Lost in Unified Madness

by Thunderman1984

Prologue: The Crash

Driving on a highway at midnight was a van prepped for camping, one of its two occupants asleep in the passenger seat while the driver was listening to a podcast at low volume. The name of the driver being Eric, a relatively sensible man with horrible social skills when talking to someone he doesn't know and a preference for making references and jokes relevant to the situation. The one sleeping in the passenger seat goes by the name Nat, a cute outgoing woman who has a penchant for going on tangents and is a fantastic engineer (PUNS!), most of the camping equipment being made by her in fact.

Thanks to Eric's habit of staying up most of the night they decided it would be for the best if he drove for as long as possible before going to the rest stop just before the camp ground to sleep, expecting a long drive he started listening to a two-hour podcast, only to be surprised by seeing the turn coming up for the camp grounds on the GPS before the first ten minutes were over.

Unsure what to think he decided to check the camp grounds entrance before trying to find a resting area he followed the GPS down the dirt road till the GPS suddenly said "You have arrived at your destination." Thinking that someone accidently screwed up the GPS destination, he decided that he should head to a rest stop to sleep till morning.
After doing a U-turn and following the road back he spotted a particularly bright star, after deciding it wasn’t a star he floored it instead of reversing so as not to follow the Prometheus school of running away from things, it payed off in the fact it didn't hit the car but it did create a shock wave that caused him to crash into a tree and wake up Nat before everything went white.

At least, until he got the airbags out of his face.