When it Rains

by GreyGuardPony


“...and that’s what I saw.”

Adagio idly swirled a goblet of wine as she finished her story. Her friends were silent as the implications of her vision hung heavily in the room. It was late at night, the group having met back at the manor after resting from the battle and their adventure. Will was resting upstairs again. Adagio would fill him in later.

“Well...I can certainly say that I’ve never heard of a changeling before,” Starlight frowned. “But I could do some research…”

“If you do, be subtle. In the game between Chrysalis, Sombra and Midnight and company, I don’t know everypony’s places,” Adagio sighed. “Maybe Chrysalis underwent an actual change of heart. Maybe she’s running her own plan. I just...don’t know yet.”

“Could you ask the Element of Magic? Wouldn’t it know?” Sonata asked.

Adagio reached a hoof up to the mane bane that was the Element of Magic. “Maybe...if I can work out how to talk to it.”

“I can do some experiments. See if there’s a way we can reliably talk to them.” Starlight sighed.

“What are we actually going to do though?” Aria frowned, idly waving a hoof. “We’re knights now. Echidna is still out there. We’re going to get dragged back into this and we need to know what we’re going to do!”

“Echidna needs to be stopped, that much is clear,” Lightning declared.

“And The Heartlands need to be protected,” Suri added.

“Then…maybe that’s the answer,” Adagio mused. “We protect The Heartlands. From all threats.”

Starlight raised an eyebrow. “Including Queen Chrysalis?”

“If she proves to be one. We work together, look for allies, protect The Heartlands. Do some actual good in this country.”

“Aren’t we becoming altruistic all of a sudden,” Suri lightly chided her. Though she smiled all the same.

“Are we in agreement then?” Adagio asked, looking at each of her friends in turn.

One by one they nodded, the pact silently sealed. Adagio took a long draught of her wine, musing about their current situation. Six mares intending to save a country by themselves.

A conspiracy of friendship.