Tribes Ascend into Equestia

by Manticore328


Tribes Ascend into Equestria

Authors note: Sorry for the super long wait. Was having problems with this thing called life.

Jenkins readied his fist. He wasn’t sure if the spikes on his knuckles would pierce the things scales. He didn’t find out though as it got enveloped in the same purple aura the blue rainbow pony had gotten surrounded in.

Its then he noticed that the purple ones horn was glowing and when she set the lizard in front of her and seemed to start scolding it, the glow around the lizard and the horn disappeared. Jenkins took mental note of this, if it could restrain things with its mind it could provide a problem if the creatures turned out to be hostile after all.

Once it finished the lizard produced a quill and paper seemingly from no were and the purple one started talking. It seemed to be writing something down and when it was done it burned it. What was even more peculiar is the smoke swirled around then set off towards a mountain in the distance as if it had a purpose.

Jenkins then noticed that the yellow one had been slowly inching towards him. When he noticed it stopped and hid behind its mane. Jenkins held at his hand hoping it would come forward. It slowly advanced until it was right in front of him and put a hoof to his cheek. Seemingly satisfied it trotted back over to the others.

“These things sure do like my skin.” Jenkins thought. “Either my armor confused them or there trying to decide if I am edible.”

As Jenkins watched the yellow one he saw a flash out of the corner of his eye. He whipped his head around to see the purple one now levitating blocks, paper, and a few quills around her. She set these down in front of him and he noticed the blocks had numbers on them. Surprisingly they seemed to be the same numbers humans used, there were a few differences here and there, like the tail on the letter four curved but otherwise similar. This was astonishing to say the least. They had a different language but used the same number system.
The purple one pointed to two blocks with the number one on it. Jenkins picked up a block with the number two on it and showed it to the purple pony hoping it had wanted him to add. When it saw this its eyes grew wide and it reared on its back legs and started clapping with its front hooves. It then started babbling about something, whether it was to him or its friends he couldn’t tell. He could have sworn the blue one had rolled its eyes though.

This continued on for about two more minutes. The purple one then started using the paper to write down questions getting harder with each one. After five minutes Jenkins couldn’t figure out the newest question and the purple one looked disappointed. Well what did it expect? In a society where they started teaching you to kill people with your bare hands in the second grade, math wasn’t the biggest priority.

It continued giving him all sorts of problems until there was a bright white flash he had to shield his eyes from. He quickly put on his helmet and looked toward the flash. Now standing were the flash had come from stood a particular tall, white unicorn with wings and an assortment of the pony’s with horns and wings all in armour. The ponies and lizard bowed to her. They seemed to regard it with respect but he was already on his feet with his Spinfusor pointed at it.

One of the horned ones with neon blue hair and purple armor stepped forward barking out what Jenkins assumed were commands. The other armored pony’s started to surround him and Jenkins spinfusor was enveloped in a purple aura and started to get tugged out of his hands.

Jenkins losing his grip but seeing the pony with the neon blue hair’s horn was glowing let go of his gun and quickly got out his eagle pistol and fired several rounds. All of which got blocked by a purple shield that appeared around the pony.

Jenkins reached for his Thumper but it had already been yanked from his side. Sensing defeat he charged forward with his claw ready to kill as many as he could before he died but before he could get close he was enveloped in a golden aura. He was now suspended in midair as the unusually tall winged unicorn approached him.

He felt his helmet being lifted off his head and started to panic and squirm in the things telekinetic hold. It touched its horn to his forehead and he felt a warm sensation. It backed away now and watched him.

“What did you do to me!?” He shouted still struggling in its hold.

“Please settle down we mean you no harm.” It responded in a soothing voice.

Jenkins looked dumbfounded “Did you just speak English?”

“Not exactly. I used a translating spell. Now when you hear equine it should sound like your native tongue. I also took the knowledge of your language so I could understand you.”

“Spell? Are you telling me you can use magic? And I don’t appreciate having my mind rooted through.” Jenkins felt like he should have been more enraged. But the tall pony’s gentle face and soothing voice just seemed to take the fight right out of him.

“Princess can it understand us? Because I still can’t understand it.” The purple one asked, her voice bubbling with excitement.

“I am not an it I am a he.” Jenkins grumbled.

“What did it say?” The purple one question.

The tall one lifted her head up and gold bubbles appeared over the purple, orange, cyan, and yellow pony’s heads as well as the one with the purple armor. There was a popping sound and all the bubbles were gone.
“Can it understand us now?” The purple one once again questioned.

“Yes I can I am a male so stop calling me it.” Jenkins said rather annoyed. “And can you put me down?”

“Yes but do you promise not to hurt anypony.” The tall pony asked

“You’re the ones that attacked me.” Jenkins retorted

“Well you did point…whatever that thing is at me and Shining armor takes his job very seriously.”

“That I do.” Shining armor said proudly.

“Well you surprised me but fine, put me down and I promise not to attack any one.”

“Alright.” The tall one said while placing Jenkins on his feat. “Now allow me to introduce myself. I am Princess Celestia ruler of Equestria which is the country your now in, and you are?”

“I am High Marshal Kyle Jenkins of the Blood Eagle Tribe.” Jenkins stated proudly.

“High Marshal so your part of the military then?” Celestia asked.

“Yes I am. Now that that is done I would like to thank the yellow on over there.” Jenkins pointed at the winged yellow pony. “For patching up my arm. I didn’t even know it was injured because of the medicine my suit injects me with to keep me from feeling pain, I could have bled to death. May I ask you your name?”
The yellow one hid behind her long pink mane as she noticed she was now the center of attention.

“My name is Fluttershy.” She mumbled.

What? I didn’t quite catch that?” Jenkins asked.

“Her name is Fluttershy and as you can tell she is very shy.” The purple one said. “My name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends.” She motioned to the two others.

“My name is Applejack and it’s nice to meet ya.” The orange one said.

“And I am Rainbow Dash, the best flyer in all of Equestria.” The cyan mare stated. Twilight nudged her with her elbow. “Oh and um…sorry for attacking you. I thought you did something to Fluttershy.” She said embarrassed rubbing one of her hooves behind her head.

“Well with formality’s out of the way let’s get down to business.” Celestia stated her tone now more serious. “A creature such as yourself has never been seen in Equestria and that armor you’re wearing is very advanced. So I am going to take a guess that you’re an alien.”
Jenkins nodded.

“Well then I must ask how you came here and what your intentions are.”

“Well I could explain it all right here which would take several hours and won’t be very informative or I can give you all some holographic images and documements to study while I explain what I know. However my suit was damage when I collided with this world and one of my power cells and my energy pool have been damaged.”

A small hatch opened up on Jenkins jet back and he pulled out a small cylinder of glowing neon blue energy. “This is a power cell though judging by the fact that your guards are wielding spears I am going to take a guess and say you don’t have the technology to create this.”

All of the pony’s present stared wide eyed at the small cylinder in Jenkins hand. It was like nothing they had ever seen.

“Hmm I might have another solution can I see it?” Celestia asked.

Jenkins held his hand out and the cylinder was enveloped in gold and brought closer to Celestia. Twilight also moved closer in an attempt to study the object.

“Hmm…everypony stand back” Celestia said. She closed her eyes and began to focus. There was a brilliant flash of white light and now there were two power cells floated in front of Celestia.

Jenkins jaw nearly became unhinged. “B-b…Wh…How did you do that?” He stuttered. He was no scientist but even he knew that the power cells were extremely complex and that making one appear from thin air shouldn’t be possible.

“Simple really. I simple took the construction of matter in the first cell then made a copy and had more matter form around that in the same pattern as the first.” Celestia stated matter of factly.

“Well um…think you could do that a few more times?” Jenkins asked.

Several newly formed power cells later and a short walk to the large field next to Fluttershys cottage and Jenkins was ready to begin.

On the ground laid a dozen power cells all connected to each other with cables. At the end of one was a plug.

“Alright when I say now I want you to put this plug into this socket right here.” Jenkins pointed to a socket on his jetpack. “Can you do that?”

“Of course I can.” Shining armor huffed. He had insisted on plugging the contraption in instead of the princess lest she get hurt.

“Alright well here goes nothing.” Jenkins held his hands out and a slot on the armor above either wrist opened up revealing a shining cyan blue light. “Now!” he shouted.

Shining levitated the plug into the socket and Jenkins watched as the energy levels of his suit shot up to full but struggled to stay there as a crack in his jet back we letting neon blue energy leak out. However he only needed a few seconds. The two blue lights on either wrist shone bright for a moment and then died down again.

Then a huge Blue orb appeared then shrunk leaving behind a large metal cube.

“We did all that for a cube?” Shining asked slightly annoyed.

“Watch.” Jenkins said.

Then the cube started to come up from the ground. Legs on its corners pushing up. Sounds of locks being disengaged could be heard and the cube started to grow as sliders started pushing different sections of it outward. Once finished the cube now stood several feet off the ground. It had Edged pylons all the way around coming from the bottoms of the walls and had glowing blue lights in between each pylon. A door opened and a vertical path way extended from the door to the ground.

“Ta-da.” Jenkins said and smirked as he saw all the pony’s mouths wide open again. “Alright feel free to join me inside.” He said as he walked up the ramp into the command post.

Celestia, Twilight and her friends, and the royal guard all entered cautiously.