One Colt Army

by VIRAnimation

Caught in the act

In one of the control panel rooms on the same floor, Rez finally got inside with no one around through one of the secret elevators to avoid being seen by Trench Bloodhoof. Determined to shut off the bio-scanners before anyone comes in, she locks the door and starts looking at every button combination.
“OK, this button should do it.” The password screen is brought up and punches in the code.

Back on Floor 5, Rumble notices a Mare who's also dressed in the soda company uniform has arrived to meet up with the similar Pony.

“Here I am, ready to lift this machine back to headquarters”

“Sure thing”
Sure enough, both of the two ponies are successfully lifting the machine up and putting it on the pull thing. Raden was also watching as the machine is placed on the pulley and felt something off about the need for two ponies to hold a defective huge machine, but he just took his private hidden elevator back to his office for cleanup. Rumble pressed a button to send a beep message to Rez and soon afterward, he got two beeps letting Rumble know that she's almost got it.

The two ponies start moving the machine to the elevator where Rumble was just about to follow them, the elevator closing was the last thing he saw as he started getting dizzy, when Rumble realizes what was going on, it was too late as he passed out. A silent gas grenade was thrown behind him by none other than Alyx, who just decided to try out the new hidden passages system he read about in Trenches office where he heard the sounds of a young colt through. “Adios brat!” the Stallion whispers.

Back at the override station, Rez is almost done confirming to have the Bio Scanners overwritten. However, there was a huge flash of light as a stun grenade was rolled into the door blinding Rez. The last thing she could see before darkness was a bright light as she heard the sound of Dox's voice followed by complete darkness and the feeling of a rag over her mouth.

“Looks like your revenge plan didn't turn out hot after all mule!” The young colt replied before noticing the switches that were set to turn off the BioScanners. Realizing that he got hit in the horn when he saw the soft drink machine, he quickly leaves the room and quickly uses the hidden elevator to go to Room 9.

Room 9 is the other room that you can access through outside of the base since there's a deep hole in the terrain that has a short tunnel to it. it is the Vehicle storage facility where all of the land vehicle's are stored at and park at. The soda machine ponies arrive to load their soft drink machine with the Crusaders into their parked Soft machine truck.

Once that's all done, the male pony who drove the truck here proceeds to engage the engine. Just as soon as they passed the exit and into outside, suddenly the alarms sounded blasting through the speakers. Knowing they're in deep trouble, they stopped the truck. The Cutie Mark Crusaders hopes have all been smashed when they hold the sounds just a few seconds after the truck started moving. “Well girls, we tried” Apple Bloom stated.

Trench Bloodhoof and Dox arrived at the spot where the truck is at and Trench Bloodhoof approached the driver while Dox opens up the back of the truck that was just closed a minute ago.

“Uhh sir, what seems to be the problem”

“I'll tell you whats up, Dox's playmates are trying to run away from us and we suspect that they're in your truck”
The girl passenger spoke up “Uh sir we don't know why you'd think that, we're just taking a defective soft machine back for repair”

“With three Brats inside!” Suddenly they got out of the truck to see that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are being pulled out of the soft drink machine one by one by Dox.

“Oh hey aren't those the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they been missing for......” The driver never got to finish his sentence nor did his passenger as Alyx fired a net at all two of them. “Oh hey, looks like they tried to rat us out.

Trench Bloodhoof stared at the Crusaders with an angry look at his eye “This is how you repay my son, just running off from us like a traitor!”

“But sir, how can you just approve of us being slaves to your own son?” Apple Bloom tried to use her cute eyes to change Trenches mind

“Look at here young girl, you think you all belong back with your family and sisters", throwing a newspaper discussing their disappearance on the gronud, "But lets face it, had you not fallen for Raden's trap, you would have all been back home right now, and also, your failed savior” Trench drops a fallen feather of what was exactly Rumble's feather, some of it blew particles at Alyx which caused his wings to erect and sneeze a bunch of feathers.

Sweetie Belle could only think of tearing up when she noticed Rumble's feather. Trench continued to lecture the Crusaders,

“Oh don't worry, he's gonna have a permanent home in our cell”

“Whats going on here” Raden who just about to leave in his personal hovercraft heard the conversation outside which made him decide to go outside on foot to hear what was going on. “Dox I was wanting to ask you about my appearance in this issue you made the girls write about me”

“Raden, you're the reason why the girls almost got away!” Alyx shouted in anger as he pushed Raden aside. “I had nothing to do with their escape whatsoever, I was too busy dealing the with the Rioters for one” “Enough of you two, Raden, I changed my mind about you, tomorrow in the morning, you will be leaving this facility for good. You're fired! Pack your junk up and go back to Manehatten.“

“Fired, dude, I had to put up with your bastard child for a while, he's been screwing up the cable systems, he's been bribing mercs, and he's been taking pictures of”

“How can you say such things about Dox Raden” Alyx continues to defend Dox while Raden thinks of a comeback, now normally, he was gonna use the CMC's own issue of Alyx to get him back on his side along with Trenches, but just seeing the CMC tearing up and the fact that Trench just fired him made him reconsider. He tried to give the CMC a saddened look but Alyx pulled his face in. “Look at me when I'm discussing important crap!”

Dox approached Raden and proceeds to talk to him “Hey dude, here's some of the dough I promised for you” Raden was about to grab it but the little colt pulled the money away. “Hehe, did you even thought I was gonna give you my dough in the 1st place.” Dox continued taunting Raden.

Raden looked at the CMC briefly one more time and noticed that Alyx left his private elevator up to the ground level. He was pointing his hoof at its direction while Raden tried to give a sign language telling one of them to try to rescue Rumble. Apple Bloom was the only one who understood the sign language and made a run for it while everyone else is still distracted. The other girls noticed that Raden is helping them find Rumble, Unfortunately for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, Trench Bloodhoof got done with a conversation with Alyx and placed three nets around where the girls were trapping Sweetie Belle in one net, followed by Scootaloo in another one and the third one just going over a rock that Apple Bloom left behind, Trench Bloodhoof wasn't even looking with his own eyes, assuming they're all there.

“Alright guys, Dox, you can come with me to the castle, you can take any one of the fillies with you, two of them will have to be punished I'm afraid.

“I'm taking the White filly with me”

“Alrighty, son” Trench grabs the bag with Sweetie Belle and carry her to their personal hovercar and starts driving off into another roadway which leads to a totally different building in the land.

“Raden, wanna do one more task, who should work the mines and who should be in the cell?”

Not wanting to get Apple Bloom busted, he quickly jumps the gun and accepts the offer. “Alright, I'll take Apple Bloom to the prison cell right here, you can take Scootaloo to the caves”

Scootaloo obviously heard what Raden is saying but also knew that he sent the real Apple Bloom to go save Rumble and just knew that salvation is still near.

Alyx alerted the office Mare on Floor 10 to take Scootaloo to the caves as Alyx has two other ponies to take care of.

DAY 2 - 7:00PM

It was starting to feel really cold for both Rumble and Rez as they just felt like they awaken from a nightmare, they can feel that they're able to move freely and had successfully gotten up, even Rumble's wings can engage freely, however, they are still dizzy and once they saw the blurry bars in front of them with the figure of a Blue Pegasus, they realized that they're royally screwed.

The blue angry Pegasus scratches his wings causing some feathers to fall off, his wings erected 4 times like it was sneezing a bunch of feathers.

“Little brats, Little brats, this is your new home”

“The hell do you want Alyx!” Rez Screamed. “Where're my fillies!” Rumble yelled.

“Listen up you little brat! You gave me the feather flu and now I'm crippled for a couple of days now in Flight, all because of you!” Rumble managed to avoid contact with his diseased feathers to avoid catching the Feather Flu as Rumble is starting to recover from the Feather Flu.

“Hey you have no right to.......” the angry mare yelled

“And you escapey, you may have had luck the 1st time but it looks like your luck has run out! Now if you excuse me, I got some important errands to run while you two rot here for the rest of your life” Alyx starts heading out of the prison room and into Room 8.

Rumble begins crying as it appears they had failed their mission. “So, this is what it's like for the Crusaders now” Rumble starts sniffing as he's tearing up.

“Oh don't think of it that way Rumble, things could always be worst, least we're not placed in a cell next to some creep waiting for the shampoo to be dropped. There's a lot worse things we or the crusaders could be in, maybe Ponyville's already investigating your footprints to their base, and the royal guards are probably finally tracking my location”

“But I'll never see the Crusaders again” Rumble continues to sob some more. “Listen, kid, I know its tough to lose someone, but at least we have each other for the time being. Tell you what, if this happens to be our last moment together should they put us in separate prisons, what would you like to do”

“Well, I guess we could play some cards or....”

Suddenly Rumble was caught by surprise when his lips meet with Rez's lips. Rumble knew that it was very wrong to be kissing another Mare's lips other then the one filly he choosed to stay true to a few weeks ago, considering how hopeless it seems, it appears that maybe he can enjoy as much while they're still trapped. Plus, he's sure Flitter wouldn't mind that he liked kissing other mare's should they somehow escape.

“Hehehe, that..... felt really nice Rez: Rumble then collapse with his tongue out.

“Rumble, get your tongue off the prison floor, its filthy” Rez proceeds to put her hoof on his tongue and that's when he realizes that she was stripped of her outfit and hoof shoes, Rumble can only feel and taste the huge blast of her painted white hooficure job from a week ago and he started sucking away at her cute white hoofsie's.

“Heheehe stop it Rumble, this is silly!” She couldn't keep control as she pulled Rumble in for a hug and cuddle while Rumble continued tasting her hoofsie's. She gets Rumble to stop so she can kiss his cheek Rumble points at the same spot she kissed him at telling her to kiss his cheek again. As soon as she pressed her lips to his cheek again, Rumble sucked on her white hoofsie's while he looked at her face and she looked at his face which ended as soon as he pulled away at the same time she pulled away. The two Laughed and Rumble asks her to kiss his cheek for as long as she can while he continued suckling her hoofsie's.

Two Mares and a colt were sitting in the Room 10 office when they saw the Office Mare in a really angry mood, she's forcefully pulling Scootaloo dragging her to the elevator.
“You have been a pain in my flank brat!” The orange filly replied “But what Dox did to us is wrong, you can't just” The Office Mare slaps Scootaloo in the mouth and face to shut her up while kicking her. “I don't give a flying feather! All I care about is my job and that's that, and for that, You shall not be wearing safety gear for where you're going!”

Suddenly, the Colt spoke up. “Ohhh looks liked ur in troboe! Wait till I tell mai friend abau..” One of the mares slaps his face too.

“Don't you ever dare tell anyone about that prisoner! You wanna get us investigated by the royal guards! You're grounded!”

The Office Mare puts on her gas mask and once reaching the elevator pushed the Floor 0 button two times to confirm it. As the two descend down into the caves, what they didn't know was that in a hidden vent near the elevator door, a certain Apple Filly was hiding near listening to the whole conversation. “Better go check the prison rooms for Rumble, fast” Apple Bloom here's a familiar voice when she was about to push one of the Button's.

“So he's the one trying to get you three out of this crumbling down Mercenary. Apple Bloom turned around and seen a dark colored earth pony crawling back to the other vents while he left the keys to his own office behind alongside the keys to his personal Hovercraft.