Purple Skies

by WinterTwister

Day 3 of the Festival. Part 2

Spike and Soarin' had walked to the field together, telling their favorite jokes and getting to know each other.

"So he said,Bunker? I hardly knew her!" Spike started laughing hysterically at one of his favorite jokes.

Soarin' was enjoying getting to know the dragon, it was the first dragon he ever met and they quickly became good friends.

They reached the competition fields and the games were just starting. The two looked over and saw that the first event was a lifting competition. Spike led Soarin' to the stands and they started watching the competition. Spike waved at AppleJack who was in-line for the lifitng sport, AppleJack waved back with a light blush.

Twilight and Rarity had appeared next to them in the stands, Twilight took the seat next to Soarin'.

"Hi, did you sleep well?" Twilight asked as she sat next to Soarin'

"Yeah, and you were right, Spike is a great cook." Soarin' smiled and extended his wing over Twilight.

Twilight snuggled close to Soarin' and then directed her eyes to AppleJack who was having her turn at the sport.

"What sport is that?" Twilight whispered into Soarin's ear.

"Shot-put." Soarin' replied

Rarity leaned over and spoke. "Hello there Soarin', I'm Rarity."

"Hello, Rarity."

"I see that Twilight and yourself have found each other well, I hope you two have had alot of 'fun' latley!" Rarity said putting very slight, but very suggesting emphasis on fun.

"Uh..yeah." Soarin' noticed the enthusiasm on the word fun and got slightly confused.

"Just ignore those statements of hers, Soarin'." Twilight said as she nuzzled his chest.

They had watched a few more events before Twilight had remembered something and turned to Rarity.



"Where's Rainbow?"

Soarin' jumped slightly at the mention of Rainbow Dashes name.

"I went to her home earlier and she sounded a little depressed, but she did say that she would join us later."

"Okay, I hope shes alright." Twilight returned her attention to the competition.

Soarin' was getting a headache. 'Man..I cant believe that Rainbow Dash girl is Twilight's friend... I just know this is going to be awkward...I hope it doesn't effect me and Twilight..' Soarin' was in a slight panic and Twilight noticed it.

"Whats wrong?"

"Oh, its..n-nothing." Soarin' decided that he wouldn't say anything and that Rainbow might not even mention anything.

They kept watching the games as AppleJack was competing with ease. They all cheered for AppleJack, but nobody cheered as loud as Spike. Several games had past and AppleJack had a large lead over all of the ponies, and they were joined by a rainbow maned pony who was trotting up to them.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late." Rainbow took a seat next to Rarity.

"Rainbow, darling! You must meet Twilight's new coltfriend, hes quite the catch." Rarity said while snickering.

Rainbow Dash leaned past Rarity with a smile. "Hey there! I'm Rainbow Da-" She stopped and her eye twitched when she saw who it was.

"Uh...Hey.." Soarin' scratched the back of his head with his hoof and tried to smile.

Rainbow trotted away from the stands and flew off.

"What just happened...?" Twilight was confused.

"Um.. Well.. I met Rainbow yesterday.. and it was really akward." Soarin' had a huge headache and started rubbing his head.

"Really? What made it awkward?" Twilight realized what he meant after she asked. "Oh..." She remembered Rainbow's obsession with the WonderBolts. "I should go talk to her, I'll be right back Soarin'. Soarin' removed his wing and let her leave, Twilight gave him a light kiss on the cheek before she left.

Twilight trotted off in the direction she saw Rainbow fly in, she found Rainbow sitting under a tree looking up into the sky only after awhile of trotting.

"Rainbow?" Twilight slowly approached and Rainbow Dash snapped upward.


"I came to see if you're alright."

"Oh, I'm fine, my best friend only took the colt I love."

"Um..." Twilight couldn't reply.

Rainbow got a little angry. "You know I love the WonderBolts!"

"Yeah, but I never knew like that!" Twilight raised her voice a little bit as well.

"I love Soarin', and you took him because you knew I wanted to be with him!"

"How can you say that?! I thought you were the element of loyalty!" Twilight wasn't going to let Rainbow tear her away from Soarin'

"Yeah, I'm the element of loyalty, that means I know when someones not being loyal!"

"You're acting childish Rainbow. When you get your act together you can apologize to Soarin'!" Twilight turned and started trotting back to the competition fields.

Rainbow Dash got angry and flew off.

Twilight returned to the bleachers and went back to her seat next to Soarin' with a slight bit of annoyance in her face.

"Is everything alright, Twilight?" Soarin' asked as he placed his wing back over Twilight

"Yeah, we had a little fight.. I can't believe she would act like this.. and how she acted to you."

"So will you be alright?"

"Yeah, I'm sure Rainbow will come around soon." Twilight started nuzzling Soarin's chest and he laid his head on top of hers.

"You don't have to worry about anyone else with me Twilight, I only have eyes for you..." Soarin' looked down and saw Twilight looking up at him, blushing.

They watched the rest of the day's competition, the sun was setting as it ended they saw that AppleJack won by a landslide. Spike ran over to congratulate her, Spike looked over his shoulder at Soarin, and Soarin' gave him a hoofs-up.

"Soarin' I'm not tired yet, want to go for a walk?" Twilight asked with her eyes shining.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Soarin' said while smiling.

They left the fields and started walking around aimlessly, enjoying each others company. They started walking into the night passing other ponies that were still out enjoying the festival. Twilight and Soarin' were walking down one of Ponyville's main streets and they saw two drunken colts heading in their direction, they ignored them, but the drunken colts didn't do the same.

One of the colts stood in their path. "Well hello there, beautiful."

The other colt had come closer to Twilight. "You looking for a good time?"

Twilight tried to ignore them. "Just keep walking, Soarin'."

The first Colt came up and put a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "You can't just leave now..."

The second colt pushed Soarin' away and sent him stumbling. "You're coming with us."

"No, I wont."

The second colt sneered. "Grab her!"

Twilight struggled with the colts and was eventually pushed to the ground with one of the colts jumping on top of her. "No! Get off me!" Twilight couldn't shake the colt off of her.

"Just shut up you dirty little slut."

Soarin' got up and as he saw what they were trying to do to Twilight he became furious and entered a state of rage as he headbutted the first colt off of her and then bucked the second colt in the face and sent him flying into a wall. The first colt got up and went into a running punch at Soarin, but was too drunk to hit his target. Soarin' threw his hoof with all of his might into the nose of the colt and he stumbled back and slowly went down after being knocked-out.

Soarin' walked over to Twilight who was shaking from fright. "Did they hurt you?"

Twilight slowly got up. "no, I'm fine..I don't know what would have happened if you weren't here to save me.." She started weeping at the possibilities that ran through her mind.

"Don't worry Twilight, I wont let anything happen to you, ever." Soarin' was still in his state of rage as he spoke. "Here, lets get you home."

Soarin' led Twilight home.

"Thank you Soarin'... would you like to stay the night again?"

Soarin' saw Twilight blushing more than normal. "Yeah, that would be nice."

Twilight led Soarin' inside of the library and locked the door behind them.

Hey guys, WinterTwister here, somepony requested a story summary and here is the plot so far.

Twilight and Soarin' both hope to find the love of their life, The Welcome Summer Festival starts and the WonderBolts open it with a small performance. After the performance Soarin' sees Twilight in the crowd and he falls in love, Twilight also falls in love with Soarin' but runs away after thinking that she wasn't good enough for him. Soarin' searches for Twilight and finds her and they become more in love with each other, each day they realize how much more they love each other. and that's the story so far. ~ WinterTwister