come to me

She flicked her ear at the voice calling at her. She had yet to truly explore the direction where the voice was coming from but all she could spot was the continuous plateau her station was on.

Still, it might be time to start exploring further.

Of course, she couldn’t just go where she was hearing the voices if the ponies keeping her were behind the voices.

With her head held up high, she trotted out onto the moon and took in the view. It was truly awe inspiring and it was kinda empowering to think this was actually hers.

“I am the only pony here, I don’t see any neighbours nearby and I highly doubt anypony will come and tell me otherwise,” she said to herself as well as to those monitoring her. “So I’ve got this whole front yard all to myself.” She blinked at her hoofprints all across it and wrinkled her nose. “Congratulations Doa, you remember something about yourself at long last; we hate to do yard work.”

Not even sure how she would clean it all up, she placed it low on her mental to do list and began to walk forwards.

That thought began to bounce in her head, the joke turning into something serious. If she did not like yard work, that more than likely meant she either lived with pissed off neighbours or she lived alone and that was the core world above her head.

If she lived alone on the core world, she must be either very wealthy or very important.

“Could I be held for ransom?” she asked out loud and cursed herself. They wouldn’t like her making any progress to her escape- she paused as she was now in front of one of the many pole-mounted cameras she’d seen scattered around in her walks, only this particular camera was beginning to spark with electricity.  “Oh, you have to be kidding m-” she said as she spun around on her hooves and dashed for her now distant station.

That was as far as she got before a bolt of electricity slammed through her body, inflaming every pain sensor in her body before her heart gave out.

Day Fifty One

I swear if I ever get back to the core world, I am never eating spaghetti, cheese sandwiches, coleslaw, and especially nothing freeze-dried ever again. If it will give me the power to get even against those holding me here, I will not eat them again.


She saved the journal entry and was about to go her bed for a nap when she noticed something odd. Well, odder than normal here. The percentage of memory used went from fourteen to fifteen with new short journal entry and Doa knew it was fourteen when she had started making her journals when she woke up from that painful nightmare of burning alive.

If only she could break through the lock on the other account, she knew she would that much closer to uncovering everything.