Cascade! Clouds Above, Obfuscate!

by WritingSpirit

Day II

"Oh, the humidity."

"Toughen up, bucko. It's gonna get worse from here on out."


"You know groaning out loud's not gonna solve anything, right?"

"It'll probably solve something. There's probably a weather pony living around here somewhere listening to us at this very moment and he'll be thinking 'I pity these prolific pair of proud pegasi, progressing prudently and persistently despite precarious perils so profound, and shall provide to their prayers!'. Give or take a couple of minutes, we'll have a bit of wind coming in. Yep, good idea right there! What do you think? Wanna give it a shot?

"Uhhh... no?"

"Aww, don't be a bummer, Dash! Come on! Help this stallion cope!"

"Dude, you're pretty melodramatic today."

"It's the heat."

"Just the heat?"

"The walking too, if you really wanna know. Six hours of wholesome green is a little overbearing. By the way, why are we walking all the way there anyway? We could be flying straight to wherever we're going."

"Well, when you're up in the air, it's really, really easy to miss it."

"You said it was a temple, right? Probably not that hard of a thing to miss."

"That's what I thought too, but I did a bit of digging around before we left and every mention of it says that most of the temple is deep underground. The only part sticking out of the dirt would be the entrance, which isn't exactly... big, to say the least. If we're flying now, we'll only be seeing trees, trees and more trees."

"Well, we are in a jungle. Underground temple though. That's news to me."

"Something to do with the weirdo they're praying to. Hates daylight, I think."

"So... vampire?"


"Nice! This is what our third date's gonna be: a death battle! The vampire from the underground versus you and me. Ten bits says one of us will get our blood sucked before we get back to Vanhoover."

"Not funny."

"Ten bits says it's not a vampire?"

"Hmmm. Ten bits says our 'vampire' doesn't exist."

"You're on."

"You serious? You really wanna take the bet? It probably isn't there though. I mean, it's really unlikely that something is down there. Possibly some booby traps and maybe a couple of skeletons, but nothing alive, you know."

"Ey, don't ruin the fun! Backing out of our little bet? Chickening out, Crash?"

"You did not just— fine, fine! Twenty!



"This is crazy, you know that, Dash?"

"Heck yeah it is."

"I mean, vampire! Like, wow! Pretty steep threshold, don't you think? Second date was a dinner on the clouds, third date is this? Vampire hunting?"

"Or not, you know. Like I said, highly unlikely. Even so, we're here to hunt for artifacts, not vampires. Pretty sure if we were, it'll be a supplementary thing."

"I mean, it's definitely better than being mobbed in Vanhoover. I can handle being mobbed in Cloudsdale, but Vanhoover? Yeah, how about no."

"You should try running that by the ponies of Vanhoover. Rustle their jimmies a little."

"They might be forgiving. I hear they're nice this time of the year."

"Celestia, my coltfriend is an evil monster."

"Nah, just a retiring Wonderbolt. In a few years, I'd probably be yelling at eleven-year-olds to get off my lawn. Probably throw a few pies at them as well. Probably yell something like 'you nosy little brats! I hope you get lost in a forest and have your blood sucked dry by underground vampires!' or something like that."

"With that rhetoric, you'd be kicked off into a nursing home."

"Not my fault those colts were running around my lawn!"

"Old Soarin's gonna bum me out when he comes around."

"You make it sound as if you're gonna be sticking around me long enough to see it."

"D-Don't read too much into it."

"Heheh. Yes, Ma'am~!"