Everypony is Horny

by hazeyhooves

Chapter 1

Twilight Sparkle was horny.

She was horny because she was an inexperienced virgin who spent all her life studying instead of dating.

This made her awkwardly tense around everypony she ever talked to. Her friends, Princess Celestia, Shining Armor, her mother and father, and Flash Sentry. She fantasized about all of them.

But she knew she didn't stand a chance with any of them.

She never asked any of them out, because they would think of her as a pathetic loser when they find out she's a virgin.

Twilight wrote down her sexual fantasies about herself, rutting her friends and family, as a series of novels, published under a pseudonym.

They were the bestselling books in all of Equestria. They dominated the sales charts.

Other writers imitated this and wrote their own smut novels about Twilight Sparkle having sex. The fad made most other books unprofitable, include many of Twilight's favorites. Those writers eventually got frustrated and quit the business.

Having hardly any new books to read made Twilight Sparkle sad.

And despite all the literature about her fictional sex life, Twilight was no less horny than before.