Dazzling Sun: Christmas Special

by Darkness Moon

The Best Christmas

The Christmas spirit had spread all over the city of Canterlot. There were festive lights on buildings and trees and a large Christmas tree in the middle of the public park. The air was quite cold, perfect for a hot drink. A girl with bacon-colored hair came out of a coffee shop with several cups. Sunset headed to the park to meet up with some people. She went to the farthest area and found them sitting on a bench, just waiting.

"Girls!" call Sunset.

The girls being called turned in response; it was the Dazzlings. Sonata jumped up to embrace her while being handed a hot chocolate. Adagio turned to her, smiling as Sunset approached and handed over one of the coffees.

"Wow, thanks Sunset" Adagio said, as she took a coffe.

"You're welcome" said Sunset. "And black coffee for you" she said, handing the drink to Aria.

"Thank you" said Aria.

"Aria, come on! Help me make a snowman!" said Sonata, pulling her arm.

"Forget it, do it for yourself" Aria said bitterly.

"Come on!" Sonata said, pushing her into the snow.

As they fought, Sunset and Adagio sat there, watching the snow fall and enjoying each other's company.
Almost four months have passed since the night at the asylum and things were pretty good.
Sunset had not yet spoken to her friends about her friendship with the sirens, she knew there would be some problems. And they probably would not accept it, or worse, they would not forgive it. However, her friends kept suspecting her absence. Sunset told them she had to help some friends in the neighborhood. They all believed her, except Applejack.

"Adagio" called Sunset.

"Hmm?" said Adagio.

"Are you excited about the Christmas party?" Sunset asked.

"Well, I'm not as excited as Sonata is, but yes, I am" said Adagio.

"I thought you guys would like these parties" Sunset said.

"Well, Aria and I are not so fond of the Christmas spirit. Sonata, however, gets more excited about giving gifts" Adagio said.

"Speaking of gifts, what would you like for Christmas?" said Sunset.

"You do not have to give me anything" Adagio said, chuckling.

"Oh come on Adagio, I'm sure there's something you want" Sunset said.

Adagio thought for a moment, then looked at Sunset and smiled.

"Any gift you give me will be all right" said Adagio, drinking the rest of her coffee.

"If you say so, I guess it's fine" Sunset said, finishing her drink. "Well, we should go home, we're supposed to decorate the Christmas tree" said

As they headed home, Sunset kept thinking of Adagio's words. In addition, she also had to look for gifts for Aria and Sonata.

"I hope I can find the perfect gift for them" thought Sunset.

Once they got home, they began to decorate.

Adagio and Sonata began with the tree, and Sunset and Aria went to put the lights on the house. Then they went to sleep.

The next day:

The four girls had breakfast while talking about their plans.

"And what will you do today?" asked Adagio.

"I'll go and buy dinner!" said Sonata happily.

"By yourself?" asked Sunset.

"No. Ari will go with me" Sonata said.

"And what will you do?" Aria asked Adagio.

"I have to buy some things" Adagio said, taking her coffee.

"Are you coming with us Sunny?" Sonata asked.

"I'd love to, but I have to go somewhere else" Sunset said. "But we'll see each other tonight, right?" she asked.

"Sure" Adagio said, smiling.

"Then, see you tonight" Sunset said, standing up. "And do not get in trouble" she said.

"You heard her, Sonata" said Aria.


Once they finished, they went out on different paths.


Like the rest of the city, the mall was filled with Christmas decorations. Lights and garlands around a large Christmas tree in the center of the mall and holiday sales offering large discounts to their customers.
Sonata and Aria were in the mall, looking for all the ingredients for the Christmas dinner.
After her experience at Mount Massive, Aria had changed her ways, at least with Sonata. They stopped fighting all the time. They still argued sometimes, but not as much. And Sonata had changed too. Now she was more brave and determined in what she was doing.

"Ready!" said Sonata, crossing her list. "Only the desserts left!"

"Sure that's all?" Aria asked, holding a bunch of bags.

"Yep! Let's see: stuffed turkey, prime rib, mashed potatoes, spaghetti... Yep! This is everything" Sonata said contentedly.

"So we have dinner? And what about Sunset? She doesn't eat meat" said Aria.

"I already planned for that" Sonata said. "For Sunny, I'll cook lasagna with mushrooms and baked vegetables" she said proudly.

"Anyway" said Aria. "You said only the desserts remain, right?"

"Oh yes, we will prepare apple strudel and Christmas trunk," said Sonata. "Come! The store is about to close!" she said, pulling Aria's arm.

"Wait! Slow down!" said Aria.

Elsewhere in the mall, Sunset was looking for gifts for her friends. As she walked, she thought what she could buy. She had already bought gifts for Aria and Sonata, only one was missing.

"I wonder what Adagio would like? Maybe, something she can always use? What does she want?" thought Sunset.

Sunset looked around, wondering in which store the gift could be found. An hour passed and she had searched through many shops, but no luck. She then reached her destination. Her last stop, the jewelry store.
When she entered, she was greeted by a kind woman.

"Good evening, Miss, is there anything I can help you with?" she asked.

"I'm trying to find a gift for someone special" said Sunset.

"Oh, I know what you mean. Well, we have a wide selection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets for a special someone. Please browse through
and let me know if you find something you like"

Sunset nodded and looked around to see if anything was of interest to her. There were many promising necklaces and bracelets for sale, but they did not appear to be perfect for Adagio. Until she saw something that caught her attention and called the owner.

"Excuse me, Miss" said Sunset.

The woman approached her. "Have you found something you like?" she asked.

"Yes, what is this?" Sunset pointed to a particular box in the window.

"Oh, good decision. 'The Heart of Fire' is one of our best gems, a perfect gift for that special person in your life. Just pick two of the colored gemstones you'd like and we'll engrave the names of the lovely couple" she said with a smile.

"C-Couple? N-No, it's just for a friend" Sunset blushed. "Is there something else you could show me?" she said, trying to change the subject.

"Of course" the woman said.

She took another box from the cabinet and opened it. Sunset glanced at the jewel. "This might be what I'm looking for" she thought, smiling.
She then turned to the woman. "I'll take it" she said.


At last Adagio had finished her shopping.

"Oh what a weariness!" said Adagio exhausted. "But at least I have your gift" Adagio thought, a light pink tone on her cheeks.
Adagio looked around, ready to leave the mall, but then she heard the voice of one of her friends calling.


Adagio turned to the fountain and saw Aria walking to her.

"Hey, did you come here too?" Aria asked.

"Too?" asked Adagio, confused.

"We saw Sunset here just now, she's eating something with Sonata" Aria said.

"Sunset is here too!" said Adagio a little nervously.

"Yes, why?" said Aria with an evil smile.

"N-No reason. And what are you doing here?" Adagio asked.

"Oh, I'm just looking for a present" Aria said.

"For Sonata?" Adagio asked, smiling.

"That does not concern you" Aria said blushing slightly as she nodded. "But yes, for Sonata" she said.

"Oh, but how sweet of you Aria" said Adagio evil smile.

"Leave me alone!" said Aria, annoyed. "Why don't you buy a gift for Sunset" she said mockingly.

"For your information, I already have it" said Adagio. "Now why don't you stop being a grinch and let me help you with finding a gift?"

"No thanks, I have your gift" said Aria.

"As you wish" said Adagio. "Then let's go meet up with Sonata and Sunny," she said walking.

"Sunny?" Aria smiled.

"Shut up!" said Adagio, flushed and angry.


Now the four girls came out of the mall, they were about to go home, but Sunset's phone rang.

"Wait, I have to take this" she said as she answered the call, moving away a little.

"Who could it be?" Sonata asked.

"Maybe her girlfriend" Aria said, smiling, seeing Adagio's seething anger.

"Eh? Really?" said Sonata impressed.

"It's just one of her friends" Adagio replied, playing with her phone.

"Yes, possibly that Twilight, they get along really well, they have so much in common" said Aria smiling.

"Aria" Sonata whispered, seeing the clear anger in Adagio.

"What?" she said innocently.

Before a fight happened, Sunset returned.

"It was Twilight, she wants me to go and help with some decorations" Sunset said.

"I knew it" Aria whispered.

"And you have to go? Now?" Adagio asked.

"Yes, but we'll see each other tonight" said Sunset. "Unless... you want to spend Christmas with my friends?" she asked.

"No, thanks" said Aria.

"Okay, I'll see you later!" Sunset said.

The Dazzlings went home and while Sonata planned dinner, Adagio did not stop fighting with Aria.


Christmas Eve:

At the house of Applejack, seven friends were gathered, joined by their sisters and even Applejack's brother and grandmother. Everyone was having fun, playing games, singing songs, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying some Christmas candy.

"Oh! Yes! Merry Christmas!" cried Pinkie.

"Well" said Sunset. "That's my signal to go"

"But Sunset, where are you going? The party is not over yet," said Twilight.

"Well, it just so happens that I've got to see my boss" said Sunset.

"But it's a vacation, you can not be working" Twilight said.

"I know, but his family invited me to spend Christmas with them" said Sunset.

"Oh, okay? If you say so, have fun" said Twilight.

After saying goodbye to her friends, Sunset went out the door, but a voice stopped her.

"Applejack?" Sunset said confused.

"Can we talk?" Applejack asked seriously.

"It's just that, I'm somewhat in a hurry" said Sunset.

"I will not be long, it will only be a minute" said Applejack.

Sunset had no choice but to sit on the stairs with Applejack.

"What's up Applejack?" asked Sunset.

"Sunset, tell me, are you okay?" Applejack asked worriedly.

"Sure, why wouldn't I be?" said Sunset.

"Lately you've been very distant with us" said Applejack.

"Oh, that, well I've been very busy, the job and all" Sunset said a little nervously.

But that did not seem to convince Applejack.

"Look, I know I've turned down some invitations with you, but I really need this job" Sunset said.

"But we're your friends, do you not trust us?" asked Applejack.

"What are you talking about? What does trust have to do with it?" Sunset asked, confused.

"Sunset, you're a bad liar. I know you have a secret" Applejack said.

"S-Secret? What secret?" said Sunset.

"I don't know, you tell me" said Applejack.

"Okay, I'll tell you" said Sunset. "The truth is that... I'm spending time with some girls I met at work, and I promised some friends that I would spend Christmas with them".

"Why did not you invite them?" asked Applejack.

"Tried to, but they wanted it to be just us; I did not want to disappoint them, I'm sorry" said Sunset, a little distressed.

"Hmmm... It's okay Sunset, but you should have told us so we would not be worried" said Applejack.

"You're right, can I leave now?" asked Sunset.

"Well, your coworkers are waiting for you," Applejack said.

"Thank you Applejack, see you!" Said Sunset running.

"I think they were just my assumptions" said Applejack returning home.


With The Dazzlings:

In Sunset's house (and the Dazzlings too) everything was ready, the only thing missing was Sunset.

"Ready!" Said Sonata excitedly. "Sunset is not coming yet?" she asked.

"She said she was on her way" Adagio said, checking her phone.

"Maybe she's with her Twilight, do not worry" said Aria, sitting on the sofa.

"Do you want to shut up?" Adagio said, annoyed.

"Why, does it bother you if she's just a friend?" said Aria, smiling.

Aria loved annoying Adagio; she knew how she felt about Sunset and she enjoyed annoying her.

But Aria was not the only one who could be annoying.

"You're right, she's just a friend, as Sonata is to you" Adagio said, laughing.
In response, Aria rose from the sofa. Just then, Sunset arrived.

"Hi girls, I'm sorry for the delay" said Sunset, distressed. "I had to solve a problem".

"What was the problem?" said Aria.

"It's not important, so are we going to eat?" Sunset said.


Later, the four girls were together at the table enjoying the delicious dishes, talking about different subjects.

"I'm satisfied!" said Sonata. "Now can we open the presents?" she asked with puppy eyes.

"Well..." Sunset looked at her watch. "It's already 12 o'clock, I guess it's fine" she said.

Sonata hugged Sunset until she ran out of air and went to the tree followed by the others.

"This gift is for you Dagi!" said Sonata, handing her a small golden box wrapped with a purple ribbon.

"Thank you Sonata" she said, opening the gift. It was a beautiful purple scarf decorated with little golden diamonds.

"I did it myself! Do you like it?" Sonata said.

"It's very nice, thank you" said Adagio smiling.

Next was a small red box with a yellow ribbon.

"This is for you Sunny!" Sonata said, handing over the present.

"Thank you Sonata" Sunset said, opening the gift. It was a handmade black winter hat with mint-colored edges.

"It is perfect! Thanks Sonata" said Sunset, putting on the cap.

And so they continued, opening all the gifts.

"Wow! New guitar strings! Thanks Aria" Sunset said.

"Yeah, you're welcome, whatever" said Aria.

"Wow! A new blouse! I love it! Thank you Dagi!" said Sonata, hugging her friend. A sexy pink blouse with her cutie mark next to it.

"You're welcome, Sonata" said Adagio, freeing herself from the hug. "This is for you Ari" she said.

"Do not call me that" Aria said, reluctantly accepting the gift. It was a sleeveless denim vest. "Wow, thank you" she said, pretending to be bitter. "This one is for you" She handed over a small yellow box.

"A perfume? And my favorite color? "Said Adagio, surprised and mockingly.

"Yes! Whatever! Just take it" said Aria, distressed.

"This is for you Sonata" Sunset said. Handing over a blue bag, "I hope you like it" she said, smiling.

It was a black blouse with the image of her cutie mark in the center.

"Thank you so much Sunny! I love it!" said Sonata, hugging Sunset.

"Good thing you like it" said Sunset, trying to breathe. "Now, this is for you Aria" she said freeing herself from the embrace. It was a dark green belt with the cutie mark as a buckle.

"It's not so bad, thank you" Aria said, trying not to smile.

"You're welcome, I'm glad you like it" said Sunset.

"And this is for you Ari!" said Sonata giving her a large purple box. "Open it" she said. They were black leather boots with spikes.

"Do you like it?" Sonata said, a little distressed.

"Y-Yes" Aria said, a little flushed.
As a reply, Sonata hugged Aria tightly.

"Sunny" whispered Adagio. "Do you have a minute?" she asked, a little nervous.

"Sure" said Sunset, following her.

They went out into the backyard, it was all covered with snow and in the distance the lights of the houses could be seen. The atmosphere was simply majestic. They sat on the bench, admiring the landscape.

"Why did you ask me to come?" asked Sunset.

Adagio's only response was a small red box and a purple ribbon. "It's for you" Adagio said, blushing.
In it contained a necklace with a silver chain with a pair of red and yellow gems, forming a sun.

"Wow... it's beautiful... thank you Adagio" said Sunset, smiling.

"I'm glad you like Sunny" Adagio said.

"Could you?" asked Sunset, handing the necklace over.

"Sure Sunny" Adagio said with a smile.

She turned and pulled her hair away, Adagio slowly placed the necklace around her neck, feeling the soft skin of Sunset, wondering if it could last a little longer. But the time ended very quickly.

"Thank you, I also have a gift for you" said Sunset.

"Oh Sunny, you didn't have to get me anything" said Adagio, smiling.

"I wanted to. I hope you like it" Sunset said with a smile.

Adagio accepted the small box with bright colors and opened it. She felt out of breath. A beautiful pendant, like the one she had before, but instead it was a heart-shaped ruby and the strap was white.

"Sunset... this is..."

"It was difficult to find the perfect gift for you. I wanted it to be something symbolic, and also to create new moments" Sunset said nervously.

"Thank you Sunset, this... it means a lot to me... thanks" said Adagio, blushing.

They looked at each other for a moment, then Adagio stroked the side of Sunset's face and rushed to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Sunset's face became red like her hair. "Well, I..." but Sunset did not finish when Adagio pressed a finger to her lips.

Adagio then laughed, "Shh, do not talk" she said, smiling with lust.

Adagio leaned into her face and kissed her lips.

"I do not care if I ruin our friendship for this, but she's to blame. She appears in my dreams, when I share her dessert she uses the same fork to lick what's left, and when she tilts her pretty face close to me... she's the bad one!"

But to Adagio's surprise, she did not push her away. Instead, Sunset moved closer and kissed her back.
Adagio wrapped her arms around her neck and she grabbed the girl's waist to deepen the kiss. Sunset moistened Adagio's lips to enter, but before Adagio could respond, the door slammed open hard, and they both blushed and sprang apart.

"Girls! Girls! Look! Ari gave me an 'all you can eat' coupon for the new tacos restaurant, 'Taco Mia', isn't it great?! "Sonata said excitedly.

"Ehh... y-yes... it's g-great Sonata" said Sunset nervously.

"Sonata! Your dessert's burning!" shouted Aria.

"Oh! No!" shouted Sonata, running to the kitchen.

An awkward silence filled the girls, then Sunset spoke.

"Y-You'd better come in" she said, offering her hand. "You coming?"

"With you? Anywhere" she said, accepting with a smile.

Both entered the house to enjoy their dessert.


It was time to go to bed. Sonata and Aria were already asleep in their room. Sunset came out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth.

"Sunny!" called a lustful Adagio.

"Y-yeah?" Sunset said nervously.

"Ready to open the second part of your gift?" she asked.

"Seco- Ahh!" She did not complete the sentence, by a hand that pulled her into the room.

Then, the same hand, placed a sign on the door that said:

"Don't Open Until New Year"