"What is home?"

by Sparkling blaze

After The Battle Of The Bands

Aria's POV
We ran in shame from the stage,in other words,we can never ever return to that school ever again,and we'll be hated in ever place we go,ugh.

All of this just happened because Adagio is the leader, if I were the leader,by now we would be in Equestria,I'm angry with her.

She is rambling about: "how her plan could not fail." and about "how perfect it was."

Me and Sonata are sitting in the sofa,Sonata is crying,she is very scared,she hand't stop crying since we left that stupid stage, as for me,I'm not quite impressed or scared,we'll never return to Equestria, not while Adagio is our leader, I was such an idiot to believe in her,believe that we had any chance to return home.

"You know what?It is your fault the plan failed, Aria you were just whining all the time,about how you wanted to be the leader and Sonata you were just talking about food all the time instead of following the plan,I were contributing, but for you two none of this was important right?" Adagio says angrily while looking at us. "Now we'll never return to Equestria thanks to you two."

"I-I'm sorry,Dagi..." Says Sonata still crying.

"Oh,you're the one to talk Adagio!We don't win because of that little bitch Sunset Shimmer,I said to you that we had to destroy her,but nooooo, our brilliant leader had something else in mind. "We can turn her to our side". Yeah,look where we are now,I bet you don't even have money to buy food!Your asshole, and you blame us?! I'm sorry Adagio,but what happened is your fault!" I explode,it's not fair that she is blaming us.

Sonata seems more scared than before,with what I just said.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to my room." I say,and start to go upstairs, Adagio is probably very angry at me now.

I think I'm gonna practice with my guitar a little, and go to sleep.


Knock Knock

Somebody is knocking on my bedroom door 12pm, I just hope it's not Adagio,whoever it is, Adagio or Sonata,she is disturbing my sleep.

Oh,it's just Sonata.

"What do you want,taco psychopath?" I ask still asleepy.

"Ari,I can't sleep..."


"Can I sleep with you tonight?"


"Just tonight?"

"Go ask Adagio,if you can sleep with her."

"I already asked,but she said I didn't deserve it."She says almost crying.

I can't believe Adagio said that. She must be very angry.

"Okay,just tonight."

Sonata lies by my side.

"Good night, Ari!"

"Good night,Sonata."

With a few seconds she is already sleeping.
I have two idiots for sisters,but I love these two idiots.

The next morning

My eyes slightly burn as the sun shines through my window.

"Morning already?" I sleepily thought to myself as I started to get up, only to be stopped by the pair of arms I had wraped around my arm.

"Huhh?" I thought as I looked down and what I saw was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen.

Sonata my hyper at times ditsy taco fueled little sister, she had her arms warped around me, her head resting comfortably on my shoulder. She had a goofy little smile on her face, she slept like there wasn't a care in the world.

How I wish that was true.

Our gems were gone now and with them our magic, we would now have to find another way survive. Gone were the days when all it would take was a simple song or a few well placed words to get anything we wanted, but me and my sisters are tough we made it this far together we'll make it through this too.

It felt like it should be a crime to wake someone who's sleeping as soundly as Sonata was, but it needed to be done.

"Sonata." I whispered. "Time to get up."

No response.

"Sonata." I said a little louder and shook her lightly.

"Mmmmmuuuuh?" she moaned in response.

"Hey Earth to taco girl time to wake up!" I shouted, only for her to jump awake.

"AAAArrrrriiiiiiii, why did you do that I was sleeping so good?" Sonata whined at me.

"Sorry,little sis, but it's time to wake up."

"Can't we just stay in bed all day? It is so comfy in here." She asks as she snuggles under my blanket."Besides Dagi hates us now."

She gives a slight sniff.

"Adagio doesn't hate us,now get up."

"Yes she does!" She shouts back at me as she starts to break down. "You heard her, she blames us for what happened yesterday. She thinks it's our fault we'll never get back home."

"Sonata-" I try to interrupt, only to be cut off again.

"And she is right isn't she? It's my fault. I've always been the weakest.If I was stronger like you we... we would be home right now." With that Sonata broke down into a mess of sobs.

I pull Sonata into a hug.

"Shhhhh,it's not you fault." I tell her as I rub her back. "It's not your fault."


"No buts."I cut her off. "And don't you ever think you're the weakest out of us. You're stronger ."

"How can you say that?" She asks me.

"You have a good heart." I tell her. "You wanted to befriend the Rainbooms. If we did that we never would have had to fight them, and we would be home and have some new friends. And you remember the old lessons magic comes from the power of friendship. "

"Really?" She asks a bit of hope in her voice."Do you think if I befriend with them we'll get our magic back, then we can finally go home?"

It hurts because deep down I know its a fools errand but I can't crush her hope.

"It might." I lied. "You never know unless you try."

"Okay!" She says with a new found hope. "I'll try then, one day I'll find the three of us a way home."

I hug her tighter.

"If anyone can find us a way home it's you. Now let's go have some breakfast." I say as we head downstairs to start our day.