"Oh Aria,how I miss you..."

by Sparkling blaze

Day before suicide 1-Dagi

I know you must be real angry at me for doing this and I know that you're hurting very much.
And I'm really sorry for doing this.
But I can't live without Aria.
I just can't.
Don't get it wrong, I would be very sad if this happened to you....
It's just Aria was always there holding my hand, heck you even told me my first word was her name,then my last word will be her name also.
I'm going to find Aria.
But don't let my end be yours also.
And with this I say my last goodbye Dagi.
Love, your younger sister: Sonata Dusk.

Sonata's POV

Maybe something like that could work, but I still want to spend a whole day with each of them before I go join Aria....

I go downstairs.

"Hey Dagi, can we go out today? "

She flashes an bright smile:

"Sure Sonny, where you wanna go? "

"Maybe to the park, or I don't know.... Anywhere. "

I ain't even finished going downstairs when I receive an warm sisterly hug.

"Dagi? " I ask.

"Sometimes life gotta continue, Sonata. "

I hug her and start crying. I'll miss this warm hug.

"So let's get going..." I try my best to give my best smile.

I hold her hand like when I was a kid, as we walk to the car.

She looks to my face and smiles.

I smile to her.

We go to the park, walk a little, and have ice cream.

After arriving home I hug Adagio, a goodbye hug.

Goodbye, Dagi...