Lonely Hooves

by Mist_Chaser

Wanderer (part 2)

Lonely Hooves
Wanderer (part 2: Enter: The Rock, and the Mare who loves him!)

Then all at once, dread hit him with a final realization as the last bit of fog left his brain "AND... and... and I don't know who I am..."

"Bummer dude..." said an awkward feminine voice behind him. He had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts that the voice made him jump and nearly scream out in surprise as he turned to face whomever had spoken. What he saw was probably the most confusing thing he had seen today and couldn't quite process it fully at the moment. A grey, horse with intense golden eyes and a straw colored mane, was laying on her back on top of a very cushy looking cloud floating at least five feet off the ground with her head dangling over the edge, looking at him upside down. He noted she had an expression that could only be described as 'Ditzy'.

"Oh, sorry! Didn't mean to sneak up on you." She said noting the startled look on his face. "I saw you come out of the fog and fall straight on your face, I can relate..." She rolled over onto her stomach which oddly made her eyes seem to move in different directions so one now faced up towards the sky while the other was still looking at him. "Name's Derpy Hooves, What's yours?" she smiled as she stuck her hoof down to him in greeting. things went awkwardly silent as she patiently waited for a reply and he just gave her the deadpan look of death. She then looked at him sheepishly realizing her folly. "Ohhh, right. You don't know... Sorry..."

He decided he had had enough and turned to walk away, this was obviously not a very helpful cloud-horse. "Ee-yeah, I'm walking..." he said in a very annoyed tone. "Oh, hay, come on!..." The cloud-horse named Derpy Hooves whined. "Yeesh, what a meanie..." she mumbled to herself as she pulled out a small rock with a crudely drawn smiley face on it. "What'cha think Bruno, think we should help Mister Fussbucket?" Needless to say the rock stayed stubbornly quiet. Derpy got a determined look on her face as she sat up. "Your right, Bruno. We can't just leave a guy with no brain of his own... Even if he is kinda rude."

'Mister Fussbucket' as Derpy had called him was still currently moving as far as he could away from her when he suddenly felt a sharp blow to the back of his head. "OWWWW, What the...?!" he asked stupidly as he turned to look for the source of his sudden headache. Seeing a rock with a smiley face on the ground he then heard a very aggravated voice of Derpy directly on his other side. "Bruno knows Kung-fu..." she warned. He turned to her knowing very well what acctually happened. "YOU THREW A ROCK AT ME!!!" he yelled accusingly, then his face faltered noticing she was still above eye level with him but her cloud was now missing. "aaaand you can fly..." Derpy moved down and picked up the rock, holding it in her hoof and spoke with a look of matter of factness on her face. "Bruno's not just some rock. He's a faithful and loving companion." She then spread her wings to move on to her next point. "An' of course I can fly, Every Pegasus Can!" She then looked to his side curiously for some reason. "I mean, can't you?"

The oddness of the question confused him. "What? No! It's not like I have..." At that moment he noticed what she had been staring at. "WINGS!!! I have wings?" He blinked as they seemed to flap out the second he had noticed them. this was too much for him, he definitely felt sick and overwhelmed from not noticing them before. "Gyuh." he groaned not looking at all well. "Wowee, your a strange one... How hard did you hit that noggin'?" she inquired looking rather worried for him. "I think I'm going to lose it.." he responded darkly as he continued to panic over how little he actually knew about his own body. "Think ya already did Mister." Derpy reminded him playfully. "Look, just calm down. Ol' Derpy Hooves'll help ya get your head on straight!" she reassured. "Oh, Joy..." he said very unenthusiastically. "OW!!!" he cried out suddenly as 'Bruno' struck him once more...

(after a minute of letting him calm down)

Derpy smiled as she had sat him down and began to try and teach her new friend everything he could possibly need to know in order to fit in with other ponies and seeing how empty his head seemed, she decided to start with the basics. "Let's start simple! You dunno your name, but do you know where you are?" he gave a blank look for a second. "Horse Land?" he asked hopefully. "Equestria actually!" She corrected cheerfully. "Or, more Specifically, PONYVILLE!" she pointed a hoof across the stream to the town. "Ponyville?" he blinked unsurely. "Probably on Account of all the ponies, Were all ponies even you! You an' me are pegasai on account of the wings." she poked his wing as if to make her point before continuing. "Ponies With the horn? that's a unicorn! Heeheehee that rhymed" she giggled pointing to random minty looking unicorn in the distance trying her best not to get distracted from teaching. "They can use magic to do all sortsa stuff" She then directed her hoof at at tan pony without wings or a horn that seemed to be talking to the minty unicorn. "An' then there's the Earth Ponies. They don't look all that special, but the truth is they're REALLY strong!"

The spectacled Pegasus still looked uneasy. "For the record, I find my equine status quite alarming." he stated. "And that is REALLY WEIRD! I mean, what else would you be?" she asked. "I get that, but like... Could I really lose my memory so bad that I for get what I am?" he inquired. "Dude, you're askn' the wrong pony. I've been scared by my own reflection before..." She blushed sheepishly at admitting this. "But don't you worry! Ol' Derpy Hooves'll keep you on course of bein' a horse!" she giggled again at her rhyme. He rolled his eyes "You refer to yourself that way a lot, huh?" he inquired accusingly. She moved in close with a look that told him he struck a nerve. "Bruno hates mumbles..." She said darkly before walking forward, the look vanishing almost instantly and being replaced by cheerfulness as she held out a hoof to point the way towards the bridge into town. Her voice seemed full of excitement now. "Now come on! I'll give ya th' GRAND TOUR!"

(To be continued in part 3!)