Something Worth Waiting For

by MLPMintySparksFIMFiction

Chapter 1

It was another day in Ponyville, as usual Rainbow Dash, probably the cockiest mare in town, was soaring high in the sky relaxing on a cloud and slowly drifting of to sleep.

Fluttershy was in her cottage, caring from her animals when she heard a abnormally loud snore come from the clouds above (she could hear it through her window). Her animals all started to pay no attention to what was going on and started running around manically, as they couldn't concentrate on what they were doing.

"Everyone, please calm down-ah!" Fluttershy began to say, she was interrupted as her rabbit, Angel, threw a oddly large carrot across the room.

"Angel Bunny, there's no need for that-" she was cut of again by animals quickly running past her. She frowned at Rainbow Dash from inside her cottage and began to make her way for the door.

"Rainbow Dash...Rainbow Dash!"

Fluttershy was hardly speaking at all, nopony could hear a word she was saying, especially if they were asleep. Eventually the Pegasus realised this and looked around to see if anypony was near, since it was early afternoon, and every pony was probably having lunch, she decided that there was no way anypony could hear her.


The blue Pegasus began to rub her eyes and wake up.

"Was that you?" She said in surprise.

"Yes, it was. It was for a good cause too"

Dash raises an eyebrow.

"Your snoring was disrupting me and my animals, and I think you owe them an apology".

"Ugh, seriously?" The cyan pony moaned.

Fluttershy glared.

"Ok, ok" Rainbow croaked. She stretched and flew from her cloud and onto the ground, she followed the pastel yellow pony back to her cottage.

Fluttershy opened the door, Rainbow Dash followed. All the animals were still messing around, some were hanging from the ceiling, others chasing each other around.

"Every pony, be quiet!" The shy pony said, slightly louder than when she was alone.

Most of the animals turned to her, and saw Rainbow Dash. They immediately changed their expressions to hate.

"Now, now. Rainbow has something to say".

"Uh...sorry for annoying you with my snoring, it won't happen again...I promise?" Rainbow said, as though she were questioning here own words. She turned to Fluttershy to see if she approved. Fluttershy smiled

"See, now Rainbows apologised, can everypony either head back to their rooms or habitats, please? If that's not ok, just try to be a little more quiet." Fluttershy said, with a warm heart. All her animals went either back to their little houses or did something quiet.

Rainbow Dash blushed, she had always admired how Fluttershy could calm other ponies...or animals down. She found it fascinating that, even with her low self confidence, she was able to still be kind and not loose her temper.

"I'm sorry I had to call you here, Rainbow Dash. It would have taken hours to calm them down if there hadn't been an apology, you know how my animals can get. I'm very sorry for waking you up"

"Oh no, it's fine! I'd rather have helped you, than you having to struggle for hours with your animals" Rainbow said, trying to sound sincere.

What Rainbow had said had cause Fluttershy to blush, she liked it when Rainbow was caring, rather than brash and self absorbed, though she still felt this somewhat attractive. However, unfortunate for Fluttershy, she wasn't very good at hiding her blushes.

Rainbow Dash noticed Fluttershy had turned crimson. She looked at her yellow friend anxiously.

"You ok, Flutters?"

"Y-yes of tea?'


Fluttershy ran out the room, leaving a very confused Rainbow Dash. She had no idea what was happening. Five minutes ago she was fine, now she was having an odd feeling. Butterflies began to fill her stomach.

"Pull yourself together!" She mumbled to herself. She attempted to get the kettle from the counter, but her hoof shook and she dropped it on the floor.

"Fluttershy?!" Rainbow shouted, worriedly. She began to fast-walk to the kitchen.

"Sorry, my hoof was shaking. Did I startle you?" Fluttershy said.

Rainbow Dash noticed she was still red. "Of cause not, I was more worried about you! Here lemme' help" .

Rainbow Dash grabbed the kettle and put it on the shelf.

"Fluttershy what's going on? You're bright red and you're so nervous around me, what did I do?" Rainbow said to her friend, with a sense of panic in her voice.

"I-it's not you,'s me"

Rainbow looked confused, Fluttershy could tell.

"Ok, can I talk to you-" Fluttershy started, then looked at the animals in her kitchen "-in private?" She smiled to her animals, as they hoped, slipped and ran out of the kitchen.

"What is it?"

"It's not your fault, but for some reason... I...i"

Fluttershys heart was pounding so much, she felt as though it would explode in her chest.

"You what?"

Fluttershy gulped. " I started to get butterflies when you started talking to me, not just talking but understanding . I know it sounds crazy, but we've known each other for years, I just feel like I... feel something about you, Dash."

Rainbow Dash was left gobsmacked, she stared at Fluttershy for a moment, her mouth slightly open. Fluttershy started going red again, then she began to tear up.

"No no no no, don't cry!" Rainbow Dash said. "I feel the same way!"

Fluttershy looked at Rainbow Dash.

"You do?"

"Sure! The way you're so kind to everypony around you is something I admire! You can understand how ponies feel and know exactly what to say! You'd never hurt'd never hurt me" Rainbows cheeks flushed red. Fluttershy smiled



Rainbow Dash wanted to go in for a kiss, but thought it would be too soon, so she went in for a hug instead. Luckily, Shy hugged back. Rainbow knew she had something special here, and so did Fluttershy. Fluttershy pulled away from the hug and stared into Dashs' eyes. The both moved in and went for a very brief, but loving and passionate, kiss.

"I'll be back tomorrow" said Rainbow.

"I'll see you then"

Rainbow pecked a kiss on Fluttershys forehead and, before long, made her way through the door and darted of into the air. Fluttershy had never felt so special in all her days. This was going to be something worth waiting for