A little Sparkling Blaze

by Sparkling blaze

Forced Entry. Literally.

Aria's POV

"Eleven o'clock." I say to myself. "Hey Dashie it's quitting time."

"Awesome." She tells me. "I'm just about done here then we can lock up and get out of here."

Almost hard to believe I've been working here for six months. Dashie got me this job here. We both decided that I would need a job now that I don't have my magic.

"You want a ride home?" Dash asks me as she locks the door.

"No I'll be alright. I only live a few blocks away."

"You sure? It's really no problem."

"Yeah I'm sure. I'll see you tomorrow Dashie." I tell her as I start to head home.


Aria left the store and headed towards home.

"I'll cut through the ally tonight it'll save time." Aria thought to herself. As she started walking down the ally she couldn't help but think someone was watching her.

"Stop being so scared." Aria scolded herself. "You've done this thousands of times"

What she didn't know is tonight would be different.

Aria had made it halfway through the all when she heard a gravely male voice boom behind her.

"Aria Blaze didn't think I'd see you out here. I was expecting that rainbow one. She's the one I really want. If you're here that means she's all alone at the shop. Go on home little girl I'm gonna go pay her a visit."

'What the hell do you mean by that Forced Entry?" Aria asked.

He only gave an evil smile in response.

"Like hell you are" Aria told him as she closed the distance and threw a punch that caught him square in the face. "I'll be damned if I let you do that to my best friend."

"Not bad, you got another one in you?" He asked.

" I got more then enough for the likes of you". Aria shift back as she threw another punch.

Forced Entry staged around a bit. When Aria closed for another punch Forced blocked it and hit Aria in the face busting her nose. Before Aria could react he threw another punch knocking her off her feet.

"That was good warm up. I wonder if your friend can do any better."

Aria climbed to her feet.

"This fight is far from over!" She shouted as she charged him.

Forced just caught her with a punch as she did.

"Look!" Forced growled at her as he held her by the t of her shirt. "You're not the one I'm after. Just go home now and this can end."

"Fuck you!" Aria shouted as she spat in his face.

"You dumb bitch!" He shouted as he started to beat her face finally letting her fall.

"You're not the one I wanted."He tells her as he undoes her pants. "But you need to be taught a lesson. One you won't forget."

Sonata's POV

It's already midnight.... Ari's not home yet that's strange... Talking about her...She just called.

I look at my cellphone and pick the call.


"S-Sonata?"Her voice is shaking and it seems like she is crying.

"What happened?"

"I-I-I...Forced Entry...Help..."

"Where are you?"

"In the ally."

"Hold on. I'm gonna call Dagi."


I hang the phone up and pick Adagio's name in my contacts list.


"Dagi? Its Ari she's not home yet but she just called me. She said Forced Entry attacked her."

"Where is she?"

"She said she was in the ally."

"Tell her I'm on my way, and try to not destroy the house while neither of us are there."

"I'll tell her and no promises. "

I called Aria.

Aria's POV

I pick the call from Sonata,I'm feeling terrible....I just want to go home.

"What she said?"

"She said she's on her way."

"O-ok Thanks Sonny."

I hang the phone up and in only 5 minutes Dagi was here. But in the same way I couldn't stop crying.I couldn't believe this happened.

Adagio fastly got out of the car and gave me a hug which I returned.

"Adagio he..he..." I say between tears.

"I know sis'...I know..." She rubbed my back."Get in the car,we're going to the police station then we going to get you checked out."

"O-ok, I can't believe this happened."I say sniffing, I never felt this way before...

"Me neither.He did something too bad to you?"Adagio said in an angry tone,you can do anything to her,but if you mess with me and Sonata.Well....You're pretty much dead...

I don't wanna say anything,but Adagio kill me if I won't.

"He raped me"I say really quietly,I,Aria Blaze as strong as I am let an guy as stupid as Forced Entry rape me.

We arrive at the police station but the last thing I wanna do right now is answer to a million questions.

"C'mon Aria." Adagio gets out of the car and calls me.

But I'm just tired and just wanna go home.

"Are you sure we need to do this? Can't we just go home?" I ask.

"No,Aria." Adagio sighs. " Look I know you're tired from work and scared and probably want to go home to just go sleep and forget what happened but we can't let he get away with something as serious as that."

"I know you're right, something has to be done. But they're just gonna hammer me with all kinds of questions, then the doctors are gonna do the same thing. Haven't I been through enough?"I ask doing the same trick Sonata does to me when she really wants something.

But when you're the middle sister this doesn't works.

"Don't give me that.It's necessary Aria."

"Ok fine."I sigh as we go inside.

"Hello officer." Adagio says to an officer that's friend of ours.

"Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze, what brings you two here this evening?"

"On the way home tonight I was..."The last word won't get out of my mouth. "raped...

"You where what?"The officer asks.

"I said I was" The same thing happens again."raped."

"One more time? And phew I can't hear you."

I get angry and explode at him:
"I was raped ok?!!"

The officer seems scared:
"Oh god when where who?
"Not long ago, the ally outside of work, and Forced Entry."

"We'll find him. Have you been to the hospital yet?"

"No but I don't think Adagio is gonna give me much choice."

"You're more than right about that."Adagio says."And he apparently also hit her."

"Yeah I put up a fight. Well maybe I started it, but he said his real Target was Dash. I'm not gonna let someone do that to my best friend."Remembering that I got scared Forced Entry was probably still after Dash "You have to find him now! He's probably still after her."

"I promise you we'll do everything can to protect Miss Dash."

"Let's go Aria.We need to get you checked out." Adagio calls me.

"Alright let's go."I say as we get out.