Dawn of a new world

by Dark Nightshade


The hull shook and parts threatened to fly off as the ship flew through the void.

"Stabilize the ship!" Combine shouted the engine creaked and groaned.

"It's not going to hold!" Flamer yelled as cracks started forming on the hull. Flamer was a white and yellow colored merger bot, with flames coming off of his shoulders and head.

"I'm trying to hold it together!" Colossus yelled as the power crystal in his neck glowed.The tenticular appendages that replaced his normal shield-like arms stretched and pulled at the cracks that were slowly widening. Colossus was a much larger guy, and his shoulders were almost as large as his left arm, which was sometimes used as a plank of sorts. His right arm, however, was usually a hammer wall looking thing, except for at the moment.

"Well keep going!" Boomer yelled. "This vortex thingy is ending soon! We're going to make it!" As soon as he said that, there was a massive boom. Smoke billowed out of the engine room, and the cracks on the hull widened.

"You had to jinx it, didn't you?" Flamer yelled. "Never do that!"

"I'm sorry!" Boomer yelled.

"I'm not going to be able to hold it fo- ARGH!" Colossus yelled. Colossus hadn't paid attention to where he was standing. His platform had been developing cracks in the beams holding it up, and now it had given out. He and his platform fell off, into the vortex, only to be swallowed by a mysterious white hole.

"Colossus!" Combine screamed. "Why hi- AHHH!" As Combine spoke, there was another explosion, this time, closer to the cockpit. "Seriously? What is happening?"

"The ship is finally failing!" Flamer yelled. "We're lucky we made it this far!" There was another explosion.

"You jinxed us!" Boomer yelled.

"DANG IT!" Flamer yelled. Then another explosion knocked him off of his platform, into the void. Another strange white hole.

"What happened?" Combine yelled.

"I don't know!" Boomer yelled. "I told you entering the void was a bad idea!"

"You were right!" Combine yelled back. Another explosion rocked the ship again, opening up a new crack in the cockpit. The cockpit started bending forward. As it fell off, Combine jumped and grabbed the newly formed edge.

"I'm coming for you!" Boomer yelled. But it was too late. The ship had already suffered to much damage. As Boomer started running to help Combine, the ship cracked open, underneath his feet. As everything fell into more white portals, Combine was able to get one more thought in.

We're getting thrown across the multiverse. What now?