My Little Pony: Son of the Night

by HunterBrony101

Chapter 2.5

Not too far away from Canterlot, over the mountains, there laid the golden city of Tambelon. It was a brilliant place, It's structures were made from pure gold bricks with jewels that shined as bright as the sun. The streets glowed with happiness, the markets were festive with great variety, and the ponies lived in spiritual splendor.

All this wonder was done under their ruler, Prince Daniel. He ruled Tambelon with a fare hoof and an open heart. Of course, no one loved the joy of the city more then Daniel's co ruler, Princess Odette.

These two loved each other very much, together they brought peace to their land and everypony loved them for it. Despite ruling a peaceful and happy kingdom, Prince Daniel was sad, for he had no child to inherit his throne. For a time, Daniel and Odette longed for a foal. Finally there wish was granted. A son was born, an alicorn, and they named him... Aiden, for he was like a flame of hope.

Daniel and Odette loved their son, and gave him everything a foal would want. Sadly, this family happiness was not to last.

One day, a huge terrible storm of nature was heading towards Tambelon. Daniel, with an army of unicorns and pegasi went out to fight the great storm. They fought greatly eventually beating the storm back, but at great cost. During the battle, Daniel was struck down by a bolt of lightning, ending his life.

When news of Daniel's death reached the city, everypony was heartbroken, but not as much as Odette and Aiden(4 yrs old).

Odette continued running the city as before, but not a day went by that she stopped thinking of her beloved Daniel. Aiden just couldn't understand why his daddy would leave him and his mommy so suddenly.

One day, Odette knew that Tambelon held too many painful memories for Aiden. So she decided to send him to Canterlot to learn the ways of a prince.

Aiden always wondered what the rest of Equestria was like, now this was his chance to see more of it even though it meant leaving his home. Before leaving, Odette told Aiden that he would do great things for Equestria and his ponies.

Aiden was off to Canterlot on a train to learn more about the world. When he got there, Aiden was escorted by Princess Celestia who took him to the palace.

Aiden met many ponies, including Celestia's sister Princess Luna, who seemed to have a much rounder figure then any other pony. Aiden soon got use to the place. He loved it in Canterlot, but he still thought about Tambelon.

He would often write letters to his mother telling her how he loved it in Canterlot.

 Unknown to Aiden, something grand was going to happen, one that would change his life forever.