The Last Warrior

by Blazing_Dusk


Alright, so um... I'm gonna level with you here, I know you won't believe me but this is all true. I know it might seem impossible, it may seem like an old mares tale (granted by the time you read this it probably is) but everything I am going to tell you is the truth, that understood? Good.

Ever heard of Sombra the Shield? No. how about Starswirl? No, not 'the bearded'. So what about Scootaloo the unchained? No, well of course not, that's why I'm here.

They are the three most well-known Warriors, for various reasons. Sombra became King Sombra. Starswirl was the first to use moonlight as a power source (so awesome, once you can do it). And then their's me, that's the whole point of this tale.

Oh! Right, a Warrior is a pony who's natural magic takes the form of combat magic instead of what it would be normally. Most ponies have to change the form of their magic before casting a combat spell, Warriors don't, however, we have to do the same thing to get normal magic, so say I wanted to fly, I'd have to change the form my magic takes to weather magic before I can do anything that most Pegasi can just do. Also before I forget all Warriors have a single spell that we use on instinct and doesn't drain our magic pool, I don't really understand how but mom says it's better to not worry about it.

So on with my tale, or legend depends on when you're reading this.

My name is Scootaloo, I'm a fifth-teen-year-old filly with titles that you'll find out about later. My story starts back when I was twelve, just two weeks after Tireks attack...