Maud is...

by Lack of Tact


A week passes and Maud finds herself staring blankly at the boy across from her. Shaking, he tentatively passes a note, one he'd written for her previously, across the table. Her gaze casts downwards at it with nary an expression. The boy fears for his life. Maud tilts her head at the folded tome of forbidden knowledge (and hastily written phone numbers) before lifting it with her hands. She continues to stare at the thing, almost as if willing it to open on its own.

Of course, it does not for it is paper.

Maud forgets about the boy temporarily, opting to bring Boulder out of her schoolbag and placing him softly in the confines of the letter. It goes unread even as of now. The boy across from her is sweating bullets. Is she toying with him? His emotions? He does not know, but he fears her response.

"Boulder says thank you for making him a bed." She finally says after moments of silents have passed. The boy jolts in his seat, caught unawares by the sudden conversation starter.

"A-ah, yeah. For sure, he's, erm... welcome?"

Maud allows a perceivably, but not exactly lazy smile on her face that day. Getting up, she removes both the letter and Boulder from the face of the table, placing them both in her bag. The boy watches her every move, afraid she'll laugh off his feelings. Instead, his jaw slacks as she places her lips, however chaste, on his cheek as she leaves the table to his lonesome.

Boulder writhes angrily in Maud's schoolbag, but he cannot do anything for he is still a rock.