Equestria Girls: Believe in Magic

by Bryan Luna

Lost But Not Forgotten

Canterlot, Friday night eleven o' clock pm.

Bob and Karen Drake exit the movie theater into the increasingly humid night. The area around the theater was wet from an earlier light rain that reflected the lighting form the street lamps and the theater itself. Bob made a note of it and was resolved to make it home in one piece so that Brianna wouldn't have to see her parents in the hospital.

Bob then turned to his wife with a smile and said. "You know Karen, Brianna was right, these romantic comedies are sappy." He said taking his wife's hand as they walked

"Oh come on sweetheart, it wasn't that bad was it?" Karen replied interlacing her fingers with her husband's.

Bob's response was a boisterous laugh. "We've both seen better movies dear. I think the writer for this one was trying way too hard to have those two young ladies look like they really had good chemistry. The actresses did alright with what they had, but the writing was just to much."

Karen giggled as they reached their car. "I see you've been listening to our daughter again Bob."

Bob smiled "What can I say? Our little girl seem to have a knack for writing this kind of thing well." Bob stopped and looked at his wife. "Hey now, there is a thought. Maybe Brianna can be a writer someday and bring the world more grounded romance novels."

Karen shared her husband's smile. "Maybe sweetheart, but will anyone read them?"

"I'll start a publishing company if I have to in order bring the world our little girl's best efforts." Bob proclaimed dramatically his hair moving in the light breeze that came up at that moment.

Karen broke down into a fit of laughter before getting in the car an putting on her seat belt. "Oh Bob what am I going to do with you?" Karen giggled closing the passenger side door.

Bob got in a closed his door and then put on his seat belt. "Well I have a few suggestions for you dear." He said teasing his wife waggling his eyebrows as her started the car.

"You're just awful Bob. Thankfully our daughter doesn't have your dirty mind." Karen replied pulling her hair back. "Oh this humidity is just messing with my hair tonight."

Bob laughed again and started to pull out of the parking lot. "And that is why we can trust her Karen. She has a good head on her shoulders." Bob retorted as lightning flashed in the now rainy night sky followed by the crash of thunder as they proceeded down the street and stopped at a stop sign. "Wow it's really bad tonight." said Bob

Karen nodded in ascent. "I'm glad Brianna is with Megan tonight, the poor dear wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise."

Bob nodded as they waited before pulling out into the intersection. It was then that things took a turn that would change everything. A car came barreling down the street at a high rate of speed striking the Drake's car head on. Within minutes the police were on the scene investigating the event.

The rain had started to come down when a red haired police woman came onto the scene with and stepped out of her patrol car. She looked around the crash site and noted that the firefighters were working on what was left of an old tan colored town car. She shook her head sadly and walked over to a junior officer. "So what did the witnesses say Silver Star?" She asked as some other officers that were investigating the scene took pictures and gathered evidence.

The younger woman sighed sadly. "It was pretty bad captain. They saw the second car come around the corner and slam into the first car head on at a high rate of speed." Silver Star replied as the fire team had finally cut the roof off of what was left of the towncar using their equipment.

The older officer shook her head sadly as two bodies were pulled from the wreckage of what had been the Drake's towncar. "Any I.D. on the victims? Or the driver that caused the crash?"

"We have only identified driver right now Captain Nightshroud. We identified Tomas Allen as our driver. Officer Silver Star replied.

Captain Nightshroud scratched her head thoughfully. "Tomas Allen? I know that name; what do we have on him?"

Silver Star winced. "It's not good Captain Nightshroud." she replied "Tomas Allen has had multiple D.W.I.s in the past year. He was also cited for reckless driving with a minor in his car and the charges were pending."

Captain Nightshroud's eyes widened. "And he still had his licence Silver? How?"

"That's the thing ma'am, he didn't" Silver replied

Captain Nightshroud sighed. "Fuck me sideways. Do we have an I.D. on the victims?"

"Not a solid I.D. yet ma'am, they were unrecognizable but the licence plate number of the victim's car is being run and we should have it soon ma'am."

"Did we get any other information from the witnesses at least?" Asked Captain Nightshroud.

Silver Star shook her head. "Not really ma'am, just one of the witnesses saying something about a bright flash of light just before the crash is all."

"It was probably just the lightning they saw." Nightshroud replied as another officer jogged up to the two officers. "What have you got rookie?" Asked Captain Nightshroud.

Lightning flashed in the night sky as the rookie officer handed a clipboard covered with a clear plastic sheet to Captain Nightshroud. "I have the licence plate information ma'am" The rookie officer said shakily as he handed the captain the paperwork

"Thank you officer Ride a Long." Captain Nightshroud replied as she looked over the licence plate information. "Shit!" She swore under her breath.

Officer Silver Star looked at Captain Nightshroud. "Ma'am?"

Nightsroud looked up from the clipboard. "The victims are Bob and Karen Drake. It's a damn shame too, they were good folks.

Officer Ride a Long looked at her. "Did you know them captain?"

"Not personally, but I met them briefly when I picked up my sister at an office Hearth's Warming party last year. I think they have a daughter but I don't remember her name right now." Captain Nightshroud replied.

Silver Star facepalmed. "So we need to find out who she is and tell her that she is an orphan now. Wonderful, just wonderful." She said dryly.

Captain Nightshroud gave a weary sigh. "First things first, we finish up here and get to the paperwork when we get back to the station. Also somebody had better inform the Allens that their son is dead too." The captain shook her head, it was going to be a long week.

The Williams family ranch ten o' clock a.m. the next day.

Megan and Brianna are standing in the kitchen talking about their plans for the weekend and their anniversary the next week when Brianna's phone rings.

"Who is it Brianna?" Asked Megan curiously.

"It's auntie Ribbon." Brianna replied looking at the caller I.D. before answering. "Hi auntie, what's up?"

"Brianna sweetheart I have something I need to tell you." Ribbon replied tiredly.

"Sure auntie, what is it?" Brianna replied

"I'm coming to see you Brianna. I won't tell you this over the phone because you deserve to hear this in person. I'll be there in half an hour." said Ribbon

"Okay auntie, I'll see you then." Brianna replied sounding unsure as she hung up.

"What did Ribbon want Brianna?" asked Megan

"I'm not sure." Brianna said "She sounded off somehow though. I wonder what happened?"

"We'll know soon enough I guess." said Megan

Thirty minutes later Megan and Brianna met Ribbon at the door with the rest of Megan's family.

Ribbon looked tired and disheveled when she arrived and walked up to Brianna and hugged her.

"W-what's going on auntie Ribbon?" asked Brianna

"Ribbon's green eyes showed pain as she began to speak. "Brianna, sweetheart. I am afraid that last night your parents were killed by a drunk driver."

"K-killed!?" Brianna replied as tears started welling up in her eyes.

"Yes Brianna, I learned about the crash on the local news this morning and went to the police station and confirmed it." Ribbon replied

"D-daddy, mama." Said Brianna as her knees buckled and Megan caught her to keep her from falling down. Brianna was crying and leaning on Megan as they absorbed the news.

"Uncle Bob, Aunt Karen." Molly said quietly as her mother and father held her.

Danny just pulled the bill of his baseball cap over eyes and stayed quiet.

Ribbon looked at Brianna. "I am so sorry sweetheart, none of us wanted this to happen." Ribbon sighed "There is some good news though."

"Good news?" Brianna sniffled

Ribbon gave a broken smile. "Yes, you see your parents and I made arrangements just in case something like this happened. You won't be sent to an orphanage or separated from your friends, Megan, or any of us that love you. You will be able to stay here where you will have all of the love and support you need." Ribbon's smile faded. "For right now I want you to stay here with Megan and her family until I get everything cleared away, okay Brianna?"

Brianna nodded and started crying again prompting Megan to pick her up and carry her back inside.

"I'll do everything I can to calm her down for now." Megan said as she carried Brianna to her room. Once inside Megan placed Brianna on her bed and took her shoes off as a barely contained Brianna whimpered and sobbed. After taking off her own shoes Megan laid down next to Brianna placing Brianna's head head on her chest. Megan caressed Brianna's cheek and spoke to her softly.

"I can only imagine what you're going through Brianna." Megan said quietly as Brianna began to cry harder. "I want you to know that I will always be here for you Brianna. I will love and care for you for the rest of our lives Brianna. I won't let anyone hurt you I promise."

Brianna couldn't respond to Megan's loving gestures as she lay there paralyzed by grief. Her heart felt heavy and sadness began to cloud her mind as she lay crying in Megan's embrace.

Megan held Brianna softly talking to her and trying to calm her to avail. Megan looked at her broken girlfriend and almost felt Brianna's pain and despair. Megan felt a sense of desperation as she was unable to calm Brianna and her frustration began to mount until an idea came to her. She looked at Brianna once more and began to sing softly to Brianna. The song came to Megan naturally, and came from her heart.

There's always another rainbow,
Search until you find it.
Don't look at the cloud, look behind it,
There's a rainbow there somewhere.

In the depths of Brianna's sadness Megan's voice started to reach her and her tears slowed as Megan's song took hold.

There's always a ray of sunshine,
Though it all seems tragic.
You may turn around and like magic,
There's an answer to your prayer.

Now you feel forlorn,
But hope can be reborn.
Try and lose that frown;
Look up, not down.

Brianna opened her eyes and listened to Megan as she became calmer. Her crying ceased and she slowly slid her arms around Megan's waist and held onto her tightly. She continued to listen intently as Megan sang, Brianna relaxed closing her eyes once again as sleep began to overtake her.

And you'll find another rainbow,
I can guarantee it;
Even though you think you've reached the rainbow's end!
There's always another rainbow,
Always another rainbow,
Round the bend!

Megan looked down on Brianna's face seeing that she had fallen asleep. Megan gave a pained smile as she watched Brianna, but felt a great sense of relief that her song had for the moment calmed Brianna's heartbreak. Megan sighed, she knew that Brianna would be feeling lost, and likely even trapped. Megan steeled herself, she would not let Brianna lose herself in the sense of hopelessness she would feel.

"I'm here for you Brianna. Our friends are too, we'll take care of you. I'll take care of you." Megan said softly kissing Brianna on the forehead and feeling silly for moment. She yawned as her own eyes grew heavy and closed sending her to sleep.

An hour later Megan awoke to the sounds of a hard rain coming down on the roof of her house. She stretched and was immediately reminded of her girlfriend's presence as she did so. She looked down at Brianna whose head still rested against her chest as she shifted and whimpered in her sleep.

Megan gently caressed Brianna's cheek settling her for the moment. "Poor Brianna. She really has be dealt a harsh hand all of the sudden. At least she has Ribbon to take her in so she won't be separated from us." Megan thought as she watched Brianna sleep. "Now we just have to break the news to our friends. And we have to get her to realize that she needs to focus on herself as well."

This thought caused Megan to smile as Brianna shifted again and the opened her green eyes and looked up Megan. "Hello there sleepy head." Megan said softly. "I won't ask how you're feeling. I know it's really bad right now Brianna, but it will get better, eventually."

Brianna sniffled. "I'm really worried about Fluttershy, and Pinkie Megan. This won't be very easy for them either." Brianna's eyes started to water again. "Especially because Pinkie and daddy got along so well. It's not going to be the same without them Megan. Daddy was such a goofball and I miss him. And mama, she would always worry and fuss over daddy and I both."

"Of course you do Brianna, they are your parents and they were really great people." Megan replied smiling even with the pain that was welling up in her heart as well. "And they will always be with us because they are a part of you Brianna. And as long as you're here with us they will be as well." Megan said as she wiped the tears from Brianna's eyes.

"R-really?" Asked Brianna uncertainly.

Megan's smile grew warmer and more confident. "Yes really. You, my special girl are they reason they will stay with us for a long time." Megan locked eyes with Brianna and saw her girlfriend start to settle down a little. "Let's get up and have something for lunch okay Brianna?"

Brianna shook her head. "I'm not hungry Megan; I just want to stay here right now."

"Brianna I'm not going to let you make yourself sick because you won't eat. You need to be healthy so we can help you move on." Megan said firmly, before her face and voice softened. "Now let's have some of that pizza left over from last night and I'll make some tea for us too."

"O-okay Megan. I know you only want to help me." Brianna said clinging more tightly to Megan.

"I love you Brianna, that is why I want what's best for you." Megan replied warmly. "Would you like me to carry you Brianna?"

Brianna shook her head again. "No, I can walk to the dining room myself." She said releasing Megan and struggling to get up. Brianna looked at Megan sheepishly and gave a weak smile.

"It's okay Brianna, take your time." Megan replied as she got to her feet.

"I think I might need some help getting there actually. My legs don't want to cooperate right now." Brianna said her face flushing with embarrassment.

"It's okay Brianna." Megan said getting up and going to Brianna. Megan took Brianna's right arm and placed it across her shoulders. "Okay Brianna let's try this again shall we?"

Brianna opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by her stomach rumbling very loudly. Brianna looked at Megan her face now very red and just nodded instead of answering.

Megan smiled and shook her head. Rain continued to fall as Megan helped Brianna into the dining room and sat her down at the table. "Okay Brianna, would you like the pepperoni of the cheese pizza we have left?"

Brianna's stomach growled loudly once more. "Um I think I'll have one of each." Brianna replied sheepishly.

"Okay." Megan replied opening the boxes and retrieving a slice of each and putting them both on a plate. "Here you are, now don't eat too fast Brianna. I don't want you getting sick."

Brianna gave Megan a broken smile and said. "Okay mom." In response causing Megan to giggle.

"I think you'll be just fine Brianna, it will take a long time but you will be fine I just know it." Said Megan while filling the tea kettle and turning on the stove. The water started to heat up and Megan turned her attention to back to Brianna. Megan watched Brianna eating and was concerned by her silence. She walked over to Brianna and slid her arms around Brianna from behind. "What are you thinking about Brianna?"

"Not much." Brianna turned her head and looked at Megan. "Hey Megan, do you remember that camping trip we took together two years ago?"

"I do." Megan replied. "I had so much fun with you, Bob and Karen. It was kind of hard to not laugh at Bob's antics though. He was so silly the whole time."

Brianna giggled. "Yeah and mom was always getting on him for being like that. I swear I thought I was going to need a pair of padded gloves with the way he was acting."

Megan held Brianna tighter. "I know, I had never laughed that much without Pinkie being around." Megan's smile warmed Brianna's heart. "Brianna, I know this is hard for you like I said. But there is something very important here that you need to remember."

"Important? What's that important thing Megan?" Brianna said tears welling up in her eyes again.

Megan squeezed Brianna gently. "I can be by you side for the whole summer Brianna. I will be here for you everyday and every night too."

Brianna's eyes widened in realization. "The whole summer? Everyday?"

"Yes Brianna, everyday. I'll spend the whole summer with and do everything I can to make it better." Megan squeezed Brianna again and kissed the top of her head. "Everyday Brianna, I'll take care of you the whole time."

Brianna placed her right hand on top of Megan's. The words she had wanted to say were quickly replaced with words that came to her from her heart. "I love you Megan." She said sadly.

"I love you too Brianna." Megan said as the tea kettle started to whistle. "I'll get that, you just wait right here and finish eating okay sweetheart."

Brianna nodded in reply and resumed eating her pizza.

Megan poured the tea and got herself some pizza. She rejoined Brianna at the table and the two girls sat and ate quietly.

Two weeks later

Megan has stayed beside Brianna everyday and night after they had learned about Bob and Karen's deaths and now Brianna has fallen asleep leaning against Megan while Megan's mother Donnamarie drives Brianna across town to Ribbon's house. Ribbon had spent that time moving Brianna's things from her old house into her own where Brianna would reside from today onward. Megan was looking out the window watching the scenery pass by as Donnamarie's truck made it's way through town.

"You've been very quiet the whole time Megan. Is something wrong?" Donnamarie asked.

Megan gave a tired sigh. "I am really worried about Brianna mother. The funeral is in a couple of weeks and I don't know if she can handle it. I also feel bad about not being able to stay with her tonight."

"Well there are some things that we need you for tomorrow morning Megan. After that we'll handle the rest so you can take care of Brianna. Besides a day for you to decompress will be better for her Megan. I know you're a strong and mature girl and can take care of yourself, but that doesn't mean you should forget to do just that."

"I know mother." Megan replied. "The last thing I want to do is upset Brianna more and hurt her with bad judgment." Megan stroked Brianna's cheek. "She is relying too much on me to afford to make a mistake like that right now."

Donnamarie smiled. "I know sweetheart, and I know she'll appreciate it too." The rest of the drive was quiet and ten minutes later they arrived at Ribbon's house.

"Wake up sleepy head." Megan said softly while Brianna.

Brianna opened her eyes and looked at Megan. "I'm awake already." She replied while rubbing her eyes.

Megan smiled and opened her door and unbuckled her seat belt. "Come on Brianna, let's get you inside and settled." Megan said getting out and retrieving Brianna's bag full of her clothes and other things from the truck's bed.

Brianna exited the truck closing the passenger side door behind her and walked to the door with Megan falling into step beside her. "Do you have to go home tonight Megan?"

Megan nodded. "I wish I didn't Brianna, but mom and dad need my help tonight and tomorrow morning. After that I'll be back with you for the whole summer. I promise."

The pair stopped at the front door and Brianna sighed. "I don't want to be alone tonight Megan."

Megan put the bag down on the porch and cupped Brianna's face in her hands. "I know Brianna, but I have to go home tonight and I will be back with you tomorrow." Megan smiled warmly. "It's just for tonight, and I'll call you before we go to bed okay?"

"O-okay Megan." Brianna replied in acceptance. She gave a weak smile before leaning in to kiss Megan who gladly returned the gesture while pulling Brianna into her arms.

The pair embraced for a long while before separating. Megan looked at Brianna and smiled once again. "Be strong my special girl, you can get through this and we'll help. And now you have sisters to help you through it too Brianna."

"Yeah, you're right Megan." Brianna replied bending down to pick her bag. She turned towards the door then stopped and looked back at Megan longingly for a moment. "I'll see you tomorrow Megan, I love you."

Megan smiled through her building heartache and replied. "I love you too Brianna. Why don't you take a bath before bed, it will help."

Brianna nodded meekly and walked up to the door which stood open with Ribbon, Wind Whistler, and Fizzy standing there having witnessed the exchange quietly. The three of them embraced Brianna and Ribbon said to Megan. "We'll look after her tonight Megan. And thanks for taking care of Brianna for me Megan."

"Of course Ribbon, and thank you for taking care of her for me." Megan replied before turning back to her mother's truck and getting in.

As Megan closed the door and put her seat belt back on her mother started the truck and began to back out of the driveway. "I know that wasn't easy for you to do Megan. And Brianna knows that too."

Megan nodded in reply as they drove back to their ranch.

Later that evening Megan walks into her bedroom and throws off her vest as she walks towards the bathroom. She would never tell her family, and she would especially never tell Brianna, but the work she was doing this night and she would be doing the next morning was her distraction from her own pain at the loss Brianna had experienced.

She and Brianna had known each other for seven years at this point and Brianna's parents had become as much a part of Megan's life as her own had become a part of Brianna's. Both girls' families had gotten close and become friends over that time and this loss had hurt Megan and her family as well.

Megan entered the bathroom and closed the door before getting undressed and turning on the water in the bathtub. As she waited for the water to reach the correct temperature she struggled to maintain her composure. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she turned the center knob to start her shower and got in. She slid the shower curtain closed after getting in with the water hitting her skin and started to sooth her tired achy muscles she started to remember.

"Hey Megan, do you remember that camping trip we took together two years ago?" Megan did remember. And whether or not she wanted to the memories came back unbidden of that camping trip two years prior. it was the first time both girls' families had gone on an outing together.

The trip had been full of memorable moments like when Megan's father Marty tried teaching Bob to fish. This had resulted in Bob hooking a much to large catfish and ending in a broken fishing rod. During that minor fiasco Donnamarie had shown Karen how to use the grill and Brianna's mother had done a fair job her first time. Their lunch had been good if slightly overcooked, which Danny had chosen to complain about until Donnamarie told him that he would be getting the firewood for that night's outdoor activities.

Said activities naturally included ghost stories that made Brianna jump and squeak made and Megan realize how cute she thought Brianna was. Megan's heart began to race as she washed herself in the shower from that memory and another from that trip. It was the memory of when she first taught Brianna how to shoot a bow. Megan would not admit it to their friends but that moment when she sparked Brianna's interest in archery was one she'd treasure forever. To her, this most private of moments was the one when she had realized that she was beginning to fall in love with her best friend.

Megan actually smiled as she remembered how closely she had stood to Brianna while helping Brianna get her form right and the utter joy Brianna had felt the first time she hit the target causing Megan to giggle a little. Brianna got excited in her really adorable way. Then she remembered how Bob had called her aside at one point to tell her that he had noticed how Megan was looking at Brianna and how he thought, or rather knew as he'd put it that they would make a great couple one day. It had been a truly special event, one that should have been many when their two families did things together.

Megan shook her head at that memory, she still couldn't believe she had been that nervous when Bob called her aside like that. She knew him better than that and should have realized it would be nothing bad, but she just got nervous anyway, it couldn't be helped.

And now Megan's heart was filling with pain and emptiness because there would never be any moments like that again. "Stop it!" Megan scolded herself, this was about Brianna and how she needed to be strong for her. Megan did not have the time for selfish thoughts, she had to take care of Brianna and not worry about herself right now. And then Megan thought about what her mother had said to her about taking care of herself and decompressing so she can take care of Brianna.

It was in that moment that Megan allowed herself to cry. She needed to, she needed to get it out for Brianna's sake, and her own. They couldn't mover forward in their lives together if she didn't. And this was because the only thing that actually scared Megan at this time was losing Brianna too, that was something Megan couldn't bare.

Megan exited the shower and dried herself off. As she got dressed before heading into the dining room for dinner she actually found herself looking forward to the call she would be making soon. She looked forward to the next day even more however.