The Last Warrior

by Blazing_Dusk

Chapter One

In Ponyville Elementary, Mrs. Cheerilee’s class were sitting not so patiently at their desk awaiting the end of the school day. One student didn't seem to notice anything around her. This filly had a purple mane, orange skin and feathery orange wings, she was wearing baggy clothes that included faded blue jeans and a white tee-shirt that looked like somepony splashed it with pink and purple paint. This filly was so out of it she didn’t even realize that school was almost over as she was so lost in thought, after all, she was to be meeting the couple that had been thinking of adopting her after school.

However, the thought of possibly being adopted wasn't what got her thinking. The filly was thinking about the fact that she hadn't been told who was planning on adopting her which confused her as she could remember other foals being told the names of the ponies who they were meeting with.

"Scootaloo!" The class teacher, Mrs. Cheerilee called out trying to get the attention of said filly. The elementary teacher understood why Scootaloo wasn't paying attention but she couldn't just allow anypony to not pay attention regardless of what is going on in their lives, mostly.

"Oh, ah sorry Mrs. Cheerilee, I've just been really distracted by something." The purple haired filly said as she looked up from her page which was supposed to have her notes on it, however, it was blank.

"Well, maybe you can use your schoolwork, or perhaps my lesson, to get your mind off of whatever it is that has you so distracted." Mrs. Cheerilee told the filly. Scootaloo could tell from Cheerilee's tone that she didn't mean what she was saying and was more or less putting on a show for her other students. Scootaloo almost laughed at the lack of actual interest Cheerilee was showing in the conversation, in fact, if Scootaloo didn't know any better she'd swear her teacher was trying to stall the class just as any student in the room would.

"Yeah Scootaloo you shou-" Diamond tiara was interrupted by a loud crash from outside the windows. Cheerilee went to take a look out the windows and gasped at what she saw.

"Students get to the bunker Now." Cheerilee told her class not knowing what exactly she had seen but recognizing the threat it held. Cheerilee began leading her students down the halls to the schools emergency underground bunker. As they left Scootaloo started feeling more uncomfortable the farther they got from whatever was outside, Scootaloo felt like she should turn around and... Do what? Get herself killed, after all, she had no powers to speak of, nothing she could do to help. Hell, she couldn't even fly.

So why then, had she turned around. The purple maned filly felt like she had made the right decision despite the fact that she knew she had made the wrong choice. Scootaloo skidded to a halt when she finally caught sight of the monster that was attacking.

The monster was a manticore. However, something seemed wrong with it. Its coat was pitch black and it had pure red glowing eyes, it lacked a mane. The manticore was twice the size of a normal one and had double, no triple the wingspan. Pure evil seemed to roll off the beast and just being near it gave Scootaloo a feeling of despair, hopelessness, anger and hatred.

At that moment Scootaloo made a very stupid decision that paid off in the end. She decided to taunt the monster, yeah definitely not her brightest moment. But nevertheless, she simply voiced her thoughts.

"What the hell is wrong with this thing?" Scootaoo immediately realized her mistake when the monster turned to her, "Oh no!"

Scootaloo turned and ran as fast as she could. She didn't get very far before the monster swiped at her with its paw which sent her into the side of the school hard enough to knock some of the bricks out. Scootaloo stood up and looked down at herself.

"I-I'm not hurt, like at all." Scootaloo groaned slightly, "Okay mostly uninjured."

"Hm, a Warrior who does not know how her inner magic works. How intriguing." The monster said as it stalked over to Scootaloo.

"You can talk! And what do you mean? What's a Warrior? What do you know about my magic?" Scootaloo asked, her anger rising. Unnoticed by Scootaloo, but noticed by the monster, violet sparks came into existence around Scootaloo's right hand.

"Yes yes, I know these things and you, will not live long enough to find the answers. Now DIE!" The monster lunged at Scootaloo and she somehow managed to roll to the side. As Scootaloo stood up her right wrist flicked up and in a flare of light, a glowing violet chain formed while moving in an upwards direction, just barely missing the monster.

"W-what did I just do?" Scootaloo asked as she watched the chain slowly disappear. The monster began to charge again. The orange Pegasus filly was trying to summon the chain again, but with no knowledge of how her magic worked or what she had just done, she was unable to.

"Come on, now would be a good time." Scootaloo was frantic and angry enough that her magic reacted. At that moment Scootaloo became the epicentre of a magical detonation that blasted outwards launching the monster back toward the everfree forest, coincidentally nowhere near the area that Queen Twilight and the council were trying to retake however still technically within the borders of the Everfree kingdom. Scootaloo stood in place swaying ever so slightly, in such a way that would make most think she was drunk.

"Well, that works." Scootaloo slurred before she promptly collapsed and her magic, seeking a safe place to rest and finding a location that seemed saturated in Scootaloos magical signature, ended up teleporting her back to the orphanage.

And that is how my story starts. Yeah, I know the fight was kind of short and boring but hey that's what happened.
What if they don't know about the whole Everfree Kingdom thing
what? I'm pretty sure anyone reading this will know about that. Mom stop. No not the look! Alright fine ya technicolour freak, I'll tell em'. So basically Equestria gave up part of its land to form a new kingdom because of an ancient law about random castles popping up outta nowhere. What?
I explained it. Wait no! Mom don't tell her! I'll lose cuddle privileges or be put on the couch! Mom NO! Come back.
Scootaloo's voice got faint as she chased after her mother.