Pinkie and Twilight

by Shiron

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day and everypony were making the last preparations for the great earth-pony-day festival tomorrow. The earth-pony-day was a special day to honor all the hard work of the earth ponies to preserve peace and harmony in Equestria and for many other reasons.
When Twilight Sparkle heard that even Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were participating she knew that this was her great chance and that tomorrow all her dreams will come true.

For many years Twilight had studied anything about magic and even Princess Celestia had taught her some things. After all those years she became the strongest unicorn and even one of the smartest ponies of all Equestria.
Now she was working in her labor together with her friend, assistant and sometimes even her test subject Pinkie Pie.

"Prepare yourself for tomorrow Pinkie." Twilight said to Pinkie.

"Why? What are we doing tomorrow?" Pinkie answered and quiet without Twilight notice she mumbled "please say bingo, please say bingo"

With an almost evil grin Twilight simple said "Same thing we do every night Pinkie – try to take over Equestria."

After some more minutes Twilight finished her newest invention she had built with all her knowledge and just as usual Pinkie was her test subject.
Twilight put a futuristic hat with many lights on and aimed the machine at Pinkie. After some tries and modifications Twilight was satisfied with her machine.

"Finally I'm finished." She looked back to Pinkie who was happily eating some cupcakes. "Pinkie, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Of course!" the pink pony answered. "We have to make many more cupcakes for the Princesses."

"No Pinkie, we are not making cupcakes. Tomorrow at the end of the festival Princess Celestia will make a speech. And when she is standing on the stage I will fire the body-switch beam at her so that I'll be the Princess instead of the Princess.
Then I will rule all of Equestria!" Twilight looked at Pinkie and then quick added "he he I mean we will rule all of Equestria of course. You can switch your body with Princess Luna"

Pinkie jumped happy thru the labor "Sounds like fun and Pinkie loves to have fun."

The next day Twilight had already installed her machine with a perfect view on the stage. The festival was almost over and Princess Celestia walked on the stage to begin her speech.

"Okay. It's now or never." Twilight aimed at Princess Celestia and put her hat on.

Without Twilight noticing Pinkie was standing next to her and looked at the machine and the many colorful buttons. "Oh, so many colors."

Before Twilight could stop her Pinkie was happily pushing the buttons. The machine was spin together with Twilight. Pinkie pushed another button and the machine shot a body-switch beam. The beam was reflected by some mirrors and in the end it hit a frog before the machine explodes.

Princess Celestia looked the explosion so as some other ponies. "I love fireworks. What a great idea to end the festival" she said.

After shaking the smoke out of her mane Pinkie jumped with a smile. "That was fun Twilight. Can we do this again?" Twilight just stared at Pinkie before she simple croaks as an answer. Then she hopped away just like a frog.
"Is that a new game? I want play it too."

However before she could followed Twilight a frog jumped on her head. "Pinkie. You ruined my plan again. Now we have to catch me" said the frog with Twilights voice.


"I should have made Rainbow Dash as my assistant" Twilight mumbled to herself.

Later the day Rainbow Dash saw a hopping and croaking Twilight in a pond. She simple face-hoofed herself and mumbled "Not again."