Stranger in the Forest

by TrixterCat

Chapter 16 - Trixie's Farewell Party, Part 1




Pinkie Pie was bouncing merrily along the streets of Ponyville. She greeted each pony she passed by with her usual wide smile and energetic wave. Today was such a perfect day! Not that everyday wasn’t amazingly, fantastically fun, but today was especially so! Sunshine, smiling ponies, and most importantly of all, today was a day for a party! Trixie’s new wagon was finally finished, and Pinkie was going to throw her a house-warming party! It was going to be a bit of a sad party, since the new wagon meant that Trixie would probably leave soon, but that gave Pinkie all the more reason to make sure that today’s party would be an exceedingly exceptional extravaganze!





Before the super-duper mega amazing party, however, there was one problem Pinkie had to solve. Namely, what kind of gift to give Trixie. Normally, something like that wouldn’t be a problem at all for Ponyville’s premiere party planner. Pinkie Pie knew everypony in Ponyville, and through ingenious observation and clever use of her noggin, knew what most ponies liked, but she had no idea what Trixie liked, and the gift needed to be something better than a crystalberry cake and a box of banana-chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream and a grape on top. Trixie had been on a trip with Applejack and Rainbow and Scruffy and Rarity and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and had returned with a happysad smile, and Pinkie didn’t know what to do about it. She didn’t even know what had caused it, and neither did anypony else she asked. And why wasn’t she invited? It would have been a perfectly fun time to go camping and see the Winsome Falls, and if she had been there, nopony would have had any sad times.

Pinkie sighed. No, she shouldn’t think like that. She can’t be everywhere, she already learned that lesson. She had only so much time in a day, and it didn’t matter if she couldn’t be everywhere. What mattered was that she used her time wisely, so she should totally stop thinking about other things and focus on Trixie’s gift!

“Hmmm, but if I can’t figure it out, who can I ask about it?” Pinkie pondered while rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

“Uh, ask about what, Pinkie?” Lyra asked the pink pony who had suddenly invaded her lap. She was sitting in a upright position on a bench, and Pinkie had laid next to her and placed her fluffy mane on her outstretched hind legs.

“About the gift of course, silly!” Pinkie exclaimed before booping Lyra and hopping off the bench, leaving the musical pony rubbing her nose in confusion.

There weren’t many ponies Pinkie could ask for help. Only the girls really. Trixie didn’t seem to spend too much time with anypony else. Applejack and Rainbow hadn’t even known Trixie had been feeling a bit down, so they probably wouldn’t know how to properly cheer her up either. Fluttershy had spent the least amount of time with Trixie out of all of them, so she might not know either. Twilight and Spike would probably have some ideas, but they were still in Canterlot, and Pinkie had no way of contacting them before the party. Rarity, on the other hoof, was often very perceptive, and liked to spend time with Trixie, so surely she could offer some thoughts on the matter. With that in mind, Pinkie started hopping towards the boutique.

“Hmm, maybe I could ask Scruffy for some ideas,” Pinkie pondered to herself as she continued towards Rarity’s. Scruffy had been on that trip too, and Rarity had said that they had been getting along better than before. He was currently playing with Rainbow Dash at the park, so she could easily hop her way there instead. “But what if he has already noticed that Trixie was feeling sad? What if he already has some super-duper present planned, and he’s going to blow all of our minds with it tonight with how awesome and great it is?”

A few onlooking ponies watched with curious eyes as their town’s pink party planner had started to hop in circles with a slight, concentrated frown on her face and mumbling to herself.

“Which would mean that it would totally ruin the surprise if I went and asked if he has a super-duper present prepared!” Pinkie said with a horrified gasp. A couple of the onlooking ponies exchanged glances at the sudden outburst. “I mean...there’s no surprise, y’all heard nuffin!” Pinkie said to the few ponies in a manner that would have made Applejack proud, before hurriedly bouncing away towards the boutique.


“Oh Rarityyy!” Pinkie announced her presence as she opened the front door of Carousel Boutique, along with the ringing of a bell. She mentally sighed at how cliché a shop entrance it was.

“Coming! Hello, Pinkie darling. What brings you to my boutique today?” Rarity asked with a pleasant smile as she came from the back room.

“Oh, it’s so terrible, Rarity!” Pinkie complained while holding a foreleg to her head in a very theatrical manner.

“Oh dear, what is it, darling?” Rarity played along, trying her best to make her face as neutral as possible in faux seriousness. She used her magic to summon a fan to use on Pinkie, as the mare swooned right in to Rarity’s outstretched forelegs.

“Today’s Trixie’s party, and I do not know what kind of gift I should get her!” Pinkie lamented.

“My my, that does sound serious,” Rarity agreed. Pinkie threw her forehooves dramatically in the air.

“I know! I knohohohooow! She needs the perfectest gift ever to cheer her up, but I just don’t know what would do it. What ever shall I do?”

“Worry not, madam Pinkie! Together, the two of us shall come up with the ‘perfectest’ gift a mare has ever seen!” Rarity declared enthusiastically. The two ponies looked at each other, before bursting in to giggles.

“Oh Rarity, I knew you would catch on,” Pinkie said between giggles as she stood up on her own legs again.

“Mhmhmhmm, I do enjoy the occasional chance to perform and act, even short and silly moments like these. Now, you mentioned something about cheering Trixie up?” Rarity asked intrigued.

“Mmhm. She seemed a bit sad when you returned from your camping trip to Winsome Falls, and I wanted to give her something to lift her spirits.”

“Yes, I did notice that she wasn’t quite her usual ‘charming’ self after the trip. She acted like nothing was wrong, but I could sense she was feeling a bit melancholic,” Rarity said while leading Pinkie to the kitchen.

“That’s why we need to figure out a gift that will surely make her giddier than a foal in a candy shop,” Pinkie said and sat down at the table. Rarity gave a brief giggle at the metaphor while setting down a tea set for two on the table and putting the kettle on.

“It is nice of you to think that I’m the one who can help you with this, darling.”

“You and Twilight are the ones who have spent most time with Trixie, but Twilight’s not here, so that only leaves you.”

“What about Scruffy?” Rarity asked with one eyebrow raised. Pinkie looked away, trying to act nonchalant.

“I’m sure Scruffy has some su-...I mean nice gift planned already, there’s no need to bother him,” Pinkie said. Rarity could see Pinkie’s ear twitching nervously ever so slightly, but decided not to say anything.

“Well, if your goal is to get Trixie out of her sullen mood, I can at least tell you what not to get. While Trixie puts great deal of effort in to her own persona, I do not take her as sompony who cares about vanity items. So if you were planning on getting her something for her wagon, I don’t think that would work very well.” Rarity took the kettle off the stove, and levitated it over to the table, where she prepared them both nice cups of tea.

“So balloons are out of the question. I remember Applejack saying that she and Rainbow had both decided to get Trixie a traveling kit of essential knick-knacks, so there’s probably nothing of that sort left for me to get her either,” Pinkie mused as she put four cubes of sugar in her tea, making Rarity suppress a cringe.

“Your gift would also need to be something durable, since she is going to be traveling so much. Something she can enjoy for a long time.” Rarity put a tinge of honey and milk in her tea, stirred it, and took a sip.

“Hmm, I could offer to paint her wagon, maybe?” Pinkie suggested.

“I’m sure she would appreciate the gesture, darling. However, I do believe she already decided to paint it herself today. She’s probably doing it right now,” Rarity replied and carefully blew on her tea to cool it down.

“What? Aww…” Pinkie said sadly and tasted her own tea. It was perfectly sweet.

“Perhaps you could get her a book? I’m sure Trixie would enjoy a good mystery novel, like Shadow Spade for example. Or, since she is an accomplished magician, a book about spellcraft?”

“Wouldn’t that be exactly what Twilight would get her?” Pinkie said with one eyebrow raised

“Erm…that’s a good point.”

“So what do we know that Trixie likes, then?”

“She likes to spend time with her own thoughts, with only nature keeping her company. She is interested in magic and anything that can make her better, and by extension, make her magic show better,” Rarity intoned.

“Oh oh oh! Scootaloo said that she likes stars.”


“Uhhuh! She said that they had gone stargazing together,” Pinkie explained.

“Hmm...Perhaps you could get her something related to that, then? If she likes astronomy, you could get her a telescope, for instance.”

“Ooh! That’s a great idea Rarity! With a telescope, she’ll be able to looksie Luna’s stars so much better.”

“And since she is so often traveling outside of cities, she’ll have plenty of chances to use it. Big cities sometimes have so much light during the night that it can be hard to see the stars from them. Hmm, perhaps I should make her some warm clothes to use on chillier nights,” Rarity said thoughtfully as she took a sip of her tea.

“Fantastic! Now I have something I can get Trixie. Thank you so much Rarity!” Pinkie exclaimed giddily. She drank the rest of her tea, making a face having slightly burned her tongue, and went over to hug Rarity.

“Pleasure was all mine, Pinkie dear,” Rarity hummed and hugged back.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a telescope to hunt down. See you at the party, Rarity,” Pinkie saluted as she trotted towards the front door.

“Happy hunting,” Rarity replied, finishing her own tea.

Once Pinkie was outside, she switched to galloping. While the party wouldn’t happen until evening, and it wasn’t even close to noon yet, that didn’t mean Pinkie had time to lose. She still needed to find the telescope, and then she would need to giftwrap it, and write a nice card to go with it, then maybe bake some more pastries for the party, and then-…

“Focus Pinkie! Gift first,” she said to herself as her thoughts threatened to gallop past her.

Now where could I find a telescope in Ponyville? Maybe Silver Spanner’s ‘Gadgets & Trinkets’. Hmm, or perhaps Tinkerhoof would have one. Or maybe I could ask that one stallion, doctor…hmmm…doctor…who was it again? I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Pinkie went to see Tinkerhoof first, but unfortunately she didn’t have anything on hoof, and Pinkie didn’t have time to wait for her to make one. She decided to try Silver Spanner’s shop next.

“Hello?” Pinkie called as she entered through the front door.

“Oh. Hello Pinkie Pie! What brings you to my shop today?” Pinkie was greeted by a unicorn mare with a tawny-brown coat and white mane.

“I’m looking for a telescope, for stargazing. Would you happen to have one?”

“A telescope? Hmm, I might have one, if you’ll wait for a moment while I’ll go look.”


While Silver Spanner disappeared to the back room to look for a telescope, Pinkie took a look around her shop. Silver Spanner had all kinds of items on her shelfs, ranging from lamps to clocks to a pair of flocculent manacles, a shining, blue cube that seemed to have another cube inside it, a weird green blob with four claws at the bottom of it, a glowing green shard that made Pinkie think of something very cold, a chunk of tumbleweed that looked like Scruffy, a pickaxe with a notch on the handle, four different colored crystals in the shape of ponies, red boots and a white cape, an emblem with a crowned lion holding a sword while trampling another one, a bust of an unicorn with glasses and a funny red and white hat on his head, and even what looked like a burner for a hot air balloon.

Hehe, wouldn’t it be funny if Trixie had a hot air balloon instead of a wagon? Pinkie idly thought to herself while she inspected some metal thing which she had no idea what it was for. She could just fly everywhere, and she could make a dramatic entrance for her magic shows. Pinkie cleared her throat.

“Welcome to the amazing show of the great and powerful Trixie, skydiving from her floating home!” Pinkie mimicked Trixie’s voice, making occasional ‘wooshing’ noises and gesturing with her hooves. “I bet she would also have a great view from up there. Might be a bit hard to see the stars with the balloon in the way...hmmh...but otherwise, seeing the landscape below you as you drift along, all by yourself, no one to keep you company. Hehe, that actually sounds kinda roman-...”

Pinkie suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes opened as wide as they could as she stared in to nothingness. A brilliant idea was forming in her head. But could she do it? She might not have enough time to get it. But if she could…

“Ah, here it is miss Pie. One ‘Farsight’ telescope. It’s not the newest there is, but it’s certainly serviceable...uh, what are you doing?” Silver Spanner asked Pinkie, whose mouth was hanging open, her body not moving at all. Pinkie turned her head to stare at her, causing Silver Spanner to get slightly unnerved, especially when Pinkie let out a loud gasp.

“I’VE GOT IT!” she declared loudly. “And I would have never figured it out without you! I’m so happy I could kiss you!” she said before leaping towards Silver Spanner. The mare let out a frightened yelp as Pinkie grabbed her in a hug before promptly kissing her. “Oh, this is going to be the perfectest gift ever! Thank you so much, Silver!” she declared before galloping out of the store.

“Eh,’re welcome?” Silver Spanner said in flustered confusion, still clutching the telescope in her hooves.


Trixie sighed as she sat down on the grass. She had been painting her new wagon all morning, and it was almost done now. She still needed to work on the interior, but she would worry about that once she knew what kind of furniture she would have. The outside was completely done, and dare she say, it looked absolutely marvelous. She especially liked the stars she had painted on the roof and on the window shutters, much in the same style as in her cape and hat. It made it look like it belonged to somepony eloquent and powerful, worthy to be Trixie’s new home.

Trixie sat there for a few more moments and allowed herself to relax. Even having access to magic, it was still hard work to paint an entire wagon all by yourself. Having to keep constant concentration on the paint brush had given Trixie a slight headache, but it would go away after a moment of rest and some lunch.

Eventually she got up and grabbed all the paint cans and tools she had with her magic, before making her way to the library. Trixie was very grateful that Twilight had allowed her to use her guest bedroom while she waited for her new wagon to finish. It still baffled Trixie as to why Twilight had shown her compassion after she had bullied the town the way she did. She had done nothing to earn it, and yet Twilight had not asked anything in return, save a simple apology. Maybe it had something to do with her being an element bearer. Regardless, it was nice to have somepony she could consider a friend, even if they had had a bit of a rocky start.

Trixie opened the door to the library with the spare key she borrowed and walked inside. She took a sniff of her coat and blanched. Sitting under the sun for several hours had made her sweaty, and there were small blotches of paint in her fur. She put away the items she was carrying before heading to shower, after which she would get lunch. Being a performer, and having to pull her wagon with her wherever she went, Trixie didn’t usually bother with fast foods, since her own cooking was sufficient and cheaper. Fast food was often too greasy, and she needed to watch her figure. However, since today was a special day, she decided that she could spoil herself a little bit by getting a pizza, and maybe some ice cream for dessert.

As she was taking the shower, Trixie’s thoughts turned to tonight. When she heard that Trixie’s new wagon was going to be ready today, Pinkie Pie, the overly energetic party pony of Ponyville, had wanted to throw her a house-warming party and was insistent despite Trixie’s disinterest. Trixie had momentarily entertained the idea of just leaving with her new wagon before the party, but she didn’t have any furniture, or food, or interest in hurting the element bearers feelings just because she didn’t want to attend a party. It wouldn’t be too bad. Only Twilight and her friends would be there, along with Scruffy, for some reason. He wasn’t too bad of company, now that they weren’t constantly looking at each other warily, although his inability to speak Equestrian was a bit inconvenient.

Trixie stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed once again. With a quick spell she got most of the water out of her coat, mane, and tail, and then used a towel to completely dry herself. After brushing herself and fetching her bits, she headed out to ease her grumbling belly.


“Mmh…this is heaven,” Trixie purred to herself as she licked her mint chocolate ice cream. She was making her way towards the Ponyville park. She had decided to relax and enjoy her dessert there after the exceptionally tasty pizza had been consumed.

“See? Told ya I could do it!”

Trixie’s ears stood up as she heard the rather familiar raspy voice talking. After a bit of searching, she spotted a rainbow-colored tail swishing from behind some tree branches. Weighing her options, Trixie decided to head in another direction, preferring to be alone, but she didn’t make it very far.

“Oh. Hi,” Rainbow greeted Trixie stiffly as she spotted her while hovering a few meters from the ground. Scruffy, who was sitting on the ground and leaning against the tree, peeked over his shoulder, and waved at Trixie.

“Hello,” Trixie greeted back. Since they had spotted her, she changed her direction again and reluctantly joined them.

“So. Your new wagon is done, huh?” Rainbow asked in a boorish attempt to make small talk.

“Yes, it is. Trixie vetted its quality last eve to verify that it would indeed be up to Trixie’s eminent standards, and arrived at the conclusion that it was certainly something that Trixie could utilize as her new abode,” Trixie said with a posh accent while taking another bite from her increasingly diminishing treat.

“…Hey, I can understand your fancy talk just fine. I am not dumb,” Rainbow said, crossing her forelegs and furrowing her brows, irritated.

“Truly? Well, it was certainly worth a try,” Trixie said, going back to her normal manner of speaking. Rainbow held her stare for a little while longer, while Scruffy was looking at the two, noticing the tension in Dash’s words. Eventually Rainbow just rolled her eyes, coming to the conclusion that this was just Trixie’s way of trying to rib at her.

“So, you are leaving then?”

“It is Trixie’s livelihood to travel and perform before ponies.”

“Right,” Rainbow said, rubbing her forehooves awkwardly together. “Do you know wh-”

“As much as Trixie appreciates your effort, you don’t have to force yourself to come up with something to talk about.”

“I wasn’t…!” Rainbow flapped her wings in agitation. “I didn’t want to be rude,” she eventually managed to say as she lowered herself to stand on the ground.

“Ms. Dash, it is quite clear that we are not the best of friends. Trixie would appreciate if you didn’t try to force it,” Trixie said matter of factly.

“Hrmh,” Rainbow grumbled in response.

“That does not mean that we have to constantly bother each other, however. Trixie is aware that you pranked her yesterday by swapping her shampoo with ketchup. So Trixie proposes that we both just concentrate on enjoying this beautiful day.”

Rainbow smirked at the memory of her deed, but then softened her expression. “...Deal,” she agreed reluctantly, before taking off to the skies again.

Scruffy looked at Trixie for a few moments, a frown almost making its way on to his face, before dropping the matter and leaning against the tree.

A comfortable silence encompassed the area, the only noise coming either from ponies that were passing by, or Dash’s cheers as she was doing tricks in the air. Trixie noted that Scruffy was reading a book, and on closer inspection found out that it was a book for foals, designed to help them learn reading. He also had his weird device on his lap that he occasionally looked at.

“What are you looking at?” Trixie eventually decided to ask. She had to repeat the question before Scruffy realised that she was talking to him.

Learning, came the written reply on parchment that Scruffy pulled from a pocket.

“Trixie meant your device,” she said while pointing at the rectangular object. Scruffy made an ‘ah’ sound, and showed it to her. He showed Trixie that there were numerous pictures on the device of what appeared to be notes on Equestrian Common.

“Are all of these your notes? Your device is very handy,” Trixie said while examining the pictures. Indeed, with how many pictures there were on the device, it would have taken at least a dozen scrolls to hold them all.

Easy to look word that not remember, Scruffy wrote down.

“Trixie knew that it was very advanced, but it doesn’t cease to amaze. Where did you get this device?” Trixie asked. She had to write down some of the words and repeat herself for Scruffy. He wasn’t quite adept enough yet to understand more complex words when spoken.

Bought it. Market with many like it.

“Trixie bets it was very expensive. It would probably cost more bits than Trixie has ever had,” Trixie said with a bit of wistful note.

They both went quiet for a while as they looked at Rainbow doing loop de loops in the sky before rocketing forward with a burst of speed.

“Trixie has to admit, despite being so boisterous, she does know what she is doing,” Trixie commented as Rainbow dipped down close to the ground and zoomed past them fast enough for Trixie’s mane to billow slightly. Scruffy let out an amused hum, before going back to staring at his parchment. He considered what he wanted to say for a moment and then wrote it down.

You are leaving?

“Yes, Trixie is leaving tomorrow once she has everything she needs on her travels,” Trixie idly stated as she finished the last of her ice cream and chomped down on the remaining waffle cone.

Can ask why?

“Trixie has to earn her living.”

I not understand.

“You didn’t know that Trixie is a traveling showmare?” Trixie asked surprised. She had to write it down, and even then she needed to further explain what the words meant before Scruffy understood what she had said.

Oh, was Scruffy’s only response to that.

“Why do you ask?” Trixie asked, slightly curious. Scruffy seemed to get embarrassed and looked the other way before replying.

I think you not like me or someponies and leave. Trixie burst in to laughter and laid down on the grass close to him.

“Trixie can see why you’d think that,” she said and shook her head. “You don’t have to worry. Trixie was going to leave regardless, it’s not because of you or anypony else.”

I not know, I think you only liked travel. Pink told you have party for home before you leave.

“Yes, she insisted on having a party. Trixie would have been fine without having one,” Trixie said dismissively.

Good to have fun sometime.

“Trixie prefers events that are…that have higher standards.” Trixie had to write it down again so that Scruffy would understand her words better. “Trixie heard you would attend too.”

If you not…upset? Scruffy had to check his device to find a word for the end.

“Trixie is not, and the word you want to use is ‘mind’. For example: ‘Do you mind?’” Trixie instructed and wrote it down on the parchment, which Scruffy took a picture of. “Trixie finds your company more enjoyable than most others in Ponyville.”

Thank you.

A group of ponies that were on a walk noticed the two of them, and waved them a greeting as they went by.

You know where go?

“Where Trixie’s going to go? Trixie is not sure…perhaps towards Manehattan, to go meet some ponies Trixie has not seen in a long while.”

Somepony waiting?

“Wha…Trixie does not have anypony waiting! Trixie has no time for such distractions,” Trixie said and huffed. Scruffy chuckled at Trixie’s insistent tone and patted her head until she zapped him lightly, pouting at the treatment she was getting.

It amazing you live inside wagon only. Never know anypony is like that.

“Trixie doesn’t have the bits to travel and stay in hotels only. Besides, it is nice to travel in the wilderness with only your thoughts to keep you company,” Trixie said and smiled, until Scruffy’s head scratching got on her nerves and she had to write it down for him. “What about you? Trixie has heard that you live in the Everfree forest.”


“The Everfree forest?” Trixie repeated while pointing in the vague direction of it.

What the first word mean?

“It’s just the name of it. Here, let Trixie write it down for you,” Trixie offered, and even wrote down what the words ment.

I not live forest, live on other side it. Close to it. Live there many years, build home.

“Wait, you live on the other side of the Everfree forest? And you walk through it every day to get here?” Trixie asked suspiciously.

Walking good for you.

“You are crazy. Everfree is a dangerous place, you shouldn’t just waltz through it,” Trixie said aghast.

Walk it many times, know it well.

“Right…” Trixie shuddered at the thought of having to go through Everfree forest every day. She had been at the edge of the forest a few times, and that was enough for her. “Do you live alone then, or do you have a family?

Trixie could instantly tell that it had been exactly the wrong question to ask. Scruffy’s whole demeanor turned to the polar opposite of what it had been. His face went neutral, his shoulders became rigid and his breathing slowed down. He was looking towards her, but his gaze was going past her, somewhere far away.

Horseapples, Trixie mentally swore. “Trixie is sorry, you do not need to answer that.”

Scruffy’s eyes focused on her, and he offered a weak and sad smile. He did eventually write her a reply.

Two foals. Mare and colt. Old now, but both my little one. Scruffy gazed at the paper, his stare boring through it, before he added few more words. Not talk long time.

“Trixie is have brought this up…” Trixie said with her ears down.

It okay. Just make sad for time.

“Trixie you want to talk about it?” Trixie asked carefully. Scruffy made a ‘hmmh’ with a hint of amusement in it and ruffled Trixie’s mane again, although with less enthusiasm.

They have own family. Own- Scruffy stopped for a while, trying to find the right words. Own path. Home far away. Not see often. Again he paused for a long time, staying still and breathing deeply in, before letting it out slowly. Love, can never see again.

Trixie, despite her usual self, sat up and offered Scruffy a hug, which he accepted. There was a hint of mist in his eyes, and Trixie suspected that he had shed his tears a long time ago.

“Glad the two of you have gotten over your first meeting,” Rainbow remarked, completely oblivious to the mood as she touched down a few meters away from them. Trixie shot her a venomous glare that Rainbow didn’t notice as she was stretching her back. Scruffy calmed Trixie with a gentle pat on her back.

“For your information, we are very friendly with each other, and Trixie appreciates it greatly,” Trixie said tensely.

Rainbow turned towards her with a look of disbelief on her face. Slowly, a massive grin made its way on to her face, and she tried to stop herself from snickering.

“Y-yes, I’m sure you are,” Rainbow paused to let out a few barks of laughter. “You a-appreciated it so much the first time that your red flanks outright RADIATED ‘friendliness’! Bwahahahahahahaaa!” Rainbow fell on the ground, laughing hard.

Trixie, after taking a moment to understand what had just happened, blushed furiously as she glared at Rainbow with all her might.

“N-NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERTED FEATHERBRAIN!” she yelled indignantly. A passing mare with her foal quickly covered her little one’s ears and ushered them in the opposite direction.

“I-I-I don’t know, it c-certainly sounded like you meant that! Sneaking off f-for another round during our camping trip?” Rainbow managed to say between giggles and gasping for air, before bursting forth with another round of laughter, tears streaming down her face.

“TRIXIE IS GONNA SNAP YOUR WINGS OFF YOU IMPERTINENT-!” Trixie tried to lunge at Rainbow who was clutching her stomach on the ground, but luckily Scruffy had seen where the conversation was going and snatched up Trixie in a bear hug before she could move. Seeing this, Rainbow’s laughter grew two folds.

“LET TRIXIE GO! SHE’S GOING TO WIPE THAT SMUG GRIN FROM HER FACE AND REPURPOSE HER AS AN ORNAMENT FOR TRIXIE’S WAGON!” Trixie screamed, her voice shrill like a banshee as she thrashed around desperately, trying to get free. Scruffy was holding on to the livid unicorn for dear life, and eventually somepony thought to call the guards.


“Dear Celestia, what on Equestria were you three doing?” Rarity asked aghast with a hint of disappointment as she looked over the two ponies and one Scruffy, all bruised as they sat on Ponyville’s guardpost floor. The two sullen mares were sitting on either side of Scruffy, firmly held in place by Scruffy’s arms that were wrapped under their forelegs and around their barrels. The sight brought to Rarity’s mind the grumpiest and most painful looking family photo ever.

“That would be fighting, Ms. Rarity,” the guardsmare, who was keeping an eye on them, spoke up. “The guards who arrested them, that would be Bright Steel and Star Wing, found them in the middle of hoof fight between Ms. Trixie Lulamoon and Ms. Rainbow Dash, with...uh...him trying to stop them,” the guardsmare said unsurely while pointing at Scruffy. “He has refused to let either of them out of his hold, which is why their hooves haven’t been clapped in irons yet.”

“I see…” Rarity said in dismay. “They don’t have any serious injuries, right?”

“We are right here, Rarity!” Rainbow said, annoyed.

“Just bruises. We are not sure about him, though, but he doesn’t seem to be in much pain, so nothing serious I think.” Scruffy just huffed loudly as they were talking about him. He was sporting a bruise on his left cheek, and his short hair was haggard and dirty.

“Thank you,, guardsmare. Let me have a chat with them.”

“By all means,” the guardsmare said and walked away. Rarity waited for the door to click shut before turning towards the trio on the floor.

“Now, would anypony care to tell me what in thrice damned tartarus happened?!” Rarity asked angrily, making the two ponies and Scruffy flinch.

“We uh…” Rainbow started.

“Trixie did... That is…” Trixie tried to continue.

“Well?” Rarity asked impatiently.

“We had a bit of a fight…” Rainbow said lamely, only to shrink away as Rarity leaned in closer and stared at her right in the eyes.

“Clearly. What I would like to know is why you would decide to have a hoof fight in the middle of the day at the center of Ponyville’s park.”

“It was not Trixie’s fault! She only-!”

“She only what?” This time it was Trixie’s turn to shrink away as Rarity turned towards her.

“Rainbow did it!” Trixie squaked.

“You punched me!”

“You said insensitive things!”

“You tried to pull my wing out!”

“ENOUGH! Both of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not only did you manage to get yourselves arrested for fighting, but you even dragged Scruffy in to it too!”

Both of the blue mares clicked their mouths shut as they glanced at Scruffy, who looked like he wished to be somewhere else right about now. They both turned away, ears down in shame.

“Now, if the two of you are done acting like foals, I would much like to hear an apology from both of you,” Rarity said with a clear voice, leaving no room for argument.

“Sorry…” they mumbled. Rarity frowned and stomped the floor hard enough to leave a dent. “We’re sorry!” they both squaked in unison.

“Much better. Allow me a moment to talk to the guard so that we can leave.”


After managing to convince the senior guardsmare to give Rainbow and Trixie both a fine instead of assigning them community service, the trio headed to Rarity’s boutique to “dress their wounds.” Rainbow would have complained if Rarity didn’t make it sound “cooler” than it actually was. Scruffy informed Rarity that he still needed to get his gift for Trixie, so he left for the Everfree, promising to be back before the party started.

After Rarity was finished with them, Trixie and Rainbow left to do their own chores. Rainbow had weather duty to attend to, and Trixie wanted to work on her wagon a bit more before tomorrow. As they left, Rarity noticed a letter on her kitchen table from Pinkie Pie, next to the seat she had been on when they had tea earlier. The letter said that Pinkie had “figured out what the perfectest gift was” and that Rarity should make sure the party starts normally, because she had to go and get the gift.

Checking up on it, Rarity found out that all the pastries and decorations that Pinkie had prepared were in Sugarcube Corner, packed neatly in boxes, so all she needed to do was to set them up at Trixie’s wagon. Now, it was only a matter of waiting until dusk to start the party.