"What is home?"

by Sparkling blaze

Talking to Twilight

Sunset's POV
I had just dropped Sonata and Aria off at their house.
This having been the first time I've ever met Sonata's sisters makes me wonder what could have been.
If I had met them before I did could we have all been friends? Would they have helped me at the Fall Formal? I was planning on going to Equestra. Could the four of us have beaten Celestia?
"No", I shake the thought out of my head.
Now I wonder what those three could have done to be banished here. I ran away I chose to come here and little but my own pride is stopping me from going back home. I'm sure Celestia would welcome me back, maybe not make me her student again I burned that bridge long ago.But those three never got that option.
They were banished here kicked out of the world they called home, and it was all fifteen hundred years ago.
That was even before the rise of Nightmare Moon, one of the last threats the two sisters would have faced together. What could be so bad to have forced this action? I had to find out and thees only one person make that pony who can tell me.
I pulled up in front of my apartment and got out of my car. I walk in the the apartment I've been living in sence I got here from Equestria.
"It wasn't always easy but I made it by somehow."I think to myself as I walk in. "Now were did I put the diary?"
It's the only thing I brought with me from Equestria. It may look like a regular book whatever is written in it will appear in a book in Equestra. Deep down as mad as I was I wasn't ready to give up my old life. And I knew one day I would need it. Although it is no longer with Princess Celestia, Twilight has it and that will be just as good for what I need to know.
"Dear, Princess Twiight
I hope this letter finds you and Spike as well, and know that me and out friends are doing good. You may be interested to know that we made a new friend after the Battle of the Bands Sonata Dusk, one of the Sirens we fought...."

"Dear Sunset Shimmer,
That's very interesting, did it go well? Did you befriended the other two of them also?"

"Things turned out well in the beginning... It turns out they're friendlier than we thought ,but we've really just got to know Sonata well,and a little bit of Aria,Adagio (their leader) didn't want to stay with us.
But Rainbow Dash was mistrustful and kinda lost control and yelled at Sonata because she told her sisters you're a princess."

"Did the sirens do something after that?"

"No,but after that Aria thought it best they leave, since Dash made Sonata cry. So I gave them a ride home,and Aria told me something very interesting when I was taking them home."


"They been here from over fifteen hundred years, and the only thing keeping them alive here was their magic, she told me that now that it's gone, they three will probably die. I was thinking that maybe you could know a way to fix it...You know a spell or something else to save them..."

"I don't know Sunset... Their magic is different from ours,but I can ask Celestia or Luna about it. I'm pretty sure there's a way to save them. But could you tell me how you made friends with Sonata?"


"Soon after the Battle of the Bands we saw her at Sugarcube Corner..."

Three weeks passed since the Battle of the Bands, I'm so glad the school trusts me now,and that there aren't more sirens,I wonder where did they go, did they have somewhere to go? They're probably not in the city anymore.
Well, but now I have a meeting at Sugarcube Corner with the girls.
We were just talking when a girl wearing a dark pink hoodie and jeans came in the bakery.
She approached us and took off her hoodie and with a bright smile said:

"Hi,my name is Sonata Dusk. I'm really sorry me and my sisters try to take over your school in the Battle of the Bands, but can we be friends?"
All the girls knew she was one of the sirens from the Battle, even being harmless now without there magic,the girls thought it wasn't a good idea to believe one of them.
But I was worse than them and got a second chance, I think they deserve one too, also if she searched us out it's already a sign she is willing to be good.
The girls looked mistrustful,but I think they agree.
"Can you give us a minute?" I asked.
We went to the other side of the store.
"I think they deserve a second chance." I said.
"A second chance to what? To destroy us?To take over the world?" Dash asked. "It's probably just a part of their plan,I wouldn't trust her."
"Well,I don't know darlings, at the same time I agree with you Sunset, I also agree with Dash." Said Rarity. "After what they did,who knows what kind of revenge they may be planning?"
"Ah' agree with Rarity,sugarcubes. But ah' also agree with Sunset, everyone deserves a second chance after all." Said Applejack.
Dash rolled her eyes:
"C'mon girls,you can't be serious,they were pure evil,we can't forgive them so easily, right Pinkie, Fluttershy?"
"I don't know Dashie, I'm with Sunset everyone deserves a second chance,also we could be making a new bestie!!!!" Said Pinkie Pie.
"Psssh..." Dash made an sound ironically. "What do you think Fluttershy?"
"I'm also with the girls Dash,everyone deserves a second chance." She says quietly.
She rolls her eyes:
"Okay,but if she do something to us,I'll kick her butt."
We all laughed and said okay.
This could be the beginning of a new friendship.

And that’s how we made friends with each other."

"It seems like it went well..."

Yeah,it did."

"Bye,I got to go now,something important came up."

"Cutie Mark map?"

I close the diary,and wonder to myself: what will future hold?