This Changeling Life

by Nasha Rei Kun

Changelings (Background Noise)

~Part 3~

They watched on.

Some in worry, others in confusion and the rest in sorrow.

“I’m fine. I can handle this. Once my plan comes to fruition, everything will be fine. I won’t lose anything. I won’t change. I am me.” There was a shudder, as the words were repeated.

They could only watch on, helpless, as the figure stood up and left the throne room. Every eye in the room following the whole way.

He stared. His small body unable to stay still, as he looked at it.

He stared at how BIG it was. He didn’t know anything bigger!

His grin was big enough to reveal his budding fangs.

“Giant TOAD!”

Naruto couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked at his son, who was currently hopping all over the leaf they sat on, in a rather large forest, well outside the territories of Equestria.

He wanted to spend some time with his little man before the wedding. So, in the last few days before the ceremony, while Derpy was away, he and Gallant strode off to meet with the toads.

Well, that wasn’t the whole of it.

Turning away from the pair of Gamakichi and the rumbling ball of energy that was his son, the blonde looked towards Ma and Pa.

The two elderly amphibians gave him a sad smile, which had him frowning.

“Sorry Naruto-chan, but there’s honestly no news on where he is. Ever since he was caught nine years ago, and his year later jailbreak, nobody has so much as seen Sasuke.” Ma explained, arms crossed. Pa hummed as he looked at Naruto’s fallen expression.

“You were lucky enough that they honored your memory, at first, boyo. With this Sasuke’s all out of goodwill that your name could afford him. Hell even knowing of your “passing”, only seemed to calm him enough to not kill Sakura.” The elder male said, and Naruto’s face took on a complicated expression before he sighed.

‘Sasuke… what the hell is wrong with you? Are you honestly against us that much?’

He thought on this for a moment, trying to understand what could have been going through the avenger’s head, such that he’d do what he did and disappear like that.

“Ha~, well, thanks for the update Pa, Ma.” He said gratefully, causing both Shima and Fukasaku to smile. Right as they did, they could hear the whooping and cheers of a certain red-headed hybrid child, as Gallant fluttered about Gamakichi. It seemed that the toad had taken a liking to Naruto colt, as the larger than life amphibian was smirking the whole way, and bouncing the three-year-old on his palm.

Naruto smiled at this. No matter how many times he looked back to that moment, when he held his own child in his hands, the feeling was still indescribable, to this day.

Family... The thing he’d sought for so long, and even now he had trouble holding in those bloated emotions of pride, joy, and completeness, that it brought him.

He would have been happy to just sit there, and bask in the feelings… but alas, he could not.

Mostly because-

“Ah, We’ve finally found you. So, disgracer of our cloth, have you come to finally receive your just punishment?”


‘Whelp, time to work out somepony’s hostility.’ With that thought, he waved off Ma & Pa, towards Gallant. They didn’t need to be told twice, both of them smiling as they hopped off to their weirdly related god-grandson.

Nodding once, he turned towards the Princess of the Night, who’s displeased expression wavered slightly at the sight of the giant toad in the background.

He snickered, catching her attention, as well as redoubling her ire.

“So thee has finally prepared thyself for the “can of ass whooping”?” Were he a smarter sort, he might have been a little more tactful.

Naruto Uzumaki was not.

“HAHAHAHAHA, oh god!” He hollered, tears in his eyes, as he rolled on the floor. “I’m never going to get tired of hearing you try and use slang!”

He didn’t notice the irritated expression on Luna’s face begin to worsen.

“O-okay, hehe,” He let out one more giggle. “Okay, so how we starting this?”

His answer, to be fair, was a fist to the face.

Gallant finally settled, as he watched his father get launched across the forested area. The princess looked pleased with herself, before she flew after his form, giving chase.

The little colt blinked, just as he was joined by a pair of familiar old toads.

“Grampa, Gramma!” The little ball of fur and scales, smiled widely, as he was enveloped by a pair of joyful amphibians.

“Jiraiya-chan!” Shima croaked, being caught up in hugging the daylights out of her grandson. Fukasaku detached himself quickly, and with a smile, as he watched the two embrace more and Shima began rocking with the little hybrid/

“Hmph, seems like even Naruto’s kid has better taste than him. HOAHAHAH!” Gamakichi couldn’t help, but remark, his form shaking with laughter.

Gallant had been a welcome surprise, when they’d found out about him. Pa and Ma had been the only ones who could go see the child usually, but since they were out in this large space, Gamakichi could finally meet with his sworn brother and his kid.

He really liked the young hybrid.

“Oooooh~! Daddy get her!” Gallant cheered, as the flying form of a certain princess came flying past and then through several trees.

He grinned at his handiwork, looking down at the small mound of collapsed trunks.

He’d been looking for a good way to truly get rid of all this tension, he’d been feeling as of late. It all coming from the fact that he could feel changelings.

Lots of them.

Maybe, there was some sort of unrest, or it could have been something to do with those Queens he learned about from Roamure and Lavae.

He’d been feeling them all around, in recent years and it was getting him wound up in a knot. What the hell was going on?

Clearly, all this stress hadn’t been good for him. Derpy even noted as much and suggested he try to relax somehow.

He loved his wife dearly, and he remembered how thinking of that made him remember somepony, who’d probably be more than up for trying to beat his ass.

Just as he thought that there was a blast of shining blue, from the tree pile.

Enter Luna, who had quite the ability to hold a grudge. He shifted his jaw a bit and nodded.

Also a mean punch, too.

The Princess of the Night gave him a stare from where she was and dusted off her moon themed Qipao.

“Hmm, We seem to have underestimated you.” She began, causing him to settle his hands on his hips.

“Oh, you would not believe how many guys have done the same. They also ended up with the same result.” He allowed his chakra to flow, vibrant blue wisps treading lightly over his outer shell-skin as the floor beneath him cracked.

Luna looked on, for a moment, before a glint entered her eyes. Her hair flowing in the nonexistent winds before she unfurled her wings. Eyes closed, she hummed, her horn glowing.

“Yes, We can only assume that thou has handed them quite the defeat.” Her eyes snapped open, bright white glows staring back at him. “Make no mistake, We will not be doing so again.”

It was on.

“Bring it pony princess!”

“Face our wrath!”

And so they clashed.


They looked to one another, each of them seated on their thrones.

It was weird to have another meeting like this. It was weirder knowing the exact reason for why they were here.

There was a clap of hooves against stone, as the two monarchs felt the entrance of their familiar third.

Aurelia and Nympha watched as their sister arrived. Her body clad in her typical long-sleeved, end tattered dress.

Chrysalis was a rare sight as of late but they couldn't help, but notice several things that were “off” about her.

For one, it was the physical differences that came first. The slightly off-color of her membrane-mane, which was usually a dark teal. It was now a shade darker, and the color was beginning to shift in a few places. From dark teal to black.

That was worrying enough, but then they took note of the “feel” of her, and it was obvious something was wrong.

When it came to a changeling’s Preference, they would usually be imprinted on their being.

Nympha’s Chastity, Aurelia’s Prudence and Pragmatism, Cocoona’s Wisdom, Pupa’s Ambition and Chrysalis's was supposed to be Love.

Blues didn’t seem to have a Preference, the lucky bastards, but that’s because they held the adaptability trait. They could peruse any field of Preference, without worry. Unlike all of the other Hives, where other emotions could react badly to the body.

So why in Tartarus, did Chrysalis, feel like a mix of Love, and more?

The newly entered monarch walked her way in and took her place on her throne of dark marble, emeralds, and inky scripture. Her own emerald green eyes, peering to each of her sisters, before focusing forward.

Her eyes closing, the older of two twins leaned back into her seat, the two younger monarchs staring at her in unease.

Taking a deep breath, Aurelia let it out in a slow exhale, before moving on to the main point of this meeting. That said, her eyes never left the calm looking Chrysalis, whose own eyes had yet to open.

The only acknowledgment she could glean from her, a slight tilt of Green Hive leader’s head.

...Okay then.

“So, I’m sure that you’re all wondering why I summoned you here. Well, I’m sure Nympha already knows, considering you didn’t show up to the last meeting Chrysalis.” Aurelia said, matter-of-factly. The redhead of the group looked at her twin with a slight suspicion, even as the eldest of them frowned.

“What do you mean?” Chrysalis spoke, even with her eyes closed. Nympha actually snorted, crossing her arms, looking pleased with herself.

“This is what you get, for literally skipping the one time we meet on “good” terms. Have fun with the answer.” The younger of the twins stated with a smirk.

Chrysalis felt her irritation grow before she felt a thump in the back of her head. Holding a hand to her noggin, near her horn, she rubbed it.

‘No surprises. Stay in control and don’t lose it.’ She didn't need any surprises right now, but as long as it wasn’t anything big…

Turning her head towards Aurelia’s direction, a slight slit in her eyelids peered at her youngest sibling.

“It’s come to my immediate attention,” Aurelia looked at Nympha who was sitting back in her throne. “That there is another monarch in our midst.” Even though she said this, her mind ran rampant with already over thought ideas.

Where they came from, who they were and, probably most importantly…

How strong they were.

It’d be wrong of her to say this, but she wanted a strong opponent. Battle didn’t happen between two weak individuals, no, it happened between the STRONG. That was an ironclad rule of the world.

Her mind ran back to when she’d gotten back to her hive, after the meeting with Pupa. How angry she’d been to know that one had slipped through the cracks. How confused, and irritated, she was to know that more competition existed.

How excited she was, to see whether she stood atop this new monarch. She felt her fingers clench, as the boiling liquid in her veins simmered.

That said, she turned her attention outward and watched on.

The reactions were… not all as she expected.

“That fucking brat!” Nympha’s curse was to be expected. Sure they’d been warned, but it could have very easily been a fluke of someling who’d not known better. Any alternative was better than having to deal with another monarch.


Both Nympha and Aurelia turned, and froze, as one. Chrysalis in her chair clenched the armrests, as emerald eyes burned bright. The green vapor that seemed to sprout from her crown folded, and flickered. Protrusions that dipped between solid and ether.

Yet that wasn’t the most… unsettling thing about her, that they had bore witness to.

The Green Queen’s hands clenched and cracked the armrests of her throne. Her magical signature shifted into an eruption, the greens growing slightly darker before flickering back to normal color, sporadically.

Neither of the two of them moved, as Chrysalis’s face twisted into a snarling grimace. Small unintelligible words leaving her lips too fast to catch wind of.

I’m fine. I’m me, I’m going to keep them safe! I own them, they respond to me and me alone. MY hive! I’m in control.

The next moment saw the display of unsettling energy calming down. Chrysalis’s membrane-mane even seemed to return to its natural teal, yet neither of the two of them moved. They had felt too much, of whatever the fuck that was.

Love, Panic, Reverence, Fear, Inspiration, Indignation, Shame, Humiliation, Ambition.


They could only feel their hearts beating again, once the eldest of them began to breathe heavily, deep ragged breaths exiting her slightly shuddering frame before she stilled.

Her “episode” over, Chrysalis’s head rose, and her eyes lid slid upwards.

The two others spoke nary a word, as shimmering green, and white, eyes peered back at them. Chrysalis noted their expressions and smiled.

She spoke.

“Tell(Speak) me(to us) of(of) this(this) monarch(threat), Aurelia (sister).” The Yellow Hive Mind Leader, could only stare. Her mouth opening as she tried, and failed, to articulate.

Nympha had no such obstacle.

“What the fuck was that?!” The “succubus” sounded out, as she stood from her seat. Aurelia fell from her trance, but she quickly turned her eyes towards her other sister. Her mind catching up with her, her brows narrowed, and she turned back to the smiling Chrysalis.

“Chrysalis… what have you done?!” She too stood from her chair, as the eldest in the room frowned.

“That’s(That) not(was) what(not) I(what) asked(I), Aurelia(asked, sister.).” The second born stated, much to the annoyance of the two other monarchs.

“Fuck what you’re asking! What the crap is wrong with you?!” Her twin spoke, as always, in that crude tone of hers, causing Chrysalis’s expression to darken.

“Nympha-(You dare-!)”

“Chrysalis answer the question, what did you do?!” Aurelia’s voice rocked in her ears. She could feel the spike of pain in her noggin begin to build.


“What’s going on?!”

“Just answer, Chrysalis?!”

“Shut up(Quiet)-”

“You have three seconds before I end your hive right here, right now!”

Her mind froze, as she registered those words.
Her hive? She would threaten her hive?!

She is foolish.

To raise a hand to her hive is rewarded with nothing short of EXECUTION.

We are her betters. WE are ALL their BETTERS.

Such insolence!

She would rise to oppose US?!

No, she must learn her place!

There must be no doubt!

No one crosses US.

No one crosses CHRYSALIS!


The two demanding monarchs’ forms froze. The blood running through their bodies seemingly iced over, as a pressure gripped their hearts.

Anyone watching the meeting place of the Monarchy would swear that the area shifted. Large divots appearing in the area surrounding the large structure. An oppressive feeling, as magical vapors the color of dark shadows ran rampant from the pores of the ancient birth bed.

Plants wilted, rocks crumbled and the world catered to the intent behind this power.

Then, all at once, it stopped.

Sweat plastered their clothes to their bodies, their shallow breathing being the only sounds they felt was allowed.

That they felt she would allow them.

Nympha shook in her seat, as the finger of the figure ran from the bottom of her neck area to the tip of her chin. Her red eyes staring into bottomless forest green, as her sister caught her chin in her hand.

Slit pupils stared into her twin’s own, eyes peering down on her help form.

“You will speak only when spoken to, for the rest of this meeting. You shall not speak out of turn, you shall not show your grievance unless allowed,” here the clawed fingers holding her chin tightened, a slight “crick” being heard as pressure was applied. “Finally, you will have no foolish intentions towards my hive.”

Green eyes glowed, and it took Aurelia all of a moment to realize what her, currently present, eldest sister was doing.

Geas. A magical agreement between two individuals.

Yet, what she was watching at this moment, was no such thing. There were no two parties agreeing to a set of terms.

Only a master giving rules to slave.

It wasn’t hard to believe that Chrysalis had the power to do this. To force, what was supposed to be, a contract onto another. What made it scary was that she could enforce it over another monarch, such as Nympha. To even do such a thing meant that she had enough will to enforce over her sister.

Enough pure magical power, that she could overwrite the magical acceptance from the other parties end.

Magic was Chrysalis’s forte, but this was beyond even that.

What had she done?

When the glow passed over Nympha’s own orbs, the redhead’s chin was released before Chrysalis’s eyes turned in Aurelia’s direction.

The Yellow Hive Queen couldn’t stave off the fear that grew with each of her sister’s steps.

When the sound of her hoofsteps finally began to recede from the chambers, they didn’t move.

When the feeling of her leaving the structure came, they stayed still.

Only when she was far enough away from them, did either of them do anything.

Aurelia turned her head towards her older sister, and pity erupted from the deepest pits of her heart.

Nympha sat there, her form more laying over the chair, then in it. Her eyes shadowed by her mane, but she could see the tears running down the sides of her face, causing her to turn her head away from the sight.

To rule a hive was to have complete and utter control. To be able to command numerous, possibly indefinite, amounts of thoughts.

A monarch’s greatest tool was to have a sole mind. It was their greatest pride amongst even their hives.

For only they could stave off the burdens of being the central mind.

To lose that control for even a moment was horrifying. To have it impeded upon, and overwritten?

The shuddering form of her sister, a great reminder of what had transpired.

Especially the task that Chrysalis expected of them.
“Hmph.” She stared at the shaking form of Nympha, her eyes revealing nothing. No remorse for what she’d done, nor pity for who she'd done it too.

Aurelia only watched as the eldest among them stared for a few moments, before she spoke, beginning to leave the cavern.

“In a few days time, I will be invading Canterlot.”

Yellow eyes went wide.

“You are to show up and remain on standby until I’ve signalled my own changelings to attack. We will overturn the princesses.”

She held a hand to her head and scowled at it all.

All because of some damn monarch.

Taking one last look at Nympha, she left her old birthplace.

She had a hive to inform, of their… “arrangements.”

When she finally returned to her hive, she did not greet her subjects.

She did not greet them as she passed through intersecting, randomly opening and closing pathways.

She continued on. Past her throne room and the clan houses.

When she stopped, she came upon a single monument. Obsidian black, not unlike her throne, and trapezoid like. On it was scripture of mixed pony languages, each word a different vernacular and script, but she could read it all the same as if it were one.

This was one of five, each of her sisters having one. It was one of the last things they all agreed upon besides their peace grounds.

She could see the many changelings kneeled in their various poses, each praying to the All-Mother. HER mother, who’d been the first, and greatest of the Monarchy.

She stood there for a moment, as eyes quickly turned her way before she uttered a quick command.

“Get out.” It was spoken in normal volume, but the effect was the same as if she’d shouted them out. Changelings disappeared from the lone entryway to the Obelisk Monument.

This room was special, in that no random openings were made here. She’d made sure of that, back when she made her hive home. The materials, spells, and mixtures, that made Changeling Hives were a well-kept secret for the hive-memories.

Once she was absolutely sure that no more of her subjects were around, she walked towards the Obelisk and kneeled at its front.

Chrysalis’s body let out a shudder, as her shoulders shook. She let her head bow to the statue, as wet lines fell down her visage. Her hands becoming claws, as they scraped at, and crushed the dirt beneath them.

“M-mother… I’m so sorry.” She wept.

She’d done something she knew she was not to do. She’d gone beyond her own compass, of right and wrong, and done so to her own twin.

Shame and disgust were what stood at the forefront of her mind.

All at herself.

“Ah!” She felt pain shoot through her skull once more and hissed, yet the tears continued.

Staring into polished black stone, the reflection of green and black eyes, leaking with tears, greeted her.


She stared at the sights, in wonder. She, to be honest, wasn’t used to the architecture of her current location.

She’d heard about Canterlot from her mother, but Pupa had only ever heard of it. Being here was a whole different thing!

Transformed into a short, teenaged, unicorn mare, the changeling heiress traveled the streets. She wasn’t going to be here long, just a quick trip to find some ambitious ponies, and she’d be gone faster than someling could say-

An “oof” fell from her mouth, as she found herself bumping into something or someling.

“Ah! Trixie is sorry young one! Trixie wasn’t watching where she was going!” Blinking once, as she rubbed her rump, she looked up as a blue-furred hand came into view.

Azure colored coat, pale purple eyes and a mane of various pale shades of blue, with a slight curl on a hair lock, greeted her.

Grabbing the offered hand, allowing herself to be picked up, she got a good look at the stranger.

Dark, loose slacks covered this adult mare’s legs, which was complemented by a dark blue, sleeveless dress shirt, an azure bow affixed to her shirt’s collar with a black, metal cross in the middle. On top of the mare’s head was a purple hat with stars, and crescent moons, decorating it.

All in all, she cut quite the professional figure, if Pupa was to be honest. She couldn’t help but lick her lips, as she looked at the unicorn, her instincts going crazy.

How ambitious was this pony?

“It’s fine.” She said, in a slight daze, only for the mare to shake her head.

“Nonsense! The Majestic, and Courteous, Trixie will apologize the only way she knows how!” She assumed the mare's name was Trixie, as she reached behind her to pull out what could only be a box.

‘Where’d she pull the box from?’ Pupa wondered before a scent hit her nostrils.

It smelled sweet and, if the gurgling of her stomach was anything to go by, was making her more than a little hungry.

She wouldn’t mind some sweets along with that Ambition.

“Fresh from Donut Joe’s, Trixie allows you two in apology.” Hearing the sincerity in the mare’s words, she selected a pair, before they walked towards a bench.

Sitting down, and settling into her food, she hummed in contentment. Trixie, seeing this, smiled as she took one for herself.

They settled into a simple, but comfortable, silence. Their minds occupied with eating, more than small talk.

Finishing off her donuts, Pupa licked her lips and felt slightly more content. Watching as Trixie was going to town on her own baked good, Pupa allowed herself to “feel”.

The Ambition from the mare beside her doing well, to fill her other hunger. It was scary how quickly she began getting “stuffed”.

Trixie froze as she swallowed her last donut, before she looked down to Pupa at her side, and tilted her head.

Holding a hand to her chin, she observed the joyous look on the disguised changeling’s face, before her fingers snapped.

“Ah ha, so Master, you’ve returned!” Pupa awoke from her “feeding” before she sent a look to Trixie.

“Huh?” Trixie grinned at her before she bowed.

“Trixie wasn’t expecting to see you so soon, but she figured that since it’s Prince Armor’s wedding coming up, Trixie should have known.” Pupa stared at the blue pony in confusion.

“I'm not following.”

“No need to worry, Master. Trixie understands the need to make a glorious entrance. Now your form makes a lot more sense.” Alarm bells began ringing in the changeling heiress’s ears, as she processed what Trixie said.

“W-what makes you think I’m this “Master” of yours?” Trixie smiled, chest puffed out, which gained a slight amount of Pupa’s ire as she began explaining.

“Why, Master’s the only changeling in Canterlot, of course.”

Pupa’s mind stopped, as she heard both the fact that her cover was blown and that the changeling she might have been looking for.

“Uhhhh… “ She stalled, as she tried to think up a good way of dealing with this. That was before Trixie leaned down to her height, and winked.

“It’s okay, your secret is safe with Trixie. Now, Trixie must go. She has arrangements that must be made before she visits Moondancer.” With her piece said, the adult began to walk off, her box of goodies disappearing again.

Pupa felt relieved until she remembered the whole reason she was here, and her ticket to finding whoever this “Naruto” was, was walking away.

Thinking quickly, she ran off after Trixie.


Hearing this, Trixie stopped and turned to see her “Master” coming up from behind.

“T-Trixie! My s-student!” She stuttered. “You see, your master is in need of your help?” The statement came out more like a question, and she facepalmed mentally.

Noling was going to-

“Haha! Trixie knew it. Master can believe in Trixie!”

Pupa was forever grateful for how gullible some ponies were.

“Over there, is the new complexes built by Fancy Pants. Fleur De Lis is going to be pushing for more fashion lines to be in Canterlot…”


She’d spun a tale of her having lost her keys to her home. Seeking the help of a wayward student, wasn’t weird for that, right?

“Ah, and there’s the Sparkle home. Trixie’s nemesis has long since removed herself, but she sees her from time to time.”

“Well, she must be silly Sandy, to try and take you on.” She had to play this right.

The first rules to going undercover, as someling you didn’t know, was to be vague. Agree with most of what the being you were tricking was saying, and act accordingly.

She could only see the back of Trixie’s head, but the unicorn nodded.


They were moving past the residential district, and into the park areas.

‘Does this monarch really live this close to the ponies?’ She wasn’t bothered by the fact that they were leaving the housing areas.

Changelings could live anywhere. Above, or below, ground. It made no difference. An evolutionary trait, if you will. Most simply chose to stay above, because it was far less dangerous than dealing with what could be below.

Mother had told her that Aurelia preferred the underground method, compared to the rest of her aunts. It wasn’t unusual.

So when they stopped, she wasn’t worried.

Rule 1: Remember your backstory.

“So I gave you a key Trixie, aren’t you going to pull it out?” Pupa’s eyes zoomed around. It was very likely, one of the trees was a “door”, to “her” abode

“In a bit Master, I just need to check something.” With that said, she kneeled to the floor and began to do something with her fingers, her horn glowing the same shade of color as her eyes.

Pupa only watched on, mind jumping with plans on how she was to approach this changeling monarch.

She had to approach them carefully. Calmly, but not desperate. Being smooth was imperative.

It was at that moment, that she caught sight of something by the trees in the park.

In the, strangely darker looking, shadows of the park, she thought she saw something glowy move by the trees.

She took several steps back, towards Trixie.

“Hold on, Master.” Pupa heard, but her eyes were glued on the shadowy trees. The next moment, she heard growling and flinched.

The glow was back, and she could make out the form of something slinking its way through the park.

The next moment, it disappeared.

Silence, nothing made noise. She couldn’t even hear the sound of Trixie behind her. She’d have turned around, but she was afraid to do so.

“Trixie, Trixie!” She whisper-yelled. Trying to catch the mare’s attention.

She reached behind her, as she moved backward, but kept coming up short.

Taking another critical survey of her front, she quickly turned around to look for the monarch’s student.

‘Wha…?” Where was Trixie?

In that instant, her body froze, as something invaded her personal bubble. She looked forward, as a slight glow threw shadows over her own form.

She gulped audibly, before mechanically turning around, and coming face to face with an “animal.”

Its body was made up of strings of light, with a wispy blue aura filling “between the lines.” The form it took was that of a rather large tiger that she could only meet at the nose. She stared into its incandescent eyes and didn’t move.

“Well, ‘Master’...” She felt her eyes widen, as the form of Trixie moved around the side of the creature. Upon her face was a displeased expression, that sent a rod of fear into her heart.

“Why don’t you and me, talk?” She snapped her fingers, and the tiger growled.

Pupa only nodded.

Trixie looked down at the, now undisguised, changeling girl with a contemplative expression.

The tiger she’d brought out earlier gone, as she stared down the heiress, who currently sat with her knees tucked beneath her.

She stared harder, as she cupped her chin.

“Hmmm, you seek Trixie’s master to speak with him?” Pupa nodded quickly, as she kept her eyes focused on Trixie herself.

Pupa noted that the shadows from before, that seemed to envelop the clearing, had disappeared. The sun above, shining down through the trees, as birds chirped in the background.

She was still reeling from the total sensory deprivation from before.

Did this “Trixie” mare end up doing that?

“To be more specific, I need to speak to him about something personal.” She needed this now. If anyling could have a way to help her mother, it’d be the Hive-memory of a monarch, more likely than not.

She couldn’t go back without a solution. For her mother’s sake.

“Well… Trixie understands where you’re coming from. That said, right now, all you can do is wait.” Pupa blinked in confusion, before she remembered something Trixie said earlier.

“Trixie wasn’t expecting to see you so soon, but she figured that since it’s Prince Armor’s wedding coming up, Trixie should have known.”

She groaned as she realized two things.

One, she should have been paying more attention to Trixie talking. Rule number one doesn’t mean anything if your backstory doesn’t match what you’re trying to emulate.

Two, her mother was going to kill her for messing up rule one.

“So I guess this ‘Naruto’ changeling isn’t going to be here until the wedding? What, is she the bridesmaid?” Pupa asked.

The idea that anyling would know of a changeling in their midst, and openly accepting them? Now she knew she’d made the right choice in coming here.

Her hopes were soaring higher and higher, with each passing day.

Trixie threw her a funny look.

“Silly little filly, Trixie’s master is male,” the mare said with a grin, hands on her cocked hips.

“Oh really? That’s ni-” Pupa froze mid-sentence, as she rewound her mind a sentence.

Trixie's master is male.

Is male.



“Ahh! Hehe, I’ve almost forgotten how good it was in these rooms.”

“Geez, Princess Celestia really knows how to give you a sweet room Cadance.”


They’d arrived three days before the actual ceremony, and it currently was the second of the three.

“Getting some pre-wedding jitters, honey?” Cadance’s emphasis on the word, still had him blushing up a storm. He still chuckled as he sat on the bed beside her.

Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he threw her his best “suave” smile and found her grinning in a pleased fashion.

“I’m always jittery when it comes to a beauty like you, my dear.” The pink alicorn’s cheeks burned, as she giggled, causing Shining Armor to grin.

“Oh, you! I knew those lessons were suspicious! Who would have thought Naruto was good at being suave?” They both laughed at the fact.

Ever since the changeling had been stationed in Manehattan, he’d been doing several things in his downtime.

One of those things had been holding, and acting in, that little charity event by the “Kindheart” mare ever since she left.

When possible, they all had even gotten chances to act in plays and the like. Some plays, Naruto had fashioned after events from where he said he’d come from.

Manehattan had never been more ninja crazy than it had been 2 years ago,

Chuckling a little bit more, Cadance stood up.

“I think it’s time I too truly enjoy what the palace has to offer,” she said with a wink, and Shining couldn’t help but groan pitifully.

Having been together for well over 5 years, they’d had sex, and while Shining had never been with somepony else, he thought it was the best sex he’d ever have in his life. While they weren’t deviants, Cadance, unironically, loving “vanilla,” they’d had sex at least once a week.

Celestia bless conception spells.

Which is why he slumped, as Cadance pat him on the back.

“Oh come on, it won’t be that bad. Remember, after the ceremony, it's going to be that much better.” She winked at him. “Just a little perseverance.” With a kiss to his temple, she walked off.

Watching those hips of her in their natural, beautiful sway, Shining Armor prayed to Celestia to give him the strength to endure the coming trials.

“Ahhh~ This is amazing~” Cadance sighed, as she set her body into the bathrobe.

It was nice to use the royal bathrooms.

“Hmm, it’s going to be nice to just snuggle on the bed before getting ready for the rehearsal of the ceremony,” she said.

Stretching her back, flaring her wings slightly, she exited the bathroom.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Princess Cadance?” The pink alicorn heard from her side and squeaked.

“Eh?! Oh, I didn’t see you there… I’m sorry, I don‘t know you.” Cadance stared warily at the earth pony attendant she knew wasn’t there beforehand.

An off-white coat, with black eyes and a neatly combed dark green mane-cut, she was slightly unique, but it was mostly the hair alone that did anything. She was even wearing the standard maid uniform (Which Cadance was sure she had submitted a petition to change).

The only thing that was unique, apart from her mane color, was a necklace around her neck.

It was black and made up of numerous, diamond-shaped segments. For its center was a larger stone, that was the same black coloration and was well-polished.

All in all, she cut the form of the standard maid.

So why did Cadance feel like something was off?

“Forgive me,” the attendant bowed. “I am one of the new staff.” She shuffled slightly.

“I wasn’t sure what to do, as I’ve just recently been hired. I was told to go and ‘make myself useful,’ before I ran into a rather rude pony, named Blueblood… Oh.” She raised her hands to her mouth, and looked at Cadance in horror before she began to bow furiously.

“O-oh! I’m so sorry! I-I’m… Please don’t fire me!” She managed to yell.

All the while Cadance tried to calm her down, wondering if the whole dang castle might have heard her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay! Haa...” The pink alicorn sighed. “I’m not going to say anything. I understand that dealing with my cousin can be a bit… difficult. So no problem.”

Seeing the grateful look the mare sent her, made Cadance smile. Maybe that feeling from before were simple jitters.

Ah, marriage.

“I-If you don’t mind me asking.” She was snapped out of her thoughts by the inquisitive stare from the maid. “So… I don’t really know where I’m supposed to be. Do you mind, giving me something do?”

Cadance blinked at the weird request.

‘Huh, I’ve never been asked to do that before.’ She thought. Taking in the maid, she closed her eyes and tapped her hoof.

Maybe there was something she could ask for, but did she really need anything right now?

“I guess maybe just, clean the rooms? I’m sorry, but I’m mostly here to relax.”

Thinking about it, now she was feeling that “off” notion from before.

Where were the other ponies that were supposed to be roaming the castle hallways?

“Oh, okay.” She gave a nervous smile, which made Cadance feel kind of bad.

The attendant closed her eyes, sighing through her snout before she spoke up.

“Oh, one more thing?” Cadance, wanting to at least help her, looked at her expectantly.

Only to look into a pair of emerald green eyes.

“Mind going to sleep for now?”

With that said, Cadance fell into darkness.

Looking at the alicorn at her hooves, the “attendant” smirked.

‘That was far too easy. So much for all alicorns being wise.’ With that thought, she picked up the body of the Princess of Love with ease, deciding her next move.

Isolating the pink one had not been hard, especially when she had a spell working the perimeter to dissuade anybody from coming this way.

‘Step one, complete. Now to just deposit her-Ah!’

She nearly dropped the alicorn, as she fell to her knees. Her head pulsing, as she tried to reign in the pain.

“I must secure the princess!”

“We must not!”

“Your opinion is nonexistent! The Crystal Caverns is where she must be deposited!”

“We must not! She is useful!”

“What use does sh-Ah!”

“She must be used.”

Green and black eyes stared at the body in her hands, before she truly thought about the position she was in.

She had the Princess of Love in clutches and she was simply going to hide her away?

‘What a foolish thought I had.’ It honestly was. It bothered her that “they” were the ones to make her see this, but nonetheless, what she’d been about to do was foolhardy.

Here they were, with an alicorn of love in her hands, and she wasn’t going to drain the love from her?

… Damn them.

Hefting the Princess of Love to her shoulders, she thought about how she’d play this.

There was still the groom-to-be to deal with, and while she didn’t see him as a threat to her, his ability with shield spells was something she was wary of.

For better, or worse, she needed to get him under her control.

Good thing she had the perfect plan for that.

And it was right in her hands.

The Royal Guard Captain had been sawing logs as soon as Cadance had left.

Wasn’t his fault these beds were just so comfortable. He could get used to this.

That said, when he heard the door open, he blearily opened his eyes.

Looking up, he came face with a familiar alicorn.

“Princess Celestia?”


Most looked sky high, as a sliver of purple light shot skyward before it expanded.

The shape spreading out as a circle before it came to spread all over Canterlot’s air space.

In less than 30 seconds, Canterlot was covered by a sphere.


She smiled to herself, as she looked up at the shield.

“Good work, Captain.” Celestia said, with a small bow of her head, getting a sheepish smile from the white unicorn.

“It’s really nothing your majesty, something of this level,” he tightened his fist. “This should be the least that I should be able to do.”

Celestia stared at him for a moment, before she smiled.

“I’m sure that your proficiency with Shield spells is the most regarded in Equestria.” She sounded beyond proud with him, and Shining was sure that her praise wasn’t simple compliments.

He’d really gone above and beyond to extend his knowledge of Shield spells. Even dipping into some related areas. Keeping up with Naruto meant more than just speed.

The blonde was probably the physically strongest being Shining would ever have the chance to meet. On more than one occasion, he’d had the blonde break his strongest spells, once he got a little bit more serious.

He needed to be better. Not just to keep up, but to also make sure he could protect everypony under his banner.

Also to make sure Spike could look up to him as well, but that was a bonus.

“I, uh… Thanks Your Majesty.” She smiled at his response.

“I only speak the truth.”

“The princess is definitely correct, Captain. Especially when it comes to those Shield spells of yours.” The duo, of princess and officer, heard behind them before they turned to the entrance of a pair of unicorns,

“Bright, Lumen!” Shining turned with a smile on his face, as the twin officers walked up to him. Bowing to the princess, who smiled back, they spoke.

“Yeah, not gonna miss your wedding day. So coming early was important… Maybe too early, hehe.” Bright explained before he scratched the back of his head, with a laugh. Lumen, at his side, simply nodded her head in his direction.

“Well, I’m happy that you made it.”

Watching her three Captains from the side, Celestia smiled once more, before turning towards the shield erected with a frown.

‘What is going to pass in the coming days?’


She stared out of the boat side, as her cloak kept her from view.

‘It’s nice to just relax and look at the waves.’

She’d left Naruto, and his group of amphibian family, close to three hours ago. Acquiring a cloak from the blonde himself, that he said he used on a recent venture.

She wanted to take the slow way back to Equestria. It wasn’t often that she could really stay away from Equestria for a bit. So much had changed in over a thousand years, and even two years after her reemergence, that she felt like she didn’t recognize any of it anymore.

So here she was on a boat, NOT going towards Equestria proper. More towards the northeastern portion of the current maps.

There was one thing that her sister had told her, that hadn’t changed, even over the past millennia.

The Cosmic Monks of the Thickets.

“We’re approaching land!”

She walked the long trail, passing village after village, as she ventured further into the wilderness of the Thread Lands.

Bamboo thickets filled most of the forested area of these lands and she could occasionally catch sight of the monks training on the steep cliffs.

As she progressed further up the path, she noted that sounds of grunts, shouts, and yelling greeted her.

All around her were temples, and monasteries, with groups and troops of monks.

She’d gone through and passed several such establishments. Her presence was known, and she’d promised to come back through and even train with them some of them before she left.

It made her feel better, knowing that they still existed and even thrived, in the passing years.

Making it past the last of the stone steps, she was nearing her destination, when she could hear two voices.

One familiar, another not.

“You don’t tell her the truth, and that may be for the best, but she is going to continue trying to find a way to help you.”

“I… I know, but it’s better this way. I grow weaker as the days pass, and I just want her to be by my side when the time comes.”

“Hmmm, having half of your soul doesn’t give the body much to work with, Cocoona. My practices have been some of the few things keeping you as strong as you are.”

“I know Calm Bead. I know.”

She stopped and stared, as she saw the two speakers.

One was a familiar, and much welcomed sight. An old pony, dressed in robes of dull grays, and calm blues. Rosaries adorned his form, and a single sash was worn over his shoulder. A white and black, speckled mane, with closed eyelids, finished off his appearance, as he sat on a cushion in front of another.

The most notable thing about this being was her--because it was a female--was the familiar black outer shell.

A high ponytail, of dark, rich purple mane, ran down her back. A black, off the shoulder robe, covered her upper body, revealing the tube top underneath and the marking of a fish on her left shoulder.

A pair of deep purple harem pants, covered her bottoms, with the last touch being a ring on her left hand.

Luna stared, as she saw exactly what was in front of her with her old earth pony friend.

The two noted her appearance, the changeling freezing on sight, before falling into a coughing fit.

Calm Bead sighed in a somber fashion, before tossing a smile the Princess of the Night’s way.

“Welcome Luna, your return fills me with joy. My oldest student.” Taking a quick glance towards the other female in the area, she turned back towards him and bowed.

“Hello, Grand Schema.”


He felt the wind pass his feathers, as his transformed flight over Trottingham, brought them closer to home.

Passing over the Griffonstone Station, and Bugbear territory, had been a little difficult, but doable.

With a lick of wit, strong will, and persuasive skills the like of which would have made people back in the Elemental Nations thinking he had Genjutsu skills.

Plus, being a gigantic bird, probably helped.

Night had fallen a little bit ago, so he could see the city bright and clear, with all its lights on. As they got close, he spoke to his passengers.

Almost home, Ma. How’s Jiraiya doing?

The toad elder on his back blinked, still unused to the whole telepathy without chakra deal.

‘It’s fine Naruto-chan. Jiraiya-chan is well asleep.’ She saw movement from the giant bird’s head, as its two antenna-like extensions bobbed.


‘Naruto-chan, why exactly did you fight that pony princess from before? Surely it wasn’t just because you two had troubles to work out.’

The changed changeling frowned slightly, as he thought about it.

Yeah, it wasn’t that alone. Don’t get me wrong, I still would have fought her, but you’re right. I’ve been feeling concerned about what’s going on around Canterlot.

‘Hmmm, have you brought this up with Celestia?’

Yeah, as a matter of fact, here the bird looked up, and Shima took notice of the direction, before looking herself.

In the distance, a large, bright purple light sphere could be seen.

‘I see.’ Naruto nodded.

The two ended up high in the sky, above the nightlife of Manehattan, where the blonde’s bird form quickly disappeared in a flash of orange flames.

Falling, Shima held onto Gallant, right as the two of them were enveloped by a pair of shell covered arms.

“Prepare for a weird feeling.” The monarch male said, as his horns glowed before their falling speed decreased significantly.

Shima stared out over the expanse of the Manehattan night, thinking about this experience for a moment.

“Naruto-chan, if you feel that something is wrong, then I do believe that you should be prepared for anything in the coming days. Remember, if anything, me and Pa will be willing to help.”

Her words caused the blonde to grin.

“Thanks Ma.”

“No problem, Naruto-chan.”

Opening the door to his home, Naruto smiled as he saw the form of Derpy laid asleep on the couch.

‘Must have been waiting for us to come home.’ With that thought, he brought a Kage Bunshin into existence, handing Gallant off to his clone.

The clone nodded, before taking the small child into his room, leaving Naruto to go to the couch, and bring up his wife in a bridal carry.

“Come along, my Muffin Princess. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.” He heard her mumble something in her sleep, as she snuggled into his chest.

Shaking his head in amusement, he carried off his beloved to their room.

It was time for sleep.


The morning that followed in Ponyville, saw the group of the Elements of Harmony, Spike, Dinky, and Amethyst, standing outside of the Golden Oaks Library.

“Final checks!” Twilight announced, checklist in hand, only to have Spike tap her twice on the shoulder.

“Uh, Twilight?”


“What would we need a list for? They already have everything set out for us at the castle.”



“... Why must you ruin my fun, Spike?” Twilight pouted at him, as she sent the parchment, with a strangely large amount of things on it, away in a puff of smoke.

“Sorry sis, but you just need to relax.” He offered.

“Checking a list is relaxing!”

Those on the sidelines watched the byplay with amusement, as the brother-sister duo began to bicker.

“Oh~! I just can’t wait to be in Canterlot again! Hopefully it’ll go better than the last time we were there for an important event.” Rarity cooed, before her mood soured. Patting her back in sympathy, Applejack chuckled.

“Ah don’t think we should expect anything like last time. This is a “royal” wedding after all. Might be a bit more controlled than a Gala.” Rarity huffed for a moment, before she smiled.

“True… Oooh! I’ll also finally get to meet this “Naruto” pony, and get him to give me his secrets!”

Dinky giggled at this, as Amethyst threw a sly look her sister’s way.

“I’m sure you’ll be getting more than you chew, once you actually meet Naruto, Rarity. That, I can assure you.” Amethyst said, with a twinkle in her eye, as she thought about Rarity’s reaction to Naruto.

Oh, it was going to be glorious.

“Yeah. I have a pretty good feeling, you’re going to have your hands full.” With what she didn’t say.

It was going to be fun watching them all meet Gallant, for the first time.

“Oh, I’m sure he’s probably nice… He is, isn’t he?” Fluttershy asked, with a slightly worried tone, only for Rainbow to throw an arm around her shoulders.

“Please, if he’s anything like Blueblood, I’m sure I can keep him in line.” The rainbow maned pegasus gloated, only to blink when she heard a pair of snorts, from Dinky and Amethyst’s direction.

Looking at them, she saw that they looked no different from before, as she narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

Looking forever like the innocent little angels she wasn’t Dinky, grinned.

“Nah Rainbow, Naruto’s a pretty nice ‘pony’.” If anything, Dinky’s smile seemed to enlarge. “Though, you never know, he’s always up for a workout.”

Rainbow’s eyebrow twitched.

“What’s that suppose to mea-”

“Oh yay, this wedding is going to be amazing! I wonder what kind of cake we’ll eat at the afterparty?!” Pinkie interrupted, catching the attention of the arguing siblings.

Here, Twilight threw Spike a smug look.

“As a matter of fact Pinkie,” here a familiar list reappeared in Twilight’s hands. “There’s going to be a dance the second the wedding is over.”She finished, as her quill rose above the parchment.

“Which we’re going to be given dresses, and suits, for us at the castle.” Spike chimed in, getting a glare from his big sister, who huffed.

“Whatever! Let’s just get on the train.”

After procuring their tickets, they soon found themselves seated with chatter amongst them helping the time pass by.

Spike sat next to Dinky, as the two stared out the window. Eyes watching as they broke in and out of tunnels, spiraling up the mountain.

Dinky focused, as she looked towards the seaside metropolis that was Manehattan, and smiled at the thought of seeing her eldest sister again.

For his part, Spike wanted to see both oof his big brothers and his godson.

The two teens grinned, as they thought about it, only to just hear Rainbow’s, and Pinkie’s responding, exclamations.

“A Sonic Rainboom, at a wedding? A Royal Wedding?! Can you say, “Best wedding ever!”?”

“BEST WEDDING EVER?!” The pink party pony seemed pleased with herself, as her screams echoed into the tunnel ways, up through the mountain.

“Well while we all get to help with the wedding, I get to set up the bachelor party. It’s going to be SWEET.” The dragon teen stated, only to get weird looks from those around the room.

“Um, Spike? You do know what a bachelor party entails, right?” Twilight asked, from her side of the train, as she and the rest of the girls, sans Dinky, sent him uneasy looks.

Spike blinked, as they all looked to him for an answer. Turning to Dinky, he sent her a curious look, to which she just shrugged.

“Well, I mean, it’s just guys being guys, isn’t it?” He asked, with a claw to his chin. “You know, video games, soda, lots of irresponsible sweets from Donut Joe’s. Oh! And roughhousing! PLENTY of roughhousing!” He finished with a grin, as he chuckled in a malicious manner. All mares, above the age of 14, let out a sigh of relief.

Thank Celestia, he’s still innocent!’ They thought collectively.

Blinking at the spectacle that was her drakefriend explaining what was “Guy Time” to a bunch of adults, Dinky turned her head back towards their destination, only to find herself blinking again.

Just as she did, the group as a whole were surprised by a wall of light phasing through the train, and the group by extension.

“Huh? What the?” The son of Celestia muttered, as they all looked outside the windows, to see guards.

Lots, and lots, of guards.

“What’s going on?” Twilight wondered, as she and the others stepped off the train.

“Yeah, what’s with all the guards?” Rainbow commented as she, and the rest of the group, exited the train. Spike and Dinky, looked about the stationed forces before turning to one another in worry.

“Oh I’m sure they’re just taking the necessary precautions. Royal weddings do bring out the weirdest of ponies.” Rarity offered, as Pinkie sneezed out confetti behind them.

Staring at the giggling earth pony for a moment, they simply shook their heads.

“Now let’s get going, we’ve got lots to do.” With that said, they began moving into Canterlot proper.

“And you,” here Applejack pointed at Twilight. “Have a big brother to congratulate.” The apple farmer said, causing the librarian to smile.

“Yeah, yeah I do. I’ve got two ponies to congratulate, actually. I’ll meet up with you guys later. You coming Spike?” She nodded to herself, waving off the others, before looking to the lone dragon of Canterlot.

The young Solaris nodded before turning to Dinky & Amethyst.

“You guys gonna be following along, or?” His marefriend thought for a moment, yet before she could respond there was a disturbance in the force.


Her ears flickering, as they perked in a direction. The others stopped, as they too heard it as well. Amethyst’s eyes went wide, as she took a step to the side, Dinky doing the same before there was a small ,red blur that found itself lodged in Spike’s stomach.

“Ugua!” Drake seemed to shoot backwards before he crashlanded, front facing skyward, a spout of dust exploding upward.

The guards flinched, as the dust cleared showing a small form bouncing on the dazed Spike.

Those watching on, only blinked as the dust cleared, showing the weirdest “colt”, they honestly weren’t sure, that they had ever seen. Not to be mean, of course.

The “colt” in question stopped bouncing, looking down at the body below him.

Spike blinked, before shaking his head, and gazing at the little rocket of fur that collided with him. He came face-to-face with a familiar, grinning, red jumpsuit wearing troublemaker.

“Heya uncle!” The small child greet, greeting with both arms in the air.

“... Gallant, what has your mom told you about doing that?” The dragon said, as he sat up, the little hybrid occupying his place on the dragon teen’s lap.

“Hmmm…” Bless the boy’s heart, he actually had to think about it. “Oh! Don’t do it with pawental soupfish!” He looked so proud of “remembering”.

“Gallant, I’m pretty sure that’s not what she meant.” Spike explained, as he got up, dusting off his pants, before finding the hybrid child fluttering up to face level.

On the sidelines, those not in the know, could only watch as Spike spoke to the small “colt”.

Only for the term “uncle” to catch up with a certain rainbow maned pegasus.


The dragon and hybrid jumped at the exclamation before looking over to the twitching eyes of Rainbow Danger Dash.

“Twilight, Spike, somepony explain what the hay is going on here!” The Wonderbolt fan shouted.

Looking to each other, Spike and Twilight shrugged in unison.

“Easy, that’s because Spike does hold a relation to Gallant.” Twilight explained, catching the rest of the group, sans those in the know, off-guard.

“Beg yer pardon.” Applejack voiced their confusion, the others nodding.

“Easy,” Dinky cut-in, going over to Spike and picking up her small nephew, who hugged his aunt. “That’s because Spike is Gallant’s “godfather”, as Twilight is his “godmother”, with Amethyst and I being his aunts.” She explained simply, booping the giggling child on the nose.

“Spikey, since when have you been anypony’s godfather?” Rarity couldn’t resist asking, her curiosity peaked.

Plus, it’d give her more to talk about with Aloe & Fluttershy, come her next spa session.

“If I had to think about it… About three to four years ago, give or take a couple months. How old are ya Jiraiya?” The drake said before asking the little hybrid in Dinky’s arms.

The little Hooves colt blinked once before he look at his fingers and began counting them off.

“One, two, four… Four!” He said, as he held up his three fingers, much to “Hooves” sisters amusement.

“He so adorable! Come to Auntie Pinkie!” The Element of Laughter exclaimed, as she slipped on over towards Dinky before making faces at the, now laughing, Gallant.

Getting the okay from Dinky, Pinkie hefted the colt in her hands, twirling with him, before she brought him up close to touch noses with him, the child laughing the whole way.

She opened her eyes, staring into the changeling-pony’s own. She blinked her baby blues to his yellow-blues and stuck her tongue out the side. Gallant copying her the whole way.

The others walked on over and took an actual look at the colt in Pinkie’s hands.

“Huh, anypony else, noticing anything off about… what’s his name again?” She started, before turning sheepishly towards Amethyst.

“Gallant Jiraiya Hooves is his full name. Apparently his father’s own Godfather was where he got his middle name from, even though we’ll call him either one. His first, or his middle one.” The pink unicorn explained, as she walked over to her nephew, and tapped him once on the noggin.

“Right, so what’s the deal with his, I don’t know, everything?” Rainbow asked, only to reprimanded by Fluttershy, with a swat on the arm.

“Rainbow Dash, that’s rude. Jiraiya seems like a adorable little colt.” the animal caretaker admonished, as she threw a slightly pouty, disappointed look Rainbow’s way.

Spike made a complicated face, before he sighed.

“It’s honestly not that big a deal, but thanks anyway Fluttershy. As for Jiraiya… Well he’s not fully pony. He gets the pony from his mother’s side, as well as the pegasus-ness.” He explained, causing the five ponies to blink.

The two pegasi of the group went behind Gallant and took a good look at his wings.

Fluttershy noted the slightly scale look on the ridge of his wings, careful to run a finger over his feathers and found they too had a slight scaly texture to them. Like some kind of a mix between an insect’s and a bird’s.

Rainbow circled the small male, who was held by Pinkie and stopped to look at him from the side.

She stared at him, and he stared back, tilting his head in her direction.

She grinned, as she flexed her wings, causing him to narrow in on her own eyes.

Gaining a face of concentration, his fluttered as well,

Stopping her own, she gave his nose a playful pinch, having him bat at her hands.

“My nowse!” The sound he made was adorable and nearly caused those around him to faint.

He was too cute.

Letting go, Rainbow chuckled.

“You’re cool in my books kid, but you’re gonna have to be work pretty hard to get up to my level.” She said matter-of-factly, causing him to blink.

“Cool?” Rarity rolled her eyes, as Rainbow nodded her head.

“Yup!” Gallant looked at her for a moment, before pouting and crossing his arms.

“My daddy’s cooler! A bajillion times cooler!” The others laughed into their hands, as the boastful pegasus’s eyebrow began to twitch.

“Oh yeah?” She said, only to find her eyebrow ticking even more, as the hybrid nodded his head.


Why was she getting shut down so much today?

She opened her mouth, a retort on her lips, only to be interrupted by the sound of a pair of voices.

“I knew he’d find them before we did. That boy can smell a dragon a mile away!”

“You’re exaggerating… Maybe, hmmm.”

The colt in Pinkie’s hands eyes widened before he wiggled himself out and ran towards the station entryway.

“Mommy! Daddy!” The little colt exclaimed in joy, as he latched onto one of the figures just arriving on the scene.

One of the was a pegasus mare, probably about Pinkie’s height. Grey fur was nuzzled into by the child in her arms, as a single golden yellow eye looked at them, underneath short, pale yellow hair.

Dressed in a light blue hoodie, and dark cargos, with a pair of familiar cross-shaped earrings, Derpy Hooves waved towards the group.

“Dinky, Amethyst, Spike, Twilight!” She smiled, a light gray eyepatch over her left eye. “Oh! Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Derpy Hooves, and I see you’ve met my son.” The coltbug in her arms waved before she turned to the figure next to her.

“And this is my husband, Gallant’s father.” She gestured towards the tall individual.

Sleek, black shelling over a muscular form, he was…. Several things to the mare in front of him.

Dressed in a pair of orange, three-quarter pants, with red accents over the pockets. On his upper half, he wore a skintight black muscle shirt, with a red spiral in the center of the chest. An orange bandanna tied around his left arm, with another Black Cross, in bangle form, over it. A marking lay over his left shoulder, in the shape of a sun, made out of weird squiggles in chalk-like fashion.

Bright, deep blue eyes scanned them all, as a bright yellow mane sat atop his head, spiking in slightly backward fashion, from the back of which was a long smooth ponytail. Two long horns, parting the mane, curved from atop his forehead, tipped in yellow and a long wire-like tail, with a flame-shaped tip on its end.

As tall as Celestia, looking the way he did, more than a couple of their brains fizzed out.

And he was married. Celestia damn it all.

“Yo! Naruto Uzumaki at your service!” He threw a two-fingered salute. “So I finally get to meet the fabled Elements of Harmony in the flesh. Good on ya, Twilight, sounds like ya got yourself some good friends.” He said, causing Twilight to flush before she grinned.

Looking at the group, Naruto nodded to himself.

‘They’re some fairly top notch gals.’ He thought as he turned from the farmer to the athlete to the weird pink pony.

Said pink earth mare was currently all up in his face, looking at him with curious eyes.

He blinked and she followed.

“Uh, hello?” He asked, to which she laughed.

“Hiya!” Okay, so she wasn’t all that bad. She reminded him of himself when he was younger.

One prankster to another. Game recognizes game, as they say.

She bounced away, seemingly proud of herself, as he turned his gaze to the rest of the girls.

The shy looking pegasus felt pretty similar to nature if he was reading her right. Turning to the last of Twilight’s Ponyville friends, he found himself, once more, face to face with another mare.

“Hello, nice to meet you?” Her eyes seemed to shine, for a moment, before she reigned them in, coughing into her fist.

“Ah, ahem! Yes, you see, my name is Rarity, Rarity Belle,” she raised a hand in greeting, and he returned it. “You see, as a friend of Twilight’s, I couldn’t help but notice that interesting little trinket she has on her ears. I’ve seen it on a few select ponies, like your wife, Spiky, and Dinky, and couldn’t help but wonder… How would I get one of your products?!” Ah~ There was the return of the shiny eyes.

Better than the dark stars, he remembered on Velvet a couple of years ago.

“Hehe,” the monarch scratched his cheek with a small laugh. “Yeah, I did make those, but I haven’t really gotten the right set-up yet for any sales. Once I do, I’ll back to you.” Seeing the quivering lips, big watery eyes, and downtrodden mane, he knew he had to get out of this situation.

So turning towards those he actually knew, he quickly received and reciprocated the hugs from Twilight, Amethyst, and Dinky, before fistbumping Spike.

“It’s really good to see you again, Master,” Twilight said, causing him to smile at her.

“I don’t know what was funnier; the fact that we got it to stick with you or Trixie’s face when you actually just accepted it.” The Element of Magic stuck her tongue out at him, as he ruffled her mane.

“I think that once you actually started doing practicals with us, it really sunk in.” Spike chirped, as he slid into the conversation.

“Well, it was a long time coming. I mean, come on, by that point she’d already learned several life lessons from yours truly.” Here. Twilight blinked.

“I did?” Naruto smirked.

“Of course you did. If anything, I consider the first lesson, when we first met Trixie.” Twilight hummed, as she thought on this.

“So what’s up Naruto? Where were you, before Gallant got away from you guys?” Dinky questioned.

“Oh, yeah, well I was doing my rounds around the city. I met up with Derpy and Gallant, and from there we were going around the city.”

At that moment, Naruto felt a weight rest itself on his shoulders and snorted, his tail waving lazily behind him.

He looked behind him, seeing Derpy and the rest of Twilight’s friends approaching, as he steadied Gallant on his shoulders.

“Everything alright then?” His wife nodded to the question.

“Just getting introduced to Twilight’s friends. I do think it’s time to go and see Shining Armor though. He and Cadance will love seeing you again Twilight.” The mother of “two” said, as Twilight smiled in response.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Mr. Uzumaki, if you don’t mind me asking.” Naruto threw a curious look Rarity’s way.

“Yeah? What’s up? Also, you can just call me Naruto, I’m not really a stickler for the whole last name business.”

“Yes, Naruto,” she restarted. “What is it that you do? You said you don’t sell these, fabulous, accessories yet.”

“Hm.” The blonde changeling cupped his chin, as his son hung from his wire-like tail. “Well, I’m part of the royal guard, just like Shining Armor,” he explained, getting looks from the group.

“You are, huh?” He thought this mare was named Rainbow, though it was kind of obvious. “So what, are you like a lieutenant or something?” The Element of Loyalty asked as she flew backward, somehow, next to the blonde monarch.

“Daddy’s the coolest ninja!” came the cry of Gallant, causing raised eyebrows all around.

“Ah reckon that there’s a might bit of exaggeratin’.”

“Nah,” the monarch corrected, catching all their attention. “I do lots of things. Battle monsters, find artifacts, gather intel and the like…. Okay so maybe ninja IS the right term to use here,” Naruto said out loud, as he actually thought about what he did for Celestia.

‘Wait, have I basically been doing ninja work all this time?!’ It’d never dawned on him, until right just then.

Holy crap.

Rainbow looked at him in disbelief, only to have Spike backing the claim.

“He’s telling the truth, ya know. Where do you guys think I got all my monster fighting skills from? Naruto was the one who basically taught me and Dinky, how to in the first place.” Dinky nodded her head, as the bangles on her wrists jingled.

“Wait, so Dinky’s gravity is at 3 times, too?” Fluttershy asked a look of worry on her face, only for the youngest of three sisters to laugh it off.

“Not even!” Dinky waved a hand. “I’ve been enjoying 2 times for too long, to want anything else.” She admitted, getting a giggle out of Pinkie at the pun.

“Still that can’t possibly have been safe. They had to have been younger than they are now.” Naruto scratched the back of his head at Rarity’s point.

“They weren’t in any real danger,” he said.

“So they were in a training ground, of some sort? Thank goodness.”

“Nah they fighting some real deal monsters. Chupacabra, dungeonhoppers, giant ratvipers, etc., etc.”

“Then they were in danger!” He shook his head at her.

“No, they weren’t. I was there the whole way. If anything went wrong, I could stop it.”

“Mr. Naruto.” He pouted. “Even if you were there, surely you can’t be everywhere at once.” She wanted him to see reason.

She wasn’t looking for an apology, really Spike had already shown he could do some damage, but surely the blonde knew that he wasn’t invincible.

She didn’t see the smirk on the faces of everyone in the know.

The monarch chuckled.

“Come on Rares, just trust me on this. If Naruto couldn’t help us out of a situation, then no one was going to be able to.” He didn’t say Celestia might, mostly for the sake of making a point.

“But, Spiky-Wikey, you could have been hurt!” He shrugged.

“Better to have it happen in a controlled environment than somewhere out there. Rarity, come on, me 'n' Dinks?” He ignored the ‘Dinky and I’ he heard from Twilight behind him. “We’ve got nothing to worry about when Naruto’s around.” He grinned, Dinky peeking over his shoulder at the fashionista.

She pouted at him before she let out a “hmph.” Giving Naruto a look, as he grinned her way.

“Oh, that’s right!” The blonde slammed a fist into his hand. “Spike, I’ve got another one for your collection.” Here the drake’s eyes shined, as he rushed to the blonde’s side.

“Bring it out! Gimmegimmegimmegimme!” The blonde chuckled, as the Twilight’s friends stared at the reaction.

“Wow, I haven’t seen Spike that eager since I had him try my brand new Three Gem Sparkle Cheesecake.” Pinkie said.

Naruto grinned before he reached into, and pulled out, a scroll from his pocket. Unfurling it on the floor, revealed a large seal in the center before he used his thumb to prick his finger, and ran it over the mark.

The next moment, a puff of smoke appeared before it dissipated to show an object that hadn’t been there before.

It was a rather large blade, for the most part. A tan colored, double-sided weapon, with white rounding on all its edges. It was a foot wide, before coming to a point near its end. The only special thing about it was that lining the middle of the flat side were three bells, each gold in color, and a circular guard with the depiction of a larger bell on it.

Spike’s hands shot forward, as Naruto allowed him to take it before he rolled the scroll closed.

Taking a few steps away from the others, he stared at it his eyes glowing a trace of silver before going back to their emerald colors.

The blade was probably four feet long, blade + handle, and reached his chin. The dragon felt a giddy joy swell within him.

Lifting the new sword with one hand, he swung it in a flurry of slashes, twirling it once before holding it straight in front of him with a look of approval.

“Ruke. That’s your name and I’ve got a good home for you,” the teen male muttered.

Those watching saw as he tapped the space in front of him before there was a small dot of green. The green dot spiraled outward before it was two feet in diameter and Spike shifted the sword in his grip, pushing it through the “passage”.

The green circle disappeared in the next moment, but not before one couldn’t see inside it.

A collection of eleven swords, all ranging in appearance, floating in a weird space, where the new blade joined them.

All said and done, Spike was really, REALLY happy to have seen Naruto again.

“The hay was that?!” the rainbow-maned mare sputtered, as the others nodded along with them.

Dinky giggled but informed them nonetheless.

“Hehehe, ‘that’ was Spike’s Armory. With a capital ‘a’ by the way.” Pinkie nodded in understanding. “That’s where he keeps all the swords he’s ever received from big brother.”

“The swords Spike makes, the spell he uses to do so, isn’t complete. So in its stead, Naruto’s been picking up other ones for him.”

“Yup!” Spike re-entered the conversation. “50% failing rate isn’t going to do me too good, if I get into a decent fight. So, Naruto started collecting these for me when he could. I’m going to be beyond prepared for when I’m in the Royal Guard.”

They had reached the castle courtyard a few moments later, idle chatter going on between them.

“So you never have to do anything for your hair?! Nothing?!” Naruto chuckled.

“Nope, not a thing.” He flicked his hair to make a point. “I’ve just always had it like this, ever since several years ago.

“That’s not fair! You’re lying to me!” Rarity’s eyes seemed to double in size and gained a watery quality.

The quivering lip was pretty impressive, he wouldn’t lie, but he had a son who could act five times worse.

This was nothing, now that he understood the kind of pony she was.


“Yo Naruto!” Hearing his name called, he looked up, as they entered past the entryway.

Waving at him, from an area with several other stationed guards, was a familiar male twin.

“Bright?” he asked with a smile, as the unicorn jumped off the ledge to meet him.

Coming up to him, the two locked arms.

“You know it! Wow, it feels like it’s been forever! What’s been going on?”

“Nothing much, just the usual. Missions, the apartment, and the family. What about you? Lumen scare away all your dates yet?” the blond responded before he teased the rosette, causing the Captain to shrug.

“I’ve been on a couple successful ones.” Naruto threw him a look, causing Bright to chuckle before he leaned forward.

“Turns out, she can really get behind me bringing home smart girls. I met this one unicorn in the library-”

“I hope you’re speaking well about whatever it is, brother.” Bright Glow froze before he quickly spun around and chuckled nervously.

“Oh yeah, totally!” She shook her head, a slight smile on her lips before she turned to Naruto. Extending a hand, she spoke.

“It’s been a long time, Uzumaki.” He nodded, accepting the gesture.

“Likewise, Captain.” She smirked back at him before looking over his shoulder.

“I’m to assume these are the Elements of Harmony?” she asked, as she stepped around the blonde changeling and inspected the group. Her eyes moved, softening as they moved over Dinky before they went back to their impassive gaze.

Finished with her checking, she nodded her head.

Rainbow Dash smirked, as she asserted herself to the front of the group.

“Yeah, that’s right. We’re the real deal.” Lumen cocked an eyebrow.

“The same ‘real deals’ who I heard caused trouble at the Grand Galloping Gala some time ago.” They all winced a that. “Besides, while we do appreciate your contributions to the protection of Equestria, please reign in your ego.” Her piece said, she moved over to Derpy and smiled at the coltbug in her arms.

“Hello, Mrs. Hooves. Gallant, how are you today?”

“Gweat!” Lumen smiled slightly wider.

Rainbow Dash felt incensed but held herself back. Grumbling she turned around, only to find Everypony else doing something.

Twilight was moving forward, as she talked to a taller white furred, blue two-toned unicorn in a red jacket top with gold lining and white pants. The two were currently walking over to a corner of the courtyard, so she let them be.

Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie seemed to be discussing something with Bright, as Lumen interacted with the “Hooves” family. Spike was nearby, speaking with one of the guards before he was lead into the castle.

She sighed just as she saw Fluttershy walking towards Naruto, and decided that she might as well follow her example.

As she walked over, she caught the beginning of the butter-colored pony’s question.

“...If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Nah, it’s fine. If ya really want to know, I’m what they call a changeling.”

“What’s going on over here guys?” she asked, inserting herself into the conversation. Standing at the side of her childhood friend.

“Nothing really, just your friend asking me some questions. Like I was telling her, I’m a changeling. Think of it like a shapeshifter,” he explained before Rainbow found herself in front of...herself.

Down to the particular fringe she had on her bangs, he was a perfect copy, sans his clothes being different.

“Okay, whoa!” The next moment she was in front of Fluttershy, who smiled in an un-Fluttershy-like manner. None of her friend’s shyness was in a smile such as this.

Looking to her side, she saw the real Fluttershy staring back at herself with awed look. Reaching out, she touched ‘her’ mane, face, and stared at her wings.

“Oh my,” both of them rang out before the real one looked at her in disbelief.

The fake grinned before it was Naruto back to normal.

“Okay, that’s pretty cool.” Rainbow looked like she’d been told, and made, to suck a lemon. “B-but anyway, what’s with the guards and stuff? Or is this really for the chances that some weird ponies might show up?” At this question, Naruto grimaced, looking up as he saw that the rest of the group was now approaching, the twins casting their gazes his way before giving him the go ahead.

“There’s been some worrying movements as of late. For those not in the know, I’m a changeling. To summarize what we do,” here he transformed into each of those of the Elements of Harmony. “Now, I don’t belong to a hive of changeling, but there are several of them strung throughout the lands and I’ve been getting some disturbing amount of intel that they’ve been moving.”

“So, these guards aren’t just for some rowdy wedding crashers?” He shook his head at Rarity’s question, as Lumen chose to speak up.

“Naruto has the ability to sense these changelings and their leaders, but he says that all of a sudden, they just dropped off the map.” This got a curious look sent the officers' ways.

“Don’t get it. Ah’d reckon that there’d be a good sign.” Applejack supplied., only to Naruto shaking his head at her. Strangely enough, Dinky gave a statement.

“I think I get it,” she thought out loud, a hand to her chin. “Like, it’d make you antsy. You knew they were doing something and all of a sudden it’s silent?”

“That does sound fishy,” Rainbow mumbled.

“Right, and it’s not just that. If something happened recently as of late, I’d know. I’ve been actually trying to keep an eye on where I’ve been feeling these things. While that is hard to do, what with them also being able to feel me, I haven’t gotten anything that might say there was a reason,” Naruto explained.

“That’s why we’re having most of the Guard around for the wedding. Once it’s over, and hopefully nothing happens, we’re going to be doing some widespread searches,” Bright said, causing them all to nod.

“I really hope this doesn’t put a sour note on the wedding,” Derpy spoke, as Gallant looked around at all the gathered adults.

“Thinking about that, where’s Cadance?” Naruto couldn’t help but wonder.

Those watching in the park would have seen a serene scene.

Joggers going about their daily runs, couples walking along the paths, and a certain pink pony princess walking about.

Ponies did wave and she reciprocated, but it was a distracted kind. As if she were doing it automatically.

Walking a good distance away from any sort of track in the park and towards a rather innocent pond.

Sitting down, she looked into it and watched the fish.

Had anyone paid any true attention to the pond, they’d have noticed the weird thing about the fish.

Being that they were all black,

Dipping a fist into the water, she watched as the fish gathered, encircling the limb before they spread out around the pond perimeter in four groups.

Each group wandered to some corner of the pond before they scuttled into the muddy flooring, leaving behind a murky insignia, with another scuttle that had the mark hidden under mud.

Her work done, she removed herself from the area and even out of the park.

Meeting with the guards waiting at the park entrance, she was covered on both sides before they continued their trek back to the castle.

“Was your walk pleasant, Princess Cadenza?” One asked and she smiled, adjusting the necklace around her neck.

“Oh, absolutely.”

When they were all situated, after their long ride and walk to the castle, Twilight and co. relaxed a little in their shared rooms.

Spike had been enjoying taking the time to speak with Celestia, giving his mom the rundown on what he’d been up to since moving to Ponyville.

Once he was done, and they spent some good ol’ family time together, he’d left her to her work.

“I can’t wait for tonight to begin,” he thought aloud, grinning from earfin to earfin.

Just them guys, chillin’, and doing guy things, it was to be a grand ol’ time.

“Now let’s see who’s where.” Stopping for a moment, he closed his eyes.

He allowed his mind to calm before raising a magically glowing claw to his temple, then holding his hand outward.

He focused first on Twilight’s signature, whereby extension he could feel the Elements as well. They were in the room Celestia had given them, for the night. He could even feel Lumen and the Hooves sisters + Gallant in there.

Nodding his head, he focused now on Shining Armor, Naruto, and Bright. All in one location and he could already feel the rising male tensions. Last he checked, he remembered that there was a game of Monopoly in that room.

… He wanted to see the carnage.

His grin nearly splitting his face, he almost just rushed towards them before he thought of one last thing.

“Hmmm, now where’s Cadance? Huh?” He focused one last time and blinked.

‘Wait.’ He didn’t understand.

Why was Cadan-

“Spike?” He froze, body locking up, as he slowly turned to see said pink alicorn, right behind him. She stood there in the light being cast by one of the castle windows. The rays of moonshine pelting down on her body, throwing around shadows, that seem to accentuate her eyes and hide some of her body.

Her black stone necklace glinted in the shine, and he couldn’t help but focus on it.

Eyes wide, he blinked as he looked at her, as she looked back at him in a curious fashion.

“Spike? I thought you were supposed to be with Shining and the others. Why are you out here, young drake?” He couldn’t help his automatic reaction, to quickly shuffle in place.

“Oh! Yeah, sorry, had to see mom really quick before heading to meet the guys.” His mind going a mile a minute as he detected Cadance in front of him now.

What was going on?

“Oh, well, I hope you enjoyed your time together. I’m going to turn in for the night,” she yawned. “We all have a big day tomorrow.”

He scratched his head and chuckled.

“Yeah… I’m going to go to the guys now. Hopefully, I’ll get to watch Naruto win Applewood again, ya know?” He said, chuckling before he quickly began to walk away.

“Of course, we know how Naruto is. Good night, Spike.” Her piece said he could feel her still standing there as he walked away. As he got a good distance, he felt her turn away towards her own room.

His eyes narrowed, as he heard the sounds of the guys shouted over one another before he sighed.

He’d think on it later.

“May Celestia DAMN YOU! There’s no fucking way you can have that many hotels?!”

“Ha ha ha! Suck it moneyboy! Now, PAY ME!”

“I’m still in JAIL?!”

Yeah, later.

Twilight turned in her bed, sleep eluding her, as she thought back on the events earlier with Cadance.

‘She didn’t even try our handshake,’ she thought, as she turned once more.

Yes, it was a little bit of a childish thing to hold onto, but she enjoyed it as the thing that only she and Cadance would do.

‘Maybe the others were right, and it’s pre-marital jitters...’ She tried to close her eyes again.

‘Maybe, I am just overreacting.’


She looked back at her subjects, the yellow eyes staring back at her waiting for a command. Nodding back at them, she looked forward at the floating emblem in the center of the hive.

She sighed before adjusting her gloves, her top fully on.

It was almost time.


She shivered slightly, as she stared at her reflection.

Shaking her head, as she banished the haunting black and green eyes that stared back at her.

Swiping her arm across it as she left her quarters, she ignored the sound of breaking glass behind her and ventured to the center of her hive.

As she walked, she could hear the calming sounds of her subjects buzzing growing louder before she entered the large cave auditorium.

The buzzing seemed to reach a crescendo before it fell silent, once she reached the center of the room. The redhead Queen trailed her eyes over the swarming amount of her changelings. Of her family.

She straightened out her nun’s dress and ran a finger from the base of her horn to the crown of the headdress.

“It’s almost time, my hive.”

She could see them all in her mind’s eye. Some were eager, others neutral, some were nervous and more than a few were concerned.

She focused on those in the last two sectors, conveying as much confidence as she could.

Quelling those fears as best she could before she turned to the floating crest on the far wall.



“Oooh! I can’t wait!”

“This dress! I’m going to be looking magnifique!”

“Would ya’ll hurry it up! This thing ain’t easy to zip up the back fer!”

Watching all her Ponyville friends getting on their dresses was a treat in and of itself, taking her mind away from the uneasy feeling she’d been getting.

Turning around in her own dress, she looked herself over in the mirror, where she caught the reflection of the other side of the room where the Hooves family, plus Lumen & Jiraiya, were doing the same.

“Trixie! We’re going to be late!”

“Trixie requests five more minutes…. ZZZZZ.”

“ARGH! I can feel him from here!”

All she got were snores before she transformed into an elephant and trumpeted her awake.

“Now just a bit more… and done! My boy is looking so handsome!” The changeling-pony hybrid kept pulling at his white shirt, as he sat on the bed in the black pants.

“Mommyyyy~” he whined, but Derpy simply gave him a kiss to the noggin, as she set about her dress.

She spied Lumen grunting as she helped Dinky with her hair, the teenager making all sorts of suggestions that were probably inappropriate for a wedding/formal situation.

Seeing Amethyst walking over to help, she smiled before retrieving her eyepatch from a nearby dresser.

Right as she fixed it to her face, they had their call for the wedding beginning.

She stared at her citywide diagram of Canterlot and smiled.

Her horned glowed for a moment before red spots awoke all over the miniature.

She was sad she couldn’t be at the wedding, much less meeting up with Twilight and Trixie, but she needed to get this done and over with.

She was going to have an apprentice soon, so she had to get things ready for her.

“There! All dimensional warps have been set and accoun- huh?”

She stared as she noted a large black mark, that appeared in a nearby park, and scrutinized it for a moment.

“Is it a bug?” She wondered aloud before she noticed that there was another, and another.

Several other black spots as well, five in total, and she had no idea where they'd come from.

Looking at them all, she couldn’t help but pale, as a feeling of dread filled her.

“No…” With that, Moondancer left her laboratory, as the black marks began to grow in brightness.

He stared down the hall, as he felt Cadance down there again.

He didn’t know what was up, but all he knew was that something was wrong.

He could hear the wedding beginning and began to run down the hall. Towards that other signal, mind in a tizzy, as he tried to figure out why the signal felt so weak.

He ended up in the castle garden and swore, as the signal flickered and dimmed sporadically.

Waving past the guards, he looked around. Walking forward to the center of the garden area, he felt the signal imcrease before he was standing right on top of it.

Him in his black suit stood out in the garden of greens, yellows, and pinks. He walked over and over that signal and only found himself walking past it.

‘What the hay is going on here?’ He stopped for a moment, as he stared down at the ground. Turning around he ran back towards the garden entrance and spoke to a guard.

“You!” The dragon pointed to the confused guard. “Who was the last pony to come through here?”

The unicorn guardspony blinked, before thinking for a moment.

“Princess Cadance was the last one to come here. She said she wanted to relax and felt that this was the best place,” the pegasus mare said. This caused Spike eyes to narrow before he ran back over to that spot, the guard following.

“What are you looking for?” she asked, as the young male stomped around for a second before his hands glowed. He closed his eyes, and pulled on his spell again, before setting the magically burning palm on the floor.

His spell wasn’t the end all, be all, to location spells. It was best at singular signal tracing and worked spectacularly when he was intimate with the signature in question.

That said, it could still be used to find a number of signatures over a limited area, and he could usually distinguish between who was in it, as long as he was familiar with each signature.

Spreading the spell downward, he kept reaching before he found what he was looking for.

More than what he was looking for even.

His eyes burned as he held a hand out, a portal to his Armory opening before he pulled out a tool.

Retrieving his weapon, the stabbing it into the floor, feeling the magic come into place.

The next moment, he produced an unstable construct with his magic, the large blade barely holding itself together.

He swung down towards the ground and it burst on impact.

Naruto felt slight apprehension as he stood by Shining’s side, the Best Stallion as it was.

Standing by the altar was his clone, changed into Spike with a Henge over the clothes.

The drake had told him that he needed to do something quick, and the blonde would switch him in when he showed up.

Thinking on this, he was interrupted by the sound of the music picking up, with the appearance of the bride of the hour, Cadance.

Watching her walk down the carpet was a pretty special thing. Her long wedding dress., and white veil. The only thing offsetting it was a black necklace she wore, as she slowly made her way down the aisle.

Now that he thought about it…. Where had Cadance gotten that necklace from?

As she approached, he did one quick whisper to Shining.

“Psst! Shining? Where did Cadance get the necklace?” Shining, who had been slightly out of it staring at his wife-to-be, shook himself out of his trance and answered.

“That? Oh she’s had that forever~” He drawled on the forever, but the monarch’s eyes narrowed.

“Define ‘forever.’”

“For a while now, she’s just never showed it.”

He knew something was wrong.

When she reached the altar, Celestia looked on with pride and joy, as she watched her adopted niece hold hands with her husband-to-be.

As she continued the process of the matrimony, she couldn’t help but notice that Naruto was frowning as he looked at Cadance.

That was the first alarm bell, but she continued talking as she didn’t want to interrupt the wedding itself.

“If there is anypony who feels that these should not be wed, may they speak now or forever hold thei-!”

The next moment, the doors to the room were slammed open as a body was thrown through it.

She couldn’t believe that this was going so smoothly and realized that catching all these ponies off-guard at the reception was going to be horribly easy.

She’d been doing but calculating since she’d taken over the pony princess. Her planting of the portals, having them all back-off to be teleported, instead of simply waiting outside of the city.

All mostly because she’d learned that a changeling was in Canterlot, a Monarch no less.

When she’d first seen him, she was more than a little shocked. It was more precise to say she was shocked, livid, fearful and envious all at once.

To be able to walk among the ponies, while easily getting their love or whatever fucking Emotion he preferred?

While her subjects were starved, trying to get by?

More than anything, at that moment, she hated this monarch with all the molten intensity of a Dragon’s inner flame.

How pretentious of that bastard, to simply have the ponies give him Love.

How fucking ignorant he was of her plight. Oh how he flaunted himself all over Canterlot.

She’d destroy him. Regardless of the irrational hate, she couldn’t allow him to live. Or hold him under her spell, and use him for the sake of breeding a true army.

Yes, yes. That was a better idea. She’d rule him and he’d, in turn, give her more power. He had no hive of his own, no subjects.

Just himself and these stupid, helpless ponies. How dare he forsake his race? How dare he forsake the All-Mother?

He needs to be disciplined, once this was all over.

Calming her mind, as the pain in her head receded, she focused once more on the task at hand.

Walking forward, she couldn’t help but notice something worrisome.

While the necklace she wore excavated and molded, with spells of her making, blocked others from sensing her, her own senses were muffled, as well.

She could still sense the male Monarch from this distance, but she could still sense him, again, next to the groom.

Where the short dragon was, who’d put her off since yesterday.

She didn’t like that the dragon wasn’t here nor the fact that this monarch could seemingly duplicate himself. Neither of those was good factors for her plans.

So when she’d made it to the altar, holding Shining Armor’s hands and noticed the monarch glaring, she felt annoyance well up within her.

Yet, she knew he wouldn’t do anything, at least not until it was too late. So she played her part and made backup plans to deal with the present foe.

Both “bride” and groom looked towards the ruler of the land. Both seemingly in anticipation, with one having darker motives.

Celestia smiled.

“If there is anypony who feels that these should not be wed, may they speak now or forever hold thei-!”

The large twin doors leading into the ceremony struck the walls with tremendous force, as a body flew through.

He ran, anger powering his steps, as the guardspony from before fought to keep up, the beat up changeling strung over her shoulder. Cadance leaned on him as he helped her move.

Each guard they passed, looked on in shock before rallying the others, creating a force behind the livid male dragon.

When they got to the wedding doors, he saw a pair of ponies.

One familiar, and confused, looking Trixie, with a small unicorn mare by her side.

The azure mare looked to be about to question him, but one locked gaze later, she moved away from the door.

Handing Cadance off to the guards, he took the unconscious changeling by the lapels of his mismatched attire and tossed him with all the force he could muster into the room.

The doors slammed open as the changeling’s body flew before it landed on the steps of the altar.

One look into the room, his eyes landed on “Cadance,” and they burned a visceral, emerald green.

“That bitch ain’t Cadance.” He growled as fire lifted from his mouth.

Several things happened in that moment.

Two cracks of pavement, as a blonde changeling launched himself towards the “bride,” with a dragon teen not far behind.

A crack of stone, as the necklace fell from “Cadance’s” neck.

Three swirling auras coming to life around horns and then the world got LOUD, for all those involved.


Two separate armies watched the insignia shine before they charged.

Disappearing into the crests.


They stared, as the light subsided.

‘Cadance’ grinned, her eyes green and black in coloration, as Shining Armor stood in front of her, a shield surrounding them on all sides.

Naruto and Spike looked at where their fists made contact, as Celestia saw the little effect her own attack had.

"Cadance" raised her hand, horn glowing.


Each of the attackers found themselves flung bodily away from the shield surrounding the Changeling Queen.

Spike found himself flying back out of the hall doors, only to be caught by Trixie’s magic.

Celestia felt her back impact another pony, as Bright Glow protected her from harm.

Naruto found himself flying before he righted himself, in mid-air, to land on a pillar; cracking the stone beneath his hole-filled hooves.

Blue eyes glared at the altar, as “Cadance” grinned at them. Her form shimmering like a mirage before her true appearance was revealed, in a flash of green flame.

“Welcome Canterlot,” her voice echoed in the chambers. Dual quality tone reverberating farther than any voice could, as the skies outside grew dark.


“To your imminent demise!”

And so, chaos fell upon Canterlot.

The invasion had begun.

~Part 3 End~

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