Fluffle Puff and the Cheetos in the Couch and Other Stories Vol. 1

by Creativa-Artly01

Chapter 1-Fluffle Puff and Couch Cheetos

It's a normal rainy day and Fluffle Puff is bouncing around the house when she decides to plop down on the couch. As she lands on the couch she hears a snap and a crunch. She then gets up and picks up the cushion and finds an open bag of Cheetos underneath it. She grabs the bag and begins to lick up the Cheetos on her tongue and smiles as she crunches them. A few moments later, Chrysalis walks in and just rolls her eyes at the pink fluff ball in front of her that is eating Cheetos off the floor. Fluffle Puff looks at up Chrysalis for a brief instance before getting back to eating the Cheetos. A few minutes later, Chrysalis goes flying off the couch and soon looks down and sees it is Fluffle looking for more food. As she's digging through the couch, Fluffle finds a day old taco and tosses it into her mouth and eats it. A few minutes after that, she finds some more Cheetos hidden in the couch, which she also tosses in her mouth and eats. Not long after that, she drops the cushion and Chrysalis hops back onto the couch and falls asleep. Fluffle, however, now has a Cheeto obsession, and there's no way she's stopping until she finds more Cheetos as she goes off to rummage the rest of the house in search of the cheesy, crunchy treat.

The End