You Can't Ignore Who You Are!

by ppg1998

Time For A Change

Ponies often say, just ignore it and it will go away. However, what happens if the more you ignore it, the worse it gets? That's the case for these two.

‘Why won't you go away.’

‘You can't keep fighting me forever.’

‘Please be quiet. I have a country to run.’

‘Oh leave those little ponies to themselves. You don't have to take care of them anymore. You are your own pony remember? Why can’t you just let loose a bit and live how you want? Why do you keep lying to yourself about who you truly are?

‘I will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety my of little ponies. Something you clearly still don't understand.’

‘Of course I do, I'm in your head after.’

‘The villains are getting stronger and bolder with every passing day, we need every advantage we can get.’

‘Didn’t you see what happened last time? Twilight and her friends weren’t needed. Your ponies have gotten stronger on their own, they don’t need you to coddle them anymore. Just let them take care of themselves and be the mare you want to be.’


‘We will discuss this later.’

‘You always say that, but we never get anywhere. You can't keep putting this off forever.’

‘Leave. Now.’


I quickly snapped out of my trance to see Luna standing in front of my throne with some paperwork being held in her magic. Joy, If what's in the back of my mind doesn't give me a headache, this paperwork certainly will. Still, I smiled when I looked towards Luna.

“Oh sorry, Luna I was lost in thought. Anyway, are those the new bills?”

“Yes, Sister. The secretary was out sick so the nobles saw fit to leave them with me. I felt things would go more smoothly if we did them together.”

I smiled genuinely. Any kind of distraction was better than nothing at this point. “That’s a wonderful idea, Luna.”

“Great let's get started.”

‘You can't keep ignoring me. You know this is wrong.’

“Oh, would you shut up already! You're not real. You're just apart of my imagination gone mad.”

‘No, you planning to take over Equestria by yourself is your imagination going mad.’

“Well, sorry, but my options are pretty limited at the moment.”

‘No it is isn't. You just can't accept the fact that you failed twice and you are driving yourself crazy since your changelings kicked you to the curb.’

“Those traitors will be sorry they ever crossed me. Especially Starlight.”

‘Why can't you see that in trying to help you?’

“Because I’m beyond help. I’ve already made a reputation for myself, I’ve gone past the point of no return. None of the other queens will help me, my own changelings betrayed me, and I am the most wanted mare in all of Equestria. I wouldn’t be surprised if my bounty was doubled now. Maybe even tripled. The point is there is no going back so why stop now.”

‘Look, just because you made bad decisions in the past doesn’t mean you can’t stop now and try to be better. Even if no one believes you, you don’t have to keep playing the villain. You can be a better than this. It’s never too late to change for the better. Look at Discord for crying out loud!’

“You are never going to convince me otherwise. Besides, even if I wanted to be good there is one thing that will never ever get me to be good.”

‘And what is so bad that you keep ignoring the you that you want to be?’

“I would rather be caught dead than look like the ‘new’ changelings.”

‘...Ok, admittedly I can’t help but agree with you on that, but do you really want to spend the rest of your days alone in this cave in the middle of nowhere trying to plan revenge, even though we both know that will never happen because you have nothing to fight with.’

“...We’re done talking. I'm going out to find something to eat. You’ll stay quiet so I can concentrate unless you want us to starve to death.”

‘You can’t keep ignoring me forever.

“Go. Now!”


The hour was late and my dear sister has just raised the moon. Currently, I'm in my bedroom ready to turn in for the night. While doing this, I had time to mull over my little inner conversation with myself.

It's strange, I've had that voice in the back of my mind for so long, while it’s never been exactly quiet, it's never been this direct or persuasive. It took me a while to figure it out, but essentially, this voice in the back of my head was the persona of the Nightmare Moon equivalent of me….or at least when I first heard her. She came up around the time before Luna became Nightmare. I have no idea who or what she is exactly or where she came from, but from the beginning, she has always tried to get me to succumb to my temptations.

However, after I lost Luna, she went quiet for a few centuries. I'm just assuming at the point, but over the last thousand year, I think she has had time to think like I did. She did make a comeback before Nightmare Moon returned, but instead of telling me to join my sister, she apologized. She told me that things were never supposed to play out this way. This voice told me that thing that possessed Luna was once her sister, but when she saw her sister get banished to the moon it made her rethink her life. After the talk, we made amends. She hasn't said a word since that day.

I don't know what happened to Nightmare, but in some strange way, I hope that she is in a better place than before.

A few weeks ago after Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord saved us, the voice came back and has been more persistent than ever. I know we made amends, but I still have a responsibility for my little ponies. For a thousand years I've been keeping them safe and while I'm more than glad that Twilight and her friends can defend Equestria, I still have a country to run.

Politics are never easy and I can't just give Twilight or Luna complete ruling authority simply because I want to. These ponies still need me and I want to be there for them when they need it. Do I wish I could just quit and have a life of my own? Oh like you wouldn't believe. But that's not my decision to make. Until the day comes that the ponies of Equestria say that they don't need me, I will gladly continue lead and enjoy life as it is. For now, I'm the only one that's keeping Equestria’s economy and government stable.

After getting all the personal hygiene out of the way I walked over to my bed and comfortably and let sleep take hold.

‘Three, Two, One, Now!’

In one strike I emerge from the bushes I was using for cover and bit down onto the rattlesnake. I didn't even get a chance to react as I bit down on his head as it fell off into my mouth. The venom is always so juicy and strong. I swallow the head once the chewing was done.

I then looked down to see the headless body of the snake still slightly moving while its muscles relaxed. I then picked it up in my magic and sucked the rattlesnake's body like a single spaghetti noodle until the whole thing was in my mouth.

Lucky for me that Changeling Queens can eat meat when love isn't nearby.

After I finished with my dinner I saw the moon rising and decided it was a good time to go back to my cave. I take off as fast and as stealthy as my wings can take me. I look at the desert landscape as I had plenty of time to think.

I'm glad that voice finally decided to shut up, it’s been driving me crazy ever since the wedding. At first, when I saw it I thought it was a side effect of getting launched several miles away by a giant force field of love and landing on my head.

However, that wasn't the case when I saw my horn was still in my head. I did my best to ignore it, but it’s so annoying. It keeps telling me to stop being the villain. Why the hell should I listen to a voice that literally came out of nowhere? Besides, like from my earlier conversation with the thing, I'm too far gone for that to ever happen.

All my life, ever since I could first think, I was told that the only way to survive in this world was to be at the top of the food chain. Survival of the fittest, kill or be killed. That's the only reason I've been alive for so many centuries. And so far that's worked, I'm alive, aren't I?

Of course, the past queens never thought I could be a ruler, well, if things had gone right at the wedding, I would have been happy with dying just to see what the looks on their faces. At first glance, it might have looked like I would have won by sheer dumb luck, but everything was planned perfectly.

First thing I did was have a few changeling spy in Canterlot, having heard about the wedding a few months in advance. Next thing I did was go into the city and purposely put a threat to get everyone on high alert so a shield could be put up, giving the ponies a false sense of security. Then I replaced Cadence and put on the acting performance of a lifetime. Before Twilight showed up I looked and acted exactly like the Princess of Love. No one could tell the difference. My spies managed to watch Cadence for several weeks so I could get a clear idea of how to play her.

As I played as Cadence every night, I would sneakily put a tiny bit of magic to both weaken Shining Armor’s shield spell and make him loyal to me in case I was ever forced to reveal myself. I had planned to fool Twilight at first, but I knew Twilight was smart and might be able to figure me out even if I was giving my best performance. I wasn't going to gamble that so I needed to get rid of her, then I thought, why not have fun with her while I'm at it.

So then every time when the only Twilight was looking I would purposely give her the impression I wasn't who she thought I was. From smiling evilly, to purposely leaving a crack in the door open. All of it was planned. This all made her more paranoid and even made her act like a lunatic in front of her friends. I was genuinely surprised myself when I even got Celestia of all ponies to turn against her precious student.

Just a quick note, whenever Shining Armor wanted to have some fun in bed with ‘Cadence’ I just used my magic to give him fake memories of those fun times ever happening. He should realize those memories were fake by now. I can admit I was a tyrant, but I'm no whore.

So when Twilight was at her weakest, I put her the same place I put Cadence. While she was beyond mad and even more paranoid, I lead her right to real Cadence so it could keep the two of them distracted so that they couldn't get out. The fact that the caves were like a maze also helped. I also put in three hypnotized bridesmaids to keep them busy, just in case Twilight didn't kill the real Cadence. Though honestly, I didn't actually think Twilight would have killed cadence, I wouldn't have lost sleep if she did. It's kill or be killed after all.

How Cadence and Twilight managed to get past all that I'm still not sure how. Still, this wouldn't have been a problem. When Twilight and the real Cadence revealed themselves, I decided to have some fun and monologue so I could distract them from my changeling beating the shield. The only thing that genuinely caught me off guard was Celestia herself challenging me.

I'm still thinking about that moment on how that could’ve happened. Admittedly I had a lot of power from all love at the wedding, but I don't think-. No, I know the power I had at the moment couldn't have been enough to one shot the alicorn that could move the bucking sun!

Something was clearly wrong then, but I was so overjoyed by my own victory and ego boost I didn't care. By that point by my changelings had finally broken free so I thought I was in the clear. When I saw my changelings capture Twilight and her friends I had officially won. I had everyone captured, the citizens and guards were being restrained. The victory was mine.

Then by some Deus Ex Machina Bullshit, I got beaten by the power of love. Fate sure loves irony. Bitch.

Anyway, after that disaster, some random voice shows up and says I don't have to be the bad guy. I decided to ignore her and try again. The queens mercilessly laughed at my misfortune. So much so that they called me ‘The Queen That Never Could’. If I ever find the specific Changeling or pony that came up with that name, I will personally kill them and eat their heart.

Every time my main goal is within my reach, it gets yanked away. Every. Single. Time! That's my life as a Changeling queen in a nutshell.

Now, however, I'm just making sure I don't die as opposed to actually trying to take anything over. I really just don't know what to do anymore. All that I do know, is that after everything I've experienced, there's no turning back now.

After about ten minutes I finally reach my home. It's really just an empty cave with some dry bones from some of my food. I use my magic to move a big rock to block the entrance. Thank goodness changelings can see in the dark. I walk to my corner of the cave and pace a little like a cat on its bed and lay down like a dog.

At least my life can't get any more complicated.

I let sleep take me over.

“We're sorry.”

“But you two can't keep this up anymore.”

“Were taking action into our own hooves.”

“We're sorry, but this is for your own good.”

[---The Next Day---]

“Princess Luna. Princess Twilight and her friends have just arrived.”

“Thank you. Send them in.”

I sat in my throne looking like a total wreck. Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Spike, and Starlight all came in, all looking similarly worried like Luna.

Twilight was the first to speak. “Princess Luna! We heard what happened. Where is Princess Celestia? Is she ok?”

Luna took a deep breath. “I'm afraid I have some rather troubling news. This morning, after I lowered the moon, I was expecting my sister to begin raising the sun, but it never came. I first thought that sister has slept in again by accident. As I started flying toward my sister’s room, however, I saw smoke was starting to emerge.”

Twilight tried to interrupt. “But she's ok right?”

I continue my story. “As soon as I saw this went as fast as my wings could muster. Once I was on my sister’s balcony, I went to open the door, but it burst into flames. It spread all over the outside of the room. I did my best to keep the fire from spreading further but the heat was too much for me to get close.”

Twilight interrupted again only louder. Her friends were starting to get worried for twilight. “But, She’s Ok Right?!”

I continue although I feel serious condolences for Twilight. “The fire only seemed to get more and more unstable. I then tried a trick I hoped would work. I used a shield spell over my sister's room so oxygen wouldn't go through so this fire could go out. Instead, it seems my magic only seemed to fuel the fire and it grew even stronger. I was forced to move back.”

Twilight shouted. “IS PRINCESS CELESTIA OK?!”

I paused but continued as I looked right into Twilight’s eyes as she tried to fight back her tear as well as Luna did to fight back her own. “After I was forced to move back. Then came a bright flash followed by a loud boom. Her room exploded. The flash from was so bright that anyone witnessed would have gone blind if they looked at it directly so everyone was forced to look away. The force of the explosion sent me and anyone else in the air flying out of control. No one was seriously injured. But…”

I got up from my throne and walked right up to Twilight and her friends. I activated my magic to perform a teleportation spell. What I brought in made everyone gasp. What had teleported in while still held in my magic was a scorched and slightly metal crown. Princess Celestia’s crown.

Twilight simply stared the crown in horror and sadness as did her friend all looked shock.

Twilight quickly grabs me into a hug let's all her tears out. I hugged back, I couldn't hold back my feelings back either.

Twilight’s friends all held expressions of sorrow. Applejack simply took off her hat and put it to her chest and held a face of sympathy. Rarity quickly started to cry a little as she put her face on Applejack’s shoulder. Rainbow looked ready to punch something as she held back her tears. Fluttershy held Pinkie Pie as her mane went flat and she was crying a river. Starlight was doing her best to keep Rainbow from breaking something with her magic, she wasn’t exactly as sad a the rest of her friends, but that's only because she actually never had the chance to get to know her, but she was still sad with her friends nonetheless.

This is a sad day for Equestria.

Deep within the underground caves of the Badlands was a meeting room. This room was specifically designed for all the queens of Changelings to meet and discuss important events, though normally only an almost earth-shattering discovery was needed to bring all the queens under one roof.

I was waiting patiently in a dark corner of the room, silently blending into the shadows.

Currently, though the only queens that have shown up so far are Queen Miasma and Queen Myxine. Both looking rather bored, content to simply sit in silence...

Queen Miasma is purple with holes in her cheeks, exuding an aura of condescension that was only matched by one of barely contained ferocity. She, along with along her hive, was parasites, even among Changelings. She was cruel, vain, snobbish, and eats garbage like she was feral. She was also wasn’t above stirring up trouble if the hostile look she was aiming at Myxine was anything to go by. Though her antics never worked.

Myxine, conversely, was blue and looked tired, showing clear desire to simply leave. Truthfully she was never known to care much about anything besides her own changelings. She was patient and proactive, but subscribed to the philosophy of, ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it'.

As the two sat, the doors went openly to reveal the last two queens to join. Queen Calliphora and Queen Ambrosia.

Queen Calliphora was white in color, who always acted mysteriously. She often kept to herself, only speaking when needed. Her Changelings, mirrored this behavior, acting like ghosts who would stalk graveyards, eating the sorrow and love of those paying respect to the deceased. Out of all of the queens, she was probably the nicest, if only by proxy, since all the other have killed before and nopony knows if she has nor her changelings.

Queen Ambrosia is was yellow with a chipper attitude. She almost always in a happy mood or at least interested in what other ponies and changelings are doing. She is often very curious and likes to ‘experiment’ with her feeding methods. Her changelings tended to mirror to their queen, always trying something new in order to get love. However, Ambrosia seemed to be mentally unstable, with many of her ‘experiments’ going to areas of such moral ambiguity that it made the other queens wary of her.

The two queens took their seats as everyone was accounted for. Except, of course, the obvious.

Miasma was the first to speak. “It's about time you two showed up.”

Ambrosia. “Sorry about that, trying to convince ghost queen over here to come is harder than you may think. Anyway, let's get this meeting started.”

Miasma replied. “If you insist.”

All the queen sat waiting for one to begin. Things got a little awkward when no one spoke up.





Myxine spoke first. “Soooo? Isn't anyone going to say what happened?”

Miasma replied. “Yes, speak up!”

Ambrosia spoke looking confused. “Why are you two looking me? I didn’t assemble this meeting.”

Myxine replied. “Wait you didn't? Then who did, I sure didn't.”

Miasma spoke up. “I didn't. Wait, then who called us?”

All three queen slowly turned there heads to Calliphora. All she did was gently move her head back and forth to show her lack of involvement. This only made all of the queens even more confused.

“I did,” I said.

All the queens quickly turned to a dark corner of the room. I was a female changeling. My mane and tail match the color of my queen, I am one of Chrysalis’s oldest living drones. Only without there soldier disguise on. All drones look different from another like ponies, the only thing they share in common is the black skin and whatever queen they belong to they share the same eyes and mane color. Besides that, completely different. When in plans for invasion or anything of that kinda military force, a Normal changeling can make themselves all look the same similar to how all of the celestia’s guard armor works.

Miasma was the first to speak. “Either you're the bravest drone I've ever seen or the stupidest. Most wouldn't dare enter this room even if their life depended on it.”

“Well, I'm not like most other drones. My name is Mimic. I am the last unaltered changeling of Chrysalis’s hive. And with all due respect, I don't care what any of you think of me. I'm only here because I know no other changelings will.”

Ambrosia spoke up. “Oh, I like her. She's got a lot of determination this one.”

Myxine spoke up. “Alright Mimic. Considering that you managed to get us all here, you must have some important news for us. Unless this is the most elaborate suicide attempt ever.”

Mimic replied. “It's not. I do have big news. One concerning Equestria and the other concerning the changelings. Which one would you prefer to hear first?”

Ambrosia spoke. “Let's hear Equestria. Things have been getting interesting there more and more every day. Oh, I wonder what world-ending threat happened this time.”

Mimic replied. “The sun goddess is dead.”

If any of the queens was drinking water right there, they would have performed a serious spit take. All the queen were dead silent as most of the jaws dropped except for Calliphora, who just remained still and silent as ever. Not even slightly surprised by this jaw-dropping news.

Myxine decided to open the biggest question in the room. “Wait, if Celestia is dead. How come the sun is still being moved and we're not all burning alive?”

Mimic replied. “Well, Luna has been practicing and is more than willing to keep the moon and sun schedule in check. If that doesn't work out the ponies also have a fallback plan. Six specially picked unicorns have been trained for years in case this ever happened and have the task of moving the sun in check. Same goes for the moon in case anything happens to Luna.”

Once again the room was dead silent. Despite knowing this, they were all still in shock over. While none of the queens liked any of the Princesses, they at least somewhat respected Celestia for keeping the sun and moon moving for over a thousand years.

Mimic spoke up again before any of them could make a proper response. “Before you all ask on how she died. I'm honestly not sure, nopony does actually. All that I do know is that at Celestia’s room caught on fire from the inside, which only grew more ferocious. Before anypony knew it, her entire tower exploded. I'm no expert on alicorns, but from the reports of the explosion, nothing could have move survived.”

No response was offered, not even Ambrosia’s happy attitude could stand after hearing that. Though she was able to speak up. “What the need for us?”

Instead of responding, Mimic all simply did walk up to the table and put down a damaged yet familiar crown. It was Chrysalis’s crown. All the queen starred.

All of them were once again silent, the difference this time was that there were some different reactions. First was that Ambrosia looked a tiny bit sad as she stares at the crown. Myxine’s jaw was slightly open as she looked at the crown. Miasma’s face slowly turned into an evil smile. She managed to suppress a cliche evil laughter. What was most noticeable was that Calliphora actually gave a reaction. She stared wide-eyed at the crown at the same time it looked like she was holding back on some kinda emotion, what emotion that was being held back was not clear.

Mimic once again spoke. “I wasn't at the hive like the rest. I was a few miles away before it exploded.”

Myxine spoke up after that. “Wait for a second, why weren't you at Chrysalis’s hive?”

“...I was doing something personal. Regardless it's not important now. What is important is how I found this. After Chrysalis disappeared I did everything to try and find her. She needed at least one loyal subject. If she was left alone for too long she could go insane.”

Miasma was struggling not to laugh, only to be met with a hostile glare from Mimic.

“Then one day, I found something. In Canterlot, in the very room where Chrysalis was launched by that love shield. Behind a plant on the balcony, was a tiny piece of her mane. I can only assume that blast was strong enough to knock some strands lose. It was old, but it still had a very faint amount of magic still on it. After buying a few tracking items I went looking for her.

It took me weeks, but then I eventually reached her last location. What I found was not a pretty sight. There were craters and magic residue everywhere. Almost everything in the area was obliterated. There must have been some kind of fight there, some of the craters were still smoking at the time. Yet when I looked through the rubble. This was all I could find.”

The room was dead silent once again. No one knew what to say. Until Miasma spoke up. “Well since Chrysalis is gone, somepony needs to reclaim what's left of her-”

Ambrosia. “Miasma. Too soon. I think what we need to acknowledge first how she was killed and make sure it doesn't happen to us.”

Myxine. “I agree. This is a serious problem.”

Miasma “Oh quit worrying. You all know that she was the worst out of all of us. She tried taking over the country twice and fail miserably on both accounts. I say good riddance.”

Myxine. “Wow, Miasma. That's cruel even for you.”

Ambrosia. “And if anyone could have taken on those little ponies it was her.”

Miasma. “If you all believed in her, why did none of you help her when she first showed off her plan to try to invade?”

Ambrosia. “...Well… I….I wanted to keep my changelings safe…and….”

Myxine had no response.

“That's what I thought.”

While the three were Arguing. I went up to Queen Calliphora. She turned to me with a raised eyebrow, so I knew I had her attention. I spoke quietly so the other queens couldn't hear me.

“Calliphora. I'm going to need a big favor. I know I'm not in any position to do so, especially since I'm not part of your hive. However, you're my best chance of getting out of here. I'm fully aware of what happens if a drone calls a meeting without the Queen order to do so. I know by all logic Chrysalis is dead and I should accept that, but, I can't give up now. I don't know why I just have a feeling she's alive and I have to be there for her so she knows that somepony still cares for her. I don't know if I will ever find her, but I'm gonna damn well try.”

Queen Calliphora looked at me. As I looked into her eyes, it was clear she knew there was more than what I was saying. I sigh and continue.

“Ok. There is another reason I want out. I have somepony I care about deeply. She has no idea about this life and she is waiting for me to come home. She will be heartbroken if she never sees me again. I can't do that to her. Please, I beg of you.”

Queen Calliphora looked at me. She quickly looked at the other queens as they argued. She then turned to the door and opened it with her magic and leaned her head down near me with a kind smile on her face.


I smiled back and flew up as fast I could. Today turned out better than I thought.

After about an hour of flying, I finally reach home. It's late at night, so there were very little ponies out. So I quickly fly into a dark alleyway close to my house and change. My skin turns to light mint green fur and my mane turns to a greenish white. My eyes turn yellow and a harp is put on my rear. I silently walk out

“Hi, Bonnie. I'm home.”

“Glad to see you Lyra. Did your crazy human hunting friends get you in trouble again?”

“No, and that only happened one time.”

“You mean last week when you tried to break into Twilight’s castle because of a mirror.”

“Hey, she forgave me. Also, I’m pretty sure you've done crazier things, Secret Agent Sweetie Drops.”

“...Ok, you got me there. Still though.”

Sigh. “What do I have to do for you to let that go for tonight.”

“You could always try on the outfit I got you.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about. Did I ever tell you that you have a very ironic interpretation of roleplaying?”

“You can’t tell me that you're not interested.”

“Which one of us is the crazy one again?”

In the bustling city of Baltimare. At the front desk of an apartment complex stood a tall Pegasus. She had grey fur and a completely black mane. Her eyes were a light purple and her cutie mark looked like a burned out sun. She was currently filling out the last of the paperwork in order to start rent payments for her apartment for the landlord. The landlord was a red earth pony stallion with a blue mane with an average build and a combed mane. He also had a checklist and pen for a cutie mark.

“Alright. Is that everything Mister Bookmark?”

“That should be it. Rent is due at the end of each month.”

He reaches under his desk and pulls out a small metal box. He rummages through until he finds the proper key.

“Here you go Miss Pyrois. I hope you enjoy your time here.”

“Thank you. You have a good day.”

I walk my way up the third floor of the building. The interior of this building was meant to be homely while still looking refined. After reaching the third floor I walked down the hallway I reached my apartment number 313. I opened the door to my new home for the next few years.

I walk in to see several of my moving boxes already placed inside. I take a big sigh and go lay on my new bed.

“So this is a new life for me. Well, it's a better than what I expected.”

One day you’re the only mare in the world that can move the sun. The next your whole life gets changed upside down.

It all started a month ago when Equestria thought I died. When I woke up that morning, I was just as surprised as everyone else to see my room on fire. After a short panic, I did what I could to put out the fire, but was shocked to see that the more I used magic, the more it spread. It was at the moment when I started to get a good look at myself, my fur was not the usual white instead it was slowly starting to get darker and less… solid.

Now being the alicorn of the sun naturally heat wouldn't be such a bother to me, but anyone would have been freaking out upon seeing their skin was starting to turn into molten magma. Everything that came into contact with me began to melt, and I was horrified at the thought of any pony coming near me.

So when I heard ponies and my own sister were trying to get in, I panicked and used what magic I could use to keep the doors locked which resulted in the fire growing stronger as well. Time was running out and I wasn't sure how much more my room could take or how long before somepony tries to be heroic and gets themselves killed because of me.

So I did the only thing I could think of in the hysteria. I ran, I had no idea that my transformation had made my wings strong enough to make a flash explosion. Lucky it wasn't as powerful as Rainbow’s Sonic Rainboom, so nobody was seriously hurt. I flew as fast I could for the safety of both myself and my ponies, at least until I could figure out what was going on.

I eventually made my way to the sea and found a small uninhabited island so I could think. This was when she showed up. I Understandably gave her a piece of my mind. Nothing too bad.


Ok, maybe it was that bad. Regardless, she told me what was going on. To put it simply, I've played the calm understanding ruler for so long, that over a thousand years all the stress and constantly neglecting my own personal desires had been building up both in my own mind and my own magic, before exploding into this new form. So until I get all this out my system, I can't go back to Luna or Twilight without possibly getting them seriously hurt or worse.

After that bombshell was dropped, that voice just disappeared and I haven't heard from her since. The next two weeks I stayed on that island trying, to figure how to control the changes to my body.

As for what I am now? I am not sure, It seems like my entire body is kinda divided. Ok, Alicorns are basically made up of the three races of Equestria, but in my case, it’s like all three sides of me are divided and I can only pick one at a time. Since I was the Princess of the Sun I suppose it makes sense that all my new forms are all fire based.

The first is what I became when my room caught on fire, I can only assume it is meant to be my Pegasus side, since that’s what it resembles, except on fire. I can fly a lot faster and my body becomes essentially intangible, so that’s a nice perk. I can also go through walls but at the cost of leaving the wall on fire. However, I can still use some aspects of Pegasus magic with this form to help me out. While all of this can definitely be useful, I can take a wild guess what would happen if I ended up in a freezer in that form. Stealth is also impossible, but it’s speed, intangibility, and magic can be useful in case I ever end up in trouble.

Then there is what I believe to be my earth pony side. Apparently, in this form, I become a living lava pony. Everything around me either starts to turn to fire or melt into me. I can also alter my bodies shape at will, turning my hooves and legs into anything I want. Also, if I dip myself in water long enough I can become temporarily solid. Though this form has it’s drawbacks, it’s slow and very hard to concentrate my thoughts.I'm guessing it’s probably because it takes so much work to keep my body together So I might make some rash decisions when I'm like this. Still, the lava me is not something you want to mess with.

Finally, there is my unicorn side. Apparently, my body becomes dried lava rock, which sounds strong but compared to my other two it's, physically the weakest. In this form, I can use all of my magic from before and then some. The only catch is that can't alter my body to turn me back. At the most, all I can do is use my magic to put a spell on me to look like a normal-ish pony.

After figuring enough of my new body I made it back to civilization under the name Pyrois. I decided to go with the name as it was part of an old folktale I heard as a filly. Plus it's the only one that I could think of that's even close to my old name that could work. Anyway, after I spent enough time on the island, I went to Baltimare to try and get a train to Canterlot, but along the way, I started to think.

What if she was right? What if I have overstayed my welcome as an Equestrian ruler? I mean, look what happened because I hardly ever took time for myself. Maybe I should take a vacation. I also knew that letting Luna and Twilight think I was dead would be too much for them. Still, I didn’t want them finding me, so I wrote a letter for Luna and Twilight’s eyes only, before putting it through the regular mail system so they couldn’t trace it.

Soon after that, thanks to all my years with paperwork I knew how to make a convincing resume and applied for a job as a teacher. After I was accepted I took that job along with of other part-time jobs so I could pay for this apartment. This has definitely been an interesting experience for me. Though, I don’t know if this is better or worse yet. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I was currently in a coffee shop sipping on a hot cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. I caught sight of an interesting article, which read “Highly Regarded noble Autumn Fall was arrested for raping some of his employees!”. I smiled at the title of the article, It's strangely satisfying ruining the lives of ponies that deserve it. A little more than a month ago I would have gladly killed any pony on the spot if they stood in my way. Now I only want to kill the ones who act like parasites, Ironic isn't it?

A month I was the clinically insane queen that tried to take over a country, twice, that has been alive for centuries and reduced to a homeless person who hunts wild animals for food. Now I'm an alicorn with some of my sanity back trying to be a lawyer. How the hell did my life turn to this in a day you may ask.

Well if I'm being honest for once in my life, I have no Faust damn idea why the hell this happened. I mean seriously even I can see that I am the last one in all of Equestria to become an alicorn. Not only that, that was my first experience being a pony, it was extremely different from a changeling.

For one thing, it's noticeably warmer. I'm not sure if this is really all that bad or good. However, what really sets me off, is how their magic and wings work. You see changeling magic is almost entirely instinctual. Every form magic is already accessible when we are born. Alicorn magic is just raw unconcentrated power. It's very unstable if you don't know how to control it. The same could also be said for the wings. How is anyone supposed to fly with these things without constantly losing balance and flying into objects or the ground?

When I first found myself an alicorn the next morning, I blew up my cave and just about everything near me. Though, for once in my life, I can safely say that this was not my fault. It took some time, but I managed to get an at least decent handle on my magic. At least enough so I would stop blowing stuff up. Thank you, trial and error.

Though, there is one very weird thing about my new body that I have noticed. I have been feeling more emotional lately. I mean I understand that I used to feed off ponies emotions, but who knew that these pony feelings were so… potent. Sure, Changelings can actually have emotions, but we can’t eat our own. Plus they aren’t as strong as a pony’s emotions. At least that’s works for queens, I am not sure how strong a drone’s feelings.

I mean to ponies, they would think I was a mare that didn’t care about anything other than business, but I actually feel genuinely happy some days. I could even feel sad for some ponies, I mean, I gave a homeless pony ten bits the other day for crying out loud! When I was my old self if anyone begged me for anything I would back hoof them. Now I can’t look at a baby pony with my mind say 'awww'. It’s infuriating!

Anyway, it took some time, but I eventually managed to get enough of my magic working, to make me look like a Pegasus. After that, I decided to head to the nearest city, I think it’s called Baltimare, and blend in so I can figure out what to do with my life. I go in and try to figure out what a former parasite pony hybrid, master of deception could get a job.

After some cleverly forged paperwork, suddenly I'm a lawyer. Though I'm a little different than the rest, I actually have a heart. You see a few days ago I eventually came across a mare at the bar crying, trying to drink herself to death, but I managed to stop her. After some convincing, she told me what was happening. Apparently, this Autumn Fall was getting away with sexually harassing his employees at his company and was using his influence to get away with it. Worst of all, last week he even raped her in a broom closet.

Needless to say the last time I felt as angry as I did then, was when I was left stranded in the desert and forced to find my way back to my hive. So the next thing I did was find this son of a bitch, act a little seductive so he could show me around his workplace, gained enough evidence from the employee's e and sued the living crap out of him. Eventually managed to get him and every other corrupt piece of crap sent to prison, needless to say, it was a good day.

“Excuse me?”

I look up from my paper to see a tall and grey and black female unicorn, currently holding a cup of coffee with her magic, as she looked at me with a smile.


“Do you mind if I sit here. There are no other tables available.”

“...Sure. Why not.”

“Thank you.”

The mare sits on the table. She starts slow sipping her tea before I decide to speak so to make this a little less awkward.

“I didn't know they made tea here?”

“Neither did I until I asked. Hey, aren't you that lawyer that got rid of the Autumn Fall a few days ago?”

“That me. Silver Law. You?”

“Pyrosis. A pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

She giggled after I said that. ‘Why did I say that?’

“Thanks. You know, Autumn wasn't the only one rich bastard among the noble community.

“Oh, what makes you think that?”

“Trust me I know.”

“How can a trust you if I just met you. Hehe.”

“Haha. Touché, but let me ask you something. When was the last noble you met that showed any kind of respect for anyone, but themselves?”

“...” ‘Holy shit she's right.’


“Interesting. Oh hey, if you don't mind me asking, I've been looking for a new place to live and I'm having trouble finding the right apartment. Any suggestions?”

“Oh you should come back to my place, the rent there is pretty decent and the rooms aren't half bad. If you're lucky we could even be neighbors.”

“Hmm, I think I'll take you up on that offer. You have anything planned right now. I know I don't.”

“Nope. Come on.”

I get up out of my chair as does Pyrosis and we start our way back to her place. I'm not sure why, but something about this mare seems familiar. I'll worry about that later. Right now, I just want to enjoy myself.