Lonely Hooves

by Mist_Chaser

Wanderer (part1)

Wanderer (part 1: Meeting Equestria is Easier With an Empty Head!)
Note from the author:Italic writing is introduction Thank you!

Equestria, The home of Pegasai, Ponies, and Unicorns. A world of myth and legend, held in harmony by Its rulers, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. In this land, strange beasts, creatures, and even dragons, exist among Its equine inhabitants. But none are as strange and out of place as the beast wandering out of the fog near Ponyville...

"Uuugh..." said the creature stupidly as it wandered out of the fog, squinting from the fact its thoughts remained just as thick as the fog it had just escaped. "Where am I?" It asked itself stupidly as it opened it's eyes to its surroundings, seeing it was standing on top of a hill looking down at what looked like a quaint little village below it though not seeing it as a place he recognized. As It's mind became more coherent to It's surroundings It happened to look down at It's feet as It started walking forwards. It couldn't help but notice It had hooves and not feet at all. "On that, What am I? This is awka- ACK!" The creature suddenly felt a sharp pain in It's leg as It tripped over It's own hooves and ceremoniously tumbled forward down the hill, heavily face planting several times from It's own forward momentum before finally coming to a stop at the bottoml, now far more familiar with the land than it would have preferred to begin with.

Lifting it's head from It's final face plant, It noticed It was now laying in front of a stream at the bottom of the hill, but at the moment what was staring back at It from the stream was what had caught It's full attention. It was a grey colored face, pointy ears attached to the top of It's head with long unkempt dark grey hair separating them. It had a small muzzle with square half-framed spectacles, and grey eyes staring at It from behind the lenses. "I'M A HORSE!" he cried out in shock of his reflection's sudden helpfulness. Yet even though now he knew what he was more questions rushed in to take the place of old ones.

"But, why am I a horse?..." looking around, he noticed right across the stream was the town he saw earlier, causing more questions to flood his brain once he noticed the other creatures going around about their business there. "W-WHY IS EVERYONE A HORSE? I'M IN A LAND OF HORSES!" needless to say the others walking by who happened to notice him were giving him curious if not worried looks. Then all at once, dread hit him with a final realization as the last bit of fog left his brain "AND... and... and I don't know who I am..."

(To be continued in Part 2)