Lonely Hooves

by Mist_Chaser


Chapter: Prologue (The Beginning of the End.)


Lightning bolts arched across the dark, brooding, sky of Equestria as two armies stood facing each other on the battlefield below. At the moment the space between them was the only thing keeping them from tearing each other apart right away. (Well that and neither leader had yet given the order to attack the other side. This was only a minor detail if you were to ask the invading army though.) Though it was hard to see due to the darkness of night, The enemy's portal into Equestria and the gathering storm provided everyone (and everypony) in the area with enough light to wish they couldn't see anything at all. One side could only be described as what one would find in a child's storybook consisting of countless very colorful, (and very heavily armed and armored) ponies, unicorns, and pegasai, standing alongside them were also changelings (moderately armored and somewhat excited at the prospect of a fight), buffalo (Traditionally unarmored for cultural reasons.), and in the very far back the towering figure of Discord , The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony himself (whom found the idea of armor unnecessary for anything more than a comedic prop.), looking rather intimidating with his long draconic looking body silhouetted in the shadows. for some reason he decided to make his eyes glow red in the darkness, making him look if nothing less than terrifying to any who happened to look in his direction. (Which is why a lot of the army kept their attention looking straight ahead as to avoid looking at him.)

On the other side of the battlefield stood what could only be described as a nightmare's nightmare. Hoards of demonic, spirit creatures of all shapes and sizes standing in front of a massive rocky structure with steps leading up to a massive swirling vortex that functioned as the portal to their own world. They were ready to fight with their sharp teeth, horns, claws, and in some cases scythes, should the order come from their leader who stood smugly above them on a floating platform looking down at what lay before him. Unlike his hoards who seemed feral and mindless, he was very wolf like in appearance, though he stood on two legs and was dressed in a purple striped suit and a matching fedora. in all respects he looked quite civilized and thoughtful in comparison to his minions. flashing an evil amused smile at the scene before him the dire wolf glanced to the six armor clad ponies standing at the front of the line leading the army of creatures of Equestria against him. Glaring at him from below, they were a white unicorn dawned In black banded armor around her chest and legs, each piece bearing a single purple gem. She had a wild electric blue mane, and purple sunglasses and went by the name of Vinyl Scratch (or DJ-PON3 if you knew her by her stage name.) Next to her a grey Pegasus wearing silver armor, a straw colored mane, and extremely uneven golden eyes that seemed to look in opposite directions most of the time (yet somehow maintained a fierce expression at the enemy.) named Derpy Hooves. Hovering above the other five, a cyan Pegasus clad in gold spiked armor (and wielding spiked hooves fro some reason) with a wild rainbow mane named Rainbow Dash. An orange freckled earth pony, clad in heavy gold armor that seemed simpler in design than the other five, stood on the other end of the line with a straw colored mane tied back in a ponytail. The mare wore a Stetson looking hat and answered to the name of AppleJack. An intelligent looking, purple alicorn clad in gold armor, looking rather impressive and regal named Princess Twilight Sparkle stood next to her, ready to do her duty in the name of friendship. And the final member of the group, being the one the enemy wanted most stood at the groups center so they could defend him if necessary. He was in all respects an unassuming grey Pegasus, wearing grey armor that matched his dull grey coat, and he also wore square spectacled glasses that gave him a rather intelligent and determined look, Unlike the others who had a name he was simply dubbed by the others as 'Lonely Hooves'. "So THIS is how it's going to be, is it?" the Dire Wolf asked seeming rather annoyed at how much work he was has put into this little venture already. It would have been so much simpler if the ponies had just cooperated civilly and handed the grey one over like he asked them to in the first place but instead they decided to fight him on the request... The stupidity of mortals was always quite annoying to him, which is why he hated dealing with the living when he had to. The dead were always so much easier to talk to and cooperated far easier with what needed to be done. Well that could be easily fixed as far as the wolf was concerned and the way things had been going, they were about to be...

(((( Lonely's Log ))))

So, confused as to what's going on yet? Well let me enlighten you then. What you are witnessing here is the start of an all-out war, fueled by one side's desperate struggle for survival. (That would be ours specifically.) Things have gotten grim on us I'll admit. If we fail this battle the consequences will be dire which is why everyone is counting on us now, and let's be honest here, we're pretty well outmatched. It's not looking very good. But things weren't like this before actually... To be honest, this is actually all my fault... Let's rewind shall we, then you can possibly understand what led to this nightmare...

(I guess my story began where all stories like this usually begin, Waking up and realizing something was very wrong with me...)

(To hopefully be continued...)