Holiday Letters

by Moonlit Path


Dear Grampy,
Hey, it’s been a while. Life has changed a lot since ah last saw ya. Made a ton of new friends, and even got ta meet a princess. Ah now have magic now also. Not quite sure how it works yet, but ah know Sunset and Twi will figure it out. Let’s hope it’s before the end of the world though.
Ah miss ya Grampy. Life still aint the same without ya. Holidays seem ta be the hardest for us Apples, considerin’ how much you were a part of it. Like that toy train that you had round the old tree. Ah remember you yellin at us for knocking it of track. Didn’t know if ya knew or not, but we soon figured out how ta do it myself. We must’ve knocked it off fifty times, without ya realizin. Then we’d all snuggle on yer bed, and watch the classic movies.
The holidays now seem more...mandatory than fun now. It’s almost somethin that we dread. Things’ll get better though. Ah know it. As long as one of us keeps the holiday spirit, ah know we’ll get through it. Still aint the same without ya…
But ya know how the sayin goes “When one door closes, another one opens”, and it’s true. Naw, we don’t have the same traditions we did as kids, but we creating new ones now. Thing’ll work out. They always do. I love ya Grampy, and I hope you always know that. I’ll see you again one day.