Dawn of a new world

by Dark Nightshade

Chapter 2

Celestia sighed as the bell rang, signaling that the school day was over.

Finally, she thought. Testing week is done, and I can go home. As she stood up, Luna poked her head into Celestia's office.

"Are you ready?" Luna asked.

"Very," Celestia replied. "Let's go home." Celestia packed up all her stuff and excited with Luna and walked in silence.

"You want to drive?" Luna asked as they got to their car. Celestia started to nod when someone landed on her car. The car lurched backwards, and the kid seemed to fall apart. Celestia and Luna screamed as the head rolled off of the hood.

"What the hell!" Celestia yelled. "What?!?!" Luna was hyperventilating, trying not to cry, staring at the head. Then it opened its eyes.

"Ow," it said. "Stupid portal." Then it started to move. Not just the head, but the rest of the body as well. Celestia and Luna screemed as all of the body parts that had fallen off started to dissolve, and meet in a vortex that started to form. Then a human outline started to form as a clicking sound emerged. Celestia and Luna stared at the body vortex as more of the body started appearing. Then there was a bright flash of light, temporarily blinding them both. They could hear the body land on the ground again, but not in a violent way. When their visions returned, they saw him. The guy that was supposed to be dead. Somehow, the guy had fallen onto a car hood, literally lose his head, and then remake his body. And his enter body were different colors.

"Hi!" he said, walking to Luna. "I'm Combine! Who are you, and where are we?" Luna stared at him.

"Wha?" she said. Combine snickered.

"Let me guess, first time seeing a merger bot?" he asked. Then he glanced at the car and saw the hood dent. "Oh, sorry about that."

"You just landed on that!" Celestia exclaimed. "And you're still alive! How?! And what was that vortex thing?" Combine frowned.

"What do you mean how?" he asked. "I'm a merger bot. That vortex was me reassembling. Now, do you want me to fix that?" He pointed at the car hood.

"What's a merger bot?" Luna finally said. Combine frowned.

"What do you mean, what's a merger bot?" he asked. "I thought everyone knew about us!"

"Are you from Equestria?" Celestia asked.

"I don't know what that is," Combine said. "I'm from Make-Shift. Now, do you want me to fix that?" He pointed at the car good again.

"What do you mean by fix?" Luna asked. Combine looked confused.

"Um...exactly that. No offense, but it's kinda self explanatory. But anyway, I'll fix it. And upgrade it if you want," he said.

"How?" Luna asked.

"I'm a merger bot. I'm able to do that to technological devices," Combine said. Luna and Celestia looked at each other.

This is obviously some kind of hallucination, Celestia thought.

"Well....sure," Celestia said. "As long as you won't do anything evil. I'm tiered of evil magical beings from other dimensions." Combine smiled.

"Don't worry, I'm not evil," he said. "Besides, you two are freaking out a lot less than I thought you two would for someone who just saw a merger not 'die'. That definitely would have killed others. Even though I just met you. Anyway, I'm going to upgrade your car now." He looked at the car and closed his eyes. A few seconds later he started to rise, and then into a vortex again. Then out came a stream of multicolored objects shot out of it at the car, covering the entire thing. After about 15 seconds, the stream stopped, and the vortex vanished, and returned to Combine. The car was still blue, but now it was shiner, had a spoiler on the back, and the dent in the hood was gone.

"What?!" Luna cried. "This isn't a hallucination, is it?"

"I don't think so anymore!" Celestia said. "What are you?" Combine stared at them.

"That portal must have transported me to a parallel universe," he finally said. "In that case, I am a merger bot. We are able to merge with stuff, hence the name, fix stuff, and upgrade them as well." Celestia stared at him.

"So you can become a part of something else?" Luna asked. Combine nodded. "Then why aren't you talking from the car or whatever?"

"Because it was just a paint job and spoiler," Combine said. "The spoiler was repurposed from some useless part inside the car." Celestia face palmed.

"Ok, let's go home," she said. "We need to talk to you."