Infatuating Acceptance

by PixiePony

Chapter 4

Twilight felt the warm rays of sun filter down through her window. She stirred and stretched and immediately cradled her head. She let out a couple moans.

“Geez, Sunset was right.”

She then looked to the floor where Sunset still laid.

“She stayed.” Twilight said with a blush creeping onto her cheeks. Her body felt warm but as she sat up she was reminded of her pounding head.

Reaching for the pills that waited for her on her nightstand, she grabbed the cup of water and quickly downed them. Moaning a bit, she looked down at Sunset, hoping she hadn’t woken her.

Sunset had insisted she sleep on the floor, and behind Twilight’s disappointment was relief. She didn’t know what her inhibitionless self would have done if she and Sunset had shared the same bed.

During the night, she had the fleeting thought of snuggling down next to Sunset before much needed sleep overtook her. She wasn’t sure why the alcohol had affected her so much, but it was embarrassing.

Twilight recalled most of the previous night, especial the tender moment they had at the end of the night. She smiled as she recalled how gentle Sunset’s words were.

Almost immediately her mind recalled, and suddenly very vividly, the moments spent in the bathroom. Twilight gasped and covered her mouth, a deep shiver tingling up her body.

That was very much an experience she wished had never happened, but at the same time a part of her wanted to be happy about it, and perhaps want those same feelings to occur again. The thought of touching Sunset like that was making Twilight warm again and she, quiet as possible, grabbed her glasses, hopped off her bed and ran out of the room to her bathroom.

Stumbling in and closing the door, Twilight looked in the mirror and grimiest. She was still wearing her makeup and her hair was a tangled mass on her head. She looked at her cheeks which were flushed red as she lifted her hands to them.

“Oh dear.”

Setting her glasses to the side Twilight ran cold water, splashing some on her face before breathing deeply.

The cause of such a reaction was still so foreign to her. It had never happened to her knowledge. But it seemed this so-called infatuation with her best friend was only getting worse.

Twilight grabbed a washcloth and began erasing the mess on her face. The warm water felt soothing, although she didn’t need much more warmth added to her already red cheeks.

It was true the dance had been a wonderful night for Twilight. She had even danced without caring about watching eyes. Sunset had helped with that, twirling her around and bumping up next to her. Twilight smiled. She found herself wanting it to last forever.

Unfortunately, she had been so distracted she hadn’t noticed the punch. Rainbow Dash had said it was fine but now thinking about it, she could have quite possibly been the one to put the alcohol in.

Remembering her fascination with Sunset and how she couldn’t help but continuously touch her, Twilight groaned.

“She must think me such a fool.”

Twilight recalled Sunset’s reactions to her advances. They seemed willing at first, though she remembered at one point Sunset forcefully trying to push her away. Grimacing at the thought she briefly remembered Sunset’s eyes, and how they had dilated when she was kissing her palms. Twilight had made a mental note of it when it happened and now recalled how it fueled her further investigations.

Another shiver made its way up her back and she looked in the mirror. Twilight noted her eyes had become dilated just as Sunset’s had.


Drying herself off and putting her glasses back on, Twilight quietly opened the door and crept into the room.

As she was just rummaging through her closet for day clothes she heard a rustle behind her.

“Good morning, Twilight” a mumbled and groggy sound came from around her bed. Sunset sat up and yawned.

Twilight fixed her eyes on Sunset’s figure as she stretched, blushing slightly at the realization that she didn't want to look away. Her arms reaching upward and her curves being defined as she rotated her body.

Finally bringing her eyes away, with warm cheeks again, Twilight grabbed her clothes and mumbled a greeting, moving to sit on the bed.

The feelings she had last night about her friend had grown and the thoughts she had about her while intoxicated hadn't seemed to dissipate in the slightest. The difference was, she was sober and able to resist her body's urges to advance on Sunset. She mumbled to herself as she took another mental note.

Sunset looked up at her friend and smiled. Twilight shyly smiled back, looking down at her hands. She hoped their friendship wasn't ruined by her inebriated foolery. She heard Sunset get up and head to the bathroom.

Putting her head in her hands, Twilight groaned. She closed her eyes. The probability of Sunset hating her was high, but so had the chance of her after the friendship games, and Sunset had already proven how much that wasn’t true. Perhaps the whole night could be forgotten.

But the more Twilight thought about the things she did, the things she felt, despite the embarrassment, she knew she would never want to forget them. Once again shivers arose and this time Twilight gladly accepted them, humming slightly.

“Told you you’d have a killer headache.”

Twilight jumped, looking up as Sunset was already out of the bathroom and just sitting down next to her.

“Not too bad, is it?”

Twilight shook her head and awkwardly looked away. Twilight began rubbing her temples. Honestly, she had gotten worse, but that still didn’t comfort the pain she felt now.

Sighing she looked to Sunset and gave her a weak smile. “Thanks for staying.”

Twilight was still humiliated. Although she had wonderfully forgiving friends, she still wasn’t sure how Sunset would be able to forgive her for the previous night.

Lost in her thoughts, it took Twilight a second to realize that Sunset had been talking to her.

“You know- You know I'm not angry, right?”

Sunset then proceeded to wrap her arms around Twilight.

Taking in the now familiar scent of Sunset’s hair, Twilight smiled and hugged her back. It was a comforting warm hug. Leather and sweet shampoo.

Suddenly the taste of Sunset’s neck was on her mouth and the sound Sunset had made echoed in her mind. Twilight took in a breath and cautiously let go. She hadn’t been prepared for that.


When Sunset had reached in to hug her friend, the warmth and faint smell of hairspray and sweat made the previous night’s memories flood into her consciousness.

The way it felt when Twilight had straddled her leg or pushed her against the cold wall or even the warm wetness that was her tongue running along her neck, where her head currently rested, was all flooding into her mind. Sunset held back a deep shiver as she cautiously let go.

Without even saying anything, Sunset could tell that the air between them had filled with tension and awkwardness. Twilight fiddled with her hands and looked down at them.

“I- I’m sorry about the dance.”

Sunset could see Twilight deflate, looking away, but she took another breath and continued. “I’m sorry I made such a fool of myself. I’m sorry my inebriation caused me to do some,” Twilight began to blush, “inappropriate things.”

Sunset could feel her cheeks heating up as well.

It was true that what she did was a little overpowering, but, as much as she hated to admit it, Sunset didn’t regret the feelings she felt during Twilight’s advances. Besides how it physically made her feel, it made her think that perhaps some part of Twilight felt the same.

And it made Sunset want validation. Validation that for even a brief moment, Twilight thought of her in the same way. Even if they never ended up dating and they stayed friends, she would know that at one time, however small, her feelings were returned.

But even that was a lot to ask for, and she felt greedy for wanting it so bad.

Twilight looked at Sunset, apologetically. “I don’t know where any of that came from.”

The small bubble of hope began to diminish and she could feel her heart sinking slightly. Greedy indeed.

“I just wanted to participate at a school dance like a normal school kid.” She looked away slightly smiling. “I actually read a book about what and what not to do at Prom and what traditions were the most socially performed.”

Sunset lightly chuckled. That actually made a lot of sense. It must have been the reason for her infatuation with the alcohol and, Sunset paused her thoughts, again sinking. That must have been why she was so drawn to the idea of a romantic partner.

Twilight continued, pausing cautiously. “Perhaps... perhaps that first kiss we shared had pulled on some instinctive body functions, and in my drunken state things got out of hand and I did things my intellect most certainly would not have let me do.” She stopped abruptly, putting her hands over her mouth.

Again, the hope bubbled. Sunset’s emotions were apparently on a rollercoaster this morning.

Twilight was mentioning the mistletoe kiss. It seemed ages ago that they had had some understanding to just pretend it hadn’t happened. But maybe it affected Twilight more than she was letting on.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized again. Sighing she then looked up at Sunset with the most heart wrenching eyes. “I hope you can forgive me.”

It was in that moment and that defeated almost pleading tone in her voice that made Sunset’s chest warm, that the tension was released.

Twilight was obviously upset about last night. It seemed more so then Sunset herself. But even the physical and mental desire she felt for Twilight wouldn’t stop her from being her friend.

Sunset gently put her hands on Twilight’s arms. “Twilight. Nothing can break the bond of our friendship.”

Another hug was offered in acceptance for her apology.

“Let’s just let this go, alright?”

The double meaning was lost to Twilight as she hugged her back. Sunset could feel her eyes burn slightly but composed herself before pulling away.

By the time she left, both of the girls had come to a small agreement, similar to their previous one, to not mention it again. Especially to their friends. It would only end in more embarrassment for the pair.

Though Sunset assured Twilight that she was fully accepting in her apology and that everything was fine. Inside, Sunset was festering. She didn’t want to forget.

The longer the days went by without them talking about what had happened, the more normality began to reside.

However, as much as Sunset had been hiding her feelings before, it became overpoweringly difficult after the dance. Sure, she was good at hiding it, but it still ate her on the inside.

Twilight had seemed to be coping well and it seemed easy for her to return to their previous friendship. Sunset felt almost jealous and saddened by this fact. If she could move on so easily, perhaps it really was best for Sunset to set aside her feelings for the purple girl and move on as well.


Each day had become increasingly harder to handle. Sunset seemed to return to normality quite gracefully, but Twilight was continually reminded of that night.

The more she tried not to think about it the more she was drawn back. And the more she did think about it, the more she found herself desiring Sunset. Both physically and mentally, needing her in every way.

While currently they were meeting up to talk before their classes were to start, Twilight had a hard time paying attention to the topic, for once.

Her heart beat faster and her chest heated up. It became hard to move her arms, like they were pulled down by a large weight. The sight of the yellow girl made Twilight’s tongue go numb.

“Hey” was all she could surface.

Her ears were ringing and she could feel their pinkness. It had been hard enough trying to forget the dance even happened, but now that she accepted the fact that she was most certainly feeling something for her friend, she couldn’t stop seeing the connections to infatuation.

Sunset on the other hand seemed unphased and had no trouble talking. She was off on some rant about their band and something Rainbow Dash had said.

It was this simple action that made Twilight’s chest tighten, though Sunset’s words went through one ear and out the other. She was too focused on the girl’s nose which had scrunched up while describing the reaction of one of their friends.

Twilight only nodded, watching her exaggerated illustrations. Every little movement made it feel like something was about to burst inside of her.

By the time Sunset had finished it was almost time for their next class.

Twilight was caught slightly off guard when she was embraced with a hug. The warmth was comfortable, it felt right, and when Sunset let go, Twilight realized she didn't want her to stop.

During the past weeks through this whole ordeal, Twilight didn’t really know why she had been so drawn to Sunset. She only knew it was strong and that somehow it felt right. Some part of her felt like she needed Sunset, that she couldn’t survive without her near.

Every time she would touch Sunset she remembered the night of their kiss and the closeness during the dance. These thoughts alone kept her curiosity and desire fueled.

Doing nothing was only making the situation that more intoxicating. She knew that, like their previous encounter, they had made an agreement to drop the subject. But the feelings and mental stimulation she felt when around Sunset was not going to dissipate any time soon. Especially if she kept it bottled up.

As they said their goodbyes and gave small waves, Twilight thought about Sunset’s reaction to her realization.

If she didn’t hate her for what she did during the dance, she certainly would now. She could just imagine Sunset laughing at her, or worse, recoiling backward in a disgusted manner.

Twilight’s heart rate picked up. How does one take the information that not only was her drunk advances meaningful, but that she wanted to do them again.

Thinking about that night and Sunset’s reactions to it all, she came back around to the small mental note she had made previously. Sunset’s eyes had dilated, just as hers had when thinking about it. Whether or not she was conscious of it, her body reacted positively to Twilight’s. She was also certain that sometime during her muddled state of mind that Sunset had let out a moan. Twilight began to calm slightly.

Yes, Sunset had reacted positively.

Then there was the kiss that started all this madness. After the kiss, Sunset had been guarded as if she was hiding something, that look in her eyes when she pulled away. And the secret.

Suddenly everything clicked and rocked Twilight’s world violently. The one secret she wouldn't tell her best friend, had to BE about her best friend. Twilight vaguely recalled Rainbow saying something to the effect that Sunset wanted to do something. Perhaps she was going to tell everyone that Sunset, in fact, did want to kiss her.

Twilight had to talk to Sunset.

She looked around and saw the flame of Sunset’s hair dipping below the staircase.

Before she knew what she was doing, Twilight ran after her, calling out her name. Just as Sunset was making her way down the stairs Twilight reached her and had grabbed her arm.

Since Twilight had stopped her in the middle of the stairwell, it was giving her a slight height advantage. Twilight’s small frame felt almost regal as she looked down at Sunset. Though, she knew she looked a little out of breath.

“Sunset,” taking a long breath Twilight was determined to say something, anything. Though now facing her, she felt a little more intimidated than moments earlier.

She let go of Sunset’s arm and chuckled nervously.

“Sunset, could I tell you something?”

Sunset stopped and smiled. “Sure, what’s on your mind?”

Twilight took in brief waves of breath, trying to grasp onto the air for support and her mouth began to move on its own. She heard the words she was saying but she couldn’t control them.

“Well, ever since that… What I mean is, I kind of… I kind, I like…”

Twilight paused and took a breath. As automatic as she was speaking, her throat choked up with a lump. She could see the slight confusion on her friend’s face.

“Sunset.” She breathed again, closing her eyes. “I like you.”

She chanced a glance towards her friend.

“Perhaps quite a lot.”

Looking to the side she continued. “I can’t stop thinking about you. Everything I do reminds me of the dance and the kiss and every little moment we share…” Her voiced cracked as she held her hands tight to her chest. “I just want to hold your hand or touch your face like I did during the dance.”

Twilight glanced again at Sunset, whose cheeks had become red. Looking to the side once more Twilight continued, her cheeks burning and her head pounding.

“And I just wanted you to know that… I may not know why any of this is happening,” She paused briefly before trying to swallow. “But I do know that you mean a lot to me, Sunset.”

With her last words she looked at Sunset, trying hard to breath. Twilight realized it was her drumming heart that had lodged itself in her throat and a wave of nausea came over her with the realization of what she had said. Her inner thoughts had finally been brought out in the open.

A shiver ran through her body as Sunset held her silence. Cringing, Twilight turned her body slightly away from her friend, hugging her arms against her chest.

“Did I… Just ruin our friendship?”


Sunset shook her head slightly. Her cheeks still flushed.

“I- I’m sorry. It’s just, a lot to take in when you say it all at once.”

Sunset could feel an almost giddiness began to rise from within. Her entire world was exploding in questions and celebration and she briefly thought of her mind akin to Pinkie Pie’s bubbliness.

The pair remained silent for another moment before Sunset realized Twilight was waiting for an answer.

“Twilight, I… I mean, I think that…”

Twilight pushed her glasses up her face and, of course, that had to be the moment Sunset glanced at her. The buzzing in her head picked up and she couldn't stop the smile that was spreading across her face.

“I… I feel the same way.”

She began to choke on her words as her eyes started to blur. “I- I completely feel th-the same.”

Twilight’s eyes went wide. “You… You do?” Twilight then leaned closer with a hopeful look on her face.

Sunset only nodded.

“So,” She paused, still unsure. “This means our friendship isn’t ruined?”

Sunset let out a small laugh and covered her mouth.

“No, Twilight. I told you, nothing can break our friendship.”

Sunset was still stunned as she softly stepped up to the same stair as Twilight. This amazing girl who she had spent most of the past months with was telling her that she might possibly feel the fire Sunset felt every time their eyes locked, and every time their skin touched. It hadn’t all been one sided and Sunset stood there, her entire world halted to this one moment.

Twilight smiled shyly and blushed. “I never thought that the girl who saved my life would ever once see me in this way.”

Sunset’s smiled as well. “And I never thought you would ever look at me the same way I look at you.”

It was Sunset’s turn to finally let her heart speak.

“I knew we were good friends, best even, but thinking anything more just felt like I was kidding myself. I was selfish to even want something so intimate with you. I pushed it out of my mind as much as I could but,” Sunset let out a laugh “Just like you said, every time we touched or looked at one another, I could just feel it.”

Despite herself, Sunset looked at her hands and fumbled with them. “I can’t even describe how it felt for you to say those things you did just now.”

She could hear Twilight breath in deeply and then boldly put her hand over her own. “You don’t have to.”


Through shy and quiet words, Twilight and Sunset had talked a bit more and come up with a time and place for a socially acceptable ‘Date’.

Twilight was buzzing from within. She hadn’t felt this giddy since she was told about her brother’s fiancée.

A date was such a foreign concept to her and the prospect of going on one, with someone she was already so close with, made her light in the head.

The school bell rang and interrupted their conversation and blushing. Twilight waved a small goodbye as she walked up the stairs and watched Sunset retreat in the opposite direction.

When Sunset disappeared around the corner, Twilight felt the energy burst inside of her. She closed her eyes and could contain it no longer.

She began jumping up and down in a circle shouting for all to hear.


Her glasses bounced around on her face and when she peeked above them, a small crowd had gathered around her. She heard Sunset giggle from the bottom of the staircase, which made her blush deeply.

Abruptly she stopped and held her hands tightly to her chest. The person nearest to her asked her if she was alright and turning to face them Twilight giggled, nervously and giddily.

Sliding her glasses up her nose she blushed more and gave a beaming smile. “Um… Yes.”