Fluffle Puff and the Cheetos in the Couch and Other Stories Vol. 1

by Creativa-Artly01

Chapter 2-Fluffle Meets Discord

One day as she's out on a walk, marshmallows begin to fall from the sky. Fluffle Puff looks up and sees Discord. "Dragon!" she says with a giggle. She then continues to giggle. Seeing this, Discord snaps his fingers and creates chocolate rain from cotton candy clouds. Fluffle smiles and opens her mouth and drinks the rain. She then grabs some of the cotton candy cloud and eats it. Discord looks at her stunned. He snaps his claw again and causes popcorn to rain from the sky. The pink ball of fluff gladly opens her mouth and eats the popcorn. Discord scratches his head perplexed.

"Why aren't you running in fear of me?" asks Discord confused. Fluffle looks at him confused then begins to make spit noises.

Discord snaps his claw again and turns the pink fur ball into an alicorn. Again, she continues to spit and does absolutely nothing. He snaps his claw again and the wings and horn disappear. Again, she does nothing. He snaps his claws and makes muffins rain from the sky, again she eats them this time joined by Derpy. Discord looks around perplexed. Fluffle Puff then looks up at him and grabs for his claw and his paw. She then climbs up his neck and spits in his ear. Discord looks at her annoyed. There's nothing he can do to get rid of her, so he snaps himself back to the chaos dimension. At least there he is safe from this little annoyance. He can definitely breath a sigh of relief at that.

The End