Fluffle Puff and the Cheetos in the Couch and Other Stories Vol. 1

by Creativa-Artly01

Chapter 3-Fluffle Makes a Valentine

It's Valentine's Day in Equestria, and Fluffle Puff is on the ground making a Valentine card for Chrysalis with tons of stickers and glitter. She works on the card for hours on end. That night, Chrysalis goes out for a Valentine dinner with Fluffle and Fluffle hands her the Valentine. Chrysalis takes it and a smile creeps across her face. She then begins to laugh. She actually rather enjoys the card. She walks over and gives Fluffle a hug. The two then leave dinner and go to the park and ride the swan boats. The two laugh all the while. The two can't help but agree it's the best Valentine's Day ever, it's definitely the funnest one Chrysalis has had in awhile. That night back at the house, Fluffle Puff snuggles up and falls asleep on Chrysalis. Chrysalis embraces her with a smile on her face. Fluffle is the only pony who appreciates her for her and she would honestly have it no other way.

The End