When The Night Crawls

by Hoppa_21

Chapter 9: A Crawling Night

POV: Narrator

Location: Somewhere in the Bridge Harbor District, on a random roof
Time: 23:44

In the dark of the night a shadow crawled from left to right. His awesomeness was put to the test, but he succeeded and the hair monster was defeated! Now it was time to rest, because this is something that deserved even the best. Time to reminisce the day, as the night crawled away.

Ha, night crawled away! You know, because he IS the NIGHTCRAWLER! I’m so poetic!

What? Don’t think so? Want to hear what happened next?

…Fine. Killjoy. Like I was saying in rhyme it was nighttime!

…Just kidding! Geez, tough crowd! Just let me start again. So, our hero slash anti-hero, since he wasn’t really into heroics and doing only the things he wants to do, was quite exhausted after this eventful day. He just stopped after one last teleport and sat down. Despite his exhaustion he had to admit that this was all really exciting. Sure, he was in a strange world with strange creatures, but a world with mutants no less! It was like he stumbled into a marvel movie! Or even better, an X-Men movie! But it was also kind of sad that his new pet escaped him. He really liked that crazy furniture pony. He would have been a good mascot, but alas it wasn’t meant to be…


The rumbling of his stomach brought him out of his thoughts as he rubbed it lovingly.

“Tut mir Leid, Kleiner, aber der Bretzeldieb entkam. (Sorry, little guy, but the pretzel thief escaped.)“

This new situation brought his thoughts on track again, as he noticed that he didn’t exactly have a plan. And a plan might be important to get his hands on food and a roof. Well a roof he was staying under and not on. Roofs weren’t that comfortable of a place to sleep on after all. Not to mention the insects he had no protection from. So a roof was really something necessary. And a few walls additionally couldn’t hurt too. Not to mention something spacey, just like the convention halls!

With that he remembered a certain person from the convention. The face he was seeing in front of his inner eye, gave him an idea.

Immediately he got his backpack off his back and was rummaging for the item he would need. He found it after a short time, hauling a black book out of it. He looked at the title and a smile played across his face at reading the title “101 – Displaced for Dummies”. This would be perfect to recall everything this Displacer told him. He remembered something about different dimensions and found an article of it. One that even described the world he was currently in, and apparently, if the note on the top is to be believed, it would even change if he walked into another dimension. So he could get base data no matter which world he was on.

“Mal sehen… (Let’s see…) Magical land of Equestria…ponies…Unicorns…Pegasi…Mutants…”

He made the specific ‘hm’ sound telling everyone around him, or in this case no one, that he was deep in thought as he read through this vital information.

He found it rather interesting. Sure, the colorful world of ponies might seem a bit frou-frou, but on the other side this world was at least not as grey, black, white, and blue as his world. He really hated his world for being so stuck up with its color-scheme. It was quite the task to find a yellow pair of pants after all! Hours and weeks of searching only brought him one shop that even sold them! It was outrageous! The scandal of scandals!

And if you haven’t noticed it by now, yes, his favorite color is the color of kindness: yellow.

Best color for the win!

…Moving on.

Despite this, he of course had to read more information. He had gotten himself a job after all and had therefore a lot to learn about the Displaced and travelling dimensions, so he turned a leaf and read further.

It took him some time but about half an hour later he had the most important things down. One topic fascinated him especially.

“…How to create a token, step one…”

Yep. A token! He wanted to see even more of the world! Or dimensions as the case may be, so what better place to start than to create one of these nifty gadgets! He had only one problem. A problem that made his eyes well in tears.

“MEINE BRETZEL! (MY PRETZEL!)” he wailed in a completely manly manner as he shed the manliest of manly tears and in forlorn longing, realized that the item was best to be personal, and what could have been more personal than the pretzel he loved with a passion! This delicious goodness would have duplicated all over the void to the different planes of existence, spreading his Bavarian culture to every dimension there was!

And the best thing was that he wouldn’t even have lost it, as it would have duplicated itself, so that he could keep the original. Not to mention that with a bit of his essence, he could have duplicated his pretzel again and again, curing world hunger!


…And his own.

So what was he supposed to do now? The hunched up soul that was starving on a cold and unforgiving roof?

He then sat down cross-legged and had a hand on his chin in the universal thinking pose, trying to solve said problem. Whining wasn’t about to solve his hunger, but maybe one of the items he got would?

It kind of reminded him how he first arrived in this strange world. The day, which was still today, everything changed. Where he got awesome mutant powers but lost his pretzel…

The day of the convention