The Storyteller

by Wonder

State of disrepair

Personal Log- Entry 84
I can not believe it. I have no idea how but these ponies manage to find a working C-U-37. With it could get most of the Helix working. I would prefer a more modern construction unit but it's a start. The unit is bulky and unpleasant to look at but at least the robot seems to be completely undamaged and I've set to work restoring its power supply. I manage to hook it up to a spare solar panel I found in one of the labs which I've placed outside. Unfortunately the C-U-37 is too heavy to move so I had to find a few extension cords. I'm just hoping that the energy from the panel will be enough to jump start the Ion core inside the unit. Only time will tell.

In the meantime I been searching the Helix for any more useful pieces of tech. I managed to find a portable holocom which once I find an energy source for it will be of great use. That's probably the most annoying thing about the Helix. Without power, almost everything is useless. Our greatest achievement is also our greatest weakest. We were too dependent on our technology.

I wanted to explore further but yet again lack of power is getting in my way. I have been unable to access the southern spiral. Emergency blast doors have separated both towers. I definitely need to get to the reactor and fix it. Once the construction unit is complete, I'll program to clear the debris in the damaged floors. The stairwells are also in a state of disrepair. I can't get past floor ninety-four. We seem to be stuck on the top several floors for now.

When I get that robot working it's going to have it's work cut out for it. I almost feel sorry for the thing. I've sent to ponies away so I can focus. I need to think of what to do next.