"What is home?"

by Sparkling blaze

Sonata's news

2 weeks later
Aria's POV
Adagio apologized later for blaming me and Sonata,it's not like she hasn't done that before,and it's not like Sonata never blamed herself before.

Actually thinking about it now,I'm feeling guilty for making Sonata believe in that silliness of the magic of friendship,she'll be so disappointed when she discovers it's not tru-

"GUESS WHAT?"Sonata shouts as she enters home.

"What?" Me and Adagio say in unison.

"I made friends with the Rainbooms!!!!" She says excitedly.

Adagio shakes her head and screams:


I just facepalm,I can't believe she really took what I told her took seriously .

" Sonata... What do you mean you made friends with the Rainbooms?" Adagio asks.

Oh my god,if she tells Adagio what I told her I'm busted,I shake my head no, to tell Sonata to not tell Adagio about it.

"Ari told me,that if I befriend the Rainbooms,maybe we could get our magic and go back home through the magic of friendship." Sonata says innocently.

I facepalm again,I'm completely busted now,Adagio must be really angry.

"Oh,she did now?"She says while angrily looking at me.

I give her a nervous laugh.

"Uh,yeah?"Sonata says confused.

"That's great,can you go to your room for a few seconds now?" Adagio asks her.

"Okay." Sonata says.

Sonata starts to go upstairs.

As soon as Adagio hears that Sonata closed her bedroom door,Adagio starts shouting at me:

"What got in your head to make you think telling this to Sonata was a good idea?"

"I don't know, she started saying that you hated us,that it was her fault that plan failed,that she was the weakest of us,I tried to interrupt her,but it didn’t work,and she wouldn't stop crying, so I told her that you didn’t hate us and that she was the strongest of us,but then she asked me how I knew that, I just didn't know what to say,so I just said the first thing that came into my mind.Besides it works for the ponies why wouldn't it work for us?"

Adagio sighs:

"I can't believe you told her that , now she thinks this will work,when she discovers it won't ,you will have to deal with it."

"C'mon Adagio, I didn't know she would take it this seriously." I say.

"You know how Sonata is. She takes everything you say seriously. Also Aria, you're grounded."

This is one of the things that I most hate in Adagio, just because she's older then us, she thinks that she has the right to act as a mother would.

"C'mon Adagio, you can't be serious."

"Yes,yes I am serious,now go to your room and bring me your mp3."


"You know why."

"Oh no,please Adagio no."

"Who told you tell those things to Sonata? Now you'll have to hear Sonata's music.Now can you please call her and ask her to bring her cellphone."

"Yes." I say under my breath.

I hate the way Adagio grounds me, it's cruel.

Besides she's only two years older then I am.

I have to hear "It's Raining Tacos"and "Space Unicorn" all week long, and having to listen to those two songs all will drive me crazy.

But as much as I hate to admit it this time I deserve it,I gave false hope to Sonata, and she'll be crushed when she discovers it isn't true,but I just have one question in mind:

"How did Sonata make friends with the Rainbooms?"

Adagio shrugs her shoulders.

"Your guess is as good as mine.She has been gone a lot the past couple days."Adagio points out."She's been hanging out at that one place..that bakery the crazy one works at."

"Sugarcube Corner?" I ask.

"Yeah that one. Seems like the Rainbooms like to hang out there." Adagio answered.

"Well Sonata always used to made friends faster then we have. Most of the time she didn't even need to use her magic, and they wanted to be our friends." I remind Adagio.

"Yeah but friends with humans, could it even work out? "

"There's no reason it shouldn't we were able to make friends with the ponies back home, this is no different."

Adagio was still thinking about what to say next when we heard Sonata running down stairs.

"HEY GIRLS GOOD NEWS!" she shouted at us. Before me and Adagio had chance to answer she continued: "I'm gonna go hang out with the Rainbooms, and you know the best part? They want me to bring you two with me."

Me and Adagio just stare at her dumbfounded.

"The Rainbooms want to see us?" I ask.

"U-huh." Sonata answered.

"Why?" Adagio asked. "We tried to take over the world. Would have taken over the world. They don't seem like the type of people to forgive that."

"You're worrying too much Dagi, they want to give us another chance." Sonata reassured. "They did the same with Sunny and now Sunny is one of their best friends."

"Sunny?" I ask.

"Oh." she answered realizing she just used a nickname that me and Adagio didn't know. "Sunset Shimmer ,that one girl who helped the princess win. She used to be bad like really bad, worse then we were bad, but now they forgave her and they are all friends now."

"Wait,wait,wait, PRINCESS?! WE FOUGHT A PRINCESS?"Adagio shouted.

"Yeah, I thought you knew". Sonata answered."Twily ahem Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn princess from Equestria. She came to help the Rainbooms beat us".

"How can a human help an alicorn? They have no magic of there own." I say.

"Oh Sunny's from Equestria too, she's a unicorn."

'What about the others they from Equestria too?"

"No Pinkie,Dashie,Aj,Raries, and Flutters are all from here."

"But they transformed at the Battle of the Bands."

"That was because of Twilight's magic. She gave them the power to fight us."


"Friendship, Ari was right. If friendship can bring an alicorn here and give humans the strength to beat us. It has to be able to get us home."

"Sonata, you know how stupid that sounds? Having friends will somehow get us home?"

"What other choice do we have? Stay stuck here for the rest of our lives?"

Adagio was about to cut it when Sonata's phone beeped,she pulled out her phone."Oh it's Dashie wanting to know if you're coming or not, what should I tell her?"

Adagio looked at me for some type of answer.

I shrugged my shoulders:

"What's the worse that could happen?"

Sonata looked excited:

"Does that mean you'll come?"

I gave a nod as she ran off.

"What are you thinking?!"Adagio shouted at me.

I looked at her eyes and told her:

"The way I see it. It'll either work or it won't. If it works we found a way home."

"And when it doesn't." She spat back at me.

"It would be nice to have some friends, now let's go." I say as I start to follow Sonata.