An Evening with Flurry Heart

by MySisterBroughtMeHere

An Evening with Flurry Heart

A tired yawn was how Sunset Shimmer usually greeted a new morning ever since she had been a little foal, and today was proving to be no exception as she opened her mouth to breathe in a deep gulp of fresh air. Her tongue tasted the flavoursome scents of the bedroom; she welcomed the slight sandy crumbs of dust, the sweet sensation of oxygen, and the wonderful, wonderful comforting allure she knew belonged to her wife. Smiling, Sunset turned over in the bed to place her hand on the young woman sleeping next to her.

Her palm landed on the bare surface of the mattress.

Sunset's eyes shot open, her senses firing off with the sudden acknowledgement that a familiar warmth was no longer by her side.


She rose from the bed, her turquoise eyes scouring around the room. Again finding no sign of her wife being near her, she turned upon their mental connection, closing her eyes and focusing on locating Twilight's current whereabouts. The search was quick and efficient, but ultimately unnecessary; much to Sunset's relief, Twilight was in the main living area, sitting at the dining table. Opening her eyes once more and calming herself with a settling breath, Sunset lifted up entirely from the bed and walked to the door and went outside.


Twilight had frozen in her chair when she had heard Sunset calling for her through their bond. A sense of alarm rising up to meet the level she was hearing in her wife's voice was how she first reacted, but then she heard the reason why Sunset was so agitated.

Sunshine, where are you?

Twilight relaxed almost instantly, realising that Sunset had merely been caught by surprise by the fact that she was not in bed with her, especially when the usual routine was that Sunset was the first of either of them to wake up in the morning. She sent a short message back.

It's okay, Sunny. I'm out at the table.

She listened to the brief assured sigh on the other end with a smile and she moved her attention back to the book she had open on the table. This book and the three others standing in a pile by her elbow waiting to be read were the reason why she had got out of bed so early. In what seemed to be a lifetime ago, she would have never considered reading these books at all as they would have had no bearing for her to, that is until her life changed for the better after she met Sunset and the girls. Memory casted her to those early days, back to the Friendship Games and the events that immediately followed. For the first time ever, she had people to call friends, but even at that point, she had no idea how close she would become to them, most of all to Sunset.

Twilight recounted particularly on her romantic relationship, now marriage, with the fiery-headed young woman from the magical land of Equestria. If someone had told her then, from the beginning, that it was Sunset that would be the person she would choose to spend the rest of her life with, she would have answered that that was impossible. Impossible not because of an assumption that there was not enough room in her life for a relationship or that she had never once considered a same-sex relationship, which in turn she had, but because she thought someone as beautiful, radiant and as fiery as Sunset would never be interested in someone as socially awkward and inept as her.

And yet right now here she was, having experienced and experiencing the treasures that romantic love could give her and it was all coming from the woman that was also her best friend and one of her greatest pillars of support. Being with Sunset, becoming a part of her life, had changed Twilight so much; she was now so much more confident, so strong-willed, and such a pillar of strength in her own right that she had often come to Sunset's aid as much as Sunset had always done for her. And now there was one thing she wanted for herself and for Sunset, but that something was a subject Sunset had always appeared so uneasy to talk about.

An unease she had so far elected not to voice why it was occurring.

For Sunset's sake, Twilight had dropped the topic every time she had brought it up before. But the want, the dream she so desired, sought to be a reality so badly that it kept returning to her heart at a stronger rate than whenever it had previously taken hold of her. All of those occasions had been no more than a single conversation resulting from a heartfelt wish, but with this reprisal, it had gotten more serious, with the impulse leading her to borrow the four books from the local library. Twilight hoped as she had before that Sunset would not get angry with her.

The hand that came to rest on her shoulder caused her to nearly jump out of her seat. She glanced behind her, finding Sunset at her side with a wry but sad smile on her face. "I was going to ask what you were reading," she said. "But I read the title on top of the pile."

"Sunny, I - - -

Sunset cut her off from explaining herself further with a kiss to the cheek as she pulled the chair next to Twilight out from under the table and sat down on it. "It's okay, Twilight. I know you. You, my sunshine, are not one to let things go, and unless there's a good reason to, I'm not going to stop you from doing it."

"I - I really want us to have a baby, Sunset," Twilight stammered.

Sunset nodded. "I know, because I know you would make a great mom. Ever since Flurry Heart, this world's one, was born, and after learning from Celestia and Princess Twilight that it's just been made possible in Equestria for two mares to bear a child, you've had stars in your eyes about us being mothers."

Twilight blushed deeply in response, but she could not help noticing the first remark Sunset made towards her. "You know, you'd make a great mom too, Sunset."

The change was all too visible, and Twilight knew that she at last had an answer. Sunset's eyes fell to a blank space of the table. With a clear despondency in her voice, she spoke, "I'm not sure about that."

In an act of showing support and encouragement as much it was spousal instinct, Twilight covered Sunset's hand with her own. "What do you mean? If it's the mistakes you made, - - - - - -

"No. It's just that... I don't know how to be a mom."

"Noone does, Sunny. I may have these books, but they aren't going to be the real thing. Mom taught me that."

"That's just it, Twilight," Sunset began to sob. "You have Velvet to give you advice and tips. But my mom is gone and I can't very well call Celestia all the time for help."

The tears flowed from Sunset's eyes at a more effortless pace. Twilight turned, leaning halfway out of her chair and pulling her into her arms. Her hand moved down, softly rubbing into her wife's back in comfort. Sunset gripped her shoulders in return as she wept quietly into Twilight's chest.

"I understand, Sunset," Twilight spoke, feeling the overwhelming tumult of emotions flooding through her. "But you're not alone in this. A lot of people had to learn how to be parents on their own and they do just fine. And don't forget, you have my mom to ask as well. You know she's said you're a daughter to her."

Sunset withdrew from their embrace and wiped the tearstreams away from her eyes. "I know. I just really want my mother to have been here when we have a child."

Twilight raised her eyebrows in interest. "When?"

A grin tried to jerk itself into existence on Sunset's lips. "I want us to try, I really do, but I don't think I'm ready."

Twilight put her mind to thinking. After a few moments, she came across a solution and smiled. "Maybe what you need, what we need, is practice."

"What?" Sunset asked cluelessly.

"You know how Shining Armor and Cadence are going to a Crystal Prep function next Friday night?"


"Well, how interested would you be in babysitting Flurry Heart for while they're out?"

When Twilight suggested it to her, Sunset thought it would not be a problem. After all she had looked after Flurry Heart before, with Cadence or even Shining Armor present, so babysitting her alongside Twilight for one evening seemed like the natural next step. She had remained calm when Twilight was talking on the phone with Cadence, offering the proposal, which was gladly accepted. Upon listening to that, Sunset took a deep breath. The commitment was made and she and Twilight had to stick to it. As Friday drew near, they were met with further details. The function was due to start at half past six and finish at half past nine, so the suggestion was made for Sunset and Twilight to arrive at the house one early. This, Sunset did not mind either as it meant she would have time to gradually set herself into the role of co-babysitter. On a personally trivial note, the reason the function was being held was mentioned. Principal Cinch was going into an early retirement and the function was meant to give her a farewell and, as Shining Armor emphasised, was also when her successor would be announced later in the evening.

"Now how would you know that?" Sunset had asked him.

Shining Armor had grinned back at her. "Because the board told Cadence she would have to write up a speech in preparation for her promotion."

Sunset swore she would always think back to that conversation and ask the same question over and over; whose jaw dropped more, her's or Twilight's?

Friday finally arrived.

In the late hours of the afternoon, Sunset gathered up her courage as she followed Twilight downstairs to the car. She prepared herself, mentally thinking of Flurry Heart's cute little smile, big wide curious eyes, and the delightful harmonious giggle she made whenever someone was playing with her as an incentive to remind herself she and Twilight were going to be caring for their baby niece and not going into battle with a fearsome deadly enemy from Equestria.

But little did she know at that time, all her readiness was to go out the window the moment they reached Shining Armor and Cadence's home, got out of the car, and walked up to the front door to ring the bell. Shining Armor had greeted them, an expression of worry written on his face. He told them that Cadence was having an attack of the nerves. That was all Twilight needed to hear as she dashed in to find her sister-in-law. Shining Armor and Sunset waited in the living room, as Flurry Heart played near them, both watching the ticking clock with concern.

The hour hand edged closer to the twelve, indicating the approach of six o'clock when Cadence finally emerged, confident and ready. Sunset was beginning to feel the same way, already having spent a good part of the time with Flurry Heart playfully wriggling and gurgling in her arms. Then she saw the look of guilt on Twilight's face as she came up behind the soon-to-be principal.


"You what?!" Sunset burst out in panic.

Twilight flinched as she did when she had first told Sunset of the new development, after which Sunset had put Flurry Heart back down in her play area and taken her aside.

"I'm sorry, Sunny. I didn't know what else to do. There was no other way to convince her."

"I get that, but this was meant to be something for us to do together," Sunset argued.

"I know, but this might work out better for us."

"Better?" Sunset exclaimed incredulously. "You're leaving me to look after Flurry Heart alone while you're lending support to her full-grown adult mother. How is that better?"

Twilight went red in the face as she struggled to find an answer. "Well, um, I, uh...

Sunset grumbled in frustration, rubbing at the centre of her forehead between two of her fingers. Twilight tensed, sensing the conflict of emotions warring with one another, until it seemingly abated and Sunset appeared to come to a resolution. She let out a verbal sigh, lowering her hand to her side.

"Alright, okay," she spoke wearily. "But if this doesn't work out, it's your fault."

Twilight giggled in relief. "Just make sure the house, Flurry Heart, and you stay in one piece." She took a step forward, planting a quick kiss on Sunset's lips.

Sunset took the kiss as inspiration. "I think I can handle it."

The two nodded to each other. Twilight moved to join Shining Armor and Cadence at the front door. Cadence turned guiltily to Sunset.

"Shining took you through everything?" she asked.

"Baby food jars are in the pantry, second shelf. Baby formula's right beside the kettle. Feeding time's usually at seven, but feed her earlier if she cries. Burp her if she needs it. Bedtime is seven thirty if I can get her to settle, eight o'clock if I can't."

"And if you can't?"

"Take her up to the nursery. Put her in the crib and turn on the radio to play ballet music in order to relax her."

"Cadence, it's fine," Twilight advised. "Sunny's got it under control."

Cadence looked over to the collapsible play area where Flurry Heart was sliding an inflatable baby alligator toy Pinkie Pie had given her across the matted floor. "Bye, honey. See you soon," she crooned to her child.

"Have fun with your Aunt Sunset, sweetie," Shining Armor joined in.

The two then walked out the front door. Twilight followed them to their car after giving Sunset a parting kiss. Sunset stood by the open door, watching the three of them drive out into and down the street. When they were out of sight, she sighed again, moving back inside the house and shutting the door behind her. She walked to the sofa and sat down when a small and happy squeal grabbed her attention. Putting on a wistful smile, she turned to face the infant that had made the noise.

"Well, Flurry Heart, guess it's just you and me."

Taking up the remote left behind on the sofa's arm, Sunset switched the still-active television over to its electronic guide and studied the list of what programs were on on each channel.

"Okay. I'd better watch something in the G or low level PG area, or your mom and dad are going to think I'm desensitising you."

Flurry Heart gazed at her curiously, obviously wondering what it was Sunset had just said. Sunset chuckled in reaction; Flurry Heart replied with one of her own, bubbling out a giggle. Sunset's smile lengthened, thinking to herself that Twilight may have been right and that she was overreacting to the whole idea of handling the babysitting on her own. She paid close attention to the TV, scrolling down through the channel information to find the right thing to watch. A lot of the options she read through had to do with, because of the time it was, news and current affairs programs, something she believed a young kid should not be exposed to so early. Finally, the yellow highlight indicator fell upon a particular channel, showing that there was currently a quiz games show on it with its news program reserved for the seven o'clock timeslot instead. Satisfied with that, Sunset made to push the 'OK' button when she realised the only thing she could hear was the electronic guide's background music.

"Flurry Heart?" she exclaimed, whirling around to the play area. Panic set in. The toy alligator had been left unattended by its owner, with the baby herself nowhere in sight. Sunset was ready to leap to her feet to start the search, when she felt a little nudging at her ankle and she looked down.

Flurry Heart looked up at her with her tiny hands curled as much as was possible for them to be around Sunset's leg. Sunset calmed, leaning down to pick the baby girl up off the floor. Flurry Heart let go of her leg and held her arms upwards. The two kept one another in the other's eyes as Sunset lifted her into her embrace and sat her gently on her lap.

"You scared me, you know that," Sunset spoke with a light tone of admonishment, crooking her finger in to tickle Flurry Heart in the stomach. The little baby involuntarily burst into an adorable uncontrolled fit of laughter.

"Suh-seh. Suh-seh," Flurry Heart giggled.

Sunset ceased in her tickling and watched as Flurry Heart settled into a state of comfort, beaming back at her with a bright innocent smile. "What did the little ladybug say?"

"Suh-seh. Suh-seh."

Sunset cooed at her, recognising that Flurry had been trying to say her name. "Oh, you just love your Aunt Sunset, don't you?"

"Suh-seh! Suh-seh!" Flurry Heart burst out with glee.

With a laugh to match the excitement in her niece's voice, Sunset stroked the finger she used to tickle Flurry Heart against the infant's cheek.
"Okay then. Do you want to watch something on the TV with me, Flurry?"
A delighted squeal was the answer.
"Heh heh. I didn't feel like a game show anyway."

Sunset picked up the remote again and continued sifting through the channels before coming to the result that there was nothing good or suitable on.
"I think that means a movie," she summed up, removing Flurry Heart from her lap and placing her down on the seat next to her. "I'll be right back."

She went on over to the hallway where Shining Armor and Cadence kept their DVD and Bluray collections. After a brief runthrough of every movie available, she narrowed her choices down to being something Disney.

As Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie often tell me, nothing's more suitable to be watched by children than an animated Disney classic.

Even with that oft-spoken piece of advice in mind, Sunset still considered her choice very carefully as, from her own perusal of the franchise, some Disney films had dark and scary moments that could very well traumatise a young child. She also took Flurry Heart's nighttime schedule into account, deciding to keep it to one of the shorter films. Then she thought about the fact that Flurry Heart liked to listen to ballet music when trying to sleep, which narrowed it down to one.

Sunset removed the chosen film from its spot when a sudden uproar split through the household. Clapping her free hand to her ear, she barged back into the living room. There, Flurry Heart was fiddling around with the remote, giggling angelically as she alternately pushed on the 'next channel' and 'volume up' buttons. Groaning, Sunset stomped over to the sofa and snatched the remote away, turning the volume down significantly and switching the channel to the Bluray player. A quiet sniffle dragged her away from looking at what she was doing as she circled to see Flurry Heart in the throes of beginning to cry. All her anger quickly forgotten, Sunset hurried to think of ways to make her happy.

"Oh, no, no, Flurry Heart. Look what we're going to watch."

She showed Flurry Heart the Bluray cover. The baby blinked, drawing her tears back, and her mouth split into an excited grin. She raised her eyes expectantly at Sunset. Sunset smiled warmly at her, stepping over to the television, opening the case and plucked out the disc, slipping it inside the player. Then she went back to the sofa and Flurry Heart, tucking her back into her arms as she sat down. The Bluray's menu appeared on the screen. Sunset and Flurry Heart shared a look between them. Sunset pressed the play button.


There was only ever one time the movie had to be paused, and that was for Flurry Heart's dinner. Sunset had carried her over to the highchair waiting at the dinner table and put her inside it. Then she took the bib set aside on the serving tray and gingerly slung it over Flurry Heart's head to rest on her shoulders. Because Flurry Heart had not argued with her yet, Sunset gave her a tiny kiss as a reward. Sunset then walked over to the pantry, opened its door, and brought out the next jar of baby food in the line.

"Hm," she said, observing the tag. "Apple pie puree. I know someone who might be very happy with this choice."

Closing the pantry behind her, she set upon making Flurry Heart's meal. In no time at all, her baby niece was greeted with a warmed ceramic bowl of slightly steaming apple pie puree. Sunset scooped up the first glob into a spoon and held it out to Flurry Heart, privately hoping that she would not lash out and knock over the bowl or slap the spoon away. Flurry Heart regarded the spoonful of food with a curious eye, inching her face closer to it. She took a single whiff, sampling the aroma.

Sunset closed her eyes and waited. She felt a bit of force on the spoon. She edged one eye open. To her startling delight, Flurry Heart had her mouth around the utensil, sucking the puree in. Flurry Heart sat back in the highchair, permitting the food to slide down her throat without complaint. Elated, Sunset readied the second spoonful.


Once dinner was done, the two of them returned to the living room to finish the movie. To Sunset's continuing surprise, the rest of the viewing passed without much incident. There was a time when Flurry Heart had to be burped but luckily it had turned out to be one of the better-case scenarios of it just being gas and little bit of baby drool dripping down the back of Sunset's shoulder.

The movie ended with a happy ending for all of its heroes. A big smile on her face, Sunset glanced down at Flurry Heart. The baby was dozing serenely in her arms, not a care in the world. Sunset presumed she had fallen asleep sometime during the climax as Flurry had been wide awake when she had checked on her as the three fairies were infiltrating the villain's stronghold to rescue the prince. She glanced up at the clock; it was just after eight. Shrugging her shoulders, thinking that Cadence wouldn't mind if the schedule was altered a little bit, she gathered Flurry Heart into a more secure embrace and stood up, going toward the stairs. Reaching the landing, she turned to go into the nursery.


The most difficult part for Sunset in getting Flurry Heart ready for bed was successfully changed her niece's daytime clothes into her onesie pyjamas. Sunset had lost count of the many times she had to hesitate when Flurry Heart had stirred in her slumber, but eventually and thankfully the task was managed. Sunset stared at Flurry Heart, feeling yet another rush of affection, an affection that was just now building the foundations of a want her doubts had expressly forbade the existence of. Shaking her head in amusement of the abrupt change that had come over her, Sunset crossed the breadth of the nursery over to the crib and pulled the blankets down. She returned to the changing table for Flurry Heart, took her back into her arms, and carried her over to the prepared crib. Looking at the baby one more time, she gave Flurry Heart a soft and gentle kiss and laid her down on the mattress, and brought the blanket back up, tucking her in under the comfortable

Sunset gazed at Flurry Heart again, watching as the little one slept so peacefully. It was only then that it struck Sunset that her job was now practically done; all that was left for her to do was to wait for Shining Armor and Cadence to come back with Twilight. For some reason, that was hurting her, as if she was thinking the time she shared with Flurry Heart had been too short and brief. She considered that supposition as it came to her, and she found that it was true. She wanted more time with her niece, wanted more time so much that it was soon apparent that she could not bear to leave her alone in the nursery. Spying the rocking chair set into the corner of the room that was to the right of the door, she stepped over to it and settled down on it, looking to the crib and the slumbering Flurry Heart with rapt attention. She smiled in a weary sort of satisfied feeling of defeat as she figured out what had happened to her.

Curse you, Sunshine.

The drive back to Shining Armor and Cadence's place was both happy and nerve-wracking; happy for the celebratory verbal exchanges between the car's three occupants, nerve-wracking because Twilight had become a little overtaken with the particular scenario of the babysitting not working out as well as she was hoping it would. Thinking that the first time back at the function was a logical realistic thought, but the more it reoccurred in her mind, the more the idea that it would turn Sunset against the potential of them having children took hold of her.

"Hey Twily. Everything okay?"

She turned to Shining Armor who was looking at her via the rearview mirror. Wiping her eyes underneath her glasses, she replied, "Yeah. I'm just worried that leaving Sunset to babysit Flurry Heart on her own might have been a bad idea. I mean, I talked her into it."

Cadence glanced around the front passenger chair, an obvious apology written over her face. "I'm sorry, Twilight. I just - - -

"It's okay, Cadence," Twilight overrode her. "I should have thought it this through though."


Shining Armor entered through the front door of the house first, followed by Twilight and then Cadence. All three turned to regard each other with the same stare: apprehension. The lights in the living room had been left on and the television was still active, but the thing that was giving them all cause for alarm was that there did not seem to be another sound elsewhere in the house. Cadence snapped instantaneously into her maternal instincts and raced up the stairs to the nursery. Twilight hurried after her.

They came into the room in a rush, with Cadence pushing the open door away from them. They stopped, seeing Flurry Heart sleeping quietly in her crib. Sighing in self-assurance, Cadence moved to the crib and looked down, tenderly stroking her daughter's hair. Twilight herself recognised a familiar presence and she turned to her left. Sunset was fast asleep in the rocking chair, her head lolled atop her right shoulder, her closed eyes facing in the direction of the crib. Twilight smiled, getting down on her knees and kissed her wife. Sunset stirred, mumbling, "Sunshine."

"Time to wake up, Sunny."

Sunset's eyes blinked open. "Twilight," she spoke more clearly.

Twilight helped her as she climbed off the rocking chair. Sunset turned to Cadence. "Oh. You guys are back."

Cadence looked back at her. "I hope she wasn't too much trouble for you."

Sunset smiled. "Not one bit."


After saying goodbye to Shining Armor and Cadence and getting into their own car to go home, not one word was said between Sunset and Twilight, mainly because Sunset had been distracted, thinking about her entire evening with Flurry Heart. Twilight sensed the distraction and, interpreting her wife's feelings were happy ones, chose not to talk about it until Sunset was ready.

Sunset being ready to talk would take its time though. She was not ready when they arrived home. She was not ready when they undressed and put their clothes in the laundry baskets. She was not ready when they were preparing for or when they went to bed. In fact, Twilight was beginning to think that she was going to have to wait until the next day when Sunset finally spoke as she was about to turn her bedside lamp off.

"Hey, Twilight?"

"Yeah," she responded, pulling her hand away from the lamp's switch and turned over in the bed to face Sunset.

Sunset began with a sigh. "You know you started something tonight?" Twilight nodded with a blush, allowing her to continue. "Okay, we'll try. We'll get the potion and everything, but not right now. I think I might need some more practice."

Twilight gazed at her quizzically. "What makes you say that?"

Sunset thought about her answer carefully. "I had a great time with Flurry Heart, but for some strange, silly reason, I think I got lucky tonight with her good behaviour."

Morning dawned on Canterlot with the sun promising the everyday security of keeping to routine. It was a promise that wasn't going to be kept for Sunset and Twilight as their planned routine for this morning involved them sleeping in. The unexpected phone call interrupted that.

"Oh! Who could that be?" Twilight groaned, rising from her sleep and holding her hand to her head.

A completely refreshed Sunset awoke with a bemused stare on her face as she witnessed her wife's grumpy start to the day. "Alright. Just how much did you drink at the function?"

"I didn't," Twilight retorted. "Whoever's on the phone ruined my dream of you and I playing with our kids."

Sunset chuckled into her hand. "Go back to sleep, Sunshine. I'll see who it is."

Leaving the bedroom with a warmed heart, knowing precisely why Twilight would be having that dream, Sunset went out into the main living area and answered the phone.

"Hello," she yawned.

"Sunset, what did you do?!"

Sunset startled, flinching at the piercing accusation in the words thrown at her. "Shining Armor. What are you talking about? What's going on?"

"Shiny, give me the phone," she heard Cadence demanding.

"Hello?" Sunset said again.

"Sunset. Could you and Twilight get over to the house right now?" Cadence spoke in a tone that shockingly made it sound like she was begging. "We have an issue."

"What kind of an issue?"

"A magic one!" Shining Armor cried out in the background.

"Your department," Cadence answered in a more calm manner.

Sunset hung up the phone in a heartbeat. There was that one word again, rearing its ugly head. Magic. Appearing in its usual quest to disrupt the normal life she so wanted to have. Inwardly, she prayed that Twilight had not gone back to sleep.


The moment she heard the word magic and that it was somehow involved with Shining Armor, Cadence, and perhaps even Flurry Heart, Twilight leaped into action, clambering out of bed and telling Sunset to get ready. Sunset did not need a second telling as Twilight mentioning Flurry Heart's name became her emotional drive. The two of them were dressed and out at the car within ten minutes. In two more, they were on the road. Before even they knew it, they arrived at Shining Armor and Cadence's house, wondering with growing dread as they walked to the front door what could have happened in the twelve hours since they had been there. Twilight nervously rang the doorbell.

It opened in an instant. Cadence poked her head through the gap. "Oh, thank goodness. You're here."

"What's happened, Cadence?" Twilight asked. "And why do you think Sunset had something to do with it?"

Before Cadence could give either of them a response, Shining Armor was heard exclaiming in desperation, "Flurry Heart! Sweetie! Come down to daddy. Come down to daddy, please."

Sunset and Twilight looked to Cadence with concern. The former dean, now principal of Crystal Prep, opened the door all the way for them to see. Sunset and Twilight stepped inside and gaped at the scene they had just walked into. Shining Armor was standing in the middle of the room with his arms stretched out in their air to their fullest length. Just out of reach of his fingertips, having absolute fun, was Flurry Heart. Sunset and Twilight's eyes widened in disbelief as they gazed up at their airborne niece, and at the pair of snowy white wings unfolding from her back, and at the pony ears peeking out from her hair, and the horn that was protruding from her forehead.

Sunset gulped. "She's ponied up."

"She's - she's an alicorn human," Twilight stammered.

"Sunshine, I think babysitting her just got more complicated."

"Uh-huh. Which means, Sunny, we have another magic mystery to solve."

The two faced each other, processing the same statement from one to the other at the same time. Here we go again.