Trixie´s Tremendous Treasure

by Verzeih Turncoat


Trixie was standing on the outskirts of a pony settlement, a colony outside of Equestria. The land was scorched. A few red trees without leaves on the large open area before a mountain range the settlers had tried to claim as farmland.
How did Trixie ended up here- she wondered herself -Trixie just wanted to calm her conscience after what she did to the citizens of Ponyville. To repay her dept to... Twilight Sparkle, what have you done to Trixie?! Trixie is going to die here and for what? Lost pride? Entitlement of her name and blood? She is going to die, crushed, smashed, eaten alive or dead. Her joints were shaking, giving in under her own weight. So she will end, dying for ponies she could not care less about. Covered in ash and dirt and her own blood. If she was lucky.

"Lulamoon, stand up straight!" She barely lifted her head. Just enough so her eye could barely made out the muzzle of the one talking to her. A creature like nothing else she had ever seen before. It had an long face like a crocodile without scales, but soft skin. Sharp teeths inside his mouth, that were even able to been seen when it maw was close. Around the old wrinkled face was an dark brown lions mane. Lighter brown covered its bipedaled body just leaving the his fleshy claws uncovered. Its leathery bat wings threw big enough shadows on Trixie to cover her whole. If it wasn´t for the lack of a scorpion tail trixie would have discribed him as a bipedaled manticore. Trixie had heared of this creature, but she could not believe that he was actually standing infront of her.

"gah... It´s just impossible I can´t do it Scorpan..."

He bowed over to her. Comming so close Trixie could feel his breath in her face as well as moving her hat with every word he spoke: "Stand and be proud! A mare who claims the name of Lulamoon should carry herself better than this! The reinforcements will be here soon. Have you forgotten your oath to the pegasi of this town."

"Scorpan... How can you...?"- Trixie lifted her head a little further looking into these trustworthy old brown, but yet dissapointed eyes. No he had no trust in her. He only saw the shadow of his former friend -"I can´t. I can´t protect them! You have to do it."- He was Tirek´s brother. Surely he could -"You have to rescue everypony... please!"

"What, so you can run away? You who carries Starswirl´s legacy?"- His claw knocked of her wizard hat, that reminded him so much of his old friend. -"Are you not prepared to risk your life in order to keep your word?!"

Trixie burried her face into the ash of of the ruined fields: "Just stop! My name isn´t Lulamoon! It´s... Trixie..."- Huge tears fell into the dirty. "I´m the laughing-stock of the entire Lulamoon family. I have no power... I am an embarrassment!" The strongest unicorn of every generation has to be a Lulamoon. It has always been that way, even before Starswirl`the Bearded´Lulamoon. Why was she just so weak? Celestia has choosen twice to tutor a unicorn herself and yet she only had gotten into the School for gifted Unicorns because she was a Lulamoon. She will leave no mark on this world. No spell, no heroic deed. Nothing to make her mother proud.

They heared a loud wind coming closer, followed by an earthshacking noice. "They are coming to kill us." elucidated Scorpan turning his back towards the blue unicorn. "Lulamoon... Trixie."- He said, taking of his pendant. It was just a string with two bundle of hair knotted togther. One was dark as his mane and the other was white. Trixie knew excatly whom that piece of mane had belonged too. He settled it on the ground next to him. -"You and I are the same. Perhaps the paths of glory have been closed to you." Trixie lifted her head, what was he saying? He looked back to her with a smile. "That´s nothing to be ashamed of." he said calm only to amplify every single word that followed after these -"How the world sees you means nothing! What matters is how you see the world. Nothing matters unless you chose to care about it! And only you can decide what your life is worth!" He spread his bat like wings, His face directed towards the threat. He almost wispered the next words. They were not meant for Trixie just for himself: "(Celestia... this wretched life you once safed... I might have to give it up before I can repay you. I´m sorry.)"

After this he flew over to the threat that was endangering Scorpan, the village and Trixie. A humongous dragon. Its smallest claw was twice as big as Trixie. The pegasi might as well had build their homes on his ram like horns. How could she have been so foolish to offer her help to fight of dragons? Scorpan was hovering in front of the dragons snout and yelled at him: "THIS IS AS FAR AS YOU GO!!!"

Trixie was stunt by fear and only gasp: "Scorpan." As flames consumed the old friend of Starswirl the Bearded.

"GRRRRRRHHHH..." she could bearly hear it over the sound of scorching flames that turned the ground where they hit them into glass. The trees far away from them combust into flames by the sheer heat filling the air. "What of the flames?! Nothing burns hotter than my own fury! I... won´t... LOSE!!!" Trixie had heard that over all the dragons laugther as they assumed the giant one had burned him to nothingness. The dragonsbreath seemed to explode all over the place in a bright light. Trixie was blinded as she could see again, she saw the dragons as confused as her. The giant dragon was setting himself back up.

At this point Trixie snapped out of her dazed state snatched the pendant and ran away only hearing the giant dragon shouting: "Urgh... the dragons need a new Dragonlord that can protect them from guys like that" Trixie stopped looking at the direction. He did it. Scorpan did it! But where was he? "AGREE WITH ME!" The dragon shouted and Trixie ran away into the village. They were lucky, the dragonlord took his dragons and flew away, but neither Trixie nor the pegasi did found Scorpan.

Trixie looked at the pedant and without thinking about it she cut of a piece of her own mane and started to weave them into a braid. All three of them. Trixie, Scorpan and Starswirl into one single piece.