Lavender Heart

by Skaltrox Defiance Knight

Things just got real!

Twilight and her friends were still out on the oval. Twilight, Matt and Terrance continued to practice their clumsy flying, they had a long way to go before they were capable of flying properly (Terrance especially)but with time they would get there eventually. Everything seemed like a normal afternoon for the group of friends, when a panicked scream sounded out from back in the school yard.

Ashley was immediate to respond “Guy’s, we need ta get back now! Some thin’s happening over there and I don’t like it one bit”

Matt hovered back down giving a small laugh “Don’t you think it’s just some squeamish girl freaking out over a spider in the bathroom?....Correction a tiny spider in the bathroom.”

Ashley gave Matt an agitated look, to which she gave a look that said ‘What?’ Sighing, Ashley continued “I don’t think it’s a spider in the bathroom causing something like that. If I were ta guess, it’s Trixie already back fer revenge. She probably wanted ta get you when your guard was down, that’s probably why she didn’t come ta school till now. That’s my two cents anyway” Ashley finished.

Twilight rubbed her chin in thought “You’re probably right AJ. We should check it out at the very least.”

After some muttered protests from Matt, the group fled the oval, returning back to the school yard to find the cause of the scream.

Arriving in the yard, Twilight’s first observation was multiple students cowering in terror behind anything they could find. The fear was apparent in their eyes and Twilight’s anger had risen tenfold when she came face to face with the culprit to this horrific state they were in. Trixie.

She constantly picked up students that tried to flee her presence and demanded to know where Twilight was. “Trixie needs to know where Twilight is. I order you to speak what you know!” she yelled, Twilight also could hear an odd mechanical like tone laced into her words.

Twilight stepped forward and yelled out at Trixie to get her attention. “Hey Trixie!” Trixie turned around “You want Twilight? Well here I am!” Twilight yelled.

Trixie’s mouth slightly curled into a grin. Dropping the student, Trixie stepped forward a couple of times, as did Twilight. The two were now facing each other a mere two metres away and from what Twilight could assume, another fight was in order.

“Trixie will win this time. Trixie is much stronger now, she will crush you Twilight” Trixie droned on, her mechanical sounding voice was easily recognized. It sounded like she was being controlled to say that. The necklace she donned now may of been the reason, but Twilight felt like she knew that necklace from somewhere.

“Do ya think you got this Twi?” Terrance asked, more than a little worried.

“Don’t worry about me, just hang tight” Twilight responded.

“She’s got rocks in her brain if she thinks she can stop you!” Ashley spoke up.

Matt was next to follow “As much as it pains me to agree with AJ. You beat her before, you can do it again!”

Rina of all people seemed unsure “I don’t know guys, she seems a”

Twilight didn’t listen for at that moment Trixie enveloped the both herself and Twilight in a bluish dome. Twilight couldn’t understand how Trixie was able to do this. “You weren’t able to do this before Trixie! How can you possibly-” Twilight’s sentence was cut short by Trixie firing an attack, reacting just in time, Twilight nimbly dodged the blast.

“Less talking Twilight. Trixie isn’t leaving until you lose.” Conjuring up a barrage of magic bursts Trixie yelled out “Let’s see how you deal with Bullet hell!” sending off wave after wave of blasts Twilight was forced to take a defence route against the attacks. Trying to counter was out of the question as Trixie left no opening for Twilight to act upon. Top that with her constant flurry of attacks that were all but impossible to dodge. Twilight was losing, she could see that. After blocking and dodging attacks from the powered up Trixie, Twilight was feeling drained of mana and before she knew it one stray attack sent her flying to the ground with a loud thud. The others cringed at her impact, for Twilight things didn’t seemed really good. Trixie sauntered over to the fallen Alicorn and traps her in a bubble made from the dome that surround them, so she couldn’t break free.

Ashley shouts out to gain Trixie’s attention “Stop it! Don’t yer think she’s had enough!”

Trixie seemed unfazed by Ashley’s words, she turned around with a soulless stare and by raising her hand up she radiates a pulse to send Ashley backwards, the farm girl unable to keep her footing...hoofing?

Trixie returned her gaze towards Twilight who was furiously trying to break free from her imprisonment. “Trixie how can you obtain such power overnight? Answer me Damn it!”

“She won’t listen Twilight, she only listens to me” a sinister masculine voice says revealing another being from behind the controlled anthro unicorn mare. He was an aqua coloured anthro with a grin that everyone seemed scared by.

“Don’t you recognize that amulet?” he added in.

Twilight didn’t like this guy, but she looked over to Trixie’s necklace with curiosity, with a wide eyed stare she remembers the item around her neck. “T-The alicorn amulet? But how did it-”

The mysterious anthro spoke again. “I see that you remember it from the show. As for how it’s here…” He smirked. “It fell from the sky one day. It’s what turned me from plain old Renaldus Star into the far superior Chessmaster Star.”

Rina asked “You said she only listens to you?”

Chessmaster snickered “Watch this and you’ll believe. He then sneered “Trixie take Twilight’s magic” he ordered.

With no visible hesitation, Trixie activated a spell that began to drain Twilight of her magic. Twilight felt pain rocket her body as her magic left her body, she was starting to lose consciousness when another masculine voice yelled out. “That’s enough Chessmaster!”

An Aqua blue blast severed the cord between Trixie and Twilight and the latter’s magic returned to her body, but not before a small plume forms in Trixie’s hand.

Onto the scene came a dark teal anthro with reddish brown hair that had a turquoise streak down the middle.

Chessmaster huffed. “Well if it isn’t my half brother, Maestro Spectrum Star. What brings you here?”

Maestro flicked his rainbow tail in agitation. “Chessmaster! Why do you use such dark magic!? You know what that can do to a person!”

Chessmaster scoffed. “It got results. And, If I get results, Her Ladyship will give me quite the handsome reward.”

Maestro glared with his blue-green eyes from behind his blue glasses. “Her Ladyship?”

Chessmaster covered his mouth with a hand and gasped. “Oops. My bad.” He then shrugged. “Oh well. You were gonna find out about her sooner or later.” He then gestured to Trixie. “She gave this one her transformation.” He then snatched the crystallized magic from Trixie’s hand, and continued. “She’ll be quite pleased that we have some of Twilight’s magic. And-” He then stopped, then chuckled. “I just got news from her. It seems that all we need is this small sample in order to put our plan into motion. So you can have the deadweight back.” He then barked one last order. “Remove the Amulet pawn! I’m going to need it again.” Trixie removed the amulet, and immediately collapsed. Chessmaster then picked it up in his magic.
“You may find her memories a bit...well...scrambled” Chessmaster smirked.

Maestro yelled out “What is she offering your in return for your services Chessmaster?!”

Chessmaster snickered again “What many of us in life dream of. Power. Her ladyship is willing to ascend me to a prince’s level if I help her with her master plans. I will be able to manipulate people as I see fit and so much more. It will be glorious!” Chessmaster laughed.

Maestro shook his head “She’s using you Chessmaster, don’t you see? If you continue down this path, she’ll just betray you without a second thought. Listen to what i’m saying!”

Chessmaster’s grin turned to that of plain boredom “I’m bored with you now brother, I need to get this to her ladyship” he gestured to the plume of magic in his hand. “Ciao” he waved as a portal appeared before him and he began to step through.

Maestro tried to catch him mid Teleport, but failed. He sighing he muttered to himself “Well, this certainly didn’t go as planned…”

Ashley then spoke accusingly. “‘Didn’t go as planned?’ What in tarnation do you mean by that?”

Maestro sighed. “I’d hoped that I’d be able to tag along in his teleport, maybe find out who he’s working for. I mean, I have some suspicions, but I wanted proof.” He shook his head. “If Reina and Laranda knew about this, their hearts would break. After all, Chessmaster and I are the only family they have.”

The group of friend shook themselves off, and supported Twilight as she stood. Twilight then spoke. “I don’t know who those people are but they seem important to you and that Chessmaster. Do you know something about what’s going on?”

Maestro shook his head. “Not very much I’m afraid. All that I do know is that if things continue like they have then we may end up living in a world full of Anthros.”

Rina then tilted her head. “Would that be so bad?”

Maestro hummed in thought. “Maybe not, but…” He sighed. “Some people might not… adjust well to the change it isn’t for everyone you know. For their sake, we need to stop what ever mess is coming our way, and fast.” Maestro then stood. “That’s why the Analyzers led Twilight to the Elements. They know something big is going to happen.”

As he started to walk away, Harry spoke. “Where are you going?”

Maestro then tossed a piece of paper towards Twilight, and she caught it. “That contains my contact info. Give it to Trixie when she wakes up as well. Something tells me that she’s more likely to be with us than against us now.” Before Maestro left he turned around one last time and said “If you want some answers, look for someone you already know Twilight. I’ve been told she gave you some vital info before, so she may be able to give you some about this dark threat that has surfaced.”

With that Maestro vanished.

“Well that escalated quicker than I imagined” Matt stated.

Twilight peered over the contact info then at Trixie “Guys help her up. Harry inform the principal of what happened and let him know we had to leave urgently. Then meet us outside my place”

“I’m on it” Harry confirmed as he sprinted off for the principal’s office.

Matt and Ashley picked up the unconsciousness Trixie and started to move her, Ashley looked over at Twilight “What are we gonna do Twi?” she asked.

Twilight didn’t turn around but she answered with great determination “I need to contact Excalibur now.”