The Secret World of Breezies

by Obsi

What are breezies?

Breezies are an enigmatic species from the other side of a portal. Whether it leads to an undiscovered place in our world or even different planet is to this point in time unknown, as exploring their world is a difficult task. In this book, I, Princess Twilight Sparkle, will shed some light on the mysterious culture of the breezies, with the help of my closest friend Fluttershy.

The best place to begin is a simple description of a breezie. If you have ever heard of the tail of the tooth-fairy, it was most likely inspired by a breezie. They are very small, reaching an average of half an inch, comparable to a normal honey bee. They share most of our equine appearance, save for insectoid wings easily six times their own length and feelers on their heads. Their limbs appear elongated and strangely thin and we have a hard time telling their genders apart.

The wings of a breezie allow it to ride the wind without effort and even the slightest breeze is enough to carry them vast distances. However, they are unable to fly without it and if the wind blows in the wrong direction, a breezie is incapable of fighting against it. In fact, if a breezie is caught offguard by a sudden storm, they may be forced to rid themselves of their own wings. This act is not quite as horrifying as you might imagine however, as breezies annually lose their wings at the end of autumn and regrow them next spring. Still, ridding oneself prematurely of their ability to fly is a painful task and limits ones options greatly. Fortunately, this situation does not arise often, as a breezies feelers are the most accurate weather forecast before Pegasi sheduled weather. It is rumored that in ancient times, the great riches of neighpon largely relied on a breezies weather forecast, leading to a large boom in agricultural output.

Breezies are a fragile species, without access to any magic comparable to ours, frail bodies and limited flight, it becomes understandable that they have a hard time living in Equestria. Their own world is far from safe, yet they are better fitted to bear its challenges.

Their world is unique in that it has a very special kind of poisonous mushroom in it, which excretes spores poisonous to any species above a certain size. Equestria has made efforts to counter their effect, but so far we have only managed to make sure they do not spread to our world. In fact, the largest recorded species in their world are mice, although in our expedition, we’ve heard rumors of larger creatures which seem similar to rats. The area we have found in our expedition were largely forests and rivers, but as we had to change our own physiology to match the breezies, we have, by pony standards, only covered a very small area.

The unrivaled rulers of their world are the bees, who, with their incredible quantity of number and poisonous stings, are unbeaten by any species but their own. Luckily for the breezies, they express no interest and employ a stance best described as “don’t bother us and we won’t bother you.” Therefore, the breezies are relatively free to do whatever they want as long as they do not break the few rules the bees have set in place, the most important one being a complete prohibition to collect any pollen in their world.

Ponies noticeable about breezies are surely interested in the purpose of the pollen, but first we have to get into the society of the breezies.