Spark Visions of Twilight

by Tangerine Blast


This chapter now has an audio reading by Skijarama


Rainbow Dash awoke to sunlight piercing her eyelids. With a groan, she rolled onto her stomach and groggily blinked awake.

Only to find herself under a heavy veil of darkness.

Her deep sigh was almost enough to ease her back to sleep, but instead, she sat up and brushed the irritating rainbow locks out of her eyes.

Honestly, she got that the Elements would heal injuries, but did they have to make her mane grow like a weed too?

She let her gaze lazily travel around the large guest chamber she was currently occupying with heavy eyelids, just enjoying how the natural sunlight seemed to make it glow. It was much fancier than her bunk in the barracks ever was. Silk purple curtains hung from the window and a plush blue rug lay comfortably underneath the Pegasus’ belly. Not as comfortable as a cloud would have felt… but there would be time for that later wouldn’t there? What a giddy thought. A large, downy bed was pushed into one corner of the room, untouched.

Dash spread her wings in a large stretch before gently laying them over the two closest ponies. Fluttershy pressed more firmly into Rainbow’s side while Rarity tugged at the wing as one would a warm blanket.

Neither awoke.

Dash felt a smile come naturally as she looked at the other ponies huddled together on the floor. Applejack and Twilight laid atop one another in a tangle of limbs and tails, the former letting out a loud snort whenever the Unicorn would shift against her. Pinkie clung to Rainbow’s newly grown tail, snoring gently and drooling just enough that Dash was almost tempted to wake her.

Rainbow yawned, leaving her friends be, and turned her gaze out the window. The sun was just peeking over the mountain, bathing the country in a gentle golden glow. It wouldn’t get much higher than that for a while now. Princess Come-Back-From-The-Moon-Like-Nothing Celestia insisted that the world needed to adjust before it took on high noon again and no pony was exactly keen to argue about daylight anymore.

Celestia was a problem.

Not the biggest one there was, of course, but she had insisted that things could go back to normal and was utterly shocked when the ponies had explained exactly why that wouldn’t work.

She would need time to adjust to the new world.

That much was obvious.

Rainbow groaned softly as she thought of all the work that she had in the days (and wasn’t it great to have days) to come.

They had three, three, immortals to peacefully integrate into a fallen society. They had Nightmare Moon devotes, that had fled somewhere, swearing vengeance and the return of the ‘true ruler’. They had an entire Empire in the north to bring in, not to mention a whole lot of angry mobs that were going to be coming for Luna’s, and possibly Dash’s, head.

Oh yeah, and Princess Luna. What in Equestria was anypony suppose to make of her?

As the shiny red necklace proclaimed to the world, Dash was neck deep in the whole thing and couldn’t just back out of it now and go home. Not that she had any idea of how to go back to civilian life, anyway.

Dash’s life was about to get that much harder and even more complicated and she was not looking forward to it.

...but the sun was shining and her friends were all resting, safe, around her. Wasn’t that enough?

Fluttershy mumbled something in her sleep and nuzzled Dash’s side, curling even closer.

Rainbow looked down at her with a smile so warm she was sure her fillyhood friend would feel it and wake up. Dash gently nuzzled Shy back before letting her head fall lazily between her hooves, content to just listen to the breathing and feel the heartbeats around her.

Fate, destiny, time travel shenanigans, they could do their worst.

This, right here, was enough.

It would always be enough.