Flashfic Entries

by Matthewl419

Laugh so You Don't Cry (Sad)

I wake to the sound of a door opening, a lavender pegasus with a wheelchair cutie mark walks through with a cart.

“Good morning, Ms. Pie, how are we doing today?” the mare asks.

Wait, who is Ms. Pie? I wonder. I’m the only one here… could she mean me? Nonsense, my name is...
my name is...
my name is Pinkamena.

“It’s time for your medicines, Ms. Pie.” She looks at me. No, into me. “You don’t know me, do you?”

I shake my head weakly, somehow unable to speak.

With a look of pain in her eye, she says, “I guess introductions are in order, then. My name is Sunrise, I’m your new nurse. It says on my clipboard it's time for medicines and breakfast, is that correct?”

I can tell she’s feigning ignorance, but I nod anyway.

“Okay, let’s get to it.”