Light Sprint's Little Problem

by Ringtael

Early Arrival

Light Sprint’s Little Problem

Canterlot High School was a great place to meet girls, and there’s nothing anyone can say to disprove, dispute, or deny that. Light Sprint, being a member of multiple sports teams including the track team, the soccer team, and the tennis team, never really had much trouble picking up girls. Sure, he couldn’t really keep them very long due to his laziness in texting back from time to time or his two left feet at every dance, but still, he could pull most of the ladies he set his eyes on. Well, that’s what he told his friends. To be a bit more honest, it was because Sprint never really set his hopes too high and never reached for the beauty queens of the school like he wanted to. A miss Fleur de Lis had held his interest since his Freshman year, but he’d missed his chance with her in his Junior year when she started dating this one fellow named Fancy Pants. Sprint just didn’t feel like he could compare to the football star with his light build and slim frame, so he’d held his tongue and let her pass him by. His chance at a young lady named Rarity passed him by soon after, but he wasn’t terribly interested in her because of the fact that she was easily the most high maintenance girl in the school.

In his Sophomore year, he took notice of a sweet little lady by the name of Fluttershy, and his crush on her had been rather intense. She was everything he wanted in a woman: Modest, adorable, smart, honest, adorable, a little shy, loyal to her friends, a fellow animal lover, adorable, and just generally a nice young woman to be around. It didn’t hurt that she was absolutely, unequivocally adorable, but what he really liked about her was the fact that she was a great listener. Sprint came to Fluttershy with a lot of his problems and hoped that by sharing his secrets with her, they would bond over them and he would finally have the confidence to ask her out. When Junior Prom came, he finally mustered up the courage and was gently let down by Fluttershy with her saying that she’d thought they were just friends. He took the emotional low blow well enough and found someone else to go to Prom with in the form of a nice young lady named Lyra Heartstrings, but he was still quite disappointed that he hadn't been able to sway his crush.

Sprint’s Junior year ended all too soon and he started worrying about finding a good woman to leave High School with and decided that his long time rival, a certain miss Rainbow Dash, would be his next attempt in the game of love. He didn’t even manage to get her number before she shut him down hard, stating that he couldn’t even keep up with her when she wasn’t trying. It was a cold way to let him know that he’d never stood a chance and it had almost been enough to make him give up on track and soccer since Rainbow was on both teams. He found it within himself to give her the metaphorical (and literal on occasion) middle finger and keep doing the things he loved to do.

After a month of training in the summer before his Senior year started, he earned Rainbow Dash’s respect with the effort he’d put into sports and things started getting better between them when school actually started. Rainbow had finally given him her number and they’d spent a lot of time flirting on and off the field, often earning themselves extra laps as a result. Light Sprint was glad for the extra time with Rainbow and he truly found the sight of her exerting herself alluring in its own way. For once, he was thankful that he’d been held back a year in school since it meant that he was in the same grade as such a great athlete. It also meant that he was a few months older than her, but that was perfectly fine. He didn’t mind being one of the first people to turn eighteen in the school. It actually made him pretty popular with some of his less savory classmates, but once Rainbow had told him off for selling cigarettes to minors, he quit doing it, though he retained a decent reputation with the smokers.

The Fall Formal came and Rainbow got tired of waiting for Light Sprint to ask her out, so she took him aside after school one day. “Look dude, I’m not just some girl that likes to flirt with nothing coming after it, okay? Either ask me out or tell me you just wanna be friends or something!”

Sprint scratched his head. “...Uh… Hey Rainbow?”

She glared at him. “Yeah?”

“Can I ask you something?”

“You just did.”

Sprint rolled his eyes. “Do you want to go out with me? And not just dating, I mean do you want to go to the Fall Formal together.”

Rainbow punched him. “Next time, don’t make me make you have to ask.”

Sprint rubbed his arm. “Stop sending me mixed signals and I will.” He muttered under his breath.

“What was that?” Rainbow asked, getting a little too close to his face.

Sprint saw an opportunity and gave her a kiss. “I was just saying that-”

Rainbow interrupted him via fervent kissing, though that also happened to be the exact moment Vice Principal Luna left the building. “You two! No P.D.A!”

Sprint pulled away and Rainbow gave him a frustrated look before turning to the Vice Principal. “Yes ma’am! Sorry ma’am!”

V.P Luna glared at them until they each took a step away from each other and raised an arm to show that they were far enough apart. “Carry on then. Do not be late going home.”

When V.P. Luna left, Rainbow rolled her eyes. “I swear, that woman has a rod up her ass the size of a flagpole.”

“Little do you know, it really is a flagpole. I saw Principal Celestia ram it up there herself.”

Rainbow laughed. “Dude, if I knew you were were funny back when you first started coming onto me, I never would’ve shot you down so hard.”

Sprint stopped smiling. “Thanks for that by the way.” He said flatly.

“Oh come on! It just made you work that much harder, didn’t it?”

“No, it made me hate you. Do you not remember me flipping you off every time I beat you?”

“...Uh, no?”

“Bruh.” Sprint groaned.

Rainbow chuckled. “In fairness, I doubt you beat me often.”

“Long jump, triple jump, and the three hundred meter dash. I won consistently.”

“Oh yeah! I remember you suddenly getting better at those!”

Sprint rolled his eyes. “I’m suddenly better at a lot of things.”

Rainbow raised her brows and gave him an interested look. “Oh? Like what?”

“...When you ask like that, it’s hard to say. Put a guy on the spot, why don’tcha?”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “And here I thought you were going to follow up with something fun.”

Sprint gave her an odd look. “Fun like how?”

“Why don’t you come over to my place and find out?” Sprint’s heart skipped a beat. “I just got this new protein shake I want you to try.”

She’d set him up all too well. “You know, I have a protein shake you can try too. I make it myself.”

Rainbow gave him a smirk. “I was hoping you would say that.”

Sprint was suddenly glad that Rainbow’s eighteenth birthday had passed near the beginning of school, otherwise, he would have been doing something unbecoming of a young man. With his hopes high, Sprint followed Rainbow home in his car and when they arrived, he noticed a distinct lack of parental guidance present and there was no protein shake on Rainbow’s end of the bargain. She did, however, have a taste of his and when they moved on to the main event, Sprint thanked his father for buying him that box of condoms last month. Sadly, they were put to use all too soon.

Two minutes after getting it up again, Light Sprint ran into a little problem. As he tried to go for the main event, he suddenly remembered the acronym for Physical Education, but without words so innocuous.

“...Dude, are you serious?” Rainbow asked in disbelief.

“...It’s my first time?” Sprint offered.


“Sorry! This never happened before!”

“I thought you said it was your first time.” Rainbow accused.

“I last a lot longer with my hand is what I’m saying.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Don’t you have an entire box of rubbers?”

Sprint’s shame lifted and hope found it’s way into its place. “Yeah, I do.”

“Blow one up and shove somewhere nice and dark.”

Hopes thoroughly crushed. “...Fair enough.”

Rainbow took pity on him for a minute. “Look, it’s not like it’ll happen all the time. We’ll try again when you stop being a two pump chump. Actually, that’s the perfect nickname for you!”

Sprint gave her a hurt look. “Seriously? Do you even know how embarrassing this is for me?”

“Not really. I’m not a chump, Mr. Two Pump.”

“Not helping, Dash.” Sprint extricated himself and started getting dressed.

“Dude, you can’t be giving up right now!”

“Do you want to keep trying with Mr. Two Pump?”

“Not really, but get your tight ass over here and at least do some cuddling!”

That, Sprint would be happy to do. Rainbow wasn’t much of a cuddle buddy since she was firm pretty much everywhere, but he did manage to get her off with something other than his untrustable lifelong friend, so he took his consolation prize and left before Rainbow’s parents could get home. With his manhood slightly more intact than it had been when he’d failed, Sprint went home and read every piece of literature he could find about his little problem. Sadly, most of that literature derided men in his situation and told them to ‘get a grip and hold it in’, so Sprint practiced doing that with his hand. He managed to get to the point where he wouldn’t pop, per se, but where he could maintain an erection for an hour with plenty of stimulus.

He never stopped practicing, Though with a few more late night dates with Rainbow, he quickly realized that he never even stood a chance. He could now last longer than two pumps, but getting to ten was a struggle and that just wasn’t where he wanted to be in his life. Time after time, he tried to last longer and longer, but with Rainbow constantly wearing down his pride and the Fall Formal coming up, he had to stop their late night visits before his metaphysical masculinity was shattered completely. The last night they’d spent to gether, Rainbow had finally had enough.

“Look, Sprint. You’re never going to get any better if you keep giving up-”

Sprint glared at her. “You don’t think I’m trying or something!? Do you have any how hard it is to try and fail every time just to have you ride me to Tartarus and back when I try again? I don’t even like sex anymore! I’m just doing this so I can try and get you off at least one time, but I hate doing this! I hate this stupid premature bullshit!”

“Then why don’t you do something about it!?” Rainbow yelled back.

“Because I’ve tried everything in the book! I’ve tried thinking of old ladies, dead puppies, counting sheep or what the fudge ever, doing the multiplication table, which I’m really good at now, and we even tied a string around it! How do you think I even thought of doing that if I wasn’t researching how to be a better lover for you!?”

Rainbow cooled off. “...So you really are trying.”

Sprint threw his hands forward. “Exactly! I’m busting my balls-”

“And busting a nut.”

“Not helping. Seriously, not at all.”

Rainbow shrugged. “At least you can get to twelve before stopping now. That’s progress from two.”

Sprint just sighed and shook his head. “It’s been like, a month. I just don’t know what else I can do.”

She patted his cheek. “I don’t know what you’re going to do. Maybe you could try some other girl for once.”

Sprint just looked at her. “If I wanted someone else, I wouldn’t be with you.”

She shrugged and hopped off of the hotel bed. “Sorry dude, don’t know what to tell ya. Pick me up at seven-thirty tomorrow, okay?”

Sprint took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Yeah. I gotcha.”

Rainbow patted his cheek before just leaving him there, standing in the buff. Sprint decided that he was going to go take a quick shower and try to wash the grimy feeling from his soul, but you can’t wash your soul, no matter how hard you scrub. While he was in the shower, he came to the realization that Rainbow was either one of the nicest girls he’d ever met, or one of the cruelest. She’d stuck with him while he’d been trying to get better at sex, but during their entire time together, she’d never stopped whittling away at his confidence and manly pride. It really just depended on how he looked at it and he realized that, while Rainbow Dash was loyal, she just wasn’t the woman for him.

While sprint came to his revelation, he was immediately disheartened by this. The Fall Formal was literally tomorrow and he didn’t even want to go with his date. He still would since breaking things off now would be terrible for both of them and basically ruin any chance of them being friends afterwards, although he rather doubted that Rainbow would want to be friends with him anyways. The night was filled with many sighs, but the hotel room was nice and it was far too expensive for Light Sprint to just let it go to waste, so he helped himself to the mini-bar that no one had thought to take care of before allowing two teenagers into the room. Sure, the alcohol was expensive, but his manhood hurt and his heart was aching.

The next day at the Fall Formal, Sprint picked Rainbow up at seven twenty-nine and they rode over to one of Sprint’s buddy’s house. Sprint picked up the bottle of tequila he’d bought for them, though Rainbow was rather disappointed in him for buying an intoxicant in the first place. He didn’t particularly care since she probably wouldn’t be around when he opened it, but he put it in the trunk of his car and distracted her, despite wanting to crack into it already. He dreaded the night and how it would turn out, but he found it within himself to keep going.

Things were going well until Rainbow Dash stopped him in the middle of a dance and told him that ‘Thing’s just aren’t working out.’. Sprint was actually pretty happy that he hadn't had to end things and agreed to remain friends, even though he really didn’t want to keep in contact with someone who could be so mean spirited. Still, he had a bottle of booze in the back of his car and a place to drink it at safely, so he wasn’t complaining any time soon. Sprint actually started enjoying the dance once Rainbow was out of the picture and eventually found himself next to Fluttershy during one of the slow dances.

As she was heading off of the dance floor to make way for the couples, Sprint tapped her shoulder. “Fluttershy?”

The young woman in question turned around. “Yes?”

He extended a hand. “May I have this dance?”

Fluttershy cast furtive glances from side to side before giving him a small smile and her hand. They didn’t say anything else for the duration of the song and Sprint was even happier that he’d managed to nab a dance with one of the prettiest girls in the school. Well, Fluttershy ranked as both pretty and beautiful on the triangle of attractiveness, and she was plenty cute most of the time too, but she was mostly pretty and if you were taking her raw prettiness into account, then she probably was the prettiest girl in the school. In fact, Fluttershy had plenty of admirers for her prettiness and Rainbow Dash was one of them, so when she saw the guy she’d just dumped dancing with the girl she wanted to ask out, she decided to show some ‘loyalty’ to Fluttershy and caught her eye once their dance was over. Fluttershy told Sprint that she would be back in a moment and Sprint watched as she walked away.

He didn’t want to leave the spot just in case Fluttershy was done with Rainbow faster than he thought, though his heart grew heavy as he saw Rainbow whispering into Fluttershy’s ear while staring straight at him. He was tempted to just leave the dance entirely, but he satisfied his need to move by going to get some punch for the ladies because he liked to consider himself a pretty decent guy. Most of the time. Some of the time. Okay, he had his flaws, but he was working on them, okay? Get off the guy’s back!

Sprint returned and found that Fluttershy was waiting for him, though Rainbow was nowhere to be seen. He passed off one of the cups of punch to her and asked, “Where’d Dash go? I got this one for her.”

Fluttershy gave him a shy smile. “Sh-She left to go find Applejack…”

“Oh, alright… I know it’s none of my business, but can I ask about what you two were talking about?”

Fluttershy looked down and twisted the ball of her foot on the floor, not answering his question at all.

“...It was me, wasn’t it?”

She looked up at him and sighed, nodding slowly.

“Did she tell you why she broke up with me?”

Fluttershy nodded again, blushing furiously, though she couldn’t look him in the eye.

Sprint coughed and looked down, shame evident on his face. “I-It’s not really something I can help…”

Fluttershy put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I-I told Rainbow th-that it was mean to tell me about that…”

Sprint looked up and saw that Fluttershy was giving him an understanding look. “...Thanks Fluttershy, but I don’t really want to talk about Dash anymore. I might end up saying something mean.”

Fluttershy smiled a bit wider. “If you can’t say something nice…”

“Keep quiet and drink the punch. That’s a good saying, Flutters.” Sprint beamed.

She chuckled and patted his arm. “You know…”


“There’s another slow dance coming up…” She looked away.

Sprint drained his punch quickly. “Why Fluttershy, how could I possibly be so greedy as to keep you all to myself?”

“I-I wouldn’t mind… No one else is asking…”

Sprint sent up a prayer to his Guardian Angel or whoever was looking out for him. “Do you want to dance to some of the faster songs in the meantime?”

“Well… Rainbow told me that you had a bottle in your trunk…” Fluttershy gave him an unreadable look.

He scratched his head. “Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it anymore. I was going to go to the hotel room I reserved for the night and watch some T.V after having some drinks since I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be with Rainbow after the dance, but I don’t really feel like it anymore.”

Fluttershy’s face gave him nothing to work with. “Why is that? I thought you told me you like to drink?”

He shrugged. “It just doesn’t seem that important right now. I just want to get to the next slow dance.”

Fluttershy’s eyes twinkled. “What did you end up getting?”

“Tequila. Why do you asked.” Sprint tilted his head.

“...I like tequila.”

Sprint knew better than to let his hopes get too high. “I’d offer to just give it to you, but drinking alone is a little sad.”

The corners of Fluttershy’s mouth twitched. “W-Well… If you d-don’t mind a few extra people…”

Sprint smiled. “Keep it under six and we’ll all be able to have a good time.”

Fluttershy started counting on her fingers. “Uhh… Twilight doesn’t drink, Rainbow was being mean, Rarity doesn’t like tequila… Do you know Applejack and Pinkie Pie?”

“Not really, but I’ll be happy to find out who they are. Do you mind if I grab my buddies Timber Spruce and Bulk Biceps?”

“N-Not at all!” Fluttershy grinned.

The song changed and the slow dance started, so they ended that particular part of the conversation and started talking between themselves in soft murmurs. They swayed to the music slowly, and when the song was over, they agreed to find their friends and meet up at the front doors in a few minutes, but when Light Sprint went to go find Timber and Bulk, both of them were preoccupied with young women that didn’t fit the description of Applejack or Pinkie Pie, so he left them alone and went to the front doors only to find Principal Celestia waylaying Fluttershy and a pink-haired girl he assumed was Pinkie Pie. Vice Principal Luna came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder, glaring at him.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” She asked.

Sprint glared right back. “Wherever I please. There weren’t any rules about having to stay until the end of the dance.”

“There are if you’re not eighteen.” V.P. Luna persisted.

“I’m eighteen and that’s a stupid rule.” Sprint crossed his arms. “Don't get me wrong: I respect your authority, but this isn’t making sense.”

V.P. Luna continued glaring at him. “Are you trying to leave with those two?”

“Does it really matter? I just broke up with my girlfriend and they’re not having much fun either, so I offered to drive them home. Why is this such a problem?”

“Marijuana was found in a red sedan outside. Would that happen to be your car?”

“No, mine is an old blue SUV. Do you want me to show you?” Sprint challenged.

V.P. Luna nodded. “Yes, actually.”

He closed his eyes and sighed. “Alright.”

They walked over to Principal Celestia and collected Fluttershy and Pinkie so they could go to the parking lot. Once Sprint showed them that his vehicle was, in fact his, the older women asked to search his car and he told them that he wasn’t submitting to a search because he’d done nothing other than want to leave the dance. With no probable cause or authority to conduct a search themselves, they were powerless to do anything other than warn Sprint, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie against making mistakes that they would regret later in their lives. That made Light Sprint laugh since he wasn’t planning on getting any action, though that pissed his principals off as he drove away.

The hotel was across town, so he filled the time by getting to know Pinkie and asking why Applejack hadn't been able to join them. As it turned out, Applejack had a guy on her arm and Pinkie had brought some of her own party favors to go with the tequila. Those party favors weren’t terribly illegal in Canterlot, but they were fun to munch on and could be put on pizza if one chose to do so. Pinkie talked through most of the drive from the back seat, leaving Fluttershy and Sprint to comment from time to time when she stopped to take a breath every ten minutes or so. Honestly, the girl could ramble on forever and never take a break, but Sprint found himself liking her more by the minute and was glad that Fluttershy had brought her along, even though his own friends had been preoccupied.

When they got to the hotel, no one questioned him or the bottle in his hand, and when they went up to the room he’d rented, the first thing Pinkie did was jump on one of the two beds. Sprint and Fluttershy just chuckled and went to grab some ice for their drinks. When they returned, Pinkie had set up a scale and was doling out her mushrooms so everyone could have an equal dose. She suggested that they eat them first, but Sprint was a little hesitant to do so until Fluttershy told him that she and Pinkie were fond of them and did them pretty often. With his inhibitions in the wind, he chewed the fungi and tried to be a fun guy by pouring some drinks. They played a fun little game called ‘Quickdraw’ that required six shot glasses (three for each participant) and involved drinking one’s shots faster than the other person. If you failed, you had to do two more and the game would begin again. Sprint was surprised to find that Pinkie trounced him easily, but when he went up against Fluttershy, her inability to drink at the ridiculous pace he’d stepped up to was evident. Pinkie took two extra shots so they would all be at five and things started getting weird from there.

Sprint had to lay down because his head started spinning and the walls were pulsating, so when the girls laid down on either side of him, he was glad for their company. “Alright, am I supposed to be seeing this weird stuff?”

Pinkie giggled. “That’s the whole point of mushrooms!”

Fluttershy patted his arm. “Just relax, Sprint. You’ll like it soon enough.”

“If you girls say so…”

Pinkie popped up and knelt beside him. “You know what would be really fun!?”

Sprint and Fluttershy looked at her. “A threesome!”

Sprint paled and Fluttershy rolled off of the bed, landing on the floor with a thud. “P-P-Pinkie! Y-You c-can’t be serious!”

The pinkest person in the room grinned widely. “Nope! We’re all adults here! Why don’t we have a few more drinks and consider it then?”

Sprint gulped. “Uh, to be honest I’m not really in the mood…”

Pinkie gave him a look. “You’re a guy. You’ll be in the mood when someone strips.”

Fluttershy moved to the other bed. “I-I think we should lay back and enjoy the trip.”

“I’m with Fluttershy on this.” Sprint said quickly. “I barely do the sex and I know for a fact it’s not going to be fun for anyone if I’m involved.”

Pinkie hopped off the bed and started pouring more drinks. “You know, Rainbow told me about your little problem! I think I can help!” She reached into her purse with her free hand and pulled out a medium sized ring looking thing.

“...What is that?” Sprint asked.

“You might not know what it is but I bet you know where it goes!”

Sprint did know where it went, he’d just been hoping that he was wrong. “Please tell me it goes on the largest thumb in Human history.”

Pinkie winked at him and handed him a glass. “Bottoms up!”

Fluttershy coughed to get their attention. “What if he… Can’t ‘perform’ because of the alcohol?”

Pinkie gave her a manic smile. “I guess we’ll just have to work something out!”

Sprint sat up and immediately went through a quick dizzy spell. “Uh… So have you two done something like this before?”

“W-Well, no…” Fluttershy said nervously, touching her fingertips together.

“Fluttershy’s still a virgin, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing a few things for you!” Pinkie handed her friend a glass and gave her a terribly conspicuous wink.

Sprint felt a little offended. “Who says I’m okay with this? I’ve only slept with one person and I think I might like to keep it that way for a little while.”

Pinkie downed the four shots in her glass and hopped onto Sprint’s bed, nearly making him spill his drink. He kept it steady, and as Pinkie crawled over to him, her eyes flickered between him and his drink, pressuring him to slam it like she’d done hers. He cracked because the shrooms were beginning to make him see odd patterns and he just wanted to calm down a bit, so he drank his shots all at once and made a face before he noticed that Pinkie was already kissing him. He tried to pull away, but she grabbed a handful of his hair and he didn’t want to hurt her while trying to get away.

Sprint tried to gently push her off of him, but his limbs were starting to feel leaden and he started to panic as Pinkie’s tongue invaded his mouth. Fluttershy came over to save him, but Pinkie gave her a fierce glare and warded her off for a moment, but a moment was all Sprint really needed. He rolled away and fell off the bed, whacking his head on a nearby chair.

“Pinkie!” Fluttershy exclaimed softly. “Just… Why won’t you leave it be!?”

“You’ve gotta be a little pushy with guys sometimes, Flutters! I had him on the ropes!”

“He was trying to get you off of him!”

Pinkie sighed. “Okay, maybe I came on a bit too strong. Why don’t you give him a try?”

Fluttershy held her glass in her hands for a moment before doing as her friends had done before her, though she coughed and sputtered at the taste and burn. A bit wobbly, she made her way over to where Sprint sat on the floor and offered him a hand. He rubbed the back of his head and unsteadily got to his feet.

They looked at each other blushing for a moment before Fluttershy asked, “L-Light Sprint?”

“Yeah Fluttershy?” He replied

“C-Can I kiss you?”

He nodded and Fluttershy came a bit closer, but in the end, it was Sprint who made the first move, and when he kissed her, it was far less hurried than the face-sucking Pinkie had pressed him into. After a moment, Fluttershy wrapped her arms around his neck and Sprint put his hands on her hips, willing himself to stop being so stiff, but when he felt his pants drop, he realized that he was now in full view. Sprint broke the kiss with Fluttershy to look down and saw that he was now poking Fluttershy around the midsection. She looked down because he was and they both turned bright red, glaring at Pinkie for ruining a good moment.

The Great Pink Menace grinned widely and wiggled her fingers. “Just helping things move along!”

Sprint went to put his pants back on and Fluttershy stopped him. “W-Well, if they’re already off…”

From there, things got a lot simpler. Fluttershy tried to fellate him to the best of her ability, but Pinkie had to show her how it was done and the two of them teamed up to wear down Sprint’s stamina. The alcohol in his system made him last a lot longer than he’d ever thought he would, and when Pinkie coaxed Fluttershy out of her dress, she disrobed herself and invited Sprint to give her a shot. Sprint himself was rather inebriated at this point and felt as though something was wrong, and as he was lining himself up to enter Pinkie, he realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom. Pinkie pulled one out of her hair and passed it to him as she was taking care of Fluttershy and Sprint steeled himself for the moment of truth, entering Pinkie for the first time.

He lasted a full seven minutes and fifty-one seconds. Sprint had been looking at the analog clock on the wall the entire time and was absolutely thrilled when he realized that he was no longer a two pump chump. Instead, he was perfectly decent kinda! Pinkie still got Fluttershy off faster than he managed her, but with a little cunning linguistics, he was able to perform his duties and he even got to have a turn with Fluttershy, though they both refused to fall into Pinkie’s pressure any further since they couldn’t it back if they went all the way. The only person let down by this was Pinkie, mind you.

Fluttershy falling asleep was supposed to be the end of the weirdest/greatest night of Sprint’s life so far, but Pinkie Pie wanted him to try something else and pulled out some lubricating jelly that smelled like cotton candy. Sprint knew that phalluses could go into such places, but he wasn’t sold on whether or not they should, and as Pinkie rode him to her heart’s content, he laid back and wondered if he was going to be able to look Fluttershy in the eye after this. His thought’s were waylaid by Pinkie orgasming on his member, though he’d had no clue what in Tartarus was going on until she collapsed on him.

Sprint had just received his man card. It made him smile.

The next morning, everyone woke up hungover, so they didn’t leave until after they’d all downed a few glasses of water. Sprint and Fluttershy tried to give Pinkie satisfactory answers to her questions, but whenever they looked at each other, they couldn’t stop being tongue tied and things were just awkward. Pinkie requested that they drop her off first, so when Sprint got her home, he had to drive to the far edge of town to get Fluttershy back home.

During the drive back, he sucked it up and finally said, “If I wasn’t drunk, I don’t think I would’ve slept with Pinkie.”

“A-Alcohol never hurts with that…” Fluttershy said softly.

“...I’m sorry.”

The soft-spoken woman looked at him with her face alight. “W-What for?”

“I-I… I just feel like I should apologize. You’re the one I have feelings for, but I still ended up sleeping with your friend…”

“Oh…” Fluttershy was quiet for a moment. “Sprint, when I brought Pinkie along, I figured something like that would happen…”

“Really?” He asked, shocked.

“W-Well, yeah. Pinkie’s tried to get me to lose my… V-Virginity before…”

“...She must be a great friend if you’re willing to put up with that kind of pressure.”

“She keeps saying that I-I…” Fluttershy trailed off.

“She keeps saying what?” Sprint asked patiently.

She drew a deep breath. “She wants me to give it to you!”

He was staggered, nearly swerving into a parked car. “Holy crap!”


“S-Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that!” He even out his breathing before finding a place to pull over. “Fluttershy, do you like me as more than a friend?”

She wouldn’t look at him. “W-Well…”

“...Will you go out with me? We’ll take things slow,” He said quickly, “I just… I thought you didn’t want me after I confessed.”

“R-Rainbow told me that I shouldn’t go after you…”

Fucking Rainbow? Again? “I think you need to stop listening to Rainbow. Nothing she ever says to or about me is worth listening to.”

Fluttershy looked at him. “... I think you might be right.

Sprint nodded. “So what do you say? No more letting people get between us or shoving us together? We just take things at our own pace.”

Fluttershy quickly leaned over and kissed him, showing some of her usual quiet courage. It was a good enough answer for both of them. Sprint eventually got them back onto the road and dropped Fluttershy off at her house, walking her to the door so he could be berated by her father for keeping her out all night. Thankfully for him and his face, his new girlfriend shifted the blame to Pinkie and Sprint was allowed to leave with his manhood and his nose intact, though he was warned to keep his hands where Mr. Shy could see them. The effect was ruined when Mr. Shy added ‘please’ quietly to the end of his mild tirade and when Mrs. Shy came over to welcome him in, it was put off to the side even further. Sprint had tea with the Shy’s and it was rather nice once he explained that Pinkie had kept them up all night at a party. Neither he nor Fluttershy mentioned that he’d stuck his thing in the wrong girl, though Fluttershy did explain that she’d told them about Light Sprint before.

After Sprint met her parents, Fluttershy asked if she could meet his and he had no reason to object, so after allowing her to have a shower and tell her parents what was going on, they all agreed to a meet and greet, despite the fact that it should have just been him and Fluttershy. Parents will be parents, after all, and sometimes letting your child do as they will is just too hard. Sprint was a little hesitant, but he didn’t want to disappoint Fluttershy, so he went along with it and it was just as awkward as he’d thought it would be. His parents chided him for not introducing them to his girlfriend sooner, though they were tactful enough to avoid asking what had happened to Rainbow in front of their present company.

The meet and greet went well and it set the pace for Fluttershy and Sprint’s relationship pretty well. When they eventually did have sex for the first time, Sprint’s little problem seemed a little bit smaller, and with Fluttershy’s love and support, it he eventually came to be a significantly less shitty lover. They didn’t do it all that often and they’d waited until they were out of High School to go any further than ‘fooling around’, but still. They were happy together and Sprint even learned how to be better at texting.

Rainbow Dash never tried to break them up after the Fall Formal, though she dropped hints to Fluttershy that she could find someone better almost every time they got together. The shy woman gently deflected her insidious words and eventually, Pinkie straight up told Rainbow to fuck off and stop being a ‘salty little bitch’. Rainbow did fuck off and she did stop being a salty little bitch, even going so far as to apologize to Sprint for being a twat while he and Fluttershy were getting their footing. Sprint forgave her easily since he wasn’t one to hold a grudge and they even became friends again.

Pinkie Pie was still the crazy party mare that everyone knew her to be. Sprint and Fluttershy usually bought any party favors they were interested in from her and the three of them did them together for years to come.

Vice Principal Luna retained the flagpole she kept in her ass until the day Sprint and Fluttershy graduated, but once they were no longer bound by the rules of school, she actually became pleasant to deal with. Principal Celestia never got any chill since it’s her job to lack chill, but then again, dealing with moody teenagers for months at a time would drive any sane person to drastic measures.

Later in life, Fluttershy and Sprint had two kids who were both rather athletic and quiet, making their parents proud. Sprint was eventually cured of his little problem entirely, though it had taken countless shots of tequila and a few nights of disappointment from both parties. Still, what better way to tackle a problem than to face it with someone you love?