The Journal of a civilized Parasprite

by Psycho-genius brony


"The enemies just keep getting tougher and tougher. this time, a dear friend of mine died to save us all." Twilight mournfully said to heself in her library. She looks up for a second, and spots a small book on her desk."Huh? what is this book?" The book is small and seems like she can hold it in one hoof, no problem." It's titled The journal of a parasprite," she says and then she opens the journal and begins to read.

Pre entry

This is my first entry of my journal. I actually stole this journal a few years back during the raid on Ponyville, but it took me forever to figure out how to write. Today, I'm going to leave the Everfree forest. We don't get enough gfood in here. When I met up with the other Parasprites to tell them, they weren't exactly reluctant to let me leave. All they said was, "Great! Remember to bring some food back for the rest of us!" The problem with a traveling journal is that I have to carry it, which deducts my speed. Hopefully tommorow, I'll find a place to stay . My current location is Everfree Forest, Parasprite Plain. The Parasprite plain is actually only about a several meters across. The parasprites are starving. The plain doesn't give us enough food. Every so often I have to stop another parasprite from eating me. Yeah, we're on the verge of cannibalism.I'm leaving the Parasprite plains, but I'm not very well equipped. I have a journal a small satchel that my friends put a few crumbs in for provisions, and myself. I hope I can leave the Everfree forest safely.