The Journal of a civilized Parasprite

by Psycho-genius brony

Week 2

Day 8

I finally got that gem I wanted. I lost an eye though. Something's weird. Whenever I close my other eye(the ones that is not removed) I can see out of the missing one.I think I'll just leave that eye there, use up the magic in this gem, and put my eye back in. Oh yes, and put the magic-lacking gem back. Let's see. I think I'll enchant my bag here to hold more stuff. LOLZ this is like something from a video game. I only know what a video game is from this one traveling bard who was bipedal and walked through the parasprite plains once. We sort of ate all his food while he was sleeping. Screw my insatiable thirst for food. Let's see the magic words for an extra-dimensional room is extra dimensiva locus. Come on focus the charge off this gem and -. Aagh. That was annoying beyond belief. The rock I was writing on blew up, but at least my bag is enchanted. I think I'm going to stay in my bag for the rest of the day. It's safe as long as I close the latch behind me. Good night.

Day 9

I think that sleeping inside my bag will become tough. There is only enough room to fit me in there.Once I get more inventory I think that I'm going to keep my journal in my bag. it seems slightly easier than carry it everywhere. This journal is also probably the only evidence of my existence. I'm going to record a list of spells I use to enchant my stuff. I also think I should learn how to defeat enemies. It could help if I ever want to travel at night without getting tortured by Angel. I put the gem back in and got my eye back. I think that if I left it for a little bit longer it would've ended up on an ensemble. I heard her wondering about where she found that beautiful sea blue opal. In fact, I think she was working on an ensemble that was water themed. With my eye as the crown jewel! I think I'm going to sleep in Rarity's attic, so I can wake up to the blissful sound of her fretting over my eye going AWOL. LOL and good night!

Day 10

Worst idea ever. I decided to sleep in the attic and I kind of got my eye torn out since I slept behind of pole in her attic, so she decided to check the attic, and ended up spotting her "gem of wondrous luster". I got my eye torn out and she saw my other eye. Naturally, that one glowed like a burning sun so she tore that one out, too. She was put my blue eye in the prepared ensemble, and I only barely managed to get my red eye back. I'm going to go Metal Gear to get my other eye back. That is if she doesn't sell the ensemble. that means I have to follow them. I'm keepping my ensemble eye out for any incomeing people to Rarity's shop to buy my eye. I think I can still see with it even though she somehow bound it to the dress with a magic spell. I think she put it on sideways, because I can only see half way with my eye. I'm going to get it tonight. Bye now.

Day 11

I have my eyes back. I had to take a different to hack my eye off the ensemble with an exceptionally sharp gem she had lying around. I think according to the magical theory any sentient being has some form of magic, whether it is passive, active, or linked to someform of nature. Like how pegasi have passive cloud walking magic, how unicorns can cast spells, or how Earth ponies have their magic linked to the earth. However, using the ancient words I think I can even make non-active magic to work. I think I can add spells like a hotbar using certain words. Perhaps if I make it, enable, and then what ever the spell is. Let's start with an attack spell. I'm off to Twilight's library to research spells. I wonder if a parasprite can have a library card. I'm located at Town Square, Ponyville. Good bye for now!

Day 12

I learned a spell. It's really a very basic fire spell. It just makes me spit up an ember. Eventually, I'm going to make my spells more advanced. This should work on timberwolves by lighting them on fire. Still, I can't help but think I should stay and learn more spells. It seems like I should require diverse variety of spells to deal with a variety of enemies. Like fire attack spells for timberwolves, ice spells for fire breathing dragons, earth based spells for heavy land based enemies, air spells for flying enemies, you get the point. I know that since Owlyscious was recently told of my escape from Angel's maximum security prison, I'm going to need an anti-flying spell such as gust. Anyway here are the magic words for enabling the gust and ember spell. Gust is possint iactanti, and ember is possint quatuor. These terms are somewhat confusing, but you get used to it. Anyway I need a new rock to enable the gust spell for quick and easy use. I know that I could just write it on a piece of paper, but ink doesn't come out of paper, and when your appendages are tiny, it's hard to crumple up a piece of paper. I could always use ember to burn it, but the library is a tree and I don't want to burn it down to the ground. Unless I put it in water, but then I couldn't write at all. I need to inscribe stuff into rocks if I want to enchant stuff. of learn new spells for quick use. 'Tis a pity. Anyway good night! I'll figure out someway to enable gust in the morning! Oh yeah and I'm on Twilight's roof. It's easy to hide in because of all the leaves and branches. Good night. Buenos Noches.

Day 13

I had a close call. Never think about combat spells just before sleeping. When I woke up, I was sitting on a flaming leaf and burning again. I still have a traumatic experience about that fire. I have no idea why I decided on my first spell being a fire spell. Yes I know that fire spells can cause burns and light enemies on fire, and that burning aive causes prolonged damage, but couldn't I do that with a poison spell or at least this one weird book on how to use singing to inflict status ailments besides lowered evasiveness because you can't hear. Personally, I don't think any thing in this book will really help. Except for this one spell that calls your friends to help you. I don't think my parasprite friends won't help, unless I want to summon a parasprite swarm. Parasprite swarms wil probably just drag everyone into a mess. We'd end up eating everything in the area, and then we'd just bring everything into a downward spiral. we'd just eat it all get hungry and die in masses on the spot. I'd have to get some different spells. Perhaps like this one spell known as Poison spike. Typically, it launches a poisoned spike at your opponent. If it hits a vein they sould get poisoned. To upgrade it increase the dosage in the spike, change the kind of poison, or increase the number spikes that get shot out. There are two kinds of poison. Nerve poison, or blood poison. Nerve poison is meant to paralyze the opponent, and blood poison makes it swell and hurt. Nerve poison has many forms, but the most lethal is neurotoxin. It's meant to kill everything off including the brain. It normally is pretty fast-acting. Anyway, to enable it is possint venenum clavum. First I need more mage fundamental points. I can get those points by reading, fighting, and talking with people about magic. I'm going to try to hold a conversation with a pony. But first, I have to get something to eat. I haven't eaten for about a week, and I'm getting tired. Let's go to Sugarcube corner. Hello there! Mrs. Cake? I would like a cupcak- Is that a flamethrower?!? Flee! Run away! Help! Mad mare with a flamethrower! Well I'm screwed. I just ran into a crowd of ponies in the farmers market. Oh yes and what's this? A 99%off sale on knives. Well, isn't this just my luck. I'm going to tryout some of my spells. I'm going to burn my way through the crowd. Burn! Burn! Out of the way unless you want to get burned! Like those guys back there! Suddenly, I find it odd that I have so much mana power left even though I shot about fifty embers out. I need to check something when I get away from Mrs. Cake. She wasn't deterred by me setting the other ponies on fire. I think she's used to burns so she's got burn resistance. I mean she works in a bakery, so I think that it would occur she'd get a few burns. I'm going to try a failsafe fighting spell. It requires some elaboration in casting rather than just opening you mouth. You have to hover, spin and then unfurl your wings. I cast... SOLAR SHINE FLASH! Boom! Oh yeah! That was epic. I just covered the entire country in bright light! I think that left magic residue everywhere. Well, I think that the spot I casted it from will have the most magic residue. The angle of the explosion would focus a ton of magic onto the ground below me. Unicorns can sense magic residue so if Twilight ever comes by wondering who cast the spell she would be able to locate where I cast if it from. I think that spell covered me in the residue as well. It causes a slight over time magic energy pulse. The energy pulse is simply the spell burning out itself. It's a light spell that works like a star in a supernova. It explodes and slowly pulses out energy afterward. This is why it's called the SOLAR SHINE FLASH. This explosion results in a duration of leaving behind magic residue since it's on a smaller scale it should last for a few hours. Not billions of years like an actual supernova. I'm thinking of making an area detonation/mass murder spell by messing with this spell. I can experiment with spells, only it's a little harder without those terms backing your magic spells up. then I can just add this to my spell hotbar by remembering it. I'm going to call it the supernova. If I encorporate the damage into a small area I'm going to make the attack more precise and more powerful. I think I'll call that one the GRB. Short for an astrological object also known as th gamma ray burster. It can wipe out all life forms on a planet it's facing instantaneously. Oh listen to me. Raving on and on about my new attack spells. Anyway my location tonight is a small tree not far from the spot where I left all that magic residue. G'night!

Day 14

Sleeping so close to the strongest point while you're radiating a small magic pulse is a bad idea. It turns out the energy pulse lasted long enough for me to overlay a stronger trail of magic residue leading straight to me. I was captured again. She used the shield spell to make a sadly, inedible cage to seal me in. All I do is write in here. She's working on something. I don't know what it is, but I know that it's something to test my magic strength. I really think I should start learning Form-changing spells so I can perhaps get capture or nearly killed less often. It seems like the right thing to do. Hmm, she left for a snack. Since she built everything but the outer shell I might as well examine this new fangled torture device. Hmm. the machine is composed of an EM meter, a pair of conductive plates, and a small object that forces me to discharge energy in the form of electricity. I suppose that the Em meter is hooked up to the twin plates, and the... thing is there to make me discharge all my energy so the meter can record it. I believe I will feel a sensation similar to that of being in the electric chair again. Only depending on how much magic power I have the more pain I will feel. Not to mention my insides would start to overheat, that is if I had any. Luckily when I was younger I like poking other dead parasprite with a pine needle. When I finally pierced their skin I saw that we're completely hollow on the inside. It was kind of disgusting now that I think back to it. I wonder if I can entice Twilight into letting me read some books.