Everypony is Horny

by hazeyhooves

Chapter 10

Nurse Redheart was horny.

She was horny because injured patients turned her on.

Ponyville was a safe town, and there usually weren't any patients available for her at the hospital.

But today Rainbow Dash was in traction after getting all four of her legs broken during angry sex with Fluttershy.

"Oh my," said Nurse Redheart. "You seem to end up in the hospital a lot. It must be awfully lonely, lying in bed while your body heals. Maybe I can... keep you company for the night?"

"OK, this is ridiculous," said Rainbow Dash. "How come I never get my own chapter in these things? Why do I always have to be the one who gets abused?"

"Oh, poor thing," said Nurse Redheart. "I didn't realize you were in such pain. Maybe I can help speed up your body's healing... by giving it a little TLC. I've always been interested in.... alternative medicine."

Rainbow Dash groaned. "I'm even in the cover art! That's totally misleading! Because I hate this story!"

Nurse Redheart anesthetized Rainbow's tongue so she would stop talking.

Rainbow's muffled protests made Nurse Redheart more horny than ever.