His Book of Gears

by Tower of 0

Stranger Days

Twilight and Justin were making their way down the street passed ponies in the streets. The Alicorn leading way as the Human followed. Justin's came to a halt, swiveling his head in different directions, a noise bothering his ears. Twilight, however, didn't take notice and continued on.

The was a slight buzzing noise as if a plane was shot down. "Look out!"


Justin was brought to his ass by a pegasus pony. Stars circled his head and were quickly shaken away so he could look at the pony that landed on top of him. The coat was grey, a familiar shade, with a cap that hid most of the mane, but could tell there was a blonde coloring to it. The ponies eyes were closed, shaking as it was scared.

"You alright?" Justin asked.

The mare finally peeked out at him, and suddenly a wide grin as she gasped.

Twilight was racing through the packed streets, as fast as her legs could carry. Athletics wasn't a strong suit of hers, naturally being more attracted to books. Only the human she lost has the book that was worth more in this Equestria to her than anything right now. The book that could take them home. Her heart skipped a beat at the fear of losing that book and her friends.

Justin thanked the mare once more for her hospitality, tucking the book into the innermost pocket of his jacket. He was about to turn around until a pony's head struck his lower spine. Not really forceful enough to render him unconscious, but to make him eat dirt. Twilight whinnied and started prancing in a tizzy.

"Ohmigosh! I'm so sorry! I thought I had lost you and-"

Justin pushed himself back up and steadily got back to his feet. He dusted himself off and turned to Twilight as she was on a ramble. He smiled at her, something dark crawling at the back of his mind. Seeing her face however, how worried she was about almost trampling the man, he resisted. A finger was pushed against her lips and shushed her rather effectively.

"Twilie, it's okay. The book's safe." Justin reassured the alicorn. "We have a quest to do."

Twilight cocked her head after his finger was moved. "Quest? What quest?"

Justin shrugged, "Save this Equestria, go home, relax."

It wasn't long before Justin somehow talked Twilight into getting on an airship with him. The tug slowly puffed through the sky, it's heading towards Canterlot as the duo stood on the lower deck. Their eye fixated on a setting Equestrian sun.

"It's beautiful." Justin broke the silence. "Probably won't get another view like this, not unless I moved to Canterlot."

"Or sprouted pegsus wings and could sit on clouds." Twilight commented. "Not that you need to go to Canterlot."

"Yeah, too posh for my tastes, but the architecture is grand though." Justin smiled.

The airship soon moored at Canterlot and started to let off it's passengers and cargo. Twilight and Justin leaving the mooring station and taking a good, long look around this Canterlot. Most of the buildings were identical to the city they knew. Few details were different, like the street lights and guards. Then there was the Palace, it was now a museum to dedicate the valiant efforts of Celestia and Luna during their defense for Canterlot.

Justin was looking at a good bit of the displays that held objects of the Royal Guard. Twilight looking at many of the objects that once belonged to her mentor and her sister. The human stopped in front of a tapestry and stared. The cloth displaying another human, bearded, almost the same complexion as him. His mind flicked on and the gears started to turn.

You look like him


"You know who that is. Right?" A voice piped up from behind.

Justin's peripherals picked up the mass of another pony. "I think so."

The pony was masked, but looked towards the human anyway. "No. No... you do know. It's just now clicking."

"And you are?" Justin asked, looking to the masked pony, now seeing the horn.

"Just call me a friend, or, if you prefer, the Stranger." The unicorn chuckled to him.

Justin only had to blink once, and the masked unicorn disappeared before him. His eyes shifted back to the tapestry and studied it a few minutes more. Then it clicked. A wave of excitement and dread washed over him. His feet became jittery and he suddenly fled from the display to go find his friend.