Fall of Harmony

by Moon-Lite

The New Girl

The New Girl

The rest of December passed pleasantly, Old Jack Frost deciding that he would spare the city from any more flurries, instead content with just the odd chill breeze. Sunset was thankful for the reprieve, as she was able to go out on walks with Twilight and Spike, laughing as the dog would roll around in the snow and chase snowballs that the girls threw.

She spent some time familiarizing herself with her new laptop, or at least as much time as she could, as Twilight saw fit to take the device and perform some of her patented “upgrades” upon it. When Sunset finally got to use it, she noticed that it had been linked to Twilight’s own, a personal link between the two that they used to chat late into the night.

Velvet made sure to have Sunset put on her new uniform at least once every couple days, and Sunset willingly obliged, enjoying the attention from Twilight’s mother. It sat well on her, not too tight but still nice and snug. It took her awhile to get used to the bow she was supposed to wear, as she had never worn such an article before, but eventually she got used to pulling on the different ends to loosen and tighten it as needed.

Cadence and Shining Armour stopped over one last time on New Year’s Eve, enjoying spending a little bit more holiday time with family before work and school started back up. Cadence took Sunset aside that night, informing the teen about what her first day would be like.

“I will be stopping by to pick you and Twilight up early,” she started, “so I can make sure Twilight doesn’t sleep in, but to also show you around the school before classes start. Now your schedule won’t be finalized until the fifth, so for the first day you will just piggyback around with Twilight.”

“Sounds like a great way to start,” Sunset nodded in agreement, “What time should I set my alarm for?”

“Well plan for me to pick you up around eight?” Cadence glanced at her wristwatch. “That should give us about forty five minutes before Homeroom starts.”


Sunset sat still in her bed, hands grasping the fluffy sheets against her lap. Sleep had eluded her all night, thanks to the excitement she was feeling of going back to school. A school that wouldn’t judge her for her past misactions. She smiled giddily, looking over at the alarm clock. Large neon green characters informed her that it was seven minutes to seven. The residents of the house shouldn’t get upset at her for going to shower now, would they?

Sunset tiptoed her way through the cool hallway, feet making no sound thanks to the soft carpet. She had grabbed her uniform out of her closet, the many layer draped over her arms carefully, and made her way down the hall to the the linen closet to grab a towel, doing her best to open it slowly to prevent it from creaking. Fluffy prize retrieved, she turned back around, walking slowly towards the end of the hall. Stopping at the door second to the end. Twilight’s room was to the immediate right, and her parents across the hall.

She paused and took a deep breath, grabbing the handle, and pushed.


Sunset paused, blush slowly coming to her face.

“I was just finishing up.” Velvet pushed a loose strand of hair out of her face with one hand, the other holding up a towel around herself. “I was trying to let you sleep in as long as possible, but it seems you are up on time.”

Sunset slowly nodded, before she started giggling, confusing Velvet. “What’s so funny Sunset?”

Sunset wiped a tear away, “Doesn’t this situation seem weird to you?”

Velvet paused before looking down and then back up at the teen.

“Oh…” She giggled herself, “Sorry Sunset, I guess I’ve gotten so used to you here.” She blushed slightly as she stepped past Sunset. “Hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable hun.” Velvet waved at the teen as she disappeared into her room.

Sunset made sure to shut the door firmly behind herself, locking the door before depositing her uniform onto the counter, then paused and looked at the shower. She still couldn’t believe how fancy it was. A frosted glass sliding door hid the user in case someone entered unannounced, while keeping the water from drenching the floor. A small railing stuck out from the foremost door, making sure that the user’s towel was within arms reach while still remaining dry. Sunset reached in and grabbed a hold of the handle and turned, allowing water to start flowing out of the hosed head.

Happy to let the water flow for a minute before she jumped in, Sunset started to undress starting by removing her silk pyjamas, carefully laying the garments on top of the fuzzy toilet cover, followed by her underwear, which sat on top of the delicate nightwear. She stretched lazily, humming in appreciation as the air started to warm up from the steam of her water. Figuring she had been wasteful enough she entered, making sure to slide shut the doors securely, so as to not flood the floor as she almost did the first time she showered here.

The hot water ran in rivulets down her amber skin, matting her mane of fire and gold against her head and back. Sunset always enjoyed the heat, be it hot baths and showers, or the fire that she had an affinity for generating as a filly growing up. Sunset turned around, allowing the glorious heat to work into her back, and down the delicate curves of her lower back. Her muscles thanked her for the action, slowly unwinding from the many weird poses Sunset attempted to help her get to sleep.

Brushing her hair from her eyes, she reached for her shampoo. She felt bad that Velvet had to pay for it, but hair care was the one thing Sunset took great pride in, Pony or human. Squeezing a palm full of the coconut and pineapple scented gel, she went to work lathering her crown, making sure to get every single inch of each of the many strands of her hair that made up her luxurious mane. Allowing the water to start rinsing off the suds, Sunset started singing, her tones reciting a song that she remembered from her fillyhood.

After making sure all the shampoo had been washed out, She next reached for the conditioner, squeezing a large handful of the more viscous formula, and went back to work, focusing on massaging her scalp before spreading it to the rest of her locks. The product felt like sludge as she worked it through her hair, but it helped make sure Sunset’s hair had volume like no other. Once finished she reached for her body wash, personally preferring a lotion over a soap bar.

Making sure to step free of the shower head’s spray, Sunset started to soap herself down, starting with her well toned arms and taking delicate care to wash under her large bust. Her hands traced down across her waist, making sure to cover her firm abdominals and glutes, before she rubbed down her legs, thigh to sole. Pleased with her work, Sunset stood back into the hot spray.

She started by grabbing the shower head free of it’s holder, untangling the hose and running the head down her hair, making sure to keep it close to her scalp to help with a pseudo pressure washing. Aquamarine eyes closed to make sure that the conditioner didn’t enter and cause her pain, she learned that the hard way as a filly, Sunset used one hand to guide the device, the other to massage her hair free of any residue, before taking it and doing the same with the rest of her body.

Once she was fully rinsed, Sunset returned the shower head to it’s holder, wiped her face clear, and sat down in the middle of the shower floor and allowed the water to rush over her. This was her favourite part of her morning ritual, her morning meditation. She slowed her breathing, focusing on the heat around herself. Within herself. Ever since Christmas, she had felt an ember flickering inside of herself. A font of long thought lost power and potential. Her brows furrowed, as one of her hands rose in front of her, it’s digits splayed. She took a deep breath, and suddenly closed her hand, save for one finger.

A moment passed.

Then another...

Followed by another…

Slowly Sunset heard hissing, the water hitting her warmer than before. Risking a glance, one delicate aquamarine iris cracked open, allowing a sliver of light to enter the retina. Her eyes shot opened in excitement of what she saw. A small wisp of red flame hovered in front of the still outstretched finger, the air crackling and hissing as the water in it’s immediate vicinity turned to steam. Spike started to bark in annoyance as Sunset squeed in happiness.

Magic! Real, honest, magic! But how? When she first entered this world there was no magic, lost through the portal-mirror, so why was she able to now? She remembered how Twilight and the Rainbooms “Ponied Up” when they beat her, and Sunset herself joined their ascended state when the group defeated the sirens. But that was completely different than what she was now able to accomplish.

Sadly, with her focus lost and directed to another, the small flame blinked out of existence, leaving Sunset sitting at the bottom of a shower while hot water poured over her. Giggling with excitement, Sunset practically hopped to her feet as she turned off the water, before grabbing her towel and starting to towel off. Not only was she getting a fresh start at a new school, but she had magic to study! What could go wrong today?

Sunset finished toweling off in record time, thanks to her immense joy over her discovery, then started to apply her beauty products. Antiperspirant under her arms, her smooth skin devoid of hair. A delicate powder padded across her body, armed with the task of keeping her skin free of moisture and other bodily fluids. She paused as she came to her arms, her high starting to mellow out slightly. She set down the small powder pad and used the free hand to trace down her arm, from the crook of her elbow all the way to her wrist. The scar stared back at her, the discoloured tissue a permanent reminder of how low she was, but also of how far she had come. How she had rose above where she had ever been before, thanks to those now around her.

Finishing the powdering, Sunset now turned to her uniform, eying the fresh underwear sitting on top. She decided on a pair of little more risque black of underwear, meant more for comfort then showing off. Slowly pulling the panties up her legs, she took delicate care to seat them properly on her hips, before starting on her brassiere. She started by turning the device around, the empty cups on her back and the clasp in front of her. The clasp itself was a little bit higher duty thanks to her prodigious size, but once connected together she slid it back around and secured her arms through the proper straps, settling the cups to hold her steady.

With step one completed she looked at the combination that would serve as her top, A light, pale grey undershirt with a burgundy blazer. She started with the shirt pulling it on and making sure to leave the collar popped to allow her to affix the navy blue bowtie. Once it was fastened properly she grabbed her skirt, the burgundy plaid piece a good length, and stepped into it, pulling it up her legs and zipping it overtop of her undershirt. She frowned at the lack of pockets, one of the advantages to CHS’ lack of specified uniform. Once the skirt was finished she reached for her blazer, pulling it on slowly so as to not mess up the sleeves of the undershirt, and started buttoning it up. Her thigh length socks were next, the navy blue contrasting with her skin.

Finally dressed she took one last look in the mirror. Smiling, she did a little twirl, giggling the whole while. Satisfied she headed for the door, exiting and walking down the hall and into her room. Her backpack had been packed the night before, and it was thankfully the one piece of personalization she was allowed, so she gladly packed the cutie mark emblazoned satchel with all of her supplies. Or at least she had tried. She laughed as she looked at the small bag of binders, each packed with pens, paper, and everything else they would need. She walked over to her closet and opened it, withdrawing her black dress shoes and slipping into them, the small heels a natural fit in her opinion.

Having brought all her supplies down to the front door, Sunset sat in the sofa while nursing a fresh travel cup full of coffee in her hands, and the remains of toast on a plate beside her. The two spoonfuls of sugar and two addings of cream helped sweetened the bitter draught to more of Sunset’s liking, and she had thanked Velvet for preparing it all for her, whilst the teen had spent almost forty five minutes getting prepared.

“Pretty excited I take it?” the sofa dipped as the older woman joined her.

“I’m pretty obvious huh?” Sunset chuckled as she took another sip of sweetened brew. “But have you gotten Twilight up yet?” She gave Velvet a worried look, “When I came down her door was closed and the bathroom was open.”

“I already texted Cadence and informed her that I would bring Twilight in today. She should be focused on helping you and, well,” Velvet sighed before she started laughing, “Twilight would distract the both of you so much that none of you would get anything done.”

Sunset giggled as she nodded in agreement. Twilight would definitely not be focused if she were with Sunset and Cadence. Both women turned their gaze to the door, as knocks could be heard. “It’s open Cadence!” Velvet called out, feeling one of her rare bouts of lazy kick in, “Come on in!”

Slowly the threshold opened, admitting a pea coat bundled Cadence, who waved as she greeted her two seated hosts. “Good morning Velvet, morning Sunset!” She smiled at the teen, “Ready for your first day at Crystal Prep?”

Sunset bolted to her feet, backpack secure and binder bag in hand. “You know it!” The teens energy brought a chuckle to the Dean, who watched patiently as Sunset crossed the floor towards her.

“Sunset? One last thing?”

Sunset turned around mid pose, only to see Velvet standing with her phone out and pointing at the teen. She heard a ping from the device before Velvet deposited it in her pocket.

“Can’t start school without a picture! Now get going, don’t need you two being late after all.”

Sunset blushed, and rushed over to hug Velvet, before rushing after Cadence who had already departed. She caught up to the woman, standing before a rather shiny looking Sedan. “This shall be your chariot for the day, though I won’t be able to give you a ride too too often.” The teacher explained, pulling out a fob and unlocking the doors. She grasped the handle and pulled on the back passenger door, allowing Sunset to deposit her bags so as to make sure that the two passengers wouldn’t be squished up front.

“That’s fine, it wasn’t too far of a walk it seemed when I passed by with Twilight as we walked Spike.” Sunset pulled the image from her memory banks as she opened the passenger door and seated herself, but only after knocking her shoes against the side of the car to free the errant snow that attempted to cling to her footware.

They passed the ride with smalltalk, making little jokes as the streetlights passed. It was a short ride, maybe ten minutes, and the two pulled before the school, its large imposing shape blocking out the sky. They exited the car, Cadence grabbing the bag of binders before Sunset could, and they started towards the front gate.

“Good morning beautiful.” The guard commented, Shining Armour’s face grinning coyly, “And good morning to you to Sunset. I must say that uniform definitely matches well to you.” He stated as he opened the gate for them.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my prince,” Cadence said as she passed, “Just make sure not to hit on the girls, don’t need you getting fired like the last gate guard.”

“I only have eyes for one lady in my life!” He shouted as the two neared the entrance, three doors standing before them.

“Are you ready, Susnet?”

Taking one last look, Sunset nodded. “Let’s rock.”


“And here is your homeroom,” Cadence stated, her hand pointing out and indenting Sunset’s map even as the two stood in front of the room itself, “Why don’t we go in there and introduce you?” The bell had rung only a minute ago, yet the halls were a ghost town, so much different from the more lax attitude that she had grown compliant with.

“But isn’t my homeroom teacher supposed to do that?” Sunset questioned. She was sure that is what the guidebook had said?

“That’s why we need to get in there, silly.” Cadence winked as she opened the door, “Just wait until I call you in.”

Sunset let out a sigh of relief when she understood that Cadence was her homeroom teacher, this would help out with the transfer unquantifiably. She took position near the door, listening through the opening whilst remaining hidden from sight.

“Now students, I am sure you all had a great Christmas break, and are no doubt ready to start up your studies again,” Cadence started, pausing as the students quieted down in her presence, “But before you all get too chatty with one another, I have a new student to introduce to you all.” Murmurs broke through the class as the students all started whispering to each other. “You may come in now.”

That was Sunset’s que, this was it, no chance to turn back. Taking a steadying breath, she did her best to put on an air of confidence, her head held high, shoulders back, striding with purpose. Just like she was before the Fall Formal, just minus the evil intent. She could do this!

Or so she thought. As she turned to look at the class she froze, just as all the other students did. Twilight sat with a large giddy smile on her face which didn’t match the nervous wave she was giving her housemate. But there were three in particular that stood out in the sea of girls. Three girls that Sunset never thought she would see again.

“Class,” Started Cadence, causing most everyone to break out of their stupors, “This young woman will be joining our school as of today. You may introduce yourself now.”

Sunset stole a glance at the woman to her right, calming down at the warm smile she shared, before looking out over the class and opening her mouth.

“Holy Celestia!”

Sunset never got a chance to start, interrupted by the icy blue skinned girl sitting to the right of Twilight. She looked back at her two sisters as she continued.

“That’s Sunset Shimmer, right?” Sonata Dusk asked of the two other Sirens seated behind her and Twilight. “I’m not imagining things?” She turned back and stared at the teen, stars seeming to shoot from her eyes.

Aria Blaze still sat in stunned silence, unable to believe who stood before her, though the one to her left had no such issue.

“Yes, it certainly is Sonata,” Adagio Dazzle responded, making sure to silence the airhead of the trio, “Now please, do be quiet and let the nice girl introduce herself to the rest of the class.”

The rest of the students started whispering again, causing Sunset to blush and look at her feet as she kicked a leg forward and back. Cadence cleared her throat, silencing the class once more and beckoning to Sunset to finally proceed.

“So yeah,” Sunset started, a bit of a shy smile coming to her face as she started, “As Sonata pointed out, my name is Sunset Shimmer, and I am a new transfer student here.” She looked around as the students all looked to each other with obvious questions before returning to gaze at the new girl. “I know it’s weird to have a student come in part way through the year, but I hope I can meet the expectations placed before me.” She made a low bow before turning to Cadence.

“Thank you Sunset,” the Dean returning her gaze to the other students, “Now I hope all you girls welcome Sunset properly.” She turned back to Sunset, stating, “How about you take the seat next to Twilight, since you two know each other so well.”

Sunset didn’t need to be told twice, and made her way to the front row seat beside her friend. Sitting down and smiling at the teen, but freezing when she saw both Sonata and Aria staring at her, while Adagio face palmed at her sisters actions. She had a hard time focussing on what Cadence was saying, but she caught the important bits, and it wasn’t long until Cadence allowed the student to start talking with each other.

“So how come you transferred in?” asked the girl behind her, her near white hair in two poofy pigtails.


“What kind of music do you like!?” shouted the girl behind the first one, pulling the headphones off her ears and allowing her triple shaded green hair to decompress. “What?” She shrugged at the glare Sunset guessed she was receiving.

“Or maybe you are more of a sports girl!” A pair of peach hands slammed down on Sunset’s desk out of nowhere. “You like soccer? Maybe lacrosse?”

“Oh leave her be, Indigo,” came a fourth, this girls mulberry cut short and stylized. “You’re obviously overcrowding her.”

“Well…” Sunset started, only to have a fifth and final girl come up, arms crossed under her chest.

“Or maybe you all need to stop and let her respond.” She flipped her rose coloured ponytail before reaching a delicate hand out to Sunset, “My apologies for my compatriots, they seem to fail at grasping proper social edicate. My Name,” she said after Sunset firmly shook hands, “Is Sour Sweet, and these buffoons are,” Sour Sweet pointed to the first girl to start this chain questioning off, dour look still on her face, “Is Sugarcoat, followed by Lemon Zest, our resident audiophile,” the second girl rocked out on an air guitar at mention of her name. “Indigo Zap, jock extraordinaire.”

“Just cause I’m actually able to do real push ups-”

Indigo didn’t get a chance to finish as Sour passed onto the final of the five, “And last, but not least, is Sunny Flare, who-”

“Doesn’t appreciate the crap coming out of your mouth, Sour.” She had a grumpy glare, hands resting on her hips as she stared at the other teen.

“Now Sunset,” Sour continued, unperturbed, “I am going to be nice and give you a warning.” Sunset turned her gaze to the teen and gulped, nodding shakily. “There is a good chance that most of the students here will do one of three possible things.” She held up one pale golden finger, “Haze the crap out of you,” a second digit followed the first, “Ignore you,” and a third, “or try to learn what your strengths are and to feed off of you.” She turned and left after finishing her sentence, not giving Sunset a chance to even talk.

“That girl.” Sugarcoat sighed at the sight of her departing classmate, “Sorry Sunset, but as brutal as Sour is, she is being honest.” Sunset looked back at the glasses wearing girl as the bell rang and each student returned to their desk and grab their materials for their first class. “I don’t know if you looked into that CHS place or not, but while they are all “love and acceptance”, we are a lot more realistic.” Sunset looked away at the mention of her old school, wishing she could let Sugarcoat know how wrong she was, “But while we come off cold, we aren’t heartless.” She stood and grabbed her bag. “See you around maybe.”

Sunset sat there for a moment, shellshocked at everything that just transpired. This was a lot different than what she was expecting. This was a little bit more ruthless than CHS, and that notion woke something up in the teen. She shook her head free of those thoughts, instead swapping over to her open binder. There was a piece of paper folded neatly on it, written in… Equestrian?

Heya Sunny!
I just wanted to let you know that me and the girls were hoping to talk to you over
the lunch break! We will be with this world’s Twilight!
Sonata Dusk

Sunset flipped the note over a few time, not able to comprehend what was happening. What were those three playing at? They seemed to understand that this Twilight was not the same one that beat them at the Battle of the Bands, but… Could they be planning something? She shook her head and stood up, walking over to Twilight who was conversing with Cadence, though they both stopped when Sunset neared and smile at the teen.

“So I already let Twilight’s teachers know that you would be tagging along for today.” Cadence said, walking the two towards Twilight’s first class. “Sadly we weren’t able to finish your schedule for you today, but it will be ready tomorrow, so make sure to stop in at the office before you head to your locker, okay?”

Sunset nodded, glad to be able to spend some time with Twilight. Did she know anything about the Sirens? She would find out at lunch she guessed. The two waved farewell to Cadence, continuing up to the second floor of the school and making their way down the halls.

“I hope you are ready for Advanced Math, Sunset!” Twilight was beaming, even as she weaved in and out of the students who didn’t act exactly as Sour Sweet explained. She watched as most of the guys paused to stare at her, Sunset unsure to take it as a compliment.

“Let’s hope it’s not so energetic, Twilight.”