Spike the stallion

by Wonder

Step two: Take her out

Spike looked at himself nervously in the mirror. He looked decent enough but he couldn't help but get the feeling that something more could be done. He had done everything he could think of to make himself look presentable. He brushed his teeth until they sparkled. He had showered twice just to make sure his mane was clean, which was a new and strange experience for him. Normally his scales wouldn't only require a rinse and they would be good as new.

He had even borrowed Twilight's fur brush to clean his new hide. The whole thing admittedly was an was an odd experience. Hopefully she wouldn't notice he had used her brush since they had similar fur colours.

The ex-dragon inspected himself in the bathroom mirror looking for any and all flaws. Finding no obvious ones he gave himself a victory pat on the back before heading out the door to pick up the mare of his dreams. After all this time, all the work he put in to making him notice her, she would finally be his. He would not this date go to waste.

This date had to be perfect.

Rarity looked at herself in her silver bordered mirror, looking over her entire body for any flaws. She tutted loudly as she examined her undercarriage. It was not nearly as slender as she would like it to be. She would probably have to go for a summer dress. No matter, though. She could deal with that later. She had other problems to worry about.

Her mane was an absolute mess. She had only washed it four times. How was she supposed to go outside like this. Maybe she could get away with it. It's not like any of the residents of Ponyville had and sense in fashion after all. Thank Celestia she had gone to the spa the day before, so her fur and hooves were in prime condition.

"I wonder if he would like my hair in a bun..." She bounced her mane with her hoof, imagining different styles and what dresses they would suit. Although, they were only going out for milkshakes, maybe she should just keep it simple. "Maybe I should keep it as is?"

Rarity trotted over to her workstation and grabbed a yellow sundress she had made for her date. It was a simple dress but it looked quite fetching, if she did say so herself. With little effort, Rarity used her magic to put on her outfit. The canary yellow dress lightly hugged her figure up until her waist, where it furled out into a thin, almost see through, cream yellow skirt. Not one of her best works but she found herself liking it quite a bit.

Now all she had to do was wait for her date to arrive.

Was it normal to feel this nervous before a date? Every time he thought he was ready, he froze. Spike felt like he was going to shatter at the lightest contact. He had butterflies the size of phoenixes in his stomach that wouldn't go away no matter how much he willed them to disappear.

The purple stallion paced in front of Rarity's door, trying to build up the courage to knock but it was as if his courage was being stored in a barrel full of holes. Whenever he thought he was ready, he would lose his confidence and start thinking of all the ways things could go wrong. What if she changed her mind? Maybe she didn't like milkshakes and he was wasting his time.

"Chill, Spike. All you have to do is knock on the door." He attempted reassured himself, before letting out a defeated sigh. "Yeah, that's all I have to do..."

What felt like hours to Spike was in reality, only a few seconds. Mustering what little courage he had, he acted before he his bravery left him again and raised his hoof to the door and rapped his hoof against it. Now he just had to wait.

Inside, he could hear some movement. The occasional rustle of materials. The intermittent sounds of coat hangers being moved about. He could hear all of it and for some reason, these normal sounds scared him. Did she not hear him knock? Maybe she had forgotten or didn't want to go anymore. Maybe this was a mistake. Why would a mare as beautiful as Rarity agree to go on a date with him.

Spike was just about to turn and run when the door opened.

Rarity turned her head to the sound of the knocking and smiled. He was right on time. Not too early to make her rush and not too late so as to make her worry he wouldn't show. He was punctual. He had that going for him. Now all she had to do was make him wait a little bit.

She didn't want it to look like she was waiting for him at the door which is pretty much what she had been doing for the past several minutes. Alas, a lady must always keep her suitors waiting... at least, that is what she had been told. From what she had heard from Canterlot society, she must make a stallion wait for her. Not too long though. Just enough time keep him interested.

She probably had around a minute before it was suitable to open the door. She might as well make it look like she was doing something of importance. She proceeded to trot around her showroom, idly examining some of her designs and checking through one of the clothe racks, idly counting down from sixty. The seconds seemed to go by painfully slow but alas she must follow the rules and proper date etiquette mandated that she make the poor stallion wait.

As she neared the end of her countdown Rarity trotted to the front door and mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen. She must remain calm, she must be dignified and most importantly of all she must be elegant.

"In other words, you're just going to be your normal everyday self?" Her inner voice chimed in.

"Oh, you're still here?" Rarity stopped mid-step and droned. "Do you have nothing better to do then belittle me?"

"Nothing whatsoever. By the way, acting like your normal self, Great idea! It's not like that hasn't worked in the past. Don't forget to be vain, demanding and underhanded."

"I am no such thing! Now hush, I have a date to go on." Before the voice in her head could respond, Rarity used her magic to grasp the door handle and yanked it open.

She must have done so quite suddenly because the young stallion on the other side nearly jumped out of his skin when she opened the door. Almost comically, he stood up a straight at he could, which brought him just a inch shy of Rarity's full height.

"H-hi.. hello... I mean uh, Ahem." Spike mentally slapped himself and tried to speak again. "Good evening, Rarity." The stallion was so nervous that it was almost adorable, like watching a colt ask his crush out. Rarity couldn't help but let a small giggle out.

"Good evening to you, Spike." She stepped outside, closing the door behind her. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah- I mean. yes, we shall." Spike corrected himself.

"Darling, you are simply too charming." Rarity chuckled. "But you don't need to act differently simply because we are on a date. I will act like myself and you will do the same."

"You want me to act like you?" Rarity paused mid-step, imagining what that would look like.

'No, silly." Rarity tutted, shaking her head. "I want you to be yourself. While it is nice that you would try and change how you speak for me but, and I don't mean this to sound rude, you are not very good at it."

"Oh, really?" Spike deflated at her words which Rarity noticed.

"Darling, that is not a bad thing. It simply isn't you. Now, don't feel so bad. It wouldn't be proper for somepony to be so glum on a date, would it?"

"I guess it wouldn't." Spike had to admit she was right. He shouldn't be sad. He was on a date with Rarity, the most beautiful mare in Equestria. The mare he had had a crush on since first laying eyes on her. At that realization his ego went from living in a tent under a bridge to living in a condominium next to the beach. He was on top of the world and he couldn't help but smile at the fact.

"That's the spirit." Rarity smiled when she saw Spike's apprehension disappear. "Now, let us be on our way. Those milkshakes are not going to drink themselves."

Just like any other day, Sugarcube Corner was abuzz with activity. School was out, many adults had just finished work and everyone wanted something sweet to make their day complete.

The owners, Mr and Mrs Cake, were in the kitchens baking all the delicious sweet and savoury food the establishment was known for, leaving their friend and colleague Pinkie Pie to serve the customers. Pinkie didn't know what she liked better. baking, talking to customers or eating the baked goods. All three were amazing but sadly she was only paid to do two of those... she couldn't remember which two though.

"Meh, I'll find out later, won't I?" Pinkie asked.

"What?" A confused mare asked. "I asked for carrot in my milkshake."

"Oh, sorry Top, I was talking to someone else.That'll be four bits or three if I get a cuddle."

"I think I'll just go for the full price." The mare hoofed over the coins and trotted off to one of the tables around the rooms.

"No problemo." Pinkie called back and dropped the coins into the wooden till under the counter. Business was definitely good today. The till was already full. Pinkie looked around in thought and decided to dump the contents of the till in a vacant drawer. She nodded to herself, happy with her quick solution, and returned the wooden till to it's rightful place, ready and eager to be filled with the coins of happy customers. Pinkie looked up as another set of customers entered the store. Much to Pinkie's joy the next coins in it would be received from one of her favourite friends in the whole world. Rarity and Spike. Rarity looked normal for the most part but for some reason Spike looked different.

Maybe it was the lack of scales, the addiction of hooves or even his brand new cutie mark but it was definitely Spike. She could never mistake a friend and Spike was one of her favourite friends ever.

Pinkie was snapped away from her thoughts as Rarity waved a hoof in front of her face.

"-nkie. Are you in there? Equestria to Pinkie!" Rarity looked at her friend in a odd mixture of mirth and concern.

"Oh. hiya Rarity. Hey, Spike. What are you two up to? Wait, don't tell me." Pinkie rubbed the tips of her hooves against her temples in what was a strangely accurate impersonation of a fortuneteller. "You aaah... the lady wants a... She wants a yakow bone! A yakow bladder! No... no... I got it! For many moons... she has... waited for... a juice pop? A jewel shop? Oh... oh... I know, she's got a hairball?! A hair lip? A hairy chest?" Pinkie would have gone on for hours but Rarity was slowly becoming more and more concerned about what Pinkie was saying as time went on.

"Close... but no." Rarity frowned. What in the name of Celestia was a Yakow? "My friend and I would like a chocolate milkshake."

"Well why didn't you say so? That'll be three bits." Pinkie recited the price, having memorized the menu a long time ago. Spike smiled at Rarity and went to pay but the alabaster mare stopped him.

"What's wrong?" Spike looked at the mare confused.

"I thought they were three bits per drink?" Rarity turned to address Pinkie Pie "Darling, you don't need to give us a discount just because I'm a friend." Rarity signaled for Spike to reach for additional coins but Pinkie just stared at them blankly.

"...What's a discount?" She tilted her head in confusion.

"A discount is when..." Rarity went to explain but decided against it. It would be easier to just accept the discount. "Never mind. Thank you, dear. I'll pay you back later, somehow."

"Okay, then. I'll bring you your drink soon." Pinkie smiled to her friends before writing their order on a piece of paper. She then folded it into a paper plane and threw it into the kitchen. It was either by sheer luck or some sort of mystical power that only Pinkie had access that the paper plane somehow landed on the bench in front of Mrs Cake.

Moments later the order was ready and Pinkie was carrying a tray of food across the floor of Sugarcube corner containing half a dozen muffins, an assortment of candy and two milkshakes.